Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fantastic Weekend

This Past Weekend, Memorial Weekend, Was Totally Epic!! Friday started off as like every American house hold, The Dude, Ol' Smokey, The Blue Z, & Shadow Boy watching me BBQ the nights dinner and setting the precedence as whats to come throughout the weekend.

Saturday morning started off early as the Boy Dog and I walked the quiet streets of downtown GJ. We actually had some humidity in the air and my legs felt awesome. My hips are rolling, my lower legs haven't had any kind of burning during or afterwards, and my hamstrings are feeling stronger, FINALLY. I played around with my breathing again and started exhaling during my non-dominate foot strike. After our walk, The Dude came by and we headed for Stoker Stadium for Game One of the National Community College World Series thats held every year in GJ,Co. Thats Right, JR College World Series!!!

I scored 2 FREE tickets for Game 1. Unreal tix, right behind home plate, about 7 rows up. And I kinda forgot that we were watching 18 year old kids until they started kicking the ball around the infield. The 1st inning delivered 3 errors, a terrible 3rd base coach call sending the runner home to be thrown out. He totally should have held up the runner and the bases would have been full. The pitcher was clearly struggling and the 3rd base coach ran them out of the inning. More errors later, the 6th inning finally produced another run, and the final at bat by the team down 2-0 brought out all the excitement. Both teams were from Texas, BTW, and the bottom of the 9th gave us bases loaded, errors, and damn near ALL game, the 3rd call strike was dropped by BOTH catchers and a throw out at 1st was needed. VERY ODD. And nobody could cross home plate in the 9th. 2 nothing was the final score in front of 5,700 fans. Free Is Good

After a rainy afternoon, some short chores out back, more BBQ-n, Saturday was a wrap. Sunday came WAY early as the F1 Monaco Grand Prix started at 5:30am, the Indy 500 started at 10am, and my boney butt was on the bike by 2pm. Sundays ride was awesome. I treated every car as if they were driving drunk!! I rode parts of the River Trail System, rode out to Palisade, and struggled with HEAD WIND BOTH WAYS!!! But No Rain. So thats cool. But man, did the quads feel great!! Full Range Of Motion in the ankles, really engaged the gluts, and worked a very high cadence when riding up hills. I.E. Burn Them Lungs Baby!!! Back to the BBQ Sunday night and relaxed with The Blue Z's company. We sipped tea, threw some cards around, and called it a night by about 9pm.

Monday, walking the Boy Dog early, again, dead silent streets, and calisthenics. Loaded up on carbs and did a few more chores and back on the bike I rode. I really took the first 10 miles super easy. I expected my legs to me stiff, slower, and unmotivated after Sundays rid but to my surprise, My Legs Are Coming Around!! Love That. I rode into the wind and witnessed that the Colorado River has come up in a BIG way. The fruit trees are healthy and lush. Not as many bike riders out as I anticipated. Thats Cool. My ride back was with the wind and I hauled A$$. I Did. I was on a long side street and rode behind a car for that 3 mile stretch and I hammered the pedals. Even received the PEACE sign from the female driver as she had to stop at the light and I turned towards the River Trail System. I know that that acknowledgment wasn't much to anyone else but it was huge for me. It lifted me. Love That
Back on the foam roller, standing in front of the BBQ, and catching that crazy Golden State vs Houston Rockets Game 4. Damn Good Way To End The Three Day Weekend. And Notice, No Alcohol Was Consumed. And that will change this Thursday because its the Grand Junction Off Road Endurance Weekend!!! I Cant Wait!!! Tons of free live music, huge bike expo, Kluncker Kit Race, Pro men/women crit race, and mt bike racing at its finest. Epic Cycles puts on a massive killer enevt and this will be the 3rd annual event. Epic partnered up with the formally know as Art & Jazz Weekend so there will be art booths, 4 live stages of music, expo, beer gardens sponsored by Sierra Nevada Brewing, and MY FAVORITE EVENT….. THE KLUNCKER KIT!!! Hold On Folks….. Photos 2 Come

Friday, May 22, 2015

High Desert Weather… It's Awesome

These storms have been incredible out here in the desert!! They blow in from the south southwest and darken the sky by blocking out Ol' Mr Sun. The storm from the photos above delivered SMALL size hail and SO flooded our downtown streets. Personally, I blame the "flooding" on TV. Yes, that idiot box. Meaning?!?!?! If home owners/renters would turn that damn thing off and sweep/shop vac elm seeds, small debris, etc. then the H2o could simply flow on out towards the Mighty Colorado River. But thats someone else's job, right?!?!?! BURN…. Says Ashton Kutcher
On Tuesday, I was on the commuter bike, I could clearly see the WALL coming my way. The wind totally assisted my screaming quads to nearly stay ahead of the storm. My GoPro was in the backyard on time lapse mode and I kinda wish I had it with me because the colors, the wind, the rain just catching my backside, the sounds of tree limbs clapping into each other, and that non-noise of my drive train producing raw power in order to stay ahead of whats chasing me down. Then, the light turned RED on 12th and Rood Ave. Can You Say, Can You Picture…… I Got Douched!!!! Only 6 blocks from home and Mother Nature Soaked Me To The Bone!!! And Thats OK


I have been on a Primus Wonka Vision kick again. So I added The Wonka Ride to this new edition of time lapse videos. And speaking of music, it never amazes me by how tunes totally change my attitude. Thats seems obvious I know but it's worth noting just in case you are having a day. PLAY SOME MUSIC FOLKS. And by having a day, I totally mean, having a damn good day or a normal day or a complete sh*thouse of a day.

AND BY THE WAY…… DO You Have Any I Idea Just How Much I Love This Guy????

Saturday has a long Power hike on tap, Sunday is THE Indy 500 and a swim set, & Monday starts with a client at the office and single track in the afternoon. Let's Get After It Folks

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Love It

What Can I Say…..


                                                       …… Well, I Can Say," Thank You Mother Nature!!"

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Volunteering Lifestyle

HITs Ironman/Half: I had the privilege of volunteering on Saturday during the Half/Full Ironman here in GJ,CO. I arrived at Highline Lake just a few moments after 5am and checked in with Katie T. She asked me for my T-Shirt size and instructed me to head on over to the bike transition area and seek out Dave. Dave and 3 other volunteers were standing at the entrance and asking for wrist bands and playing security. I was happy to grab a marker and start body marking the athletes. Race number on ether shoulder and opposite calf.
I met people from all over the place. ID, KS, NM, AZ, CA, TX, and a whole team from Puerto Rico. And tons of Front Strange racers. At one point, Dave walks over to me and asked me if I am always this damn happy. He expressed how pleased he was by how I could read the racers so well. How I could tell if some one was in that zone and I left them alone, how others were way nervous and how I calmly talked them into ease, and how I joked with the funny athletes that were just ready to start and get the jitters out.
Basically, I was having a blast!! These bodies were sexy, firm, full of life, and VERY COLD!! You see, mother nature was allowing a very light sprinkle to fall upon us the whole time leading up to the race. You didn't need your windshield wipers but everything was wet out. Next thing I knew, it was about 5 min before 7AM, just me and another volunteer stood by. The state park was so quite, calm, wet, and beautifully lush for a desert environment.
Here comes the 1st place guy after the swim and he looked stiff due to the cold temp. And Another, And Another, and they were coming in frozen. How does one warm up on a bike, soaking wet, raining, and that wind chill of riding faster??? CRAZY!!
How about 15min transition times?!?!?! The one that stood out was a smaller muscular woman that was frozen beyond belief. She was having trouble mounting her bike and I had to stop her. No way was I going to allow her to ride a bike without any control of her bodily functions. NOT THAT KIND BUT the simple task of judging distance or braking from a corner. I grabbed a towel and rubbed her back and the next thing I knew she was pinned against me shaking like crazy. She told me that her legs cramped during the swim but she is feeling much better and feels strong enough to ride and I let her go, finally. Truthfully, I didn't want to let her go.
No Full Distances Racers DNF At That Point, Only 3 Half racers DNF in the transition area, and only one lady didn't make the swim. Thats crazy impressive!! Water temp was 57F and yes, light rain was still falling off and on.
My next job was standing at the dismount location were the Half's were coming in and the Full's were turning around. My first HOLY SH*T moment was a women coming in frozen and couldn't unclip her shoes. I was so thankful that she was a little gal because I bear hugged her to stop her bike and kept her from falling over. Her girlfriend ran over and quickly instructed her to turned her hold her heel and turn it out to unclip her feet. After her, I was back on my A-Game. I totally dig checking out all the different set ups on the bikes and all the killer tri bikes that are out these days. Back when I was wrenching at Brown's Cycles, I was asked if I would rather have a Ferrari or Lamborghini. I said a Ferrari for sure but why that question??? The shop manager told me that its impossible for me to buy a $120,000 dollar Testa Rossa but I could possibly own a $10,000 S-Works, Felt DA1, or a sweet Cervelo R5ca. That stuck with me and now I see these racers on dream bikes because non of us can afford our dream car.
And so the 56 mile racers continued coming in hot, frozen to the core, and snot bubbles flying around everywhere. I would guess that 90% of them really had a hard time dismounting from their bikes. I mean this in a positive way because its very difficult to find your running legs after a ride but the frozen factor adds a new dimension for sure. So many of them envisioned jumping off their bike and "running" towards the transition area. But after the 1st few running steps in cycling shoes and stiff bones, they slowed way down to a more manageable walk. But each and everyone of them were so damn inspirational!!! Purple Lips And All

Clients: New clients are walking in almost everyday. Its amazing. It being word of mouth referrals. And I have noticed a trend and how clients think they are coming in for a "foot" issue and are totally shocked by the BLANK that doesn't hurt anymore. They didn't mention the other "spot" but it just worked out that way. I worked with my first meniscus tear and explained to the client that I can't fix this but I will help the body educate itself on how to deal with the tear. That client was so stoked to walk again without pain!! If they had $1,000 in their wallet, they would have handed it over. Worked on a bodybuilder that felt great but wanted to see what the Ortho thing was. We had a huge shoulder release and explored a few of his organ relationships. Talk about feeling like a spring chicken. Off And Running He Went, Awesome. I am looking at holding an Open House in JUNE because Sheri is out of the office almost the whole month of June.

Training: The gym has been radicle!! I am so much stronger and have been really enjoying controlling the weights during each exercise. Its that feeling of holding the weight and feeling the core muscles contact. And how those last few reps can be a mental struggle but experiencing the reward of pushing through. Keep this in mind, I am talking about only the bar when I am at the bench press but 3 sets of 25 reps. Thats what I mean by contacting the core!!
I have been riding the commuter bike with authority before AND NOW after lifting. My core feels more organized, my quads are engaging, and my quick sprints are so much more powerful and responsive. Totally Dig That!!!
Shadow Boy and I are still on our no excuse loops in the AM but he has passed on some of the evening walks because of the rain. He just doesn't jive with the rain. He is so funny when I jump on the commuter bike when its raining. He give that look like, " Human, can't you see that its raining???" and he has that head tilt, ears up, and you just know he headed for my bed. And Thats OK.
And the big news…….. Signed up for the Half Ironman Aqua Bike for May 14th 2016 because its only $80.oo….. Oh Boy…. Get Ready To Freeze My Cojones Off

Weather: Its been a time lapse dream so far this month. Clouds, wind, rain, and incredible sunsets. This week will be the standard convection theory, land warms up, heat raises, cooler air fills that empty space, and afternoon thunder storms build. Its Beautiful!! Dig the high desert in the spring.

Inspirations/BB King: I wasn't sad, nothing like that, but it was sad to hear about the passing of BB King. I was very lucky enough to meet him 3 different times. The last time, working at the same hotel, he claimed to remember me when I carried his bags to his room with him. The scar on my neck was the giveaway. He was gracious, easy going, and just had that twinkle in his eye that some people have. RIP Mr King. On my wall I have INSPIRATIONAL BLOGS I READ…. One of them is Wild Defined at http://www.wilddefined.com She is amazing, a race director, and the proud owner of a Karelian Bear Dog. And GZ at http://georgezack.blogspot.com and he has been posting V-Blogs, tales of his travels from around the world, and training for the LeadMan Series. Damn Cool Dude!!! Another cool dude JIM at http://50after40.blogspot.com and our common factor is Baseball. I enjoy how he writes, catching up on his data, and watching some of his videos. Thanx Jim!!! And http://www.onecrazypenguin.com is another inspiring writer. She is real, she is a newly wed, and she is a gamer. Meaning, she dabbles in everything and knows how to smile. Go Penguin!! And A San Diego Gal at http://katiehartmorse.com totally rocks!! I love her photos as they take me back to the late 80's. She just smoked the St.Gorge 70.3 and traveled with her wonderful father. How Cool Is That?!?!?! Last But Not Least, I haven't met him YET, but its Fast Cory at http://www.fastcory.com I never know what he is going to blog about and his photos are unreal!!! He Is The Man!!!

Indy 500: Simply Put…. I Cant Wait…. Its My Day… I Have A Shirt That I Only Wear On Race Day…. Its Hanging Up And Ready To Wear…. Bring On The Indy 500

Friday, May 15, 2015

Epic Time Lapse Of Weather & Wind

This video is awesome!! Wind, Spider, Cloud Formations, & Music!!

Head Wind BOTH Ways!?!?! Earth's Pressure Grandaunts are in full swing along this longitude and I always seem to ride against the wind, BOTH WAYS. And we have experienced  some wet weather and snow levels are dropping below 8,000ft. Our C-DOT claims that its a VERY wet heavy snow all weekend long. They posted some web camera shot of the San Juan Range this morning, winter wonderland down there.
40MPH!?!?!?! Do You Even Think Cars Drive Under 40mph In This Zone?? Not 1, or 2, or 3, BUT 4 cars flew by me over this 2 mile mile stretch of paved/pothole filled road. Now, I purposely road this stretch because of all the "ups" and steady incline all the way to the land fill area. so I shouldn't bitch too much. And a 3 Feet Law, forget about it….. But I did ride with a family of ducks as they launched themselves from the canal below. Totally epic making eye contact with them in flight.
Dig These Clouds!!!  A quick selfie of The Grand Mesa and Me. I do love this time of year because the weather changes every hour. I could go w/o the head wind but burning the quads and working on the full ROM is so worth it. And how about that helmet??? And I will take wind and clouds over 100F anytime. Yesterdays ave temp should be 75F, 58F for our high and rain, again, glad its not 100F into a hairdryer of blowing heat and dust.

The Commuter Bike Blue Sky??? Its Popping Out?!?!?! So my thought during this training week has been to ride for an hour plus and end up at the gym for a lift. The theory is that I am burning sugars while riding and eating up fat while weight lifting. I noticed the fatigue creeping in during my Back/Bi on Wed. I didn't weigh in last week so I am not sure if I lost/gained but my H2o intake has exploded. I have woke up twice this week in the middle of the night completely parched. Its something I have taken note of. My warm ups at the gym really loosen up my overall body quicker after a ride. My hips still take a min or two longer to limber up. And I Have Time.
Shadow Boy & I haven't been trail running much this week because of family, graduation, etc but we still hit our no excuse loop daily. After my 5 sets of 20 push ups, I stopped counting again. Also, started playing around with different plank positions. Fairly pleased with my core strength during the Russian Twist sets and might grab a 10 pound plate on Monday during the chest day.
So heading out soon for a ride, then to the gym, and the rest of the afternoon will be at the office. All Is Well…. Feeling Strong…. Cant Wait For The Lead King 25K


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Epic Rides & Mt Flyer Mag



The Flyover Map Rocks…. Tough Single Track…. Happy Hump Day

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rolling Along The Colorado River

Fisher Towers

 Perfect Low 70's Temp

Near Potash UT
Colors In The Desert

 Love How They Are Arm & Arm In The Lower Left From This One

 Look Again, Thats A REAL Alive Lizard In That Photo

 So Dig The Feet

Very Enjoyable Monday…. My Youngest Niece Graduation From Fruita High Tonight… I Am Still Blown Away By How "Easy" It Was To Complete 5 sets of 20 Push Ups… Thats Awesome…. Finding My Riding Legs…. Looking For My Cardio Vascular System…. The Boy Dog Hasn't Missed A Meal…. Stay Strong Out There…. Oh, Saturday Is The HITs Half Ironman

Monday, May 4, 2015

MAD Racing Weekend In Fruita Colorado

Radio Show: Completely Fired Up About This Tuesday's Divided Sky!!! I have been previewing music over the past few days and I am about down to 5 hours of music for a 3 HOUR TIME SLOT. Last Tuesday, subbing in, I couldn't and still can't believe how many tuned in, streamed, and called in.
Backing up here, I just witnessed a younger programer at KAFM playing her whole show off YouTube. Of Course, this bothered me, Damn PREJUDGING, and I even went as far as to relive that observation with another wonderfully attractive volunteer. Dead air bothers me, how weird to just play videos as a whole show, and your missing the point by NOT playing new music off the NEW Rack.
So Last Tuesday, I ate my words, stood tall, and played an amazing YouTube show. I opened 4 tabs on the old Mac. Three for youtube videos, and one for weather stations. No Dead Air and the phones lit up. 3 hours of remixed BoB Marley, Phil Collins, Neil Young, Soft Cell, Snoop Dog, Boston, The Clash, and EVEN GREASE the movie. And I would be more than happy to create you a CD from that show. My only compliant is the fact that the remix videos have PORN on them. Every damn song has a photo of some woman basically nude while the song plays out.

Training: Been busting out the Perfect Push Ups throughout the day. Few here and there and then some stronger sets of 15's. Holding a plank stronger and less fading out and shaking. Maybe by the end of this week I will count and see if I could possibly hit 100 by controlling 5 sets of 20. Should be able too. Last week, where did that week go, never made to to the gym because of my clean up week. Shadow Boy and I have been going all day and we skipped it to an every other day for an outing. He was OK by this because he missed out on a proper nap because of all the activity. Like, when I was loading the truck for a green waste run, he had his frozen soup bone to work over.
This week will only be a 3 day week in the gym  because of all the family coming into town. Chest/Back/Bi/Shoulders/Tri and time is simply becoming valuable. Prioritizing Only Makes You Stronger, Right?!?!?!
Just Thinking About SCI Today…. Everyday 

MAD Racing: Last Saturday and Sunday was the 18 Road Rumble that was rain/show out in April. We scored a permit from the BLM at the same time as April's permit as a back up. So That Was Wise. Saturdays was timed short track ( Official Race ) and Trail Run of 3.2, 8.1, and 11.7 miles. The weather was perfect and the single track was just bring up dust. Sunday was the timed Held under USAC Permit #2015-218  XC Mt Bike Race that drew over 200 signed up racers. The kids ( Youth 7 and under ) was by far the best race. The Single Speed and Pros made the race look effortless. They Blow Me Away. A huge hit was the " play time " area were we had Cornhole and Three Ring Toss set up near the Farmers Market. Thats the beauty of hosting an event in the desert, Loads Of Room 4 Big Plans.
Another sweet site, pun intended, all the tents in the camp sites area. I saw licenses plates from Idaho, Kansas, AZ, and MN. So the campers were stoke and some of the rigs were flipping amazingly set up well. One highlighting camper has a hammock under a smaller hammock so that he is under his wife while she basically resting on him but not smashing down on him. It was awesome and maybe you just have to see it for yourself. They are confirmed for the Gunny Loop Enduro in June.
My personal favorite was how many people, fans, supporters, and racers were totally satisfied with the whole weekend event. Thats Difficult To Do These Days!!! And one gal that raced the 3.2 trial run ( Sat ) and XC Mt Bike Race ( Sun ) brought a six pack of IPA for the Bike Teck Guy Josh and a 12 Pack for the Reg/Announcer/Timer tent. Thats Spiracular!!Plus, my truck was completely loaded up with food, bars, water, coconut water, and cases of fruit. The Med Tent was only used once for a XC Racer that went down BUT nothing was broken. Thats Also Awesome!!!

Madre Arrives This Week: Yes, The Madre Arrives for The Bird's Graduation from High School. Her and Patrick will be here for about a week. Hate to admit  this but that week is going to fly by. Must remember to capture photos often.

Please Stream Live On Tuesday May 5th at 9AM Mt Time Zone…. WWW dot KAFMRADIO dot ORG

Big Hugs And Go Padres

Friday, May 1, 2015

Cleaning Up & Setting Up

What week!?!? Shadow Boy and I have spent this week cleaning up the OM rental. One full load of trash to the dump and 4 truck loads of composting material to the green waste facility. Busted out the mower on its highest setting and then dropped it down to a notch below normal and this was done after a weed eater battle along the fence line.
Shadow was pretty stoked because I gave him a huge frozen soup bone while I did my thing. I wish I had taken my camera because he was so proud and I would catch him rolling around in the fresh cut grass, working that bone over, and soaking up the fresh air with that bone locked in his teeth the whole time. He was quite the classic.
My only down fall from the week is that my hamstrings are incredibly sore!!! The foam roller helped tremendously and I rolled my little massage ball under my right ham during the 1st round of the draft.

Here is a CLASSIC photo of Shadow Boy and he is trying to tell me that my morning calisthenics are over and its time to go. I love this guy and I totally dig the Perfect Push Ups. The Perfect Push Up allows my wrist to turn and I am able to find the sweet spot of straight line force. Plus, I can move them around for a more concentrated/isolated tricep workout or wide chest grip or smaller movements to engage my serrates anterior muscles. I have sort of reached the point were I have stopped counting and simply keep my focus on form, stretching, and supporting when needed.
And I feel better because I became rather discounted having missed so many days in the gym this week. Spring time has really taken its toll on me and the end of the month volunteer work has left me rather beat up by the end of the day. I wish I could blame it on being lazy but the fact is that I walked in from yesterday, showered, ate leftovers, and crashed out. Shadow Boy was stoked because he ate, monitored me, and found his spot on the closet floor. We were both asleep in seconds!!!

Ok, one of my hang ups, I am trying not to do this. One of our principles in Ortho is NON-JUDGEMENT. This is difficult for me, really. Here is example…… A new client ( 4 new clients for the month of April ) comes in the office and is discharging ( rambling ) and mentions that she wants to "do" in Ironman. My first thought is completely judgmental and I want to gut react with, " Are You Phuc-N For Real???" Or " The HITs Ironman is May 16 2015 right here in GJ." I have no idea why it bothers me when I hear someone talking out their A$$ about " I will just run a marathon " or " I can do an Ironman". I take it personally and feel as if I was slapped in the face. Basically, I totally prejudge and that doesn't help anyone.
Then, the Ortho in me took over before I blurted out. I simply asked a few key questions during the 50 min session. After our session I brought up the idea that for a $100 bucks a month I could help her reach her goal for 2016. She gave me a completely blank stare. " 2016??", She asked???? I replied with," I can write a program right now for 2015 but I have a feeling that you will ether be injured by Aug or you will be come overwhelmed by the end of May." Thats a total prejudged statement BUT its in her best interest to hear this and I only have the best intention for her at this point. I explained more to her that the Grand Valley has a number of half marathons this summer and a sweet Xterra Offroad Triathlon in Oct that we can focus on and build from that base level of fitness.
She smiled and says," Let me think about it." So I didn't judge anymore and wished her all the best. We scheduled another appointment for the end of May and away she went. Ready of this???? She calls me that night. After thanking me for all the insights, totally agrees to pay me 100 smackers a month, her husband said that he will buy her a bike this weekend, and when will I be able to write up a program???? SCORE!!!
I explained that I will be writing up a weekly schedule because in the past I have found that when I hand over a month of work, failure sneaks in. Its just does. I have been there. I then instructed her to head on down to Main St and introduce yourself to Chris Brown at Brown's Cycle. He knows me very well and will help fit her on a bike for her next adventure. He is a Gr8 Guy!!! Next, plan on a new pair of shoes because she will need to plan on a ton of walking. " Wait, WALKING??? " She Asked??? "YES" I Told Her!!! I will start adding running miles when you are able to walk for 3 miles at less than 13 min mile pace. " No Problem" She Laughs.
So Tuesday evening I met her at Stoker Stadium and she was so proud of her new Asics shoe. I told her I was proud of her and complemented her and set the tone for having fun and remaining injury free. We began walking together and our 1st mile was 14:23, 2nd mile was 16:01, and the 3rd mile was 16:33 and not much talking during the last few laps. Needless to say, she felt a little defeated. I was very quick to point out how she won. I told her that SHE IS HERE and not watching TV, she has begun to build a base, and how this is the turning moment in her life. This is huge!!! I explain that WE will relive this at the end of the month after we have incorporated hills, fartleks, and SWIMMING. Basic reinforcement. I also reminded her that she is NOT running a marathon this year and we have time on our side. I think she almost smiled when we approached her car. She thanked me for walking with her around the track and that it wasn't as boring has she thought it would be.
This all happened because of Ortho. I held back my JUDGEMENT and met her model of the world. Thank You Orhto-Bionomy

So if anyone of you out there has any advice…… Please Share…. Share with us how you started out…. Share with us what motivated you…. Share with me if you think I am totally out of my mind…. Share any stories of motivation…. Share with us if you would handle this differently…. Share with us your story so that I can set this client up for success….. And share some idea of how I might be able to reach out to her husband as well……  Thank You In Advance