Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Currents of Gold in Them There Hills

It was clearly time to ditch the Valley Floor and widen my lens. Heading for the richness of a cleaner mountain atmosphere was on the docket. The western haze from all the smoke/fires ran me off and a little opportunity for manual labor awaited me. Not Complaining 

$450.oo of raw rough cut lumber was in need of an oil base stain and I was that guy for the job. What is Rough Cut?? If you have ever shopped lumber at Home Depot, True Value, etc, a majority of those boards have been plained down to a perfectly consistent thickness and a rather smooth surface as well. Rough Cut is exactly that, rough. The saw blade indentations along the sides are machine chewed. Absolutely nothing smooth about these boards. Before I could even start, every board needed a sweeping from being subjected to the California Ash and Soot. The Ponderosa Pine soaked up the first coat of oil in no time. Like Bone Dry

The Blue Spruce was dry as well but the soaking in factor was about an hour longer. Ether way, the boards are gorgeous and will become an intricate siding for a building. The Broad-&-Batten hanging process will begin soon and I am looking forward to bringing out my craftsmanship skills. Six outside walls, five windows to trim around, one door jam, and then a second of stain is all in the mix for my future endeavors. Hope they come up with an endless well of dollars before the snow begins falling. Wish Me Luck 


Only twice this week but damn fine for me. One day I had the entire pool to myself. Zero echoes of carrying voices, any lane I so choose, and underwater stillness. That morning was intended for some seriously deep pulls. As aero as can be for my age, strong push off the wall, breast stroke pulls with one kick, and then freestyle when I broke surface. Effortlessly breathing until a smooth flip turn commenced the whole process over. I just love that feeling of slicing through the water like a hot knife peals off a hunk of butter for grandmas fresh baked sourdough loaf.  


Has been on the back burner, get it??? The West Coast is still burning and our air quality hasn't been the best. Now, there were a couple of days that I could have casually rode but no thanx. Still on my commuter bike daily and some of those hazy days sucked horribly. Riding around town, paying bills, and general necessities from the grocery store were all completed on the old trusty Cannondale Commuter. Yes, Ringing The Bell Just Because 


Finally working out with weights again. And talk about weak as can be!! The upper body strength, or lack of, is truly pathetic and boarder line embarrassing. Am I worried, nope. Not In The Least! Just like swimming, focusing on ROM is key. Playing it safe for this week and lifting with lighter free weights. Stretching a lot more and holding those poses until my breath comes around. Takes me a few altering positions until I am able to fully breathe into a stretch. Like A Good Stretch 

I Have A Gorgeous Video From This Location - Totally Mesmerizing 


  1. For Sure, Solid Form Lifting, Be Present  
  2. No Cycling Goals Because Captain Obvious 
  3. Lifting With Confidence & Controlling My Coordination 
  4. Smile And Compliment Others 
  5. Get My A$$ Back Up In The Mountains Before The Leaves Fall From The Trees 

Stay Strong & Think Of Others First,


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Midway Through And Numbers

These overall numbers really weren't on my radar but the 200th ride of the year caught my eye. The 2,900/4700KM is far from my November 2019 goal set for 2020. My disappointment stems from all three 2020 mountain bike races canceled, the month of August up in smoke, and my overall lack of motivation. Hell, this just might be the first year I relinquish my 10,000km club status. Whoooooooooooooooooops 

So a mere 30+ miles away from the 3 grand milestone, went for a little ride. What I observed was the water levels of the not so Mighty Colorado Chocolate River. Colorado was recently showered with about three days of light ground soaking rain, just enough for the weeds to grow I guess, not sufficient enough to raise the levels by any means necessary. Also noticed happy little Cottonwood Trees beginning their annual Fall Color transformation. Another observation, Tandem Bikes!! I dig couples on a tandem bike. Now, After 11 Rides This Month, 358mi/576km, 14 PR's, & 6 Smokey/Rainy Non Riding Days. I Believe The Mountains Are Calling 


My warm up routine consist of a few laps, enough time for me to Phuc around with my goggles and trunks. My bilateral breathing breaks down into an every rightsize breath and my pulling tends to be more of a torso roll and glide. But much to my surprise, continuously swimming 35 minutes without creating passing time to hang on the wall. So Thats Cool 

What I am discovering about myself is how my mind shuts down while swimming laps. So much so that I gave up on counting laps. When I ride, my mind wonders or dwells on past events or old engrams creeps in or stupid Sh*T that I should let go arises. Does the effect of swimming center me or am I present?? Is there a rhyme or reason?? The byproduct of swimming, happiness. Classic 


Rocked a session earlier this week and that propelled me into another dimension. An old client of mine rang me with a back issue and offered their backyard as a safe work space. Without much thought, I was there. First of all, their backyard is flipping gorgeous. Bird chirping sounds from all sides, a meandering watering feature trickled towards a mossy grown lily pond, and mature trees originated the ideal canopy of shade. My Table Was Ready

Sort figured that I would be distracted by the external stimuli but the exact opposite occurred. I became so solid in my feet and sit bones that my soft focus allowed me to "see" their blocked patterns. Easily released the "stuck" tissue fibers and we both felt the adjudications of new positions in their skeletal system. The great outdoors, the scent of their perfume companied by the notable wet grassy smell, and how I am really missing my practitioner lifestyle played its role. Not enjoying throwing myself into a manual labor work hog during this past Summer were clearly all contributing factors of why this session was perfect. Damn I Miss Bodywork 



This video above surprised me when I saw in it rotation. Somehow YT's algorithm dealt this hand my way. My whole blog thing started as a training journal for the Lead King 25K Trail Running Loop. This video contains a number of stills, a slowed down GoPro3 Silver time lapse, and a boss soundtrack. Make A Healthy Batch Of Hippy Popcorn, Click Full Screen, And Turn It Up.


Friday, September 11, 2020

Living Vicariously

The first few days of September were beautiful and smoke free. This little Grand Valley was healthy again and my wheels were in motion. Days are flying by, good and bad, keeping busy. Kinda strange to think in a few short days we will have passed through half of September. Comprehend 


My coordination is slowly coming around. Feeling stronger with my bilateral breathing and my ROM has improved significantly. I am still enjoying those sounds produced by deep pulls while gliding underwater. That's Cool  


Totally unaware of just how cagey I became during those last few weeks of August. Knew I was jonesing to be outside but my soul was dying for a proper mind clearing ride. Only able to ride those Bluebird ColoRADo days for the first 6 days of September until that dreadful haze from California socked in our Valley good. However, this is just a tiny ripple in the ocean compared to whats happening World Wide. 

Normally, A Mountain Range Stands Tall In The Distance There 

But for those first few days, rode as if my life depended on it. Pealed off 208.4 mi/334km with an average of 34mi/54.7km a day. I was fortunate enough to relish two separate evening rides with conflicting air temperatures. One sunset start went very well AFTER all those little tiny black gnats became flying snacks for the mammals. I So Dig Bats!! The other evening outing was noticing fluctuating pockets of cooler temps. There were moments when I felt underdressed as the chilly moist Colorado River air passed by my exposed ears. Less than a mile later, a desert warm cross breeze brought the Indian Summer reality back to the forefront. 

Fall Is In The Air 


Still running into and observing such odd behavior these days. You know, it probably was prevalent all along but my happy A$$ was oblivious to the severity of it all. Even time spent with others, something that seemingly is becoming less and less and less. We, maybe just me, even set reminders on our phones to call one another. Our skills of compassion have fallen by the way side and empathy has simply vanished. Why

We are staring at our phones of someone doing something instead of experiencing our own adventures. Staring at our phones rather than face to face?!?!? Why do we lack this obligation of human interaction in this digital age?? When did we lose the ability to converse politely with one another?? When did it become acceptable to be such an A-Hole?? I guess it is easier to think Phuc Off or Phuc You. Or is problem solving really that difficult?? 

Oh That Is It!!! I will personally learn to savor the journey and build new goals as a byproduct of that previous journey. Observe a situation and rescript it for a positive and productive solutions for future encounters surrounding these same subject matters. Example: old guy at the gym says he doesn't need a mask. He was informed by the idiot box that C19 was a hoax and even states," I still don't know anyone that has it." Witnessing the other party argue with this numb nuts was useless for sure. So I made it a habit that afternoon to casually acknowledge/thank folks wearing there mask. You could see their hidden smiles through their visible eyes. 

Budget Sushi - crushed cashews,rice,can tuna,& leftovers from the week

One of the better veggie curry dishes in awhile. This one offered up beautiful flavors with just a hint of heat afterwards. Could have used more coconut milk and lemon grass but the fresh Okra made up for it. The Japanese Eggplant held its integrity as the poor broccoli broke down in the sauce. Overall, thumbs up and looking forward to the leftovers as all the spices will marry over night. Happy Face Emoji Here 

"All Day I Think Of Things But Nothing Seems To Satisfy" Ozzy Osborne

I Created This Video Dec 5th 2017 - Titled - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - A Two Minute Montage Of The Boy Dog Dreaming In Different Positions/Locations - Rest In Peace Boy - Gone But Not Forgotten  

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Completely Useless

First month in many many moons that I have no real numbers to share. For Example; 2017 AUG 51 Hours, 698 Miles, 23 PR's, and 77 Activities - 2018 AUG 50 Hours 768 Miles, 17 PR's, and 79 Activities - 2019 AUG 56 Hours, 664 Miles, 36 PR's, and 45 Activities

August 2020:

A big ol whopping 0 PR's, 7 rides, and 198mi/318.65km recorded for August 2020. Way back on the 7th of August was my last Garmin/Strava update. Sure, I rode the commuter bike but nothing worth getting all excited about. Remember the lack of winds I was so pissy about???

Thought I would go out for an easy spin on the 29th of August but No Way. The smokey air quality was improving but my legs were immediately sand blasted by the arid desert landscape. The southern cross winds damn near pushed me into traffic. Check out the directions of these swirling winds from 4pm to 6pm. Is that crazy or what?? S,W,N, and E!! Phuc-This , I'm going on tour. Wait, no fall concerts. So I packed up the camper car and headed for the thin air that hugs those mountain peaks.


Was hired on to install Hurricane Clips. Had no clue as to what that meant. I was expecting to be slaving away on the blistering hot roof. My wide brim hat, thick leather work gloves, knee pads, thick MK pants, and a gator for soaking my neck with cold water were all unnecessary. Felt Pretty Dumb Here But Looking Damn Good

Hurricane Clips Are Attached From The Inside 

I have been mowing depressing amounts of lush grassy lawns here in the high desert. And pulling a lot of weeds. No more pesky weeds around those massive flagstone pavers and very healthy mint in the foreground for fresh evening Mojitos. Its why they call it work, right?

But I got all of my chores done, yards were mowed, and deep soak watering so I could enjoy the cooler mountain temps without a care in the world. So I got that going for me.


Lets talk about old and slow. Like total newbie. For instance, forgot how to wear swim trunks. The range of motion isn't there by any means. My timing and overall rhythm is rusty. Where did my Lats go?? Where is my cycling cardiovascular system?? When did I lose the ability to count laps??

But the experience of pushing off the wall, arms together in that forward missile launch, and those sounds of little tiny air bubble under the surface never changes. A controlled breath with every third stroke felt comfortable with little to no laboring effort. Just a simple breath, kick, and glide. Talk About Feeling Alive


September's full moon falls under the title of the Full Corn Moon. This Full Moon just might make us a little more emotional than usual. Like I Need That Sh*T. The full moon in Pisces affects all zodiac signs. The more you let yourself feel, the more you'll learn about yourself. Filled up my mason jars with spring water as an offering to the Moon Gods. Hope It Was Successful


Last weekend of The Boy Dogs Birthday Month was a blast. Packed the camping car on the 30th and drove to where the mountains ridges touched the stars. And the stargazing was beyond words. I sat in my little fold out chair and just stared for hours. Just staring up with a barking neck ache. Then, the sunrise on September 1st, WoW!! Mind Bending  

 I spent a few hours along the banks of the Crystal River and The Crystal River was just that , crystal clear. Stumbling upon this hidden gem made my day. Fresh Spring Water!! Talk about a score!! These jagged Rocky Mountains always amaze me and there is so much to still be discovered. Fresh air, beautiful clean water, and quick rain showers to subdue Mr Sun's glaring ray's of heat. Afternoon squall lines of rain passed through these valleys and over the peaks like clock work. And the leaves are beginning to turn as Fall is right around the corner. Bring On Halloween

As I was heading out of town, driving my thoughts into a mental cul de sac, the cutest damn bear cub ran out in front of me. I drive like an old slow grandpa so it wasn't a near miss or anything scary. But that bear was moving. My best guess would be right around 150 pounds but so lovable. Saw this video by KB Bear and those two cubs matched my own observation. Both in weight , size, and that baby brown cub color. Love Bears

  1. Check In With Friends 
  2. Swim With Purpose 
  3. Make It Through The 20's Of September 
  4. Ride Like The Wind 
  5. Paint The Outside Trim
Be Well This September,