Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Totally Motivated Part III

Physically: Woke up feeling great!! Early stretching, rehydrating, and controlled calisthenics with a few cups of joe. A bike commute into a head wind and a trip over to the gym.

Shoulders/Tri day and damn that felt good. I saw a video about the military press and I followed that advice. Instead of the bench at a 90, drop to back a few holes. Now this does active the pecks but damn my shoulders were smooth and pain free. Lateral raises were awesome because I used the 10 pounder in my one hand at a 90 degree while I focused on my medial deltoid with the other arm.

Then, compared my card from a year ago. UNREAL. One arm kick backs.... year ago .... 10 pounders .... That was my warm up set today .... Again, Unreal. Its been a really good week and will have a 3 day weekend coming up for recovery period.

John & I hit the road Friday morning for Steamboat Spring Colorado. We have been hired to time the Cody Challenge Saturday ( APRIL FOOLS DAY ) and I couldn't be happier. An excellent cause, Steamboat is awesome, and we are looking at damn near perfect conditions.

Mentally: Shook off the old engrams, walking on water with my renew rejuvenation, and thanked my diaphragm for the number of breaths todays. Like, walking into my bank and holding the door open for a 3 or maybe 4 year old kid. He was a classic, as kids that age are. But the point was, I dropped the ball before Vegas and was penalized $2 dollars .... I didn't lose my marbles ... Just processed the situation and moved on ... Its were writing my intentions down comes into play ... I blew it, the bank saved me, the sun set.

Tomorrow is a full body routine at the gym and a massage. Wont take me long to pack and get organized. Then, severing up the concessions for the local reggae/infusion jazz/funk band at 9am. These guys are real good but they have a terrible name. Zolopht is starting their Spring Tour here at KAFM and then they are heading eastbound.

I am so ready to just find my groove, sells some brew, socialize, and get funky. Its What We Need

Here is last nights time lapse from Grand Junction Colorado. Another sweet on and hope you dig the Keller Williams!!


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Totally Motivated Part II

Physically: Today was a Back/Bi day at Crossroads. Hopped up on the Dreadmill for a 20 minute warm up and focused on really rolling my hips towards that forward motion. Quads felt really loose, calves were unnoticeable, and my hammies felt healthy.

Staying with the new charting card theme, started off with Lat Pull Downs. My warm up set was with my last years main set numbers. Really contracting the Rhomboids with each rep and focusing on my lat while relaxing my hands as my as I could get away with.

Seated rows are so damn cool. Its just one of those exercise were you body remains quite. Sometimes I drift off as if I was really rowing.

My whole back routine was enjoyable today and I am thankful for that. Curls were entertaining because someone inflated the Bosu Ball I stand on. Took some concentration but handled the 20 pounders just fine.

A new exercise I really like is holding one of the 10 pound dumbbells at 90 degrees and curl with the other 10 pounds. Its pretty cool engaging all those stabilizing muscles while performing a normal curl. I used the 10's but could possibly try the 12.5 next time.

MENTALLY: Found myself running old engrams a few times today. Kind of in a bipolar way. Such as, while riding the commuter bike, wondered why I haven't been running all along?? Have Been. Why haven't I lifted heavier weights?? Have Been. Should I be riding more?? Have Been.

Basically, that was the theme in my head. A negative and then reinforcements. Another neg and then a justification. Just strange little moments in time to process and move on. I'm thinking that I'll pass on referring back to my old card at the gym tomorrow and just go through my shoulder/tri regiment.

Pulling into together. One day at a time. Feeling better everyday. Becoming stronger everyday.

Now this time lapse rocks!! Specially if you like Stave Kimock!! I ran the clip backwards at the end and sped the video up. Its only a minute or so long and worth a watch.


Monday, March 27, 2017

Totally Motivated & Why

Two weeks off worked wonders for me. In ways that I was unable to articulate during that time.

Physically: I went crazy not too long ago and busted out a bunch of push ups which resulted in a nagging lingering shoulder issue. Not necessarily a tweak but just something to make note of.

My calves were always tender/tight most mornings after 5 mile plus outings from the day before. But no biggie.

The real physical hang up was that I had run myself into a rut. My body needed this break from that current routine. I just didn't realize that I was in that rut at the time. Thats were my "frustration" over this bothers me. I have read about these situations, I should know better, and I am not necessarily bitching about it. It is what it is.

Last week, we can chalk that up to laziness, never made it to the gym all week. My body felt relaxed and pretty good but not strong or stronger. The issue is whats above the shoulders.

Mentally: Simply no fire. I rode the bike to the office but thats just about it. The Boy Dog & I took walks but nothing worth mentioning from that week.

I loaded him up ( #1 Motivated ) last Sunday and we hit the desert for a pretty sweet outing. It was a perfect reminder. Cleared my headspace some and allowed me to focus on my visions, setting intentions, and asking the questions" Where Am I?" and "How is this serving me?"

So the two week break was perfect!! Hiking around with Shadow Boy, stretching out our legs, and ramping up our lymphatic system felt marvelous. That brings me to todays events....

Numbers: I rode to the gym today and you know it was a headwind the whole way. Its Spring Time in Colorado after all. After locking up the commuter, I began turning off the Garmin  ( #2 Motivated ) only to recognize that I complete this ride in under 8 minutes. I was just riding my bike.

I started the Dreadmill ( #3 Motivated ) at a very easy speed. Sorted out my iPod and entered in a preprogramed activity. I walked along and focused on hip rotation and body alinement. I stayed in and out of focus but found time to notice how my toes landed, spread, and pushed off. All of a sudden, almost lost my teeth, the Dreadmill went into cool down mode. Scored an effortless 2.2 miles in 20 minutes with an additional 5 minutes of cool down time.

While I was sort of burn out/plateaued in my fitness route, I also had abandoned my gym program tracking card. So today I was inspired to fill out a new card and pulled my old one from the file box. My lasted updated entry ( #4 Motivated ) was 2016-01-04. That original card had the date of 2014-03-12. Two years of past data was right there in my hands.

So my blank card started filling up with todays chest route. This is were the elevated testosterone blog title TOTALLY MOTIVATED came from. I easily warmed up with my peak weight from last years numbers. Like I said, my fitness had plateaued, it took a vacation to Vegas for me to realize this.

I felt so strong today. Every new entry was met with amazement. The peck deck ( #5 Motivated ) is a perfect example. Last year, 70 pounds for 3 sets of 12. Todays warm up was with 85 pounds!! My whole routine today was like this. Now, I am on the current plan of researching new exercise routines and advice for keeping fresh and alive mentally and physically.

Ortho-Bionomy: Our Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy Center graciously ( #6 Motivated ) footed the bill for a booth during the Alternative Health Expo here in Grand Junction Colorado this past Saturday. I always arrive early and Saturday was no different. Hung banners, set out broachers, and displayed Biz Cards.

I performed a number of finger releases, shoulder demos, explained Ortho, and handed out a ton of Business Cards though out the day. Lets see how all that plays out. I spoke my truth and I seek the best possible outcome.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Must Watch 50 Miler Video

Ryan is an amazing adventurer and creates some bitchin videos on Youtube. HERE is the link to the first episode of his Caballo Blanco Experience. Please check them out, watch more of his videos, Subscribe, & follow his inspirational attitude.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Clint Black in GJ,CO

Talk about a showman! I received a text a few days ago asking me if I would be available to usher the Clint Black show at the Historical Avalon Theater. Now, I pictured a bunch of blue hairs needing assistance with everything.

Not the case at all. Sure, there were a few oldies but the audience was a full spectrum of ages. A majority of them were in line before the 6:30pm doors. I would have loved to have set up the GoPro time lapse for when the "rush" roamed on in.

I was more than happy to usher the upper mezzanine area. Everyone pretty much was seated way before the show & I was able to visit with a number of familiar faces. 

The audience roared with excitement as Clint walked onto the stage at 7:44pm. His first tune must have been a hit because everyone stood from their seats and cheered and raised their arms in hopes of being lifted away. 

The 6 of them played for about 30-40min before they walked off stage and allowed Clint to play solo. He told some brilliant tales of Willie Nelson, shared writing stories from 1987 tunes, and knew just how to command attention from his followers. So Impressive

I can understand way these fans paid over $60 smacker to see him live. One of his biggest fans of the night was a woman in her 50's, she has down syndrome, danced her night away. She would pump her arms in the air, shrug her shoulders, and twist and shout which every song. I Was Stoked For Her

The shows encore began at 9:30pm and came to a closure at 9:57pm. Clint Black never left the stage, played the harmonica, ripped on an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and whipped the crowed into a frenzy with ever nip off his bottle between songs. Again, Total Showman


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

St Patties, Vegas, March Madness Recap

What happens in Vegas is talked about all year long!!

Top Shelf! Four days of perfection. Won some bets, lost a few, but experienced a lifetime of memories. Such as, I place a bet on AZ over at Ballys Casino, walked back to collect, witnessed OK ST cover the spread, best :54 seconds of the game, guy next to me won his 4 game parlay on that wager, happened with an almost full court shot that did NOT impact the games outcome, he scored a cool $3,700.oo

I love that atmosphere!! Cheering at every moment, groups that wear theme shirts, halftime bets that pay off for some and devastate others. That agony of defeat. Catching games while in the pool, totally becoming caught up in the moment at a sports book, or witnessing a guy layout 10 one hundred dollar bills on a craps table. Its Electrifying

The Dude, FJ, & I met up with Cuz Sue for two nights on the south strip. Walking, talking, and enjoying the theatrics of street workers, side shows, and casino dancers. Oh, and one very strange Homer Simpson. The Dude & I hit some older lounge areas off the South Strip that we hadn't address in a few years. Pretty cool to see all the new improvements and Cuz/FJ were beyond stoked with our tour guide approach. They were able to walk and talk and not have to refer back to a map. Nice

St Patties fell on a Friday this year! Score!! We moved up to the Grand Casino, formally Lady Luck, where we stayed in 2003, the freaks were out in full force. Cuz Sue was super stoked and I do believe caught the Vegas Madness Bug. She appreciated costume changes for every fresh beverage idea. The whole concept of hitting up the room for a wiz, drinks, outfits, snacks, SITTING, and back at it delighted all of her needs. Plus, she squealed like a school girl when taking our photos and thats a joy to be a part of.

She was also quite pleased with the fireman's fund raiser right next door. That worked for her!! All the north/south streets were blocked off and stages were built for all night entertainment. Looking back, really nice to walk north of Fremont St because it was just as crazy but easier to navigate.

We did make to the Container Park, thank you Pittbrownie, which we saw last year but didn't bother walking in. We saw plenty of nudity. We passed a few blind drunk patrons. Hung with some funny Kentucky folks. Danced to a wildly entertaining 80's Flash Band. We counted 7 brides in 4 days. We did NOT see any fights??? We did NOT see anyone puke??? Vegas What

On a side note of would've could've should've.... That AZ wager I collected on, I rolled over the house money on the Spartans but I stopped there. I should have rolled THAT over on the next AZ game because AZ only needed to cover by 3.5, which they did. I didn't pull that trigger because I would then have to mail in my tix. Had we stayed that extra night, our entire trip would have been paid for. But Murphy's Law, had I placed that bet, AZ would have choked?!?!?!? Thats Vegas Baby

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March Madness .... FINALLY

About to embark on our 8th annual migration towards Las Vegas Nevada. An absolute must for any sports minded person! Opening weekend host a frenzy of actives and this year St Patties Day lands on Friday Night.

What do non-sports minded folk do?? They become sucked up in the electrified atmosphere. Huge groups of people cheering at different time without any of us knowing if it was a wager, home team, or a side prop bet. Its an experience. The Dude & I have meet a verity of our friends down there and they always "get it".

The Pools, best way to check out and remind yourself your on vacation. Food, we take our crockpot and pre made meals. Basically, we take an entire ice chest of food. We learned the value of nutrition long ago.

St. Patties, UNREAL. We have always stayed at the Golden Nugget on Freemont but we are giving the old Lady Luck a chance. Its been renovated and renamed. Freemont Street is over the top during St. Patties. All traffic is blocked off and replaced with stages for live acts to entertain us. Celtic Bands, Nutty Girl Cover Bands, Mini KISS cover band, and last years U2 Tribute band was most excellent.

Hope my new found video skills will capture what it is that I am trying to convey here. Almost done packing so I scramble on.


Friday, March 10, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What Do Pressure Gradients Cause????

Differences in air pressure between different locations are critical in weather forecasting and climate. As indicated above, the pressure gradient constitutes one of the main forces acting on the air to make it move as wind. Note that the pressure gradient force points from high towards low pressure zones, it is thus oriented in the opposite direction from the pressure gradient itself.
Sound waves and shock waves are events that can induce very large pressure gradients, but these are often transitory disturbances. ( Copy/Paste off Wikipedia ) 


Check out this video!! Tim Dacosta is a freak!! I shot a time lapse of the Fat Bike Race on Sunday. During the race we experienced snow, wind, and crazy racers that loved the course. Every racer was over the top excited about the event and are encouraging us to host one more before the snow melts away.

We arrived at the resort just after 5:30am and it was incredibly warm. I know it was in the 30's but it felt more like 50's for sure. Just as I took off my heavy jacket, the cold wind blew in like an old dogs fart. And it blew. And it blew some more. The wind was a steady 20+mph all day. Well, you can see what I mean in the video.

Next race, Steamboat Colorado on April 1st. Yes, Really. On April Fools Day. Its a summit mountaineering event. Races skin up and "fly" down. Its going to be epic!!

Stay Strong,

Friday, March 3, 2017

Great Start To March

Strong rides this week and focused my attentions on hip movement, quad/hamstring relationships, and controlled/recovery breathing. Totally trying to find aerodynamic positions because of the steady wind currents throughout the valley. Always seems to be a headwind or an uncalled for crosswind. The pressure gradients are in motion for sure i.e. the globe is titling

Fresh White Bear!!
Colorado Bluebird Sky ( SCI Original Tune )

MAD Racing has its last Fat Bike race of the series this Sunday at 8am. This event is going to be awesome!! We are experiencing perfect conditions. Crazy fun 2mi course through trees, single track, and wide open climbs.

Before ( a snow machine trail )

After ( Trimmed Out By Hand & Snowshoe Packed )

Shadow Boy crashes out these days. He pretty much slept in this spot the whole time that I was editing music. The band Mr Blotto hosted a bitchin' Fast Time at Ridgemont High show at their famous Blotto Hotel. So I edited out all the "dead" air and created a 39 minute track. I then mixed in and over movie clips from Spicoli to Ratner and you know a Mr Hand montage hit the airwaves.

Only 48 Watts during 20-30mph winds?? 

These are just some of the weird stats that I don't understand. I thinks its the Garmin but Strava doesn't treat me well either. Last week, I finally gave up on my frustrations and happily use these tools for what they are. And thats cool

Missed out on lifting wed/thurs because I was trail "working" at Powderhorn. Monday and Tuesday were excellent chest/tri/back/bi with lunges, caterpillars, and body weight squats mixed in between sets for that extra cardio burn. 

Super Stoked,