Thursday, October 27, 2016

Monday-Thursday & Bald Eagles

Near Gunnison Colorado...True Love

Monday 3.2 miles ( Chest/Tri )

Tuesday 6.4 miles ( Back/Bi )

Wed 3.1 miles ( Shoulders/Tri )

Thursday 5.89 ( Chest )

All Dreadmill Miles & Miles on the Bike 57.2

Stoked with these numbers to end my training week!! Friday will be Cyclocross Race #3 and its a Spooktacular event with costumes encouraged for sure. First race starts at 4pm so its going to be a really late night. Wish Me Luck

Not sure how Saturday will play out but will get some kind of workout in. Sunday, Ortho-Bionomy at the office until 4ish, double digits trail run on the schedule. Hot Damn

And As Always.... Stay Strong... Think of Others.... And The Boy Dog Hasn't Missed A Meal


Monday, October 24, 2016

This Is Why I Missed A Weekend Of Training

After a really solid week of training, completing chores, The Boy Dog still hasn't missed a meal!!! Added up the miles on the dreadmill ONLY from Mon-Fri and I am pretty stoked about 23 miles for the week. I focused on stretching, foam rolling, & body alinement all week. Added more weights to each exercise of my lifting routine after the dreadmill workouts, only added an extra mile one day on the dreadmill, & eased into my morning calisthenics before walking the Boy Dog in the AM. Bitchin 

This years KAFM Zombie Prom's Theme was Dead Musicians!!!! Epic Saturday night on Main Street here in GJ,CO. All of downtown was "alive" with zombies coming and going. And only one Zombie Elvis which surprised me. A number of Janis and Jim Morrison. And NO Michael Jacksons???

I cut the the ends off three Q-Tips, applied liquid latex, & thin "strips" of cotton. ( above photo ) I really wanted a grossly hand to emphasis my tweaky twitches and bringing life to my characters style of performing live on stage.

Then some latex and cotton on my noggin....

....... make up to ascent facial features and opened wounds .......

...... And Oh Boy, didn't forget the tie-dye!!

 The Dude pulled off an amazing Gene Wilder, FJ as Judy Garland, & I went as Joe Cocker. Click on that photo and check out the props!! Dorothy's Toto in the basket was brilliant and the bottle of Seconal was filled with three boxes of Hot Tamales. The Dude fabricated a Wonka Bar on one side and a Golden Ticket To Nowhere on the other. His cane was pretty cool but its that bow tie that sells it all.  YESSSSssssss

The night was off the damn hook!! While we were getting prepared, I played Youtube clips from the Wizard of Oz, Joe at Woodstock, & Willy Wonka 1971 for inspiration and all night one liners. You wanna talk about awesome!! Almost nobody new who we were but instantly recognized our cast of characters!!

Personally, I really enjoyed walking, talking, & dancing like Joe Cocker. One of the KAFM Board Members was talking with us about the turn out and I piped off with," Back in 68, I sold this place out at 923 fans strong." Without blinking and stayed true to my character. FJ continued to sing over the rainbow. Hilarious

Oh, and the bike ride around town towards the Mesa Theater was flipping fantastic. We rang our bike bells, waved, & over heard so many comments from passing autos. I am bringing this up because of one moment in time while riding.

We rode on the sidewalk past the Blue Moon Bar and they have outdoor speakers blaring the 5-0 lead in the 6th inning of the Cubs historical run. The Dude responded with," Well glad we didn't sit through that tonight. I would rather watch the World Series anyway." Congrats Cubby Fans!!!

We bailed on the theater around midnight and meandered on over to Quincy's Bar. Great choice for sure. Not as loud, packed with regulars and non zombies, excellent music, and the night continued on.

Crossroads Fitness Gym exceeded their expectations of 10 million steps for a goal. Proud to be a participate and as of Friday I held onto second place. My 137,000+ steps was about 5,000 better than 3rd and almost 30,000 shy of being top dog. Way Cool

Here is a photo from my last training run near Little Park Road last Friday. The Boy Dog loves chasing that elusive Bugs Bunny and is now at the age of completely missing lizards. That So Sucks!!! But he is still 3 miles to my 1 mile at the age of 11 years old. 

Overall, I feel really good right now after the past three committed weeks of training for the Bryce 50K in June of 2017. I experienced a slight sign of tightness in my right calf but loosens right up under the foam roller. Just something to note. My upper body feels so much stronger and NO pain in my left shoulder ever since I stopped doing the bench press while working for 2 months with the trainer over the Summer. Stoked About That

The best comment I could have heard was a well timed comment on Sunday. I was kinda down on my self because of the weekend of boozing, dressing up, pizza for Saturdays dinner, & not in training mode at all. On Sunday, the Palisade Brewery hosted a benefit silent auction for Russell who had a tough go at Liver Cancer this past Spring/Summer. 

While there, a gal I hadn't seen for awhile walks up and hugs me and while holding onto my upper arms says," Man, Your Shoulder Are Impressive. Have You Lost Weight??" We filled each other in on our Summer and her words gave me a little pep in my step for this week.

So I hope that others notice YOUR physique and compliments YOUR accomplishments. Continue staying true to YOUR goals. Simply put one foot in front of the other. And as always, SMILE!!! 


Monday, October 17, 2016

Step Challenge Succeeded

Remember me explaining the difference between the USA Media and the rest of the world??? Remember that little hurricane that STORMED into Florida??? That hurricane reached speeds of 127 mph and local news "informers" emphasized on the magnitude and destruction.

Here is a double wammy that is receiving almost NO coverage......

..... 175 mph Typhon is building about to obliterate Taiwan AGAIN!!! Oh, and that little disturbance on the left there, 135mph reaching landfall today. Hurricane Mathew topped out at 125mph for a reference here

The 7 day step challenge hosted by our local Crossroads Gym.
Mon   - 14,541
Tues   - 18,588
Wed   - 13,457
Thurs - 24,725
Fri     -  19,361
Sat    -  18,955
Sun   -  27,722

That's 137,349 steps in 7 days!!! Phuc Ya!! Totally Stoked

During tonights MNF and MLB games, if I can stay awake, will be editing Telluride photos, videos, and time lapses from the Horror Film Fest Weekend. Will update on Cyclocross Race #2. Will update on the Boy Dog. Will update on the gym. Will update on goals from the rest of the months 50K training.
One of the many photos coming out of T-Ride 

Thanx 4 Stopping By And Seek The Best Possible Outcome!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Time Lapse of a 10K on the Dreadmill

By The Numbers This Week

    Monday 3 miles
    Tuesday 5 miles
    Wednesday 3 miles
    Thursday rest
    Friday 6 miles ( time lapse )
    Saturday 3 miles

These are all treadmill miles and do not include two-a-days wight he Boy Dog or the hike Tuesday and Thursday. This next week will be interesting because I have a Sh*t Ton on my plate. But don't worry, the Boy Dog won't miss a meal

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mid Week And Music

 Riding the golf cart through the corn maze cleaning up after the 1st Cyclocross Race of the year.
Shot of Mathews on Monday. Americans, you don't have a clue as to what a "MASSIVE STORM ROLLING" towards Florida really is. That title on the news cracked me up. Did anyone see the last TWO typhoons leveling Taiwan?? Not just one but two super typhoons within 6 days of each other destroyed all those little tiny islands south of Taiwan and off China's coastline.

The top speeds recorded were 185mph and 165mph and here Mathews hit Cuba at 125mph. Damn you American media!!
So I went on a little bike ride as per cross training schedule and check out these local wind speeds. Not fun at all. Side ways , back ways, front ways, you name it and Willy Wonka threw it at me. I do believe that I was passed by walkers along the river trial. Not really

However..... The fall colors are pretty damn impressive right now. Yellow leaves blanket our city streets and I so dig the sounds they make under my commuter wheels. And those fire red bushes that folks have their yards. Bitchin

Excellent number at the gym Monday/Tuesday. Monday was 40min on the dreadmill and chest/tri afterwards. Bumped up weights on every exercise but the skull crushers. Tuesday started the same on the dreadmill (45min) and back/bi. I only added more weight to the triple 8's because the 10's were already on the bar from the last guy/gal. And you know the Boy Dog is still on two-a-days

I have a radio show this Friday from 9am-11am and will be highlighting an old LP from Vin Scully's broadcast of Sandy Koufax's Perfect Game on September 9th 1965. You can stream the show at

Tonight will catch the Giants vs the Mets and then ride on down to the sh*t hole Mesa Theater to catch Twiddle of $12. Tomorrow will be a rest day but will pull off an easy pace bike ride for a few hours. Friday looks to be a double digit trail run.

Seek The Best Possible Outcome