Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Dream It When You Sing It

Tall And Tan And Young And Lovely        The Girl From Ipanema Goes Walking      And When She Passes       Each One She Passes     Goes Ah       When She Walks        She's A Samba       That Swings So Cool And Sways So Gentle       That When She Passes    Each One She Passes      Goes AH       Oh, But I Watch Her So Sadly       How Can I Tell Her      I Love Her 

The Girl from Ipanema

Antonio Carlos Jobim 1965 


Couldn't tell you the last time that I rode in a rain storm. Well, storm, that is a bit of an over exaggeration there. Saturday Evening was just a sprinkle but still. It is such a rare occasion and that wet asphalt smell aloft was priceless. 

And windy, did you think I was pulling your leg??? Check out these past few days. Sand blasted by wild debris and crosswinds that almost catch ya off guard. Yes, spring time riding in the high desert. Oh Baby 

And when I checked this particular weather system, the pattern always looks like this. You can literally see the Grand Valley in this radar shot. So I choose to ride. Threw a light weight rain poncho in my bladder bag and went for it. 9 times out of 10, bone dry around these parts. The massive Grand Mesa to our east splits these average storm fronts and forces the disturbance to the north or south. We just simply dance with the lightning strikes. Yah0000ooooooo

However, are my legs ever so weak and non responsive. May is Bike2Work Month and I drove the SH*T out of the ( imagine the Dong Need Food saying Automobile ) automobile. Well, that isn't exactly true ether. Still riding the commuter bike daily but it wasn't until last weekend that I started actually riding any worthy miles of even mentioning. For example, I have not logged a hundred miler yet this year. In Fact, Not Even A 100K Ride. Whats My Deal 


This moment in time was another reflection of how I view Ortho IN our world. This guy was working with his Brown Chocolate Lab. He was using hand signals and possibly a dog whistle. From what little I observed while riding by, pretty Phuc-N impressive really. The dog's head is just off the dock in the photo below. 

What struck me was how the dog was able to move towards ease. No wasted movements. Just like an Ortho Principle. Less Is More!! The human knew when not to over work or confuse the dog. Keeping the exercise engaging. Honor What Arises 

I am able to resinate with these traits when visiting children/seniors in my office. Not over working their little/worn out nervous system is key. Listening with hands, ending a section before its time, and offering them the freedom to explore without judgment. Kids rebounded so quickly. Meeting clients at their level allows them to keep their power. Healing From Within


Talk About STOKED!!!! I recently went through some old dusty covered boxes in the garage and happily began chucking all kinds of odd treasures. Feeling on top of the world while shedding my skin. 

I came across some old ticket stubs and remember when it only cost us $42 ( of course its 42 ) to see The Panic at Red Rocks. The Blue Z And I would migrate on over The Continental Divide every June like a wild flock of birds for a three night run. Back when we could afford it. And that eclectic pre-game show in the parking lot, SO MISS THAT! 

And here is one for the ages, like twenty damn years ago. That's Right, Two Decades Ago!!! In order to move here to GJ, I landed a job with an NBC Affiliate. KKCO was a title sponsor and hook ups were prevalent for events here in the valley. This was the year that Charlie Daniels blew up the stage as the main headliner. His back up band of heathens went dark and eerie with their live rendition and theatrical onsets of  Devil Down In Georgia. Zac Brown Band And Blake Sheldon would round out my top three shows from years of Country Jam. Proud To Say, Have Never Purchased A Tix 

But this was the score of a life time. I have been under the impression that this bag of silver had been swiped many moons ago. Silver Bicentennial Dollars, Bicentennial Half Dollars, Bicentennial Quarters, Dinosaur Nickels, Pure Silver Quarters /Dimes, and a few Wheat Pennies for good measure. My only known coin collection showcases a 1917 & 1922 Buffalo Nickel, A 1907 Indian Penny, and numerous Two Dollar Bills and a handful of Silver Certificate One's and Fives. And now, my collection is all back together again. Two Thumbs Up 


I have a rather emotional and quite possibly stressful weekend coming up. Could really use some of the good stuff. So send it my way and remind me to take the higher road. I am not living in F.E.A.R. ( False Evidence Appearing Real ) but pretty dang accurate at predicting or forecasting family dynamics. Stressful 

Now, coming out of a Lunar Eclipse this morning, feeling way frisky and alive, The Super Moon tonight, one of the most powerful time frames we have for change, transformation, improvement, expansion, and our raising to the highest vibrational level possible, is taking place when my urgency for stability is seriously lacking. I went ahead and filled TWO mason jars with filtered water and will lay out all my prized stones for an offering. 

It was mind boggling observing humans completely melt down throughout the day today. This poor person lost their marbles and even started crying in True Value earlier this morning. It wasn't the sale item, it wasn't the customer service, it was simply a dehydrated human spinning out without knowing of these solar forces greater than them. They live in the high arid desert and I am so thankful that I don't subscribe. Under my mask, with irrigation parts in hand, I was smiling from ear to ear like the Joker dancing down the stairwell. Its Party Time


Will be back on air June 3rd!! More details to follow and any musical suggestions are welcome. Anyway, I leave you with another short time lapse from my office window. I shot this last Saturday and Main Street was charmingly lively. Thanx For Supporting The Cause 


  1. Be The Better Person
  2. Dont Phuc-N Judge
  3. Watch My Oats, Wheat, And Barley Intake
  4. Creativity Photograph The Moment
  5. Rather Imperative To Play Nice 
  6. Offer Positive Outcomes 
  7. Sip Pendletons On Ice As A Prerequisite 
  8. Work With My Intentions, Health, Inner Self, Self Esteem, & Self Expression 

Stay Strong Out There, Smile Often, And Hug Your Local Hippy,


Thursday, May 20, 2021

Wang Dang Doodle

They Say You're Stupid That You're Too Young To Vote           They Say You'll Swallow Anything That You Shove Down Your Throat          They Say You Can't Think That You Haven't Got Brain         That You're Just There To Listen That You're Just Being Trained         There's Something Inside Your Head       They Say You Lost The Ability To Even Think               That Your Tiny Little Brain Slipped Down The Kitchen Sink           They Say That You'll Buy Anything That They Turn Your Way       They Say You'll Listen To Everything That They Decide To Play       Grey Matter Grey Matter Oooh Oooh 

Grey Matter by Oingo Boingo

Danny Elfman 1982


Finally feeling stronger about myself. Sounds corny as all get out but its true. Weeks ago, I felt so damn weak and unstable. Now, more in control of the weight. More confident in managing my options. More Alive  

Three weeks ago, wasn't so into the foam roller. Now, loving the pain. Seriously. Its torturous but so worth it. Specifically throughout the thoracic spine. Mobility, gotta like that SH*T!! 


Why Not!!! Its much cooler, nobody around to bother me, and the moonless sky is Phuc-N breathtaking.

And Yes, still messing around with the LIVE feature. The looping is my go to move for sending but for uploading here, long exposure is the preferred choice.


This would be exactly why I cobbled together a trip over McClure Pass. The Grand Valley floor is becoming hot, windy, and dry once again.

And it's almost unbearable to imagine this valley coming up another 25 digress Fahrenheit. Lucky for me, mostly just walking behind the mower and running the fuel mixed weed wackier. Nothing stressful yet or too taxing on the old bones.

I will commence a fence staining project early next week. Should be able to knock it all out in a day but who knows. Right


Like nothing still. I am on the commuter bike everyday but nothing in the milage category. Oh, I have excuses. Loads Of Them

Such As, today after my meeting, wind speeds of 30 miles per hour or 42.8 kph. The airport recorded gust as high as 47mph / 75.6kph. 

So Yes, passed on suffering along the River Trail. 

Anyway, this is just a quick post to upload photos while I am on wifi here at the station. Hope you all are well, enjoying your Spring like weather, and keep thinking rain. Please


  1. Commit To A Proper Ride 
  2. Speak Clearly
  3. Keep My Attitude In Check
  4. Sing While Slapping Paint
  5. Hydrate The Kidneys With H2o


Friday, May 14, 2021

Sleeping When I Can - Pounding The H20

Whenever I'm Alone With You      You Make Me Feel Like I Am Home Again    Whenever I'm Alone With You     You Make Me Feel Whole Again        Whenever I'm Alone With You      You Make Me Feel Young Again       Whenever I'm Alone With You      You Make Me Feel Like I Am Fun Again      However Far Away        I Will Always Love You      However Long I Stay    I Will Always Love You     Whatever Words I Say    I Will Always Love You 

The Cure 1989


This past week flew by like a flock of migrating birds smelling warmer weather to the North. All of the clients I worked with were evening sessions. Before I knew it, my iPhone would read midnight.

I was so wired this past week for some reason. Just couldn't close my eyes and that morning alarm was a royal drag. Oh Well 

Wanted to share one little story about the cutest elderly couple. They have been "happily" married for 53 years now and have 18 GRAND CHILDREN. Their amazing display of affection towards each other was refreshing. Still referring to one as dear, its ok sweetie, and "He is still a very handsome man" when he explained his " disability" as the wife chimed in. They are the couple that gives us all hope. 

MAD Racing:

MAD Racing held its first event of 20BLK Jack and its been over a year since our last event. Not as rusty as I thought I would be but I made a few mistakes. Nothing major that effected the timing or outcome. Just those stupid little errors that go unnoticed but gnaws at ya after the fact. 

The racers were cagey after a year of sitting around or riding just to ride. So the prologue on the first day produced some high speed action and rowdy lines for time placement seatings. Sunday, Mothers Day, offered up a 3 stage race here in GJ, Colorado. Dog Skin 

By the numbers here, up from two years ago, 187 participants paid, 181 started the prologue, and 173 finished the aggressive three stage downhill Grand Enduro. Thanx to the COPMOBA non profit filling those volunteer spots, MAD Racing proudly donated $1,300 to COPMOBA for future trail maintenance, tools, etc. 

The weekend only produced two hospital visits. One guy with a face plant off a rock and thought he might have broken his jar. The other was this guy below with a pedal whip against the shin. Gotta Like That 


What a fantastic opportunity here and two lovely girl dogs supervising my every move. They were quick to remind me how their human does not do it that way. So Cute  

Lets start with the best supervisor ever. She watched my every move and patiently waited for another biscuit. She is the 13 year old seƱor of the tribe. 

Here she is with a treat in her mouth and ears flapping around with every chomp. She knew that I was a big old softy and would hand out treats like candy. 

And then smelling the empty hand for one more while her sister crunches away. Her sister is a funny little gal at the ripe age of 3. And she loved the freedom of backyard access all day. She checked in on me but was happy to bounce around the backyard. Owning The Perimeter 

I bid this job without considering my low back. Basically, refinishing this 20 feet by 10 feet deck. The wood was in pretty decent shape and still held its integrity. Unlike My Back 

These railings have beautiful grain and they came to life after receiving their first coat of goodness. Of course all the south facing boards were painted with a second coat.  

My poor baby soft hands ached on day number two but my right knee cap was beyond tender. I wear knee pads and all but my body just is not used to hands and knees manual labor like this. For a few hours, no worries. But for two days, yuck. 

However, the owners were so pleased with my work. After day one, they complimented my attention to detail and appreciated my thoroughness. I explained to them before they accepted my bid that I am a body worker and not a painter. But I am not a sloppy person by nature and cutting corners is lame. 

After the second coat was applied, this wooden deck shines like it has just been fabricated from scratch. Sanding down all imperfections was the key. The owners where also pleased after day number one when I asked them to inspect my work for any blemishes. " My goal is for you two to be satisfied all Summer while sitting out back here. Pick apart my work as I won't take it personally." I shared with them. 

But my first order of morning business before proceeding was hooking this gal up with a treat. And the wife loved my morning doggie update photos. Dogs, they can melt your heart. Good Dogs Anyway 

Again, I am thankful for the work but it kicked my A$$. The morning of day 2, I laid on the floor for about 20 minutes. Calisthenics, for get about it. Slowly stretching out, preparing breakfast and lunch, and then back to rolling paint. 


How ya like these??? They just turned up inside my bank. Super cool to be patiently standing in the queue in one moment and then in a Mr Rogers make believe day dream in the next. 

And our local cacti are about to burst with vivid desert color. Soon the pollinators will be happily buzzing around wildly. In fact, Hummingbirds should be making a scene any day now. Thanx Mother Nature 


My riding has fallen to almost zero. Kinda sad when I should be over 400 miles/643.73km for the month of May. But its just not the case. 

Last Friday, Mothers Day Weekend, I strolled on out to the Palisade Brewery to meet someone new. Insert the right eyebrow lifting here. A couple that I know raved over this person that I just gotta meet. You know how that goes. 

Part of me was rather hesitant because in the back of my mind, what if Triple J showed up. They have family in Palisade and just my luck, right. Actually, crossing paths with Triple J wouldn't be so bad. I wonder if they moved to Denver to make real money. I do hope Triple J is content and in a much better headspace these days. Call me crazy but what if. 

So this person comes up all friendly and what not and I knew in two shakes that this was a mistake. They were obnoxious as hell, way young, and I wondered what my friends thought of me in order of thinking this would be a match. It was very challenging for me to keep my composure and not just get up and leave. But damn I was becoming more annoyed by the second.

Out of the corner of my eye, this dazzling figure graced my way and I envisioned concupiscent desires in my third eye. The direct eye contact was piercing and I became mesmerized. While I was in my trance like state, my friends say," So Glad You Could Make It!! This Is Travis. Travis, This Is..." Flipping Stoked

The other yahoo was just a random friend and I was beyond judgmental. They were not the blind date and I am so thankful I didn't back hand this person and blow the whole evening. See, taking the higher ground pays off. Like WoW

Back to walking behind this sucker again. Sort of dreaded firing this beast up again as I was pretty burnt out by the Fall of 2020. But here I am again, walking behind this noise maker, and collecting some much needed cash. The income is good but the work so blows. 

My other part time job, here is a flywheel from inside a rowing machine at the gym. This was absolutely a two person task. Again, thankful for the pay check but I wanna spend every moment possible in the office. Humans Need Ortho

April was a solid month for trail running but I haven't been out for a good old american adventure during the month of May. Forced myself to hike the other day to simply clear my busy mind. Work Work Work 

Also, I sincerely apologies to each of you that I have fondly enjoyed following over the years. I am currently without wifi and have dropped off the blogging world. Sort of speak anyway. I have not devoted the time to sit and type and when I do jump on the net, updating this journal hasn't been a priority. Until tonight!!! Thank You WONMAN TODAY!!! Your comment on my last post struck a nerve and rejuvenated my spirit. Thank You 

Another fun project, that red pulley there went belly up. It amazes me how an engineer designs this magnificent machine on a computer but has no clue what might be involve when making adjustments or repairs. And why must they build these suckers with DIFFERENT sized screws??? For me to replace that one pulley, I used three different allen wrench drill bits. 

Anyway, this is my attempt to update my where a bouts, my trials and tribulations, and my inclinations and aspirations for building my practice again. I leave you with my goals and this one minute time lapse video from the window at KAFM. 


  1. Burn Some Calories
  2. Actively Pursue New Clientele
  3. Ride My Phuc-N Bike
  4. Keep My Head Above Water
  5. Compliment Others For No Reason
  6. Sunday Phone Calls
  7. Swim At Least Twice This Week
  8. Pull More Weeds
  9. Finish Painting The Trim
  10. Wash All My Windows For Seeing My Future