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10 Years On Youtube

Don't Put Your Head On My Shoulder      Sink Me In A River Of Tears    This Could Be The Best Place Yet     But You Must Overcome Your Fears    Oh In Time    It Could Have Been So Much More    The Time Is Precious I Know     In Time    It Could Have Been So Much Worse   The Time Has Nothing To Show     Because     Time Wont Give Me Time     And Time Makes Lovers Feel     Like They've Got Something Real      But You And Me      We Know We've Got     Nothing But Time     And Time Wont Give Me Time 

Culture Club

Kissing To Be Cleaver 1982


Spun a quick day trip over to eastern Utah and so thankful that I did. We are talking about popping colors across the arid desert landscape. Vividly Beautiful 

Sparky was in full on sniff mode and simply happy to be happy. Dogs are so dang cool. And check out them expressive eyebrows. Best Day Ever 

Something special about Spring Time in the Desert. There is always something spectacular around every corner. The desert temperatures were perfect and almost no wind to speak of. Keep Dancing  


Throwing plastic is still on my radar. My body mechanics are less than desirable because I have yet to discover my release point. The distance of my drives are increasing but sometime I let go late or sometimes I let go early. 

And just what is the future of this YouTube channel?? Totally tripped me out that I hit the 10 year mark with 739 uploaded videos. Obviously a majority of those videos are time lapses. 2013 feels like a life time ago but I still feel so young at heart.

I clearly lack boasting the subscribe feature because I happily sit at 150 subscribers after 10 years. What really cracks me up is after uploading daily weather time lapse videos averaging about 10 views per upload, a short disc golf video racked up 230 views in two days. What The Flock Of Seagulls 

Anyway, I think that I will stick with what makes me smile. Capturing Mother Nature and Throwing Disc. My passion is definitely body work but my list of hobbies are astronomical. If we were all independently wealthy, oh, the things we could accomplish. Travels, Adventures, Donations, And Simply Being Available 


Speaking of not living a lavish lifestyle, working a lot these days. Here are a few jobs that I recently tackled and should not have been attempting after all now that I ponder my work. 

Fire Marshall Bill made an appearance and busted us on multiple infractions. A majority of them were electrical issues because of the older 1970's style of wiring or the improper use of extension cords.  

The before and after photos are here above and below. Part of me was living ground hogs day because just one year ago I was pulling this style of wires for Bill's handyman garage work that was far from code. Anyway, saved the company thousands of dollars by retrofitting and bringing our junction boxes up to code. A bid came in from an electrical company at $3,700. I of course, cost the company about $180 for my 8 hour job. 

In the photo below, near the top there, you can just make out the old ( originally orange ) yellow extension cord that was used for these overhead lights. This job required retrofitting the old fluorescent tubes with new LED lighting tubes. I then climbed around on those Red I Beams to hardwire those suckers and pull out all those old faded extension cords. Yeah Me 

My favorite phone call was from a subdued gal quietly over the phone sharing with me that there is a small problem in the pump room. A Problem??? How about a flipping disaster and nobody thought to shut the Phuc-N thing off. Yup, burned up the pump by allowing it to run completely dry. Classic 

And of coarse nothing matched up to the new pump so a whole plumbing issue was at hand. Why couldn't they be compatible??  WHY ?? The joy of modern technology and old style of making it work to get by. Another all day of trips to True Value and measuring and cutting and priming and glueing and cursing at inanimate objects. But no BLOOD !! All these jobs with these girlie hands and reframed from scrapping my knuckles or smashing my fingers between tools and tight spaces. Let's Count, Yes, 10 Digits Still 

Another job I took on and I can't stand this manual labor crap. An irrigation pipe wasn't properly winterized and the 2 inch PVC Pipe cracked. So digging and digging and replacing and 30 trips to Home Depot later, the plants have water. Oh Joy  

I leave you with my last project and I can't thank my Realtor Friend enough for these simple upgrades and repairs. Two new hung doors and two coats of fresh white paint. Really dresses up the place I would say. Its really amazing how just a little cosmetic work and a some elbow grease brings up the value in a big way. 

I will have to mention that I was knocked out when she informed me that this place would be hitting the market at $230,000. This house is far from a quarter of a million dollars. Just like my place is really far from three quarters of a million. That's Some Expensive Paint 


Well the staff at the station are still utterly useless and posses zero abilities for outreach or growth in general. The blind leading the blind for sure. Staff couldn't even get their Sh*T together to promo the Spring Fund Drive which is currently taking place. The photo below speaks volumes. Day 6 of the Fund Drive and only $6,000 and the drive ends tomorrow afternoon Friday the 28th of April. Pathetic 

This text to my buddy blew my mind. The bigger conversation should be why the Mesa Theater is NOT on board with KAFM. The Mesa Theater has hosted a number of KAFM events and is a flipping music venue. Why are we not partners here??? And I just love how that DipSh*t Program Director openly admits that she wasn't listening. Grammar Of Inspiration  

Last Sunday during the Fund Drive, here is the schedule. The Admiral quit because of the ED over a year ago now. He is a defense attorney here in town and pulled his underwriting as a direct result of this conversation with the ED. Judy quit last summer because of a run in with the PD and also pulled her funding. And during the fund drive, a "substitute" for the 9pm time slot. Again, this was a day for fund raising for the non profit radio station. FUNDING 101 


Here is one of those jobs that I really do not want to take on. Just because I am good at it, DOESN'T mean I wanna do it. And these here rocks are only becoming heavier as I age. Working Smarter 

But I am the biggest fan of removing sod. There is absolutely no reason for growing grass in this desert. There is NO reason for growing grass at 4,700 ft / 1430 meters in elevation. There are so many alternatives and styles without wasteful water consuming grass being involved. Been researching the art of laying out astroturf as a replacement. Fingers Crossed 

And now for the real game changer. After breezing through Consumer Report articles and what nots, I pulled the trigger and made the purchase. And Beyond Stoked 

I decided on the Makita 18V push mower and weed eater. The weed eater was an after thought because that sucker was only $180 ( originally $240 ) if you bought it that day. The machine only and does NOT come with a charger or a battery. That's totally fine because I already have two chargers and 6 batteries now. I passed on the 40V battery mower because all my tools are powered by the 18V. The technology and gearing ratio these days makes the 18V perfect for me. I mowed three yards on one charge last Sunday. This means that I eliminated three gas powered mowers and three gas/oil mix weed wackers from the equation.  Nice 


The Friday before the Earth Day weekend carried the theme of Birds, Bees, & Beatles. So obviously The Dude and Ronda rocked the bees knees outfits. I playfully swung the Lady Bug costume and remained in charter for the entire evening. Captain Pollinator 

I just fail to properly articulate how meaningful these Friday Night Bike Nights are for me. I find my self in a muddy waist deep holes performing grunt work mid week and I count off the days until Friday Night. Best distraction ever!! Climbing around on ladders and dripping sweat from every orifice and quickly remind myself that tomorrow is BIKE NIGHT. I mean look at this photo below. You would never know how sh*tty the work week was ??  Check Out Those Faces 

I absolutely love dressing up anyway but then meandering around the mean streets of GJ with 150+ fellow cyclist is magical. The common goal for the group is pure and genuine fun.  F-U-N  FUN 

And Mother Nature paints with precious Hollywood style backdrops of ominous clouds with cascading dreamy waves of excitement. We ring our bells, we share adult beverages, and giggle along as we all slowly creep around town. Bike Nights So ROCK

Last Friday's theme was Earth Day. What does that mean??? 

It means that our group of 10 threw on wigs, added flowers to our bikes, and spewed entuusasuim. We picked up three exchange students from Candida and my buddy Nate's wife appeared with a delightfully homemade head dress there. That would be four new riders we brought to the tribe. I sent out this photo below to my usual texting group and their response was , Dr Seuss Theme Night ??? 

Again, Mother Nature provided a gorgeous sunset and I could have spent the whole night time lapsing those rolling clouds over this sleepy little valley. Tomorrow's theme is Lord Of The Rings and picture me with one eyebrow raised. Lord Of The Rings 

How ya like my Earth Day attire??? So I am proud to say that I screen printed that shirt with the earth on it back in about 2007 or 2009. And yes, I also tie dyed that sucker as well. I was selling these shirts while on tour with The Cheese back in 2010 or so. The Panic crowd wasn't a big seller at Red Rocks but The Cheese folks ate it up for sure. I also added in battery powered lights there under my shirt to add to the Earth Day Themed Bike Night. It Works 


  1. Enjoy Yard Work Again
  2. See Greatness In Others 
  3. Feed The Frequency 
  4. Ride Like The Wind 
  5. Share Positivity 
  6. Embrace Warp Speed 

Time Is Flying On By Because I Am That Busy,


Sunday, April 9, 2023

March MADNESS 2023 Vegas Style

Money        Get AWAY        You Get A Good Job With More Pay And You're Okay      Money     It's A Gas    Grab That Cash With Both Hands And Make A Stash       New Car       Caviar        Four Star        Daydream    I Think I'll Buy Me A Football Team      Money      Get Back      I'm Alright Jack     Keep Your Hands Off Of My Stack         Money      It's A Hit     Don't Give Me That Goody Good BullSh********

Pink Floyd

Dark Side of the Moon 1973


I planned on having my act together by Wednesday Evening but plans are only ideas. This leads me to my scurrying around morning , last minute food prep , loading the ice chest , and then packing the car by 2:30pm. 

Merged onto the I-70 West by 3:30pm and feeling so groovy. My mental check list was unable to find a single oversight or able to picture items that I left behind. Could I really be this on my game?? I mean we have ONLY been making this trip for over two decades now. MARCH MADNESS BABY 

The Dude & I normally travel at day break and catch the sunrise somewhere in Utah. The Dude fulfilled his duties of obligations at work so we were trekking out for our first evening trip to Sin City. Dynamite 

I was rather surprised by the lack of Spring Break travelers on the open road. I appreciated the sparsely flow of cars because the slow lane through Utah is radically torn up in a big way. Diving quickly into the fast lane avoiding potholes without traffic was a bonus. The winter weathering and big rigs with chains has chewed that slow lane up miserably. Potentially Dangerous Really 

We only stopped once for gas in Beaver Utah which was just over the half way point. The air temp wasn't bad but the chilly desert winds were horrendously bone chilling. We grabbed one of my prerolled bean , melted cheese, and marinaded chicken burritos out of the cooler and continued driving on south without skipping a beat. Bliss 

Our drive was beyond smooth , no issues , and one gorgeous sunset as the icing on top of a brilliantly covered day. I definitely enjoyed traveling this stretch of highway in pure darkness. Totally removes all the boringness out of the equation. I just held the wheel , watched for animals , allowed the car races to fly on by us , and then the light pollution of Vegas shined on like a homing beacon. One of our easiest 6 hour drives yet. Way Cool 


We stayed with a husband and wife team that once claimed residency here in GJ back in the day. They are great folks and I had no idea how accommodating they would become. Rock Stars 

Their home is located east of downtown and sits pleasantly nuzzled inside a gated community. Their lavish backyard is butted up to a golf course so almost no noise. Airplanes, well yes. But daily traffic, not at all. Vegas is an arid desert and the morning humidity off the fairway is a bonus while sipping a cup of morning joe. 

Our host offered to show us around two older casinos near by and The Dude & I were so stoked he did. Old Sam's Town Casino was a hoot and that's were I was happy to post my dollars. Super simple sports book and very little smoke. Score 

Absolutely no lines to wait in so betting was a piece of cake for sure. My only complaint, nothing the casino do about it, your only able to place halftime or odd bets on-line using an app. HorseSh*t !! I prefer to bet the over / under on the halftime score and typically do well with that strategy. Such As; when teams are playing at elevation, they usually come in under. Opening day was happening in Denver ( The Mile High City ) but I could not bet that halftime score. Drag 

A tremendously whipping feature of the casino was this atrium in the middle of the hotel towers. Piped in jungle soundtrack kicked A$$ and all the water features drew a crowd. I found serenity while walking around this place after spending a visually stimulated morning in the sports book. 

Sam's Town even offers up a 52 lane bowling alley in the basement of the hotel. And there were all kinds of folks bowling away. Couldn't wrap my mind around it because it never occurred to me that a hotel /casino would have bowling lanes available right then and there. Can U Comprehend  

After I placed my $5 bets, that is right, five dollar bets, we boogied on. The tournament was full of upsets on that Wednesday before we departed from GJ. All of these college kids are big , fast , agile , and able to shoot from anywhere. My confidence was fairly low on Friday and I happily made small bets. Except for one. Bix then asked The Dude & I to wear these white shirts that he gave us. His profession is in advertising and he shoots these blank teeshirts and adds advertisements later on. We modeled with handyman tools , standing next to the engine of his car , and here is a photo of me with a basketball in my hand. Classic 


After my brief modeling career wrapped up, Freemont street would be the next destination on our radar.

The Dude & I checked into our hotel room at the Downtowner Boutique just after the 3pm check in time. Check this out, the quad area had been transformed into a mini gold course and IT IS FREE. They removed that old cracking swimming pool and laid out a very creative course with blue Astroturf for the water features, white Astroturf representing sand traps, longer green turf for a rough, and proper green turf as a fairway and putting surface area. Way Cool 

For those of you that have been following our March Madness Vegas Tours over the decades, you are well aware of our routine. The idea is that we change outfits every time we make a trip back to the room for a fresh cocktail. 

It's a solid move as the envying stays fresh this way. Example being, a group dressed up as oompa loompas. Now at 10am, super fun. 1pm, little bit old. By 3pm, two of the gals were soup sandwiches. Around 6pm, even their outfits appeared a bit rough. And at 8pm, only two dudes remain standing. Total Sh*T Showing Of A Group Theme 

Let the field trip begin. The wind off the desert floor was chilly. The temperature was ideal when wearing the wigs but the wind was down right freezing. So I was thankful I wore my pants under my skirt. Almost all of my outfits required a jacket in oder to keep from freezing while waiting on a band, an act, or simply moving freely about Freemont Street.  

Our friend K drove down from GJ on St Patties and she was pretty stoked to hang with us. Her birthday was earlier that week and this would be her first visit to Vegas. She knew that The Dude & I have our act together and would look out for her. Which we did of course. 

Definitely amazed by the amount of party goers and the police force was on full display. Apparently there were some issues leading up to St Patties so the force was pronounced and I am way cool with that. No belligerent drunks , no fights , and everyone was there to have a damn good time. And That We Did 

Back in the room for grapes and elevating the feet. Another outfit change and a beautiful freshened up cocktail in hand. Here we come Freemont Street. We posed for a number of photos with random strangers and who knows how many photos I was actually in. Classic 

The live bands were basically cover bands but those stage acts were something to witness live. All the aerialist were flipping about and slide of hand magic shows were highly entertaining. We always enjoy walking through the older casinos and check out the fading style of old tables and penny slot machines. Never played that night but worthy of a look see. 

We escorted K over to the swimming pool at the Golden Nugget. That place is a must as there is a full on Shark aquarium in the middle of the pool. The Dude was a preferred member back in about 2003 - 2006 and the Nugget was the place to stay back then. Nothing like floating on your back in a swimming pool with sharks casually swimming right by ya with only a slab of glass separating us. Eerie  

All the north to south streets Downtown were blocked off and stages were then erected for performers. The photo below was during a U2 Tribute Band's Set. High energy and loads of wacky humans mulling about. The common theme was partying on St Patricks Day. NCAA Tournament & St Patties Day Baby 

The three of us obviously caught the last act of the evening at 2am. The Freemont Experience Light Show also ended with a 2am showing. Back to the room for chatter, setting up our coffee marker , and giggling away as our heads hit the pillow. Another top shelf St Patties Day was had. YES 


Our meals over the weekend were ridiculously fabulous. The Dude & I brought two ice chest full of prepared homemade meals and our host family whipped out these tasty breakfast burritos for lunch. Excellent meal for after we checked out of our hotel and a perfect fit before we rolled over to Sam's Town Casino to collect some cash. The Host prepared those burritos and I hopped on doing the dishes. Well Oiled Kitchen 

My two bets for this day were rowdy as I shied away from the tournament due to all the upsets. The girls NCAA Tournament was also happening and I saw a mediocre point spread between power house Villanova over Ohio Valley Tech. I had to place a $5 bet on that one. My other bet was Calgary Flames over Philadelphia Flyers. Easy Peasy 

The Flyers are a complete Sh*t Show and a $5 spot sounded pretty legit. 2 zip Flames after the first period and I felt solid about the situation. Both teams scored a goal in the second period but I wasn't  really paying attention. As I peaked back up at the board, 3-2 Flames with 3 minutes left. Sure as SH*T, The Flipping Flyers tied it up. Couldn't believe my eyes. So Pissed. Then, 42, because 42 is always the answer, 42 seconds into OT, The Flames rip a top shelf for the win 4-3 and I collected my $4.55 cash in hand. Another $4.55 after Villanova crushed the tech school. Phuc Yeah 

If you remember , a few years back , our cousin resurfaced and The Dude & I drove down to Prescott AZ to reconnect. Well, she made the 4 hour drive over to see us this time. From Left To Right - Wendy , The Dude , & Bix 

Our host family threw together two wonderful homemade veggie pizzas and we supplied marinaded robust chicken tenders for the BBQ. Which Bix barbecued to perfection. The Dude also made up an amazing sprouted bean salad to go with all the food that night. We ate like kings , shared stories / ideas , and pleasantly caught up with family dynamics and what nots. Very Cool 

We eventually talked our host family into hitting the south to mid strip with us and another field trip ensued. They drove us to the new MGM Parking structure and that was a trip in itself. They lined the parking spaces with little LED Lights. A green light hovers over an empty space to park and a red light means no available spots. This eliminates useless driving up and down parking structures seeking out a place to park. Simply locate a green light and there ya go. Technology I Tell Ya 

The Bellagio was mesmerizing!!! Check out these massive bubbles!! Fake but still so trippy. We caught a typical Bellagio water show for sure and I believe that I remember an Elton John tune during the show but I could be mistaken. I have some sweet LIVE FEATURE photos from the show. Well, at the time it was pretty sweet but the next day proved to be rather basic. In The Moment 

I carried the backpack that was full of tasty Mutant IPA cans we brought along with us and one frozen gel pack. We sipped our cold brews while we walked from casino to casino and the people watching was off the hook during this particular Saturday Evening on the strip. And tons of laughter was had that night. The five of us walked, gawked , and laughed out load at whatever we wanted to. 

I absolutely love the Flamingo and we trekked on over that way. The back side of the Flamingo provides a fascinating hangout area. What a great location to check out after the busy hustle and bustle of the strip. We gathered ourselves once again and with bells on my shoes I shuffled my tintinnabulation A$$ on down the strip. High Steppin 

As we arrived back at the car, my Garmin reads 9.4 miles / 15.12  kms and The Dude registered 21,078 steps for a calculation of 9.68 miles / 15.44 kms. Now our friend says, " If you asked me to go on a 9 mile hike, I would have been like, YOU'RE CRAZY !!!"


Sunday was a bit of a slow start for sure. I woke up and literally had no idea what time it was. It was a whopping 7:15am and I headed towards the coffee maker. I scooped out some homemade yogurt from the cooler , added fresh fruit that The Dude brought along , and obviously added granola and nuts. We eased into the day and followed through with our previously discussed plan. Throwing Plastic 

The drive across town wasn't all that bad as we drove from the east side of Vegas to the west side. I love this course and its layout. So Peaceful 

This park was built in a flood wash and transformed into this wonderful walking path. There were dog walkers , moms pushing strollers , and us random disc golfing players. 18 baskets with proper tee pads and mostly mid range throws. 

We both threw a stellar round and managed to NOT throw a disc in someones backyard. So That's Cool 

Once again, the temp was doable but the breeze of a storm front worked my hands over. But our precise throws removed all those chilly vibes away. And I just happened to be a birdie machine which warms up the heart. After decades of playing this game of Disc Golf, playing courses around the world, my mechanics are finally in sync. My putts are accurate , my drives are controlled , and my vision for the lines are holding true without constantly second guessing myself. Not at all bragging here but happily finding my rhythm. 

After we played, it was off to the Asian Markets to stock up on goodies. I mean, we had to because we were already on that side of town. Nice 

Yes, you are reading this right. That is Pork Tongue and a very appetizing Pork Stomach. Fresh and ready for the Crockpot. Yikes 

My biggest challenge these days are finding clean products. These Asian condiments and sauces all have MSG's added now. I wish they would steer away from that SH*T. 10 years ago, these markets sold clean products and I will never understand why they added all these chemicals that our bodies don't even recognize. 

But what I did buy is half the cost and the candies are always well received. Meaning, I always purchase a few small bags of Ginger Chews to give to friend here around the Valley. We shopped around and filled our list and made our way back over to Sam's Town to catch the afternoon games. 

Could have been the Oats , Wheat , And Barley talking but The Dude threw down a three team parlay bet. Was originally going to JUST BET ON Fairleigh Dix but morphed that into a three game ticket. 

Guess what..... Fairleigh Dickson covered , UConn dominated , and Northwestern also covered the spread by one basket. $5 dollars quickly became $33. 70 !! Take That Marquette Golden Eagles 

Now the Miami bet was a no brainer. Vegas opened up that line with Miami giving Indy 3.5 points. I Almost jumped on it because I knew that The Hurricanes should win but would definitely cover that spread. The line began to move and the next thing I knew , MAIMI was now given a point and half because Vegas thought Indy would win. So I stream rolled my belly full of brews up to the counter and dropped $25 on the game. That was the alcohol talking but it paid off as Miami abused Indy. Stoked 

This was a banner day!! I threw well , cashed out some sweet winnings , and this would be the first time that I have ever been in Vegas for a rain storm. And Mother Nature Unleashed 

We parked our car in backwards on the second floor and our view was overlooking this water shed canal. The water levels were rising with every trip out to the car for a new can. At one point, an entire cardboard home was rushing down the canal. The amount of trash floating by was shocking. Big City Living Sucks 

But Damn Sam's Town Pays Out!! I bring this up because I have to air my one complaint from the whole trip. Vegas has removed all coins from the betting floor. That Is Right. No Coins Paying Out When Some Hits On A Slot Machine. Money is all transferred on a hotel card or a payout slip that the machine prints. It was kind of a drag not hearing a machine dropping a hundred bucks in nickels. And that would be my negative two cents after a splendid three days of excitement. Yahooo000


We once again stumbled from our separate rooms and found our way over to that welcoming full coffee pot. Everyone get a big kick out of watching me set up the coffee marker before bed. But they sure enjoy having a fresh brewed pot with minimal efforts. 

After we loaded up the car, we once again stopped off at Sam's Town to collect. Those little $5 dollar bets really add up quickly. Fueled up the automobile and started driving north towards the Air Force Base. We weren't quite sure what was up at the time as 50 to 100 men with BIG A$$ telephoto lens lined the side roads. I mean one guy had a holster style grip for his camera and the lens was a long as his thigh. Massive 

After we passed by them, here comes the Air Force Thunderbirds in a diamond formation with a tail of white smoke from each jet. Those jets have a very distinct bird painted on their bellies of those fighters. Talk about a stand out decal against the altocumulus. Now we get it with all the camera gear. Apparently the squadron was arriving in Vegas for an air show the following weekend. Got It 

The car made it to Beaver Utah once again for fuel and we loaded up a wrap for our road lunch travels. Mother Nature turned blustery as another cold front moved across Utah. 

We were very fortunate to have a tailwind but the roads quickly became dicy. I kept both hands on the wheel while The Dude played DJ. I don't mind conditions like these when I am the driver. My confidence in my abilities goes without question and all stereotypes of deadly episodes were never presented. Smooth Sailing 

In the photo above, the fast lane is completely covered in slush and the slow lane was rather manageable at speed. There is something special about the desert after a good Spring Storm. The contour lines present themselves and the colors have a pop quality that you just have to experience for your self. Magical Really 

Before we knew it, the 6+ hour drive was comes to an end. The full three day bender was nearing closure. Another very successful trip to Vegas was had. 

The Dude & I even mentioned how our drive both there and back was eventful for sure but not a burden. Our travels to Vegas in the past always offered up the moments when we just wanna get there. Or we chat about another two hours of driving or popping off about ONLY passing through Green River. But this trip, it was just another drive. A Fantastic Drive 


Hit the ground running and the reentry was rough!! Here is a week of photos wrapping up the month of MADness. And it is already the 9th of April ? What The Flock Of Seagulls 

Somebody Hit The Lucky 7 Years Of Age And Scored Some Cold Hard Cash 

The planet line up on the 28th and 29th of March was fascinating. The planetary alignment showcased five planets and THE MOON. Totally visible in an almost arc shape. Mercury , Venus , Mars , Juipter , And Uranus dominated the night scape. Love It 

My game, unreal 

An Old 1948 Willy's 

Friday Night Bike Night Started Up Again On That Last Friday Of March & The Theme Was BIRTHDAY. Friday Friday Bike Night of April's theme was WOODY CREATURES and then it is over to the Mesa Theater to catch The Dead Floyd show. STELLAR SHOW 

Above was our Birthday outfits and below was our Bunny / Bear Woody Creatures get up during Friday Night Bike Night 

REPLACING A MOTHER BORAD - Like I knew what I was doing - But It Worked 

Then Replacing Filters 

A Little Snow Fell This Year Up On The Grand Mesa. Just A Splash 

Tis The Windy Season As Those Pressure Gradients Are In Motion Once Again 

Happen To Be Watching These Guys Again - They So Rock 

And I leave you with my bracket. Once Again, I am not bragging here!! My bracket was awful but good enough for the win. Thank You UCONN. The popular picks in our pool were AZ , Zags , Bama , Kansas , And Kansas St. Me and two other predicted The Golden Eagles to win it all. So with 93 total points, 23 owners in the tournament pool , $10 buy in , check me out strutting my stuff. Boom Shakalaka 

Stay Strong My Friends ,