Thursday, February 24, 2022

Winter Olympics & Adventures

Her Hair Is Harlow Gold     Her Lips A Sweet Surprise   Her Hands Are Never Cold   She's Got Betty Davis Eyes      She'll Turn Her Music On You    You Wont Have To Think Twice      She's Pure As New York Snow    She Got Betty Davis Eyes 

Kim Carnes

Mistaken Identity 1981 


Ortho is a gentle non invasive approach to reliving tension and pain in the body while promoting structural balance and over all well being. Ortho Bionomy helps to eliminate pain and allows for accelerating healing options. This form of bodywork is structural and neurological based of work that may help with issues relate to trauma, chronic pain, surgical post and pre, inflammation, acute injuries, auto-immune disorders, lymphatic glands or fluids in general, nerve pain or disconnections, sports injuries, whiplash or car related situations, fibromyalgia, and more importantly DECREASES STRESS!

After my last post, you can understand why I push for Ortho, all Ortho session are clothing on and non judgmental. This principal based work blows my mind all the time. Staying in right relationship while applying less is more creates the most beneficial sessions. Plus, I use less equipment, less laundry, and Ortho is way easier on my hands and joints. Ortho 101  

My practice has an induced demand. The office sells itself with the beautiful nuances and commanding views of the magnificent Colorado Nation Monument. Proud to be a true luminary of the building and I am not bragging or implying that I am self centered by any means. I take serious pride and offer my best sessions with each and every client that walks through the door.



The River Trail is so dang attractive these days!! Hardly anyone uses this trail system during winter months and I relish in the freedom of simply rolling around with a seat between my legs. 


Check out that pinky nail!! Remember when that treadmill wheel crushed that sucker good? The new growth under the trashed nail is incredibly sensitive. When I graze the top of the new nail with say my opposite hand thumb nail, feels just like a paper cut. Sometimes that sensation appears in my neck for a split second. 

My middle finger took a hit many many moons ago and refuses to grow out properly. Just about the time it is almost flush, I rip it back while putting my hand in my pocket or something lame like that. I need these hands and yet I hammer on them all the time. I guess its that autodidactic lifestyle of mine but the little pinky nail looks healthy and smooth so far. NICE 


These weeks sort of got away from me and I happily missed a few days. I was repairing a treadmill when a trainer walked by. They stopped to thank me for all the extra work I do and they noticed I replaced the magnetic readers in one of the rowing machines. Now I do not do extra work for the attention and I do not post these blogs for empathy. In fact, I am closer and closer to being thrown in the furnace, these blogs are interned for my nieces kid and their kids. Someday they will read these and maybe think that they knew I was the cool Uncle but had no idea just how cool I was. He He He

So I stuck up a conversation with the trainer about squats and proper form. What I am looking for, what my goal is, where my head should be in relationship to my hips, do my toes point out , and why do my knees fall inward for those split seconds during the lift. 

They showed me some upper body stretches first. You stand with your nose in the corner, your arms at a 90, hands higher than your head, and lean into the corner with your nose. You basically look as if you are standing like a cross with your elbows bent at a 90 upwards. That stretch worked my chest!! I thought that I was fairly limber until that stretch landed on my radar. The next exercise was side stepping with a resistance band around our ankles. Burned My Gluteus Maximums Like No Other!!!! How Did I Get This OLD??? Phuc Me 


Colorado is so flipping beautiful and I totally appreciate all its beauty. I am so fortunate to call this massive chunk of land home.

I have been shooting up to the Grand Mesa lately and during this one incident I discover a very eerie winter wonderland. I expected to cross paths with my very own akasha as I tromped around the virgin snow covered landscape. Mother Nature painted this stunningly gorgeous scene for me with 360 degree pristine calmness. I was under the impression that walking with a partner as one would be the ideal way to share an adventure but with all the wacky knuckleheads out there, SOLITUDE works for me. They can tuck & roll all they want. Keep Rolling You 


Covering for the Magic Carpet Ride once again tonight ( 2022/02/24 ) at 6:30pm. But for my good friend Mr Bill and his neighbors in the Ireland / UK, stream the show live the next day. This particular edition of the MCR will showcase deep cuts by Quincy Jones ( vinyl ), Nancy Sinatra ( vinyl ), Beach Boys ( vinyl ), Henry Mancini ( vinyl ), The King Elvis Presley Live in Tennessee, Thunderball, Naked Eyes, Twilight Surfer ( vinyl ), Allman Brothers, & so much for for your listening pleasures. Stream LIVE HERE or catch it afterward ( HERE ) and I opened the show with an airline safety clip. Rock On 


So scored this month as I bounced into back to back to back house and dog sitting gigs. Which just happened to coincide with the Olympic Games. Cable Rocks  

The games were fantastic, these dogs were hilarious, and the Full Moon was electrifying. Talk about lucky!! The USA Network broadcasted the games LIVE and I couldn't have been more excited. The evening rabbit ears rebroadcast was pathetic at best and stupidly full of Horse Sh*T Human Interest Stories.

Watching the Winter Games was the ideal entertainment for allowing my mind to calm down after a couple of rat raced months. I personally was disappointed by the lack of cultural awareness coverage during the games but boy did they show the Great Wall Of China from every possible angle.

This might have been the first Winter Olympics in which I was captivated by the elegance of ice dancing. Their musical selections were fabulous and the choreography was beyond outstanding. Now I still stand by the fact that ALL judged sports totally blows chunks. Face it, I am a timed racing events kinda guy.   

Such as; the bobsled events and skeleton runs were mind bending at those speeds. Downhill skiing Men's and Women's events were out of this world with speed over 80mph / 130kph. Both the short track and long track speed skaters mesmerized my every thought. All of the Biathlon events were LIVE on the USA Network and I am fascinated by the talent, raw speed, and total control of their bodies. I still don't quite understand ski jumping and all the rules but its highly suspenseful. Now, I could do without ALL the X Games events, those event should never have been absorbed by the Olympic Committee, and doesn't appeal to me what so ever. They are another animal all together and require their own spotlight for sure. 

Back to the tribe, this little girl above is totally precious. She is such a sweet loving little gal. Unfortunately her poor rear hips just do not function like back in her puppy days. But that doesn't stop her from running around, giving chase to the chickens, or following her brother and sister up the stairs. 

They weren't the best overnight sleepers and required attention at all hours of the night but it is why I was there. Sometimes the old bladder needs to go and dogs don't know if it is 3am or 5am. They just bark at the door to notify me of their needs. After all, they could go on the floor or I could get my lazy A$$ up. Easy Peasy Human 

One of the dogs has gone to town on this door jam. And you just know that it wasn't this little girl in the above photo. Oh, not her. Here are the before pictures down below. 


                                                 And Afterwards

                                      I Didn't Do It But It Looks Gr8 - Supervisor Below 

I only painted the one board because I do not have the approval from the owners yet. I just replaced the weather stripping and added a coat of paint as a courteous gesture. I also cleaned all the windows and screens while catching some Olympic Fever. If the humans appreciate my handy work, just maybe, MAYBE, maybe they will allow me to paint their back deck that faces south as it's quite weathered. 

This would be the deck that I was referring to. This deck would sparkle with a fresh paint of coat and full of life once again. Right


  1. Climbing 
  2. Achieving 
  3. Noetic

  4. I

Feeling Groovy,


P.S. As For The Banner News ... The Interview Down In Pagosa Springs Went Well And Snoop Dogg Will Be Here In Disfunction Junction Next Month 

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Think Snow My Friends - Think Snow

I'm Glad You're Home          Now Did You Really Miss Me              I Guess You Did By The Look In Your Eye          Well Lay Back And Relax            While I Put Away The Dishes        Then You And Me Can Rock A Bell              You Can Ring My Bell, Ring My Bell               My Bell 

Anita Bell

Songs Of Love 1979


WoW! WoW Is What Comes To Mind. Like wow. My roommate boogied east and I took a leap of faith with our yahoo community wishing pool. I posted a very elementary room for rent posting without doxxing myself. I finished off the post with these four questions and to please add 1234 as the subject/title line. 1) male or female 2) employed 3) what type of automobile 4) your vision 

The amount of porn was ridiculous and easy to delete without opening because the 1234 was left out. One gal that managed to answer two of my questions turns out to be Queen Wack-A-Doodle. I googled her name to find this information below. Basically, those that added 1234 were all over the board. One poor gal literally wrote ' I don't know what a vision is ' and the majority of the applicants responded with there actual 20 - 20 vision. Classic  

One guy sounded rather attractive on paper so I fired off some photos of the kitchen, communal living space, and his potential room. We agreed on a date and time and of course he floundered around like most people I interact with these days. He finally arrives and within about three minutes I had these flashing images of driving my calcaneus bone clean through his mouth and out the back of his skull. He was this homunculus Jack A$$ that talked in circles and carried the educational background of a middle schooler at best. Dick Weed 

Once he drove away, I burned one of my larger sage sticks I fabricated while traveling around Prescott and walked the house burning away those lower vibrational quality vibes. You Go Now You Troglodyte 


LINK HERE - just hit the play icon next to the date 02/10/22  > about 26 seconds of the previous jazz show > the KAFM Entertainment Calendar with that utterly useless E.D.  >  then an instrumental of John Lennon's Imagine. I highly recommend you stream the show while you continue to read along. 


Over the moon with this show!! Totally on my game, perfect setlist of popular cover tunes, and matched the music with mixed over precisely timed soundbites. This broadcasted Radio Rapture featured all recognizable cover tunes and this prime time slot is ideal for maximum listening audiences commenting home. I opened the show at 4pm with a cover of John Lennon's Imagine by Justin Johnson and then a sexy rendition of BoB Marley's Sun Is Shining by The Main Squeeze. 

From there, offered up cover tunes of Fly Me To The Moon, Feel Like Making Love, Jolene, Blue Bayou, Sound Of Silence, Stand Back, Fantasy, Boogie Ooogie Oogie, Slippery People, Once In A Lifetime, Killing Me Softly, Stop Dragging My Heart Around, And Somebody That I Used To Know. 

Soundbites I laid over the top consisted of Homer Simpson, Bubba J, And Johnny Fever from WKRP in Cincinnati. The amount of phone calls and texts were rewarding, satisfying, and those responses were effectively rejuvenating. Without tooting my own horn, one of my better shows to date. And the best part of the whole evening, the commercial computer failed so NO Commercials for the last hour plus. Just me showcasing cover tunes and none of those same old dry poorly produced ads. YES - TWO THUMBS UP - YES 


One of my clearest boundaries that I proudly honor is NEVER dating a client or even going out on a date. I am diligently scrupulous as a male massage therapist, radically different rules as a male, never ever would I want the reputation of dating his clients and then have "something" happen and a community member spout off , " He has dated a batch of clientele so that incident probably happened." It is a safety issue, a solid boundary issue, and a higher moral issue. 

So this married woman that I have worked with for a few years now crossed that line. One, I was way bummed she attempted to behave in this manor and put me in this awkward situation. Two, I carried so much respect for her as we have worked together for years without any sort of unethical projections. Three, SHE IS TOTALLY MARRIED. Four, I have cycled with her husband a few times and he is a great guy. Five, The incident really freaked me out and still bothers me. She will be the first client that I will refuse to see again in over a decade of practicing massage, neuromuscular therapy, and /or Ortho. So sucked and not looking forward to hearing from her anytime soon. She caused me to even question my own judgement for a second but I know deep in my heart that this was all instigated by her. I handled her unwelcoming advance professionally and honestly but the anger that built inside of me frustrates me even as I type this. And now, what do I tell her husband when I see him out and about?? Royal Piss'r 

On the other end of the spectrum, a new older client came into the office Saturday before the Super Bowl and we had a fantastic session together. 100% massage and proper pressure was achieved!! They were so stoked and afterwards they pointed out how other massage therapist hurt them, didn't listen to them, or basically had no idea how to meet their model of the world. We reschedule for three weeks from that appointment and I believe they will be filed under regular rockin' good folk. So Dig That  


Speaking of Super Bowl Sunday, I can personally say," What A Fantastic Game!!" This was the first Super Bowl in years that I had NO Allegiance or didn't flat out despised one team/player on the field. All I knew was that Monday would be a gem because I wouldn't be waking up with pissy pants on. SCORE

And the fact that there was only a 3 point difference at the half, Cincy came back in the second half, and then the Rams won by 3 points, totally entertaining. Call me crazy daisy but the Halftime Show lived up to my expectations with old cruiser cars to boot. My only negative observation I care to share is why there was nothing projected onto the white staged buildings??? Or maybe I am missing a cultural reference there with all white plain buildings. Still, Halftime Held My Attention 

A number of commercials cracked me up and I literally laughed out loud. Yes, there were a few that flew over my head but I was once again completely entertained by the moment. Walter The Cat, Brilliant!! I was way surprised by the amount of electric cars and trucks. Arnold's electric BMW was a classic for sure and I am not all that much of a big fan of his. Seth marring the ghost zombie was outstanding because I truly never saw that coming. I definitely did not recognize Larry David right away but his commercial was hilarious. You know, the whole event treated me well from start to finish. Congrats Smell-A Fans


My overall strength is finally coming back around. Meaning, fatigue isn't the issue like it was back in the Fall of 20BLK Jack. I haven't added any heavier weight to my routine but have slowed down my pace of each rep. Somedays I simply pass on the count and focus on the negative of the exercise. Example; bicep curls, curl the dumbbell up, hold the flex for two Mississippi, and then finish the rep as slowly as I possibly can. I have yet to strategically target muscle groups. Example; back / bi on Mondays, chest / try Tuesday, or arms / legs Wednesday. My archaic lifting is by feel of the day or interest or what feels right. 

My cardio needs special attention and my stretching program is less than adequate. Will be ramping up the fitness schedule soon while easing into more weight training as well. All in due time my friends. All In Due Time 


  1. Lead By Example 
  2. Experience Nirvana 
  3. Flight Of The Concords 
  4. Toughen Up Baby 
  5. Open Up With Family 
  6. Venture On A Highway
  7. Expand The Practice 
  8. Rock On
  9. Solidify My Timeline For March Travels

I leave you all with this time lapse of mine. Thanx ever so much for continuing to support my creative side. This particular video begins in BLK & White and transitions into full rich color. I enjoyed building this two minute clip and I dig that soundtrack. 


Have A Blast Of A Week, Wash Your Paws, And Happy Full Moon


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

If We Are Not Moving Forward, We Are Standing Still

Son Of A Gun   You Walked Into The Party Like You Were Walking Onto A Yacht    Your Hat Strategically Dipped Below One Eye      Your Scarf It Was Apricot     You Had One Eye On The Mirror    As You Watch Yourself Gavotte    And All The Girls Dreamed That They'd Be Your Partner    They'd Be Your Partner    And     Your So Vain    You Probably Think This Song Is About You 

Carley Simon

No Secrets 1972


After the past six playoff games, will the Super Bowl live up to our expectations?? Ether way, I hope so because I will be watching for the sure entertainment value. Totally excited for the Halftime Show with all the potential Smell A appearance opportunities by artist that live near by. Do YOU Have A Team You're  Rooting For??? 

Is it me or are we all tired about hearing Brady's latest tying of his shoes incident?? You know, there just so happens to be another future Hall Of Fame QB hanging up them sneakers, Big Ben. Does he hold the records, NO. But the cheater Brady train has run its course and the networks are treating this matter as if Brady died. When that does happen, it will be a two useless months of coverage. Whatever 


Pulled off one of my better radio show on 2002/02/03. Very few mistakes on my part and an amazing amount of texts/phone calls poured in with support. That Felt GOOD. The Magic Carpet Ride , HERE IS THE LINK , opens with the Red/Blue Pill soundbite from The Matrix. From there, I paid homage to BLK History Month with a wide range of Hall Of Fame artist that have shuffled off this mortal coil.

When you click on that link, simply click the play button icon next to the date 2/3/22 6:30pm. Be prepared for a radical dose of hip hop, reggae, and remixed disco cuts. Highly recommend listening at higher volumes in residential neighborhoods. My next time slot, CLICK HERE, will be this Thursday the 2022/02/10 at 4pm Mt Time Zone. I will definitely not be airing out love tracks for Valentine Days. That particular day so blows as exceptions are a double thumbs down. 


Holy Smokes! Ready for this one?? Working with a client right now that is suffering from severe throbbing pain after receiving an injection into their Trigeminal Nerve by an unqualified rookie dentist. Talk about a bummer. Simple route cavity has turned into a three month restless sleep caused by referring pain. 

Another odd mouth issue is a client that has been dealing with dentures that clearly do not fit properly. So the moral of the story is to please keep your healthy teeth healthy. So I have become familiar again with neck releases and relationships between C1 & C2. I am enjoying myself, the love the work, and hopefully adding a bit of comfort to the precious lives of others. I Hope 

Another long time massage client excelled during their half marathon in Moab , UT. They pulled off their own PR and were pleasantly surprised with a top 20 finish. They arrived in the office beat up and totally worked. We simply flushed out their soreness and paid close attention to their Rhomboids and Upper Traps. Runner tend to hold their shoulders in the ears during different points of the race. So Life Is Good In The Office


On my last evening with the two kitties kitties, I woke up in the middle of the night laying on my left side with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. One kitty was stretched out along the side of my chest and the other kitty was balled up behind my knees. This cozy house is way too warm for my sleeping comfort and yet I have two little heat boxes playing cuddle time with me. But it is better than sleeping in a van down by the river. 

A new, well new to me, opportunity came my way. The neighbor of a job popped their head over the backyard fence and inquired if I would be at all interested in walking their dog for twenty bucks. Let me understand this here, walk a dog for about a half hour in exchange for a crisp Andrew Jackson??? Phuc Yes 

Just how do I market this business plan?? All systems go in my model of the world and I think that it would be a hell of an adventure. I walk, the dog walks, we are both walking outdoors, and I get paid??? Totally Analogous 


Still shaking my head here. There is a lady across the street from the kitties house that has the most Phuc-D up routine that I have ever witnessed. This dumb A$$ walks to her car every morning and starts it up. She then goes back inside while the car warms up. She then climbs inside the car, rolls the window down about half, and smokes a cigarette. Then, shuts off the motor and goes back in the house. So badly I want to drill a hole in the bottom of her car battery so that the engine never sparks to life again. Because of the frozen snow still on the shady side of her car, the car hasn't physically moved in many moons. Unreal 

My weeks are flying by me so damn quickly these days. Accomplishing any goals is almost impossible and I am losing track of days. I know what day it is but everyday is full speed. Like January for instant , WHERE DID THAT MONTH GO?? 20 BLK Jack, fastest year of my life so far. The questions are; do I have a day? do I have a week? do I have a decade? do I have 30 years? Oh Mortality , Damn You 


  1. Lift With Intentions And Grace
  2. Ortho Bionomy With Three New Clients During February 
  3. Voraciously Meal Plan This Month 
  4. Energetically Make A Difference 

Here is a quick minute and a half time lapse from my office. The high cirrus clouds are afloat until I released the shutter. Almost nothing but sunshine from there on out. Classic 


Dogs Are Welcomed Humans Are Tolerated,