Friday, October 23, 2015

Be The Best That You Can Be

Radio Show: Simply missed the goal by $85.oo!!! The show was a huge hit & I was highly entertained for sure. I was under the impression that our show goal was $500.oo but found out after the show that the goal had been bumped up to $900.oo in anticipation of my Theme Show. And thats OK because Jenny & I had a blast & laughed a lot. Thursday, folks were still talking about the show on air. Thats Way Cool!!

 The station still needs to raise $12,000.oo to make the $40,000 dollar goal. Hint Hint
Not sure when my next show will be but I will post when I know.

UPDATE: Received a phone call that NOT ONE BUT TWO members of the community called in pledges after my show. These MEANS….. We went over our show goal by $110.oo!!! OUT OF MY SKIN RIGHT NOW!!!
Home Improvements: First Wave Of Before & After Photos & More To Come!!!
All New Mud & Drywall Patching

Facia Boards Up

More Green Waste

Drywall Repairs 

Sanded & Varnished w/3 Coats 

Screen Pairs & Fascia Borads

Pulled Off All The Old

No More Cracks

Pop Corn Is Gone!!

Old 1980's Door Is Out-a-Here
Training: My training has suffered a weeeee bit because of the photos from above. I have only been lifting twice a week & haven't swam in almost 2 full weeks. Still riding the commuter bike daily to the office but haven't jumped on the Midnight Racer yet this month. That SO Sucks!! BUT I am happy to blame that on the rain. HHHEEeeeee HHHHEEeeeeee
Still doing push ups in the AM with a little yoga mixed in. And I defiantly have felt the effects of all the brew during renovations. On a more positive note…… Hosted two french kids via www dot warm showers dot com. This couple started in Banff Canada and headed down the Great Divide Trail and then turned west at Steamboat Springs Colorado. They stayed with me for two nights and hope to make it to Columbia in the next year and a half. They had a chance to see our little Main St, a free movie at CMU, & ate an old fashion american BBQ on their last night. Fun Kids, Very Inspiring, & I wish them all the safest routes along the way.

Gearing up for Zombie Prom
Road Riding
Did I mention swimming????
Cycle Cross Race Tonight
Heading Up Above Treeline w/the Boy Dog as snow fell last night
Lifting 5 Days A Week

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Today IS THAT Day

 TODAY Is My FUNd Drive Show……. I Will Be Raising Some Money For Our Little 300 Watt Community Radio Station….. Myself & Imagine Will Be Commentating A Make Believe Golf Tournament….. Not The Famous Pebble Beach BUT Our Own Gravel Pit Open….. All The Holes Have A Theme's From Rock, 80's, Mash Up's, Blue Grass, Reggae, Grateful Dead Hole, & MANY MANY MORE…. Purely For Entertainment & In Hopes Of Building Up Some Excitement As Well….. We Will Have A Closet To The Pin i.e. The Top Pledge Amount….. And I Picked Up A Bunch Of Booze To Give Away During The Tournament, Tee Shirts, Hats, Coffee Mugs, etc….. Oh, & I Set Up A Memorial Hole For Family, Pets, Or Anyone You Want To Pledge A Memory Of…. I Thank You In Advance For Your Support & Truly Hope To Hear From All Of You


My Show Starts At 3:30pm 10-21-2015 & Runs Until 6pm Mountain Time Zone



Friday, October 2, 2015

And October Brings???

Utah, Here We Come!!
 Radio Show: So some very exciting news landed in my lap!!! Our little community radio station host Fund Drives twice a year. Because I have been subbing for many moons I haven't had a solid rotation or weekly show. Which means I haven't done a FUNd Drive show in along damn time. KAFM hosted a members meeting pre fund drive party, pizza was delivered by the HOT TOMATO, beer was donated by the Palisade Brewery, & the turn out was much better compared to when the other Executive Director ran the place into the ground.
We listen to the well worded vision from the new ED & new PD & we spoke of goals to shoot for & what days what restaurants will be providing meals & that the Bloody Mary Sunday Show is back on. I enjoyed the meeting to say the least. Plus, many of these member I only see once in the Fall & once in the Spring. Catching up is always pretty satisfying.
Because of the past ED & PD running off loyal programmers, there were quite a few holes in the schedule. Our last PD worked by answering everything with " automated show " if someone couldn't cover their own show. In the past, we had to call three other programers AND THEN the PD would handle it. Hints; the empty time slots because of the automated system. So I now have a FUNd DRIVE SHOW!!! & I am way stoked!!!
I am looking at a few options regarding how to handle this. #1) Its going to be a theme show & I believe its going to be a golfing show. We will create an atmosphere of a golfing tournament & callers pledges will dictate the distance of a ball strike. We will call the phone operators CADDIES. Also had the idea of a memorial hole for folks to pledge for past pets, humans, & long ago programers. An LP Fairway where we play records along that hole. #2) I started writing up commercial that we are familiar with but replacing the items name with KAFM. Example: Are you having trouble sleeping?? Then you might need a new KAFM mattress to help count the sheep away. I have snow KAFM tires, skylights, laundry detergent, & computer help commercials by adding more KAFM Ram. The idea is simply to add tons of humor to commercials that drive us crazy & wacky side effects they may cause. Like KAFM hair products that grows hair all the way down your back & into your A$$ crack.
AND PLEASE COMMENT ANY & ALL IDEAS THAT STRIKE YOUR FANCY. Get it?? Strike Your?? #3) Buying some shirts from Kmart & having them printed with KAFM Golf Tournament 2015 or something a little more creative than that. I will let the screen printers have full range on this one. Oh, and the name of the show, Gravel Beach Open. Thats a reference to the classic Pebble Beach Tourney out in California. All the pledges will be based on 9 hole, 18 hole, or 36 hole prices rather than $35 bumper sticker, $65 hat or shirt, $120 level for Radio Room Tix, or $220 Solar Level.
The show will be October 21st at 3:30pm mountain time zone. 

Training: Been busting out some "real" weights at the gym & I am pleased about what else is possible this month. Such as, example here, my warm up on the incline bench press has been 45lbs & then I go onto the rest of my chest/legs routine. Yesterday, the 45lbs wasn't really a WU per se. Another example was squats w/just the bar for 15 reps after every exercise during my back/bi day. And then there are days when I do drop a little weight & add more reps. Example??? Using 15lb dumbbells for curls while balancing on a bosu ball. This clearly works my stabilizing muscles & my diaphragm plays a big role as well.
So this past week was another "mix it up" style of working out….
MON- Chest/Legs/Tri
TUES- Shoulders/Bi
WED- Off/Volunteer Cleaning For Membership Trade
Thurs- Back/Squats/Bi/Legs
FRI- Chest/ Shoulders/Tri
This Saturday moving boxes
Sunday Cycle Cross Race #2
All the photos are from Shadow Boys Sunday adventure on the boarder of Utah/Colorado. The Boy Dog & I are still on the No TV Football Sunday. We drove up to Glade Park but hunters showed their evidence everywhere. So the Boy Dog & I kept on driving until we hit the dirt road near Utah. So Damn Peaceful When You Feel Like Your Alone On The Planet. Or A Space Alien

Clients: Ortho-Bionomy still blows me away. Had a client come in & was really beating herself up about how her ankle are killing her all the time. So I worked with her hips, low back, shoulders, & neck. Never touched her knees or ankles. After the 45min session, she was walking tall again. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. "You didn't work on my legs??" She confusingly reports. I gave her a quick muscle train definition & explained how I was looking for balance/imbalances. I could only give her theories of what I was hoping to achieve. Like maybe her pelvis was tiled posterior/anterior which was causing her feet to overwork for satiability. Basically, how everything upstream affects downstream flow. Wish I had a video tape of her walking down the hallway in pure joy & relief.
Another client, from my massage days, walks in & asked if I would do that O-Thing on his lower back.  He even says," Next time we can do a massage but not now." I so love that!!! Love that reassurance of what I am doing. That despite me, Ortho totally works!!!

Counseling: Had an interesting day of counseling a few folks. One guy was sharing about his 52nd wedding anniversary & he was explaining how they really do celebrate anymore. He shared "party" from their 50th & how they treat everyday as a blessing. Thats great & all but I felt compelled to drop a few hints. My advices were to take the wife to a restaurant that you haven't been to & whip out a note that highlights of all the little/unnoticed chores that she does. Hope he takes me up on that.
Another buddy is going through some SH*T & just needed an ear to chew on. Its one of those times when you just know that he really isn't looking for advice & is almost at a state of processing. So I didn't really interject much. I did my best to just keep him in the moment & stay with the facts. He would start to say things like this weekend & I would bring him back to the task of today. Reminding him that he can't control a future conversation so stay here with me & I quickly reminded him of…..
Then, another friend, well, she just needed a hug. So I gave her a hug & told her that she is needed. Her daughter needs her, her classes need her, & the her future endeavors will be memorable because of her accomplishments along her journey. Again, She Just Needed A Hug.

Found These Floppy Disc Here, More Evidence Of Man

And The Boy Dog. He keeps me alive. He eats with enthusiasm. He sleeps when he feels like it. And this weekend is the weekend that he is going to catch Bugs Bunny. He just knows it!!