Monday, January 25, 2016

The Better Team Lost

Congrats Donkies Fans!! WoW

And the Carolina Panthers will easily rise above the bar that the 85 Bears set.

Absolutely rocked the spin bike today.

887 cals burned, whatever

Max Watts 370

Miles 27.1

We did four loops of the same set.

Progressive hills with a sprint down the backside.

SO Today I Went For It.

I focused on my cadence at 85 until the hill was too much and then I would stand.

My watts stayed low, rotations were smooth, & burned like hell.

Chest workout afterwards with lower weights and 3 sets of 15 for control and injury-free.

My Mac is coming any day now.

Happy Australia Day!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Championship Weekend

Going to rock this Toshiba!!

Excellent week in the gym

Powered through spin classes

Yoga classes

Still on two-a-days with the Boy Dog

Killer commuter bike ride home under an almost full moon

Miss the Mac

Fantastic week at the office

Stoked to report more

Go Donkies

And I don't think I want Carolina to win but don't really care as of today

Radio Show on the last day of the month and crossing my fingers that the Mac will be operational AT THAT TIME...... Yes

Lets Rock

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mac / RouterProblems

Looks as if my Direct TV router has taken a SH*T on me!! Super Frustrating To Say The Least. And this particular Toshiba is a pain in the A$$ and way non user friendly.

Monday Spin:
Max Watts 391, Miles 27.1, & Whatever Cal Burned 511. The hour class was set up for sprints and one short hill climb. I really enjoyed the class.

Tuesday Lift:
Chest & Arms. Felt a little lame but after slowing everything down I felt a little more in control.

Back to spin today and then off to the office.

Its no secret that December was an awful month for clients and their dependability. I ran into so many odd situations and couldn't wait for December to end.

So the good news is I had my first Ortho Pregnant Session and everything went so well. We started with her feet, ankles, knees, and then moved up stream. I should have kept the session to about 30min now that I have had a day or two to process but now I know.

Another client jacked up their shoulder snowboarding at P-Horn. We had a couple of releases but didn't totally correct his situation. And that's ok. I say this because I believe that his body now has choices and we hope the reeducation pattern will come into play. And That's Pretty Cool.

Last Break Through..... Scored the Volunteer Coordinator Position with the company HITs Triathlon out of NY. I am super stoked!! They gave me some tools already, numbers of past volunteers, & are dangling a carrot of a bonus if all goes well. I am way up for this task

Anyway, no snowshoeing photos because its simply a pain in the A$$ to load photos, attach, & problem solve on this damn machine. Macbooks are the way to go in my opinion

Be The Best You Can Be.... Stay Strong Steeler Fans.... Go Donkies and AZ.... And The Boy Dog Hasn't Missed A Meal

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Night B4 Tony Furtado

Spin Class:
63min - 407 cal ( whatever ) - 427 Max Watt - 24.7 miles - Focused on triple digit cadence

Chest Only as my weak little chicken legs were wobbly to say the least

Boy Dog:
Hasn't Missed A Meal & Accompanying Twice A Day On Our No Excuse Loop

Saw the posting of Lawrence Phillips commenting suicide and I truly believe that him and us are better off. I met him on two different occasions and he was nuts. His "doctor" was staying with us while he played with the 9ers and another time when he came to visit during the Holiday Bowl. I am always baffled when I read that he has just beat up another girlfriend and I think to myself, " Why Would You Go OUT With This Nut Case???" Anyway, took me back but not as far back as David Bowie's new journey.

Stay Strong

Monday, January 11, 2016

Like All Americans

Hope you hiked, biked, or swam before the most incredible NFL Weekend of WILDcard games.

Saturday began with a stretching make shift yoga routine with the Boy Dog licking my face and sitting on my right hip as to let me know his agenda is WIDE OPEN and He Is Ready.

We then headed north and found some untracked snow and endless lines of slot canyons to play in.

The air was clean, the surroundings were peaceful, & The Boy Dog ran 4 miles to my one.

Sunday was an early morning start. Only to experience an OOPS right off the bat. The Boy Dog & I went to a new location. We were driving along and then crunch.

The car sank, do you know that feeling, in about 4ish inches of frozen snow and we weren't going anywhere. I let Shadow out and we went on our snowshoeing adventure. What else can you do?? We ran, we hiked, I talked, he searched for Bugs Bunny, & we made the best of it.
We returned to the time capsule of the car and I began digging it out by using my ice scraper. Oh Joy. After time went by, rocking it with my body weight, I was able to slide the floor mats under the driving wheels up front. Caught my breath and gave Shadow Boy words of encouragement that he will be able to eat soon. 

And out we drove, found hard frozen packed ice to park on, back for the floor mats we headed. I am pleased with myself for not losing my SH*T and keeping my composure. I was able to think, relax, & know that I am NOT going to die. Proud of that accomplishment!! 

And returned to the house near the end of the 3rd quarter of the Vikings game. Didn't miss much and saw the famous miss FG for the big L.

Saturdays games were awesome. Go KC and your 11 game streak!! Pitt will lose because them boys are beat up but what a crazy game. And how did Green Bay win???? Cant blame that one on RGIII.

Congrats KC, Steelers, Hawks, & Cheese Heads….. Will be waiting for Saturday/Sunday games.

Spin Class Today: 64min, 287 Cals Burned ( whatever ), 311 Max Watts, 26.3 miles, & Two Sore Sit Bones!!! 

Have A Gr8 Day Folks

Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy Friday & Ready For The Weekend

Cant wait for the weekend!!

We are talking Football!!

Wildcard Weekend!!!

And I am way stoked about all 4 of the games!!

Who Picked The Vikings This Year??? Not Me, but beat them damn Seahawks!! And Go Washington as Green Bay shouldn't be in the race but after all, ITS GREEN BAY. And Go Chiefs and their 10 game winning streak!! And the Cincy Pitt game should be explosive!! Those two teams HATE each other and I would bet the house that the winner will be so beat up that they lose next weekend. Regardless of my options, Bring It On!!! Wild Card Weekend Baby

Thats Whats On Tap

Backing up……. Had an excellent week at the gym. Right around the X-mas week, thinking I could add more weight, bumped up all my numbers after the New Year. And I feel Gr8!! My hesitations resided around injury over quality. I had been enjoying the 12-15 burning reps during exercises and I like the confidence of controlling the weight. And now I am way pleased about my choice to increase the weights of my routine.

Chest and Legs
The daily double walking the Boy Dog
Back and Biceps
I now know that I could have increased more weight awhile back because I almost added even more weights to that back routine
Took Shadow Boy out to 27 1/4 rd and we ran like kids. So much snow, felt warm out, & did 20 x 5 sets of push ups afterwards
Drove to the gym for the first time in years
Shoulders and Triceps
This was an epic day. I felt beyond strong!! Powered through the military press, made the jump to 35lb dumbbells during the incline press, and worked the SH*T out of my triceps. Then played some mind games with myself about how I could add just a little bit more next time. BUT I AM NOT IN MY 20's anymore. Slow Down Turbo
Took Shadow Boy to Bangs Canyon and enjoyed the hell out of it. The views were unreal as a fog layer sat in the valley below. All the wet heavy snow bent the juniper tree limbs over and postcard perfect photo options were around every cliff drop off. My legs felt strong, my cardio needs work, & Shadow Boy ate snow like a hyper puppy outside for the first time
Chest and Legs

A Wonderful Client of mine returned to the office this week and what an Ortho experience. His next was all jacked up so I started him in prone position. Adjusted his sacrum, released his lumbars 4 & 5, & after a very successful rhomboid release we focused on his neck. In the supine position, we visualized together, his SCM was like a piano string. I caved around that point and added a very small amount of pressure from the "soft spot" down into his spine. Within about 15 seconds his diaphragm came into play and his next melted in my hand. His eyes popped out of his head and asked," Did you feel that!!" And with a smile I replied that I saw it, tracked it, & noticed both of his big toes roll laterally off the table. I am telling you…..  I am so fortunate to be able to work in this modality of Ortho-Bionomy

Another Female Client….. Suffering from Plantar Fascists after giving "running" a shot for her new years resolution. Now we can all pick this apart but thats not what I do. Its hard for me BUT working in NoN-Judgment allows Ortho to work. So we worked with the ankle to release the Cuboid, I then held her calcaneus, lifted her knee, and we hung out. Then, out of her hip, down here fibula, the whole functional unit of the foot rolled out and I got out of the way. She began to cry and I let her do so. I don't need to know why and I didn't investigate. I wish I had video taped her walking into the office to show her walking out. The difference was absolutely astonishing. Together….. We built her a program for the week as her new goal is to finish a 5K this spring injury-free…. Not this summers marathon in Denver that she thought was going to happen

The Grand Mesa Tomorrow….. Shadow Boy & I Will Tromp Around…… Stay Strong Folks

Monday, January 4, 2016

Another Day & New Measurements

Powering Through The Powder…. Feeling Gr8… Love Spending Time w/this Guy

 Worked on stride & really concentrating on lifting with my quads & psoas… Enjoying the desert "hikes" with Shadow Boy again… Still miss Sadie Girl everyday and wish she was still running around with us….. But I Am Feeling Stronger…. Feeling Better…. And Happy To Be North Of The Airport Again

Old numbers are as follows:
Bi - 13 inches
Chest - 40 inches around
Quad Right - 20.5
Quad Left  - 21 inches
Gastrocnemius - 14 inches 
Bi - 13.75
Chest - 42.125 Holy Smokes!!
Quad Right - 21.5
Quad Left  - 22
Calf didn't change and thats OK
By poor belly is at 37 still and it was a fantastic holiday break filled with wonderfully warm spirits

Another really cool client came in the office and received some Ortho. She was stoked and she is the type that will promote my business. Excellent way to start of 2016. Love new clients & Love how happy they feel as they walk on down the hall. Life Is Good & 2016 Will Be Stellar!!!


Friday, January 1, 2016

1st Day of the New Year

What A Day….. Blue Sky…. Tons Of Snow…. And Only 18F For A High Temp

The Boy Dog's New Christmas Back Pack….. Never Saw A Soul…. My Ears Almost Hurt As It Was So Quiet…. A Frozen Time Capsule

Almost A Metaphor….. Visually Anyway…. Dry & Warm To The North….. Beautiful & Pristine To The South…. Excellent Way To Ring In The New Year…… Lets Rock
Happy 2016… Seek The Best Possible Outcome