Thursday, July 31, 2014

Last Day Of July And A Massive Time Lapse

Hello All,
I set up the GoPro 3 Silver at 10sec, 5 MP, and captured about 3+ hrs everyday during July. Here in GJ,CO we usually have a Monsoonal flow and Mother Nature is pretty brilliant at providing a lightning bolt or two w/some heavy rain at times.

A few of the set backs: While playing w/some instrument music in Soundbooth Adobe and matching up transitions, the program UNEXPECTEDLY quit, that so sucked. Loading up the video on CrackBook and receiving a message that the music had copy write issues, say what?? And lastly, how much time did I waste???

I love this guy!! He had been my #1 supporter, my #1 inspirational motivator, & #1 spooner. Thats right, he spoons at night w/me and sometimes he takes the time to only lift his head and flashes that look of " Dude, how about a few more inches of space here." And back to sleep he falls. Cracks Me Up He Does. And he has every right because we have been adding some serious trail miles. Now, don't get me wrong, I love riding my Yeti 575. Few experiences compare to slicing through a grove of shade trees fully immersed in Jedi like delusions or navigating a rock garden while asking yourself if dismounting might be the better option. Now that I haven't been riding this year, it occurred to me that what I have been really missing this that time when I am not riding at all. Thats right, the time when I find that sweet trailstop where the views are unreal. Thanx Colorado. The moment when my cardiovascular system finds itself & I realize that my lungs haven't found their way through my mouth. And when riding w/others, that rest stop to share each others moments of how ones elbow is flowing red or how awesome that 2 inches of air felt like a bunny hop over a VW when relived. Sharing adventures, sipping out of the camel pack, or that ever elusive prize photo from over the buff of a meandering Colorado River. Those are the moments I have been missing.

Little Lake Geneva at 10,121ft…. A Slice Of The Lead King Area
Shadow Boy & I have been focusing on trail running this season as my event is just over two months away. We have been doing our best to escape w/o any incident. Such As: Scanning a few steps ahead as to anticipate changes in the terrain, playing w/a shorter stride so that my weight is centered under my happy feet, and walking sections that are painted w/tree roots and hidden rocks that beg to grab an ankle. We have been choosing trails that are very well maintained and pretty dam well marked. Some may ask why I haven't taken a big risk, adventure, or out of the box and that leaves me w/a simple answer," I am training for the Lead King 25k." This fall or next Spring is when I will allow the time for the Boy Dog & I to explore, navigate, & truly just get lost.

Goals For Aug: 
     First Goal should take place this Saturday. Shadow & I are climbing Mt Garfield located near Palisade Colorado. Its something 1,500ft of scrambling in about 2 miles. Lung Burner!!!
     Second Goal has been happening sense my Grand Mesa trail run. Stretching when I think about it. I am talking about slow & steady. Not A Work Out Stretch.
     Third Goal is August 23rd!! I signed up for the Search & Rescue 8 mile trail run along the Kokopelli Trail. They offer a 16 & 8 mile race and all the proceeds go towards Search & Rescue. My goal for that event is to simple enjoy the views, thanx volunteers, & finish w/a smile.
     Last BUT Not Least, August Is The Boy Dog's Birthday Month!!!!! Need I Say More

What are your August Goals??? How Offend Do You Stretch??? Any Advice For Preparing To Run a 25K??? Big Hugs

Monday, July 28, 2014

Quick Time Lapse

Click On HD and Go Full Screen…….. The Music Is From Jerry…… The Video Was From The Cabin On The Grand Mesa…… Life Is Good….. I Will Be Stretching While This Is Uploading

I worked my tile job at Foot Prints Animal Hospital today. Doc asked me if I would do the math and come up w/a number of how much material we still need. The reason I bring this up is because I have been telling folks that I don't think I am even halfway done w/this job. I have 3 full kennels at 84 tile per, I have 4 walls at about 77 tiles per wall, & I have 4 kennels that the "other" guy started before walking out. Totally stoked w/these number because I didn't realize how close I am to finishing up and starting all the floor tile, which I hope are larger tile.

Tomorrow is more of the same and I timed 5 mile run at Stoker Stadium per schedule. Just might make that an AM run and then head to Foot Prints. What does your day have in store?? Do you have some numbers from July yet??? Tell me just one thing that made you really happy during the month of July.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27th

The Boy Dog coming around me to lead the charge once again, Love This Dog!!! We were on an easy day of a 4 mile loop around Lake Barron and connecting to Lake Alexander. Our pace was up but still comfortable. I really paid attention to my posture and keep my good eye on the trail for rocks, roots, and the Boy Dog.

This photo of the pines is really for my mother. We had just had that talk about my childhood when we could hear the dancing wind through the needles of the pines in the Serra Mountains. That is a sound like no other.

One of my favorite photos of Shadow Boy because of the ears, pack, tail, and the surroundings. He wakes up happy and we play those hand under the cover games but you can just tell that he is in his element in this photo. Maybe its just me but I really think he is thrilled. My Best Friend

Our trail run was exceptional this day. My pace was just under 10min mile and I felt Gr8. The legs were loose, my hips had fluid movement to them, the shoulders were relaxed, and I was laboring due to lack of air because we started off at 9,983ft in elevation. And Yes, Shadow is still leading the way and NOT SLOWING by any means.

Check Him Out…… Can You Say Handsome…… Can You Say Happy…… Can You Say WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE…… A sweet spot for a rest, stretch, and sucking down some H2o

This cracked me up. Running along and experiencing the world as if no other life form excited we came across this. Its a beautiful spot w/a small sandy beach and rocking views. I looked around for a monumental description or the " In Honor Of" but nothing. Just me, The Boy Dog, & A Wooden Cross. Its gotta be a Gr8 Day.

Love this guy!! He is just given me that look of BEST DAY EVER!!!! I told him that we were near the 1/2 way point and he has the look of we could keep going all day long. He has the mind set of an endless summer kind of dog. Thats a surf reference by the way. Can you believe the shear beautiful of the Mother Earth?????

The Boy Dog threw himself into a higher gear and kicked my A$$ until the end. We pushed on at a sub 9min mile pace and had this whole section all to our selves. This is living!! This is living the dream!!! This is how its done. Just after this photo, in my mind, a lot of old friends popped in and out. In just a short stretch of this single track, I relived some of my youth, the wonderful times of my youth. Childhood friends like Larry Winters because we used to pretend that we were NFL current plays. Me, always Dan Fouts as QB, Earl Cambell as a RB, & Billy "White Shoes" Johnson as a WR. I thought about climbing Black Mt w/my 4th Grade Classmates and everyday soccer games at Sunset Hills Elementary. Images of Feather Ridge dwellers like Dennis Dini, Brian Hunt, & James Robertson. And oh the countless hours of BXM biking around PQ and out to Torrey Pines State Beach via the old dirt road through Evergreen Nursery. Clear visions of Los Penasquitos Canyon water falls and massive black diamond head rattlesnake ride w/Tim Conerty And Larry Pearson. What a tale that was and feel free to ask about that story.
Downtown Ouray Colorado
Jeff & I waiting for everyone
My Birthday week was filled w/incredible food, visiting w/friends & family, and soaking in the hot spring which I will continue that trend.

Crazy Ouray Locals Yard Sale

L-R: My Brother Bryan, Karen, Jeff aka The Blue Zucchini, Hailey and Kalinda my nieces, & my Madre

A photo from across the street of the Ouray Brewery w/roof top seating. I didn't go in as I am still on the wagon until the Lead King 25k. Speaking of the Lead King training, my training is going much better during this month of July. As you may remember, June was a bad mental month for me. This week looks like a few easy hour plus training runs, a timed 5 mile at Stoker Stadium, two needed rest days, an hour easy pace Saturday and a double digit trail run Sunday. I am super stoked ending another month and totally welcoming Aug 2014.

How Was Your July????  What Might Be Your August Goals???? Think Of Others

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Birthday….. Camping….. Training…… July 23rd Already

Early Morning Drink
The day started off with a very easy warm up walk towards the Crag's Crest trail head. I started my GPS on a dirt road that claimed Crag's Crest Campground was 1 mile ahead. Before the half mile mark, the Boy Dog had a dump, chased a chipmunk, & took a little swim. I noticed that my legs loosened up much quicker than normally, my posture was relaxed, & my stride was strong.
Lower Loop
 I knew that the thunderheads were rolling in & building during the heat of the day so I opted to transition to the lower loop. Being electrocuted at 11,000+ft was not on my list of things to do for the day. The 1st 1/4mile is quite the hike and every time I looked at the GPS it was a 21min mile pace. Looked again, 27min mile. I became discouraged by the pace knowing I should be quicker than that. But the wildflowers more than made up for it.
Reds, Blues, Purples, Whites, Yellows, & Pinks

Shadow Was Pulling Me Along
Center Left of this Photo is Alexander Lake
The Boy Surveys His Surroundings 
   The trail flowed into a sweet uphill, shaded by Aspens, through some rock gardens, down to crystal clear lakes, climbing back into Pine Trees, & diving back down a single trail of switchbacks. I was totally looking for bear or moose because of the density of the forest. Lions and tigers and bears…..  
My Colorful Outfit As Not To Be Mistaken By Hunters
Best Day Ever
The Lower Trail spit us out above the Visitor Center. Shadow Boy & I knew that we still had about a 2 mile stretch before we were done. We jumped onto another single track trail that looped around Lake Alexander were wildflowers were shaded by the Evergreen Pines. Most of this trail we ran while the Columbine Flowers danced in our wake of speed.

I then plugged in the old Garmin & couldn't believe my eyes. Shadow & I hiked/ran 7.71 miles in 2 hrs 11 min. We started out at 10,103ft and peaked out at 10,972ft with a pace of 15:41min ave mile!!!! I was so stoked!!!! Again, every time I looked at my Garmin, it was like, 22min mile or 35min mile, & I had no idea what was my running pace was. I ran the flats & some of the easy decent if the footing allowed. It was more like a shuffle when I was falling uphill.

Totally feeling much better about the Lead King 25K in Sept. My next post will have photos from my B-Day lunch, The next day of trail running, update on how the legs felt/recovered, & tile work from the Animal Hospital. Still can't believe its almost Aug….. Thanx 4 Stopping By

Friday, July 11, 2014

7/11 Baby

I miss the San Diego lifestyle on this day. WHY you ask???? Because of the free slurpee day!!! As you know, I haven't eaten fast-food in like forever, I pass on soda, & I would so splurge and enjoy some sugar today. In Slurpee Form.

Today is day 2 of vertical spine class and day 1 was awesome. We learned how to 1st, explain Ortho-Bionomy and 2nd work on someone w/o a table. The instructor is from New York and is a huge believer that gravity is your friend. And he is brainwashing me into believing!!! I am stoked.

I will update more on Sunday. I will add up my milage from the week, rest of the classroom knowledge, & trail runs w/the Boy Dog. Until then, Live Life & Stay Strong.

Alex Grey

Monday, July 7, 2014

Trip 2 CB,CO

MT CB……. Check that sucker out…. I miss calling this area home….. What a training ground…. What a way to wake up….. Feeling Alive
A Hiker That Was Hurting

This place is magical…….. The Mt colors are like no other…….. 

Not A True Selfie Because I Was Looking For The Off Button

These are photos from different time lapse video I shot………. Beautiful……..

……………….So much to see...

Back to the tile job this week…… GJ Rockies Rookie League Game….. Road Riding….. Radio Show…. 4 mile for time at the track….. Farmer's Market…… A more Ortho classes starting Thursday…. My last week of base training…. Which means a sh*t load more coming soon….. A SH&T load of everything….. Eating, Miles, Time, Laps, and Loving On The Boy Dog

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Boy Dog Eats Well

And he goes crazy….. Slobber and all….. And Why You Ask ….. Does an 8 year old Karelian Bear Dog act this way after already eating breakfast……. Because it was not just any simple meal…….
Frozen Beef Tongue

Free Boiled Beef Tongue

Taking the opportunity for a quick sample during the photo op 

Cross Section Of A Cooked Cow Tongue 

Boy Dog's Stew Of Free Frozen Expired Veggies, Tongue, & Wild Rice

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy July 1st My Friends

I am pleased w/how the month of June FLEW on by……. I picked up a sweet job of tile work….. Added more miles to my training schedule…. A few radio shows…. Kick A$$ Thursday Farmer's Market job for the season…. Some awesome bodywork sessions…. 4 new clients…. Finished 2 really enjoyable books…. A new bed that the Boy Dog loves and spoons every morning w/me…… Scored a CPR Card for FREE…. Thanx Crossroads Gym…. Added more miles on the commuter bike….. Much better about updating my blog and much better writing and write ups….. And some spectacular World Cup action

I am looking at adding more miles AND tracking those miles. I have only been tracking the times this far.
Adding a SH&T loads of hours on the road bike. I say this because I will be riding the indoor trainer during each day of the Tour de France.
Stretching and performing the sunrise serenade every morning while the coffee brews.
I have 2 sweet opportunities to run Crag Crest trail.
Take the Boy Dog on Turkey Flats Loop.
Catch a GJ Rockies Rookie League game.
Finish the tile job at Footprints Animal Hospital.
Add swimming into my schedule
Find another 4 new clients.
Make up lentil dishes and homemade "power" bars
Enjoy myself during the up coming Ortho-Bionomy classes the 10th, 11th, & 12th.
Simply be present while my mom is in town.
Catch the All-Star Game.
Finish my current book, Cycling Misadventures, start another and maybe another before the end of the month.
Talk w/Mr Jim on the phone.
I almost forgot that I will be having a 43rd this month.
Last but not least……. Hopefully watch the American Men outplay Belgium…. We Shall See

Do you have goals for the month???? Are you traveling this month??? Do you have a recipe you wanna share??? Thanx so much for stopping by my blog. Smile On