Tuesday, March 30, 2021

March, You Kicked My A$$

Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog      Was A Good Friend Of Mine     I Never Understood A Single Word He Said    But I Helped Him Drink His Wine     And He Always Had A Mighty Fine Wine     Singing Joy To The World     All The Boys And Girls Now     Joy To The Fishes In The Deep Blue Sea      Joy To You And Me     And If I Were The King Of The World      Tell You What I'd Do     I'd Throw Away The Cars And The Bars And War     Make Sweet Love To You 

Three Dog Night 

Joy To The World 1970


An elderly couple came into the office to see me before their C19 Shot. Loads of jokes were exchanged about their fear of the dreaded shot. Rusty needle, running start,etc. So the husband walks down to the bathroom and the wife somehow brings up in conversation about turning off lights. She says," Wish we had motion lights inside like we have on our driveway."   I Can Help With That 

They purchased all the motion sensor switches before I arrived and we agreed that I would install the laundry room one first. Pretty sure they were hesitant on me just walking into their house. So the laundry room it is. They assured me that "this side" off the house was dead because they flipped the fuses. WRONG!! Silly me!! While untwisting the first wire nut, Bite Me!!! Yes, they shut off the power to this side off the house but not the garage or laundry room. Its the result of trust. Learning The Hard Way

They were extremely apologetic and felt horrible. I felt like a royal A$$ for simply diving in, for not knowing better, and played it off as it was no biggie. But won't pull the stunt ever again. Until The Next Time 


I so dig this hanging basket!! Give it a good ol swing and take a chance. Haven't thrown plastic in awhile and took the opportunity to play a quick 9 baskets between clients. The usual took place. Tee Off late, decent mid range approach shots, and righteous putts.

The above photo, Keeping GJ Lame 

As you can see, everything is still dormant and so flipping arid. 


Speaking of dry, been swimming a lot. I figured that the chlorine will most likely kill COVID so why not. Plus, I find peace underwater. 

Our weather warmed up rather quickly and its been effortless to motivate. Sure had plenty of excuses during mid month but finally riding again. And the bike brings out some very cool moments in time. Two ladies were walking and heard the bell on my bike ringing. They politely stepped aside and asked," Are You From Minnesota?" Kinda weird and I acknowledged them with a response and casually rode on by. 

This guy comes riding towards me and slows to a stop almost in front of me. I thought he was lost and about to ask for directions. He says," By Any Chance Did You See A Wallet On The Trail?" I said," You from Minnesota?" His eyes lit up and I told him in about three miles he will come across two ladies walking. Before I could finish my encounter with them he says,"Colorado is amazing. Thank You. You Made My Day." Made me proud to know that there are still good people walking the earth. Below, my homemade Thai Pie tasted just a bit better that night. Oh Baby 


Now, the main reason why you all return, house sitting and dog walking was the ideal way to wrap up a rough month.

Every morning before Mr Sun shined life upon the Grand Valley, the dogs and I were on the trail. It was really easy to wake at first light because the dogs happily scratched / licked until my eyes opened. And then it was game on. All Day 

So thats what we did. Full speed play time!! 

And who do you think would like to eat?? Who could possible have missed a meal?? 

And What Happens With A Full Belly?? Yup, Nap Time 

Are You Familiar With Meerkats?? Check Out Those Tails 

And In Case You Were Wondering, I Could Eat 

These two pups brought on a new perspective for me. It dawned on me that part of my problem has been that I used to work and then spend the rest of my waking time with The Boy Dog. 

Shadow Boy was my outlet. After work, The Boy Dog would use his one white toe nail and tap his opposite wrist, his way of telling me that its time to go. His Agenda Was Always Wide Open

Hiking around with these two offered up the opportunity to chat my thoughts out loud with out feeling judgment. Dogs Are Magical 

Its not just the desire to please but its also their demeanor of play. Why stress out when you can simple walk out the door and play play play. Put your favorite toy in your mouth and who cares about what went down at work hours ago. 

Thankfully, these two were so cuddly and didn't necessary demand attention but they never left my sight.  You know what I mean?? Dog sitting these two was a real dream. And it was so nice to walk into a house that is full of dog life. Any Pet Owner Understands 

So the above photo, I was fixing their humans commode, the one dog tried licking my ear, the other dog supervised my every move. Here I am on my knees, arms around the back of the bowl, two dogs crowding in on me and asking," Hey, what are we doing?? Our Human Backs In. What Are You Front Ways??"

All I could do was laugh. Not just LoL but actually laugh out loud. By day number three I completely threw in the towel on my calisthenics in the mornings after our hikes. If I even entertained the thought of stretching out on the floor, two wet noses in the ear hole. 

And I So Welcomed It. They Were A Joy. I was able to fix a number of small projects around their house, swept out the garage for them, filled back in a few holes the one dog dug, and transported a full truck bed of green waste to the compost facility. The Humans Were Stoked Upon Their Return


The new beginning, The new ending, The new adventure...

The above photo was the day before the full moon. The photo below was Mr Full Moon. My offering this month was a mason jar full of filtered water and lucky seven stones place around the jar. Energize 


  1. Drive Safely
  2. Lift Carefully
  3. Hydrate & Breath
  4. Keep My Own Sh*T Together 
  5. Think Before I Speak
  6. Reply To Comments Upon My Return 
  7. Show Gratitude 
  8. Snap Loads Of Photos 

HERE is my time lapse of the bird feeder. Its only a minute long and was shot on an old GoPro3 Silver. Might wanna watch this twice. First time for the storm that produced hail rolling through. The second time for the birds knowing when it was safe. Super Fun!!! Thanx For Watching


Until The Next Time,


Sunday, March 21, 2021

March MADness 20BLK Jack

You And Me     We Used To Be Together        Every Day Together      Always     I Really Feel That I'm Losin' My Best Friend          I Cant Believe This Could Be The End        It Looks As Though You're Lettin' Go      And If Its Real    Well        I Don't Want To Know     Don't Speak I Know Just What You're Sayin'     So Please Don't Tell Me Cause It Hurts      Don't Speak    I Know What You're Thinkin'     I Don't Need Your Reasons     Don't Tell Me      Cause It Hurts      Our Memories    Well   They Can Be Inviting      But Some Are Altogether Mighty Frighting       As We Die     Both You And I    With My Head In My Hands     I Sit And Cry    

Gwen Stefani

Don't Speak 1995


Some folks just need a swift kick in the A$$ every now and then. At one of my part time jobs, writing is on the wall, this particular person barked orders at me. My reaction went something like this,"Wait a second. The proper recognition would be a hello and how are you. And only then politely asking WOULD YOU PLEASE have a look at the dish washer. After all, We Are All Humans Here." 

Two of the witnessing co-workers were shocked. They both confronted me later that nobody has ever resisted this person's demanding attitude and how they couldn't believe that I wasn't fired. My response to them was, "I am thankful for the paycheck but I am no Phuc-N Dog." Needless to say, I pulled apart the dish washer, fixed the issue by simply removing and cleaning built up scum, and then what do you know, It Works. 


So I am walking Jane and couldn't believe my eyes. Someone very easy on the eyes from way back when comes walking towards Jane and I. They still have a smoking hot body and haven't missed a beat after all these years. They clearly projected a shocked/mesmerizing response when making eye contact with me and motor mouthed away like crazy. What blew their little marbles, I lost mine years ago, were my questions that related back to the last interaction with one another. They said," You remembered that?!?!" I almost said, " Well Yes, I DO Listen."

One of the many topics covered during our short walk that day was music. They explained that now they live alone and asked if I would be up for dinner and watching the Grammy's? "What Shall I Bring?" We walked while conforming times and Jane & I floated back to the trail head. I turned left and they headed towards the Parking Lot as if we hadn't missed a step in time.

Back Story Here!! I was one of the many Produce Managers for a Mom & Pop Organic Grocery Store and this person used to bring their two kids in. I would cut up fresh fruit for them to try, basically distracting the two little ones in my department so they could quickly shop. Smiles were always exchanged before heading up to the register. NOTHING MORE. They had a partner at that time and both of them participated in two hobbies that interested me. Hints; The You Remembered Comment 

As you could only imagine, I was excited. Way flipping nervous. What do I wear?? What's To Pushy?? Are these appetizers overkill?? Do I show up 5 minutes early or 5 minutes late?? Do fire off a text inquiring if they need anything?? Why am I treating this like the first time?? Phuc-N-A 

Within minutes of arriving, this person isn't for me. When I walked in with dishes in my hand, I kid you not, they greeted me with, who says this, just throw those over there. The table they referred to was cluttered as all get out. I was so disappointed and immediately became judgmental of their lower vibrational language. 

I mean, don't get me wrong, overall, we shared laughs and enjoyed each others company. They did tell lame stories during the award presentations which bothers me but all was friendly.  Just would have been polite to wait for a commercial to tell me an unrelated who gives a rats story.

Then, it happened on the couch. They said to me, during an inappropriate time of course, I hated holding hands because our hands would get ALL sweaty. Now I probably should have let that go but I had to speak my truth.  

I began to calmly explain how I believe how our hands and bare feet connect with the world. Walking and talking with fingers interlocked makes my day. In my model of the world, our right hand sends and our left hand receives information. I most likely rambled on about body work theories and hand held choices but I just couldn't wrap my head around how I went from thinking YES to Get Me The Phuc Out Of Here within a few hours time. 

And for me, one of my many definitions of intimacy, which I refrained from sharing, starts with HANDS and/or LIPS. Together, thats a recipe of delight. Such as, I totally find comfort when having someone lay on top of me with their right hand and fingers intertwined with my left hand. Is that too much to ask??? 


Talk about freeing your mind. The longer days of daylight are singlehandedly marvelous for me. I haven't felt rushed to finish up with what I am working on/with to get the dogs out for a walk. I have time!! Like the reading fanatic Meredith Burgess in Twilight Zone. I Have Time Now. All The Time I Want. Thankfully, I don't need glasses, yet. YIKES

I have encountered one little problem with Jane these days. When she hears that distinct unlatching sound of the side gate, she goes completely ape Sh*T with excitement and its literally all I can do to get her leash attached to her 8 month old ( neck ) collar. Once we start walking, she is happy to walk. Not much of a puller and a really good walker. Its just a struggle for those first few moments. I have tried to sit in front of the gate, which drives her wildly crazy eyed. I spout off commands, pinned her to the ground once, but nothing really seems to work because she is so full of energy and so damn big. But like I say, once we are in motion, she is great to be around. Poor Girl 


For whatever reason, totally unmotivated. Whats Up With THAT?? My theory is that I have become a lazy driving useless American. Living with The Dude, I drive the interstate to my sunrise job. SUCKS. I only dislike driving for two reasons. #1 Cant stand watching impecunious selfish drivers. And why the Phuc do they throw trash out the window?? #2 Red Lights!! There is absolutely NO reason to speed in this town because you're stopping at the next intersection. Guaranteed 

Anyway, not all that pleased with my mental state lately. I should be throughly enjoying daily 30 mile /50km bike rides these days. What is my deal?? Who has a size 13 / 47cm boot to put in my lazy A$$?? Now I need a swift kick for sure. Colorado is so beautiful and I am like a spoiled rotten child, don't wanna ride. With My Lip Sticking Out 

But when I am on the bike, its freedom at its finest. Went for a night ride the other evening and I was quickly reminded of how much I enjoy the sounds from the Mighty Colorado River. How gazing up towards the endless star filled night scape keeps me coming back for more. The Possibilities Are Abundant 


Will be taking care of this guy below and his bother until the end of the month. Scored a sweet gig taking care of their place and walking the happy dogs. This was another trial walk on the trail above the Big City of GJ. Looking forward to this upcoming challenge with both dogs next week.

Their house is beautiful and peaceful. I will be in charge of watering the plants, walking the two dogs, feeding both dogs twice a day, and relaxing without anyone telling me what I am doing wrong or stop trying to hold my hand. I have two books in mind that I'll relish plowing through and hopefully the dogs are bed friendly. Would be rather nice too snuggle up with but if they prefer not, that works. I'm Easy


Yes, authentically fond of the work. I mean, I always have. But this time around has really been a different sort of experience. The clients are more responsive and appreciative. Way back when, Blogged About It A Lot, this was my desire of human kind. I so expected the human race to emerge from the lockdown with a sense of awareness and lead with projections of gratitude. Finally, I am witnessing self responsibilities and owning of ones actions. 

Before we went into lockdown, there were a few clients that held onto that American entitlement attitude. But there has been this shift throughout the office. Almost a calmness of a shift. Hearing the Thank You statements, the respectful self awareness, and the thoughtful discussions after a session. I Love That 

One of my new vaccines client heard my spiel on KAFM and they are extravagant. They defiantly asked questions but finally eased up after I passed their initial interrogation. They began sharing stories during our session and within minutes began nodding off. After our session, they paid more than was asked, a final exit interview went really well. I followed up with a text the next day and they were over the moon. Hopefully this becomes a permanent partnership as Ortho often leads folks down that path. So Thats Cool 


Felt like I hadn't throw any plastic in months. For what ever reason, rusty really, my release point was way late on all of my drives. But my lay up shots and putts were remarkably accurate. Dynamite 

At one point, told The Dude that I have a solid open lane on this putt. If I could just not hit the tree between me and the basket, could be makable. Sure as Sh*T, just missed the tree limb by a hair and bounced my putter off the top of the basket. So close from draining about a 30 foot or so putt for a birdie. Shots like that, putts so close, but my drives were so wildly inconsistent. If disc golf wasn't free I would never play again. But its so nice to walk outdoors!! And again, having the Colorado River as a soundtrack helps.

Here is a pretty cool time lapse. Its my first attempt using the draw mask tool. And then its a bike ride along the River Trail. The time lapse is only two minutes long and I hope you appreciate the effort. That sound bed works for sure in my humble opinion. 


  2. Hydrate And Stretch Out 
  3. Remember To Water The Plants And Trees
  4. Enjoy The Moment 
  5. Ride My Bike With Enthusiasm 

Stay Strong And Smile,