Saturday, March 29, 2014

Trail Running

Somewhere along the line society has been given the message that running is bad for us. If you believe that, then don't even attempt running because it will likely be a huge disappointment for you. On the other hand, if you are willing to drop your biases, then you may find joy in the freedom and simplicity of running. The truth is that running is not bad for us, but that we need to learn to run the right way. It sounds silly since running is something we have done since childhood, but the Western world is honestly pretty poor at it (in general). We are overweight, competitive/results-oriented, and surround ourselves with comforts and technologies. None of those things is particularly good for a new runner.

I found this on the blog STRANGELY ALIVE & this passage totally resinated w/me. Shadow Boy Says," If you hate running or have a preconception about running, maybe you should look at that gut that you are caring around." Now turn off the TV, disconnect from the PC ( Mac or iPhone ), & start walking.

So last night my friend Faith from CB scored me a tix 2 see Willie Nelson's Son at the Mesa Theater. Now you may already know how I feel about the Mesa so I will spare you from that rant. FINALLY, just after 10pm, Lukas started. Again, free ticket!! Lukas on guitar, Cory ( Faith told me the name of a famous band he used 2 play in ) and 2 animal percussionist that made up this 4 piece band. The 1st few songs were pretty good but nothing that jumped off the stage. I really enjoy the cover tunes!! A Jimi song, another rock song that I can't recall the OG band, they ripped a blues-style After Midnight, Smell-A Woman by the Doors, & a kick a$$ cover of Pearl Jams Breathe.

Lukas Nelson is way high energy!! I dig that!! I would recommend seeing this band anywhere but the Mesa. I also give them boys a lot of credit because they are from Seal Beach ( sea level ) California. They never looked winded & NO SET BREAK!! I totally dig that!!! None of that asking the crowd stupid questions. JUST PLAY!!!


My neighbor stopped by & asked if I would like a game of Pickle Ball. Never heard of the game. "Why Not." I said. Simple overview is a small tennis court & a whiffle ball. Dude, I crushed him. We played 3 games & he only score 7 goal points. After a shucking the 2nd game, I asked him if he wanted 2 just rally a bit. He wanted blood!!! So we played & I worked him good. I didn't mean 2 & I never played before & now he is all fired up 2 play in the evenings & have me play "partners" in a tournament sometime in April. I think I will let him cool his jets & rethink this idea. But hell, if he pays the entry fee, What Else Is Possible?

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  1. To bad you didn't catch the band that went on BEFORE Lukas Nelson, they were pretty good too .... Just sayin ;)