Sunday, September 18, 2022

Mid September With Shorter Daylight Conditions

Way Back When In '67    I Was The Dandy Of Gamma Chi   Sweet Things From Boston    So Young And Willing    Moved Down To Scarsdale    Where The Hell Am I     Hey, Nineteen     That's Retha Franklin    She Don't Remember The Queen Of Soul      It's Hard Time Befallen     The Sole Survivors    She Thinks T'm Crazy   But I'm Just Growing Old 

Steely Dan

Gaucho 1980


So the numbers are better this month but overall lack any real efforts. Will have to vocalize that I am at my happiest when I have a seat between my legs. Therapeutic Freedom 

Bike Night is still happening and obviously enjoying myself. There is definitely a sense of commrodery amongst the group these days and I am pleased with everyone watching out for everyone else. Will be interesting to see what materializes over the next few weeks as we are rapidly losing daylight and warmth.


Totally rocking out the dog sitting gigs and what a perfectly timed distraction. A super groovy gal and her boyfriend went for the All American Road Trip and I had a solid week of hanging out with her pup. Morning Walks 101

A happy home is a home full of wet paws and toenails tap dancing across the the kitchen tile. Or if you are a cat person, not that crazy cat lady, a sleepy curled up kitty kitty by your side. Lovely 

Amazes me how four legged friends change our perspective with ease and grace. Why can't humans wag more and bark less?? To you compassionate people, THANK YOU!! The world is in dire need of good people. Go Team Human 


Our full moon was pretty righteous this month but that astronomical event jacked the Phuc out of some folks. Accountability, forget it. Relying on anyone these past few weeks to fulfill their agreement, forget it. Taking someone for their word, not a chance. The overall stupidity has been crushing. 


Two recent radio shows popped up on my radar. One particular show was rather lame on my end and I probably should have passed on that opportunity. BUT

The Tied To The Tracks Show was flipping dynamic. Loads of sweet cover tunes, plenty of mash up cuts, and spiced things up with inspirational clips provided by Herman Munster. GR8 Show!!! You can stream HERE for a 3 hour soundtrack during all of your web surfing pleasures. I mean, simply check out that playlist. Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Pomplamoose, Connon, Steely Dan vs Steve Miller, Duran Duran, Talking Heads , AND of course a few deep cuts by Pink Floyd. Oh, So Much More 

That link begins with the last 20 seconds from the Saturday AM Jazz Break Program, dead air for a bit, and then STORIES plays at 12:00:48. The Munster Theme begins my portion of the hour at 12:05:03. Turn It Up & Smile 


The highlight of the month , SO FAR, was attending the Phase 7 Ortho Bionomy Class. I was completely floored by the multiple generations of Ortho students and the fact that I am considered elder by so many rocked my world. Humbling but difficult to shallow that pill of reality. 

I causally morphed myself into a leadership role and offered guidance to some of the new grasshoppers in the program. Some might even refer to it a wisdom. I held space for others and slipped in my advice without coming off as a Jack A$$ Know It All with a chip on my shoulder. 

My subdued inquisitiveness allowed them to work through their own questions and experience their own Ah Ha moments. This Phase 7 work is extremely advanced and a few of the students weren't quite ready for where they currently are in the two year program. So it was beneficial for me to focus on their strengths and build upon that avenue. 

Then, later that evening, the 10th Anniversary Celebration for the Rocky Mountain Ortho Bionomy Center. 10 Flipping Years!! A Full Decade!! Can You Believe 2012 Was That Long Ago.??? Its Dress Up Time 

I was thrilled to see everyone at the gathering. There were a number of faces that brought joy to my heart as we embraced in what seems like ages ago. There would be a face or two that took me a sentence or two of theirs to realize the context of how we know each other. Remembering when we had class together in Portland. Recalling classes in San Fran or reminiscing about Salt Lake City classes. For me personally, I really need this evening. Crossing Paths 


  1. Be A Damn Good Human
  2. Dance On Them There Pedals 
  3. Book My Flights
  4. Start A New Book
  5. Accept The Fact That Some Folks Just Aren't Worthy 


I leave you all with a time lapse of mine from Cowboys & Aliens. The theme during Friday Night Bike Night. The Dude & I might have brought a little of Sin City to the mean streets of GJ. We made our way over the Andy's Liquor Store for another 6'r after the ride. We cracked open a cool tasty brew in the parking lot as of we where back in Vegas. We drank our way through the evening without ever stepping into a local waterhole establishment. Fantastic Evening 

Thank you for all your support and comments,


Thursday, September 1, 2022

August 2022 No More

And You May Find Yourself Living In A Shotgun Shack

And You May Find Yourself In Another Part Of The World

And You May Find Yourself Behind The Wheel Of A Large Automobile

And You May Find Yourself In A Beautiful House, With A Beautiful Wife

And You May Ask Yourself," Well How Did I Get Here?" 

Talking Heads 

Remain In Light - October 1980


Totally looking forward to the upcoming full moon on the 11th of September. I am a big Fall Season and Winter kind of guy. The September moon always dazzles my little eyeballs. Also, we will be fortunate to witness a meteor shower that weekend as well. No too many streaks of light but when they skip there should be huge fire balls lighting up the moon filled night scape. 


Clients have been pouring in lately. A few tune ups, a busted up wing, a pregnancy, back tissues, and a knee replacement. Those end of the Summer bumps and bruises kinda catch up with all of us. Sometime we just don't bounce. Performed a fair amount of neuromuscular sessions throughout the month. Deep Body Releases 


My August numbers are pretty well piss poor and I'll bet that I consumed more ounces than the production of quality miles on the bike. 46 hours on the saddle, 6 Personal Best, 28 activities, and a measly 396mi / 637kms for the month. Yikes  

Now keep this in mind for one of my excuses, my last day off was July 17th. And that doesn't include the house and pet sitting jobs. I choose to NOT associate this style of work as a real job. These gigs pay very well but during August I "watched" two cats but never saw them. I was told that they were scared of everything but please stay here, check the mail, water the plants, pick up the newspaper, and feed them as well. Turns out, those kitties were as elusive as the cold water running Yellowfin Tuna. So can't refer to it as work. Right 

But what I noticed while riding... clean running water, light cool breeze, shady spots, smiling faces, deer, walkers, cloud movement, lizards, bunnies, yahoo's flipping the bird, flowers, puppies, one wheel riders, fixing flat tires, smokers, fires, dance parties, homelessness, basketball shoot arounds, heat, disc throwing golfers, red tail hawks, snakes, cars, motorcycles, High School Football, barbwire fencing, pot holes, picnic sharing couple, and then there is me making phone calls. 

Bike Night has been happening every Friday evening and very thankful for that. I always meet up with someone new or an old face that I hadn't cross paths with in many moons. That's Cool 


Tackling a job, chores, and a sweet A$$ dog / house sitting gig this Labor Day Weekend.  And as random as that sounds, here are some random photos for ya. 

Fixed another door knob here. More dog sitting action and what nots. You know, a typical hot August nights.

An old Chevrolet for Back Roads Tom. Plus, Brother Drew will appreciate this capture as well. And if you are a fan, drop a comment down below.

The Dude and his border collie. We did an upstream paddle for one hour, eddy out, ride a rapid or two, work back up against the current, catch a rapid, and then floated back to the boat ramp. Excellent upper body workout and Loki was just happy to simply be.

The Dude's Birthday and his lady friend was trying to work her phone into selfie mode. I couldn't resist and snapped off this shot just because I found it hilarious. 

Above was from the GJ Symphony concert at Los last weekend. They played the Star Wars theme and I was pleasantly surprised. I didn't go in at all but casually rode my bike around the facility and enjoyed myself. 


  1. Ride Stronger
  2. Organize For September's Travels 
  3. Pay The Phuc Attention 
  4. Upper Body Work
  5. Call Or Reach Out 
  6. Prep For A Radio Show 

Here is a time lapse from a rather wicked cell that moved through the southern end of the valley during my last radio show. 

Be Well This Month,