Sunday, April 19, 2020

A Month of Careful Planning - Carefully Planning - Thank You

We safety broke protocol, determiner of rules, and lived to tell about it.

Foothills With A Kudra And A Mother Hen - Vitamin D Baby 
A few days before the annual Vegas migration that never took place, obviously distracted I was, a text message came in. I sort of gave it some thought but not much. There were inquisitive questions in that text and a few more that were random but one question was regarding borrowing an outfit that I was NOT taking to Vegas. Could You Possibly Drop It Off

Mountain Biking Brings Wonders To Fruition 
A follow up text, this text was back in the teens of March, instructions were to fold the clothes, place them in a canvas type bag, shoes in a separate bag, and place these items on the back porch. Did As Told

Another Elusive Birdie Putt - Missed By That Much 
Weeks go by, C19 explodes onto the scene, it is what it is, a text comes through. 'I am in over my head, overwhelmed, and confused. Can you help me out? PLEASE'

Is This Inviting Or What - All Night My Friends 
Fast forward about a month, I headed their way Friday morning with pure excitement for what was about to unfold. A few of us received that questionnaire text back in March. Everyone followed through, some with resistance, questioning the unknown.

Happy Little Dinosaur 
One of my tasks on Friday morning was creating a dressing room in the garage. Possibly manning the BBQ for a party of 10 on Saturday Night. The "drop off" outfit text went out to 9 of us and ALL 9 of us followed through. Lets Boogie On

The Evening Of The Full Moon - 04/07/2020
Keeping this job very rudimentary, used masking tape on the floor to layout changing stations. Stolen right out of WKRP in Cincinnati. Anchored a long white PVC pipe from those top shelves. Elementary but effective. Everyones dry-cleaned garments hung and dressed shoes placed directly under. Yes, the host paid for all the dry cleaning to ensure disinfected clothing conditions. Everyones appropriate bags were next to their shoes. A clothes pin attached note displaying their instructions to fold, bag their street clothes, and leave them in the garage.

Downtown On One Of My Night Rides
I fabricated a door hanger for the side door leading into the garage that simply read - DO NOT JUST WALK IN - Please Knock First - THANK YOU

 Organic Chicken, Sweet Fresh Garden Red Bells, And Early Season Corn On The Cob 
After the changing station, walking towards the kitchen door, a large bottle of sanitizer awaited those pumping hands. I admonished any minor details while the host continued stove top cooking and stirring. We worked well as a team and happily helped out as I saw fit.

The Poor Mighty Colorado River These Days 
A husband and wife duo rang the host on Wednesday or Thursday bowing out gracefully as the husband was claiming a common head cold had a terrifying grip on him. So now its a party for 8. Two less decorative table settings worked out for the better. What Would Cosmo Say

Loki Eyeing Up The Dudes Putt For A Solid Birdie Toss 
Everyones peregrination into the kitchen from the garage lit up their demeanor like a neon shop sign flashing OPEN. They were mesmerized or even captivated by all the insignificant details that went into this party. All the pre-texting questionnaires were a hit for building excitement leading up to the evening. And almost everyone made the comment," Do you know how long its been since we were out of the house on a Saturday Night?"

Another Parking Lot Roof Top Photo - Waiting For Mr Moon To Rise 
Me Personally, this weekend was so overdue. You have to understand something. As a bodyworker, I work on 2 to max 7 bodies a day, 9 to 25 bodies a week, and I haven't embraced even such as a friendly hug in months. I throughly enjoy gatherings, mingling, and interacting with mankind. I see value with human interactions. We all understand how beneficial human connections effects our minds, daily life situations, and well being.

Stoked About Fishing Out My Shark 
A pre dinner antic, one of the games was Double Yahtzee, I quickly sketched out sheets for everyone while the musical notes lofted across the room. I basically took two sheets of paper, folded into fourths, opened and tore, created simple columns without a ruler, and WALLA we had 5 playable columns to fill in. Two sets of five dices, one cup at 12 o'clock and one cup at 6 o'clock. You and the person across from you ONLY have one roll but together you agreed on what the best option for your sheet. The team of two combined rolls so we ended up up some wicked three of a kind combinations. The cups then move clockwise to the next "team" and so on. We quickly blew through the first game and eagerly played a second round while I bounced between the game and the BBQ.

My First Attempt With Acrylic Paints 
Talk about a riot!! This complexed counting game created a real sense of a communal vibes. We were cheering for each other, rooting on each outcome, and all the piss poor American egos went out the window. All while building up an appetite and hysterically laughing. Best Recipe Ever 

My Niece on her 25th - I Call This The Nebula of Moe #0001
Socializing over dinner was another highlight for sure. A full spectrum of concepts, current arts & craft projects, and dreamy travel plans as soon as possible. Of course we all shared photo phone pictures of pets, seasonal holidays, and other random tidbits.

Pull Out Your Favorite Book And Have A Seat 
We eventually spilled out back as the fire pit called. More synergetic laughter filled the quiet night sky. Stories from our youth. Ideas about whats next. Fixing all the first world problems. The must see Netflix series. Mostly, dominated by gratitude. Lost count of how many times I heard " This Is Great" and "Thank You". Everyone was so Phuc-N polite and appreciative. Love That

Pak Choi - Lettuce - Arugula - And Baby Beets 
The first two said their goodbyes and departed by 11pm ish. I would have to chalk that up to the first front that moved through. The 6 of us gazed upon the dancing flames as if we hadn't camped out in ages. You Know That Stare

More Salad Greens 
My heart was full of life again. We all felt full a life again. We all felt the true nourishment of camaraderie. Giggling like no others business. Chatting was the normalcy again. Desire for making eye contact just felt right again.

A Beautiful Row Of Gold Beets In Need Of Thinning 
By the midnight hour, we be a party of 5. A little bit of rain didn't bother us.

Easter Sunday Sunset - Just After The 8pm Howling 
Shortly after that, we now be 3.

20F / -6C So I Waited Until 36F / 2C To Hop On The Road Bike 
One of our many common denominators throughout the evening was how we are all jonesing for live entertainment. Again, me personally, I was attending live shows at least twice a month BCV. I mean, the YouTube shows are lifesaving, but not quite the same. Right

Colorado Bluebird Day - Might Be 40F / 4C By This Shot 
I so miss the buzz of packing, pre-gaming in the hotel, embracing with old friends, and cutting loose like there is no tomorrow.

The Dude Owns The 4th Hole 
But our evening last night was our own microcosm and we mutually agreed just how wonderful it was to spend time surrounded by friends again. Zoom meetings have a purpose but doesn't do the body justice. Plus, none of us could wait until 2021.

Classic Story Here 
By about the 2am hour, it was me, myself, and I. Alone with my own thoughts while the propane enriched flames captivated my sleepy brown eyes. Reflecting upon the best weekend since my wedding trip to San Diego.

Point Perspective - My Artistic Flare 
The evening felt a little like living out the movie The Big Chill. Without the suicidal friend, minus all of us growing up from a young age together, and we certainly lacked the hollywood entourage. But the dancing, yes. Group activities, yes. Tackling the dishes collectively, yes. Cute funny stories, yes. Diving deep into tough subject matter, yes. Dissecting sensitive topics, yes. It was safe gathering, a welcoming bunch, and truly inspiring evening with no ulterior motives. Simply Being

The Dude Thinning The Golden Beets AND Carrots - He Is The Man 

  1. Burn The Legs
  2. Give The Acrylic Paints Another Go
  3. Consume More H2o
  4. Foam Roll Those Hammies 
  5. Check In With Absent Friends 

This post was our own doing. This blog is my own journey and journal entries. This post wasn't intend to step on any toes, promote a renegade lifestyle, or falsely create a projection that anyone is above the law. Yes, C19 Is Real. We collectively updated each other weekly regarding our health, body temperatures, and safety first in general. We were extremely cautious about clean hands, sensitive to others that were on the fence about joining us, and purposely did not offer up finger foods. No chips and dip, no basket of breads, and our corn was served with skewers.

I Sure Hope NONE Of You Have Been Offended,

Friday, April 3, 2020

March 2020 And My Pathetic Numbers

What A Cool Treehouse!! Has its own slide and two swings attached. This beauty was recently erected and I could hear the laughter of children as I rode by. Made Me Smile


Hours - 17
Miles - 227
Obviously riding much slower at night so no PR's posted.
2020 YTD Miles - 717
Oh, I Have Stellar Excuses, Just Ask

21F / -6C When I Woke Up This Morning - 30F / -1C When I Started Off 
As for reference here, March 2019 numbers where a little more productive. Rode 611 miles, 46 hours on the saddle, and 15 personal records. And check out that "eyebrow" all scrunched up. Can you tell I was flustered with my iPhone?? Of course the problem exists between the iPhone and the saddle.

However, if you were ever considering riding a bike, this would be the ideal time to adventure on. There are fewer automobiles on the road and under less polluted conditions. And courteous?? I have experienced a number of drivers waving me on or a least acknowledge me at intersections. Before Corona Virus ( BCV ) my commuter bike's saddle bags were too small to see, my rear bike light wasn't flashing bright enough, and countless times I have almost been clipped by motorist distracted by who knows what these days. Not these mornings, granted I am not riding the commuter as often, smooth sailing and friendly drivers. GET OUT AND RIDE

The River Trail at night is something really special. Particularly now that Mr Moon is making an appearance. Even though its less than half full, the trails characteristics stand alone under minimal illumination of moonlight. Sliding on that double edge sword, the twinkling stars are not quite washed out and the constellations are very recognizable. Orion when I ride west and Pegasus hangs in the eastern sky during my return trip. Venus is way A$$ bright right now, Jupiter is rather noticeable, and Mars is there if you look closely. Riding At Night Rocks

I will admit that nighttime activities lack one aspect for me. During the day, I can check out. Evening rides require a little more intensive focus. But on the up swing, enjoying the audible sounds of darkness. No Earbuds Needed


THIS IS MY OWN OPINION HERE. KAFM locked their doors to all volunteers and went 24/7 computer programmed automation. I sure as hell do not agree with this for a number of reasons. At least one staff member should be on air from 9am to 6 or 7pm. Not hosting a show but simply being a presence on air. "Your not listening are you?" I am asked. "Absolutely not." has been my response. I don't believe in automated shows EVER.

Again, in my opinion, KAFM is essential to community outreach, updates, and reassurance. A number of us in this Valley don't own TV's or prefer to NOT turn on that idiot box these days. We rely on the radio for entertainment, regional updates, or quite possibly a daily soundtrack while we work, house clean, or prep meals. I am aware of MY first world problems and there ARE bigger issues taking precedence. Like parents realizing that teachers AREN'T the problem. AGAIN, just my opinion here.

Before the doors were closed, the Program Director was sending out updates via e-mails. The PD even made statements about how listeners have really enjoyed the shows during the beginning of the pandemic outbreak. How the programs were the perfect distraction from these current events and complete BullSh*t updates from mainstream media sources. For me, its just really frustrating. If one staff member is in the building, opens the disinfected door for the ONE volunteer, guides them to the studio so both parties know nothing extra was contaminated, the program host the 9-noon time slot, escorted out, and this is replayed two more times. The 1-3pm show and the 3-6pm time slot. To me, THIS IS Essential to the community. While box store are open, no Phuc-N way can they sanitize everything touched. KAFM sure as Phuc should be broadcasting live. Again, this is my take and my rant. What Do I Know


This was sent to me and its gotta be the worst one yet or at least the most difficult of ones. I guarantee you can't solve it. My friends know I enjoy solving picture puzzles and that I am a game nut. Playing cards, board games, a brain teasers etc are highly entertaining to/for me. Feel free to leave your answers in the comment area below. Good Luck

Keeping GJ Lame - The Highest Level Of Stupid  


  1. At ( $.47 a liters ) $1.79 A Gallon, Road Trip 
  2. Longer Daytime Rides 
  3. Keep Up With The Pyramid Push Up Routine 
  4. Pull Those Lovely Weeds 
  5. Finish Reading Jitterbug Perfume 

Well, hope my overall attitude shifts for the better in 30 days. April has been a rough start but confident that April will end on a high note. Again, remind your loved ones why you love them. It Helps To Hear! Feels even better when a little gratitude is expressed and received.

Stay Hydrated,