Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Update on the Childs Condition & Thank You


I just wanted to express my gratitude for your concerns over the child's incident from my last post. Its not a good situation as they don't believe their child shall ever walk again. The swelling around the brain finally subsided. But still no feeling in the extremities. Its Still Early Though

Their child was flown to the University of Utah Spinal Cord Injury Program hospital were they specialize in spinal cord injuries and severe brain trauma cases. Apparently they work wonders with professional extreme athletes that have crushed theirs bodies at such young delicate ages. Fingers crossed that we see some improvement over the next few weeks. I Tried My Best

For those that asked, keep reading. Not interested, check out the drop in gas prices. So a group of kids were playing four square in the driveway. Four were playing and two were waiting their turns. The ball got away from them and the one darted out BETWEEN two parked cars. The driver never saw the child and not only hit but ran over the child with the front passenger tire. The drive was NOT intoxicated, NOT speeding, and obviously stopped. A True Accident


This was a short notice sub opportunity and I took it. I covered the Saturday Night Showcase and aired an upbeat 80's New Wave show. Again, the phone calls were amazing and the text from my friends were well received. I featured the band Primus and their rendition of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory Album. I also pulled a number of Soundtrack LP's from the library. Totally Tripendicular

I Know I Had A 6.669gal Photo Somewhere On This Mac


  1. Remain Present
  2. Remember Names
  3. Put My Best Foot Forward
  4. Bliss Out

Stay Hydrated,

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Cooking Video


Our office is currently enduring some nifty upgrades. The center is moving into a new office space and a new practitioner is moving in. Our old spare office is in transition of becoming another useable/rental space. That will make four of us in the 3 room space with the opportunity for possibly another two practitioners. Way Cool

The center/school is only moving across the hall and one of my current officemates is also moving into that shared space. Positive growth is a good thing and all of us are excited about the changes. Thats The Good News

I received a call from my friends wife, not unusual to meet someone at the hospital, their child had been struck by a car. I totally wasn't prepared for what I walked into. Their child's head was wrapped up like a turban with the words in black sharpie NO BONE across the front. After an update, I casually offered the folks the option to head home, shower, and change clothes. Promised them that I wouldn't leave until they returned. They leaned on each other and/but didn't want to abandon/desert/leave the room. A nurse I know well was making her rounds and saw me and insured them that their child is in good hands. Together, they took me up on my proposal and I went to work. It's Just Such A Shitty Situation


Backed off the push ups because they simply slipped my mind. It is so weird when you do something almost everyday and then poof!! One day its out of sight and out of mind. Did have a decent chest day and pushed the newly added weights without much struggle. No pain but a little sore the next day. Been paying attention to my form during my back/bi days. Basically not cheating my back by using my arms more than I should. And then for whatever reason, started swimming again. Gotta Like That


My cycling has been rather piss poor as of lately. And I am chalk full of solid excuses these days. Haven't even attended a Spin Class ether. So Lame On My Part

Don't get me wrong. I have still NEVER driven to the office. I am on the commuter bike almost daily but no real riding to speak of. Haven't been on the 575 yet this year and that is NOT because of the weather. Just A Lazy A$$

And has absolutely nothing to do with my appreciation for oats wheat and barley. Speaking of which, Palisade Brewery has a beautiful Of Belay I.P.A. and my growler hasn't been dry in awhile. Love The Brew


The Super Bowl was fantastic because I wasn't invested this year. I wore my red, silver, and white Mountain Khakis shirt and told everyone that I am pulling for the red team this year. I was also pleased in knowing that I wouldn't be waking up all pissed off about the game on Monday morning. Nice To Be A Mundane Spectator

And For Me, The Game Was Bitchin!! Tied at halftime, SCORE!! Fourth Quarter Come Back, TOTAL SCORE!! I enjoyed all facets of the game and was completely stunned by the entertainment value of the Halftime Show. Blows me away to think about the infrastructure behind the scenes to erect the stage, the choreography, the planning/executing with precession, only one shot to get it all right, and then the deconstruction without tearing up the field. AMAZING

I was partial towards the commercials and the Jimmy Fallon Michelob ULTRA was my favorite. Talk about a laugh out load commercial. The Ellen commercial with Alexa was a hit!! Bill Murray is just a class act and made me smile knowing that he still has what it takes. The Shinning ( MT DEW ) take off cracked me up just because I so love that twisted movie. Wasn't too impressed with the baby peanut as it was a simple capitalism move from baby Yoda hype. The Reeese's Candy was creative but pretty lame at the same time. But overall, one of the better Super Bowls in awhile. Hope You Enjoyed Yourself


Woodbelly ( yes, correct spelling ) is a Frontstrange band and I was blown away by their stage awareness. A 5 piece band but sounds more like a 12 piece. As they worked through a chord progression, setting up for a featured artist, the band would gravitate towards that specific instrument.  They created a half circle or sorts around that artist during the jam. It Was Cool Concept

It totally helped by the fact that the upright bass player was massive. So he would lift his bass while playing and slide in behind the dobro or banjo or whoever was taking the lead during that particular song. Fascinating showmanship for sure and brought a personal level to the stage as well. Then they would rotate back into a standard line and finish out the tune.

Trout Steak Revival ( Creative Stickers At Their Merch Table & Art Work On Their LB Caught My Eye ) was pretty disappointing. They played in the Radio Room this past Fall and were very entertaining. Clean sounding, funny little tales between songs, and excellent stage presence. This time, only a four piece, were terrible. An off night for sure. Free Tix - Is What It Is , $20 Tix - Pretty Disappointing , & $40 Tix - Would Definitely Feel Jipped - Me, I scored my ticket for free on KAFM.

Samantha Fish ( Favorite Show From The Four Shows ) is a sultry blues guitar player and the only act with a taste for appearance. The band mates all wore jackets, dress shirts, and wore ties. They were ready from the start and played a hard driving show.

Samantha started out at a young age as a drummer and then later switched to the guitar. I was surprised that she now has 10 albums and has removed her long blond locks. She looked so sexy supporting short hair and her unbuttoned black leather jacket was quite the fashion statement. Of course the skin tight leggings and black heel pumps helped the overall package.

But Seriously, a really fantastic high energy show. The band was tight and ripped into the wheeeee hours of the evening with all original songs. This was after a 7 and half hour drive in the "blowing" snow from Denver. I definitely recommend attending their show in a theater near you.

Ally Venable ( Never Imagine She Is ONLY 23 Years Old ) Another blues musician but more than that one dimensional stereotype. Her cover of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Scratch-n-Sniff & Pride And Joy were off the charts. Her bass player and drummer were just OK but kept in time so whatever. And Yes, they wore everyday t-shirts and clearly unshaven for the week. But damn that Ally could flat out play. And for a $7 cover, excellent show.


Funny little moment in time here. I walked into the the bank, well I actually rode my bike into the bank, Eye Of The Tiger was playing in the lobby. I made the statement to the tellers, " Thanx For Playing My Theme Song." Deer in headlights!! It dawned on me that all the young pups behind the counter have NO flipping idea who Rocky is, who he stood for, or have even seen the flick. Kids


My latest radio ( SHOW - this link is good for two weeks ) show featured black artist history month. The show I subbed for has the long standing title Rhythm Lounge Radio on Saturday Nights and is the one and only Hip Hop show on KAFM. I took it upon myself to pay homage to legends of their craft and the calls rolled in. Pleased with the reassurance of callers and text messages. Folks calling in with their own story of or how they met or where they were when. It Was Fascinating Really

My show for the evening was labeled the Smokers Lounge on 2/8/2020. I eased into the show with a disco rapping turntable opener and danced back and forth between reggae, dub, and instrumental rap tunes for that first hour. Sprinkled throughout the show were my readings of legendary artist that no longer walk among the living and would then aired one of their tunes. Thats the basic premise any how. Kobe & Michael Jackson were the only two that made it into their 40's from my list. Biggie Smalls, 2pac, Easy-E, etc all passed away in their 20's. Anyway, I enjoyed diving deep into their history and learned a lot. Educating Is Power 

For Andrew - Thanx Doc 

Bike Miles For The Month - 97.1
Biking For The Year - 434.3
Activities For The Month - 9
Snowshoes Miles For Feb - 27.1
PR's For Feb - 4

My "recovery" meal the other day. Its my so called leftovers stew and heavy on the garlic, turmeric, and veggies that needed to be cooked ASAP. All the herbs and spices made for a happy palate. I used to give The Boy Dog baby carrots when I ran out of his homemade biscuits. 

As we begin nearing the mid 40's in high temperatures, my plan is to ride the River Trail. As longs there is no rain, don't see why I should be on the 575 for some single track. My biggest goal is to start climbing again. But I sure do have some choice excuses up my sleeve. Sh*t Fire

About This Video - The First Few Seconds Takes Awhile But THEN The Rest Of The Video Is Brilliant

Have A Joyous Vanities Day Weekend & Stay Strong,

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Back in Crested Butte for Fat Bike Worlds 2020

Welcome Back To Crested Butte!! MAD Racing was once again honored to provide a professional service during Borealis Fat Bike Worlds. Couldn't Be Happier

While driving the Tundra with the Red Trailer in tow, about to put on my pissy pants over the lack of wildlife, a magnificent Bald Eagle perched the ready on a winterized Cottonwood limb. The streams flowed crystal clear, creatures of all sorts on the hunt, and my heart was once again rejuvenated with excitement. Elk? Yes Rams?? Yes A Fox or Two? Yes Common Mule Bucks? Yes

We rolled our wheels into Crested Butte on Thursday by check-in time, dropped the timing trailer in place, and proceeded to stroll forward in search of a beautifully prepared Nepalese meal. Our warm cups of chai was exactly what I dreamed of. Oh Baby

My bedroom window showcased this majestic view that commanded my attention whenever possible.  First thing I did was pull the wooden curtains from my viewing area. Having said that, didn't spend much time THIS spot. A local watering establishment offered up a stool with my name on it. And I Was Quite Thirsty 

I am a people person generally and enjoy engaging in human interactions. Those conversations that lead to stories and background perspectives. Asking one another how about the workings of or from what part of the world. Maybe its because I appreciate the term/word sympathy. Thats a noun that means to have compassion for or feel sorry about, someones else's sorrow or misfortunes. We all share these styles of tales, just choose to express them differently. Or maybe its empathy as a noun that refers to understanding or experiencing someone else's emotions, or as a shared experience as if it was your own. Or maybe its the simple possibility of stepping into someone else's shoes.

Ether way, creating space for those moment in times are why any one of us travel to destinations known or unknown. Even better, really helps to take advantage of all the FREE public transportation. Insert Your Thumb Up Emoji Here


Fat Bike Polo matches Friday Night took place in front of the Brick Oven Pizzeria and what a Hoot. Wouldn't catch me participating but totally entertaining and highly recommended. Two separate courts on Elk Ave. Timed matches narrowed the field down to two undefeated teams. The final six or so matches were really good and the final was impressive. 


WELL, not really morning as the race didn't start until 11am. Ok, Sort Of!! I obviously was up sipping a cup of joe and wide eyed to embrace the sunrise in real time lapse mode. What A Beauty 

By 8am, we were in the timing trailer to organize, executing protocol procedures, fire up computers, and anchor the finishing arch in its final resting place for the day. The tepid 8F / -13C doesn't really bother me because the UV rays felt ever so balmy and NO WIND.

Last minute registrations went smoothly and everyone was"alert" for the racers meeting. Which was actually tastefully conveyed. Not just your typical "watch out for each other" approach.  

I took that time to explore the venue and see how vendors merchindicesed their products. Notice, minimal movement in the flags?? 

Shortly after the announcements, mortar style fireworks were launched into the sky. Riders mounted up, gears were changing, and they navigated over to their starting positions. Right at 11am sharp, with a proper count down from 10, a flare gun shot a vidivd red flare into the sky above. Racers tore off and the amateurs gave their best battle cries while rolling out. 

Numbers were up this year but a low costume turn out. Thankfully, Scooby saved the day!!

By the afternoon, the winds blew in from the west. Not strong winds but chilly winds. Riders of all ages dug deep and grinned it out. Ready For This??? Only One DNF 

Above is a photo of Steve and his Daughter Sara finishing together. Notice the breeze??

And what a backdrop to the event. I am completely bias for sure but Crested Butte is truly a magical treasure. Look At It, Even The Sky Is Gorgeous 

And then the Alternative People from Gunny plugged in and ripped out a few groovy / funk tracks. Durango's own Ska Brewery poured the night away and the tribe dance like nobody was watching. 


Celebrating The Boy Dog with a Hike

I headed out Sunday morning after a VERY relaxing morning and made my way towards the north side of the ski area. While calling CB home, The Boy Dog & I would climb Prospector Hill almost every evening after hours. Both Summer & Winter Conditions 

The snow crystals were popping off in full effect under the Colorado Bluebird Sky conditions. Those crunchy sounds were aloft with each snowshoe step. 

The ski run could have easily been walked on without snowshoes but my thought was to break off the slope and climb up in the powder. 

BUT that never happened. I hugged the tree line and focused on task at hand. Thought about the times that The Boy Dog & I shared together as I powered on up the groomed slope. Didn't try and kill myself but never rested ether. Wasn't sad by any means but I really miss talking to the Boy Dog. Not all that busy but a few folks snow boarding effortlessly carved the beginners run. 

As I crested the ridge of that baby hill, huffing and puffing by the thin air and belly still full of adult spirits, I felt victorious!! 2.39 miles "straight" up sub 40 minutes. Reference Here - The 95 pound Boy Dog wore a full harness and we would climb this run in the Summer in UNDER 20 minutes. ( In the photo above, the white area right of dead center ) The Boy Dog & I would then hike up the run and button hook around that tree line opening. This was our No Excuse Loop. I would look down at him, he would look my direction, I asked if he was busy, he always replied with," My Agenda Is WIDE Open." No Excuse 

I headed East along the ridge and meandered along the groomed service road. Its a two way dirt road in the summer but its purpose now is a supply trail. Along that route were all these snow "hut" , "cave" , "igloos". Of course I felt compelled to leave someone a heart in the name of The Boy Dog. SHADOW BOY LIVES

Clipped along until I came to the "loading dock" area and removed the snowshoes. Back on pavement, snaked myself back on down the hill. I couldn't believe my eyes by the amount of new homes and under construction newer houses. Unbelievable 

But if I could afford it, I'd purchase two of them. So feel free to call me an american hypocrite. And Yes, If I was independently wealthy, not at all how I would disperse that capital. 

With The Boy Dog on my mind, no apperceiving visceral feelings, I recognized my awareness. It was satisfying to identify inner thoughts without festering or allowing it to consume me. And making these notes here and reflecting on those good times helps. 

It was a simply wonderful outing of observations, processing old engrams, and projecting unconditional love for this beautiful valley known as Crested Butte Colorado. 

Off The Balcony Looking North 

After packing up, time to embark, started snowing as we made our last looks under beds, refrigerator, and living corders in general.  Can You Say Dicy??? And With A Trailer In Tow?!? I gingerly tooled on down the highway. Thankfully, I was at the helm as we skirted not one but two separate automobile accents. My Guess, Speed Related 


Ride - 20
Miles - 322.2
Actives - 27
Snowshoe - 9.2 miles
Hikes w/Doc - 8.28 ( mainly Serpents Trail )
PR's - 9
Push Ups - 2,400 ( 100x24days ) Pyramid Program
Travel Days - 7
Days Off The Bike - 8

View Out The Front Door Of The Condo 

Like I Have Always Said," If I Didn't Have To Live With 9 People And Work 5 Jobs, I Would Move To Crested Butte Tomorrow."

Think Of Others First,