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Snoop Dogg In GJ

With So Much Drama In The L-B-C   Its Kinda Of Hard Bein' Snoop D-O-double-G  But I Somehow Some Way    Keep Comin' Up With Funky A$$ Sh*T Like Every Single Day    May I Kick A Little Something For The G's     And Make A Few Ends As I Breeze Through     Two In The Mornin' And The Partys Still Jumpin'     Cause My Momma Aint Home   Rollin' Down The Street Smokin' Indo    Sippin' On My Gin And Juice    Laid Back     With My Mind On My Money     And My Money On My Mind 

Snoop Dogg 

Down To Earth 1993


Snoop Dogg actually visited Disfunction Junction for a live performance. I swore that it was just a rumor but nope. It really happened. Sort Of  

The Dude & I rode our bikes down to the outdoor amphitheater but threw a quick few baskets beforehand at near by Watson Island Disc Golf Course. We showed no desire attending and spending the $$$ didn't sound attractive ether. The Amphitheater sold 5,000 tix for the show and that is pretty much maximum capacity.  After Snoop left his BLK GMC Suburban , he walks out onto the stage, hits the space bar on the Laptop, and plays other artist songs. What The Phuc?? He is a rookie DJ and played Blondie, Joan Jet, Talking Heads, & a few other recognizable artist. About every third song, he would shout out," Where Are My Weed Smokers!" He half baked a Karaoke verse or two over RAP Tunes from NWA, Nate Dogg, and other popular rap hits and I didn't get it. Totally incredulous showing of entertainment. No Band, No Snoop Songs, And A SHORT One Hour And 14 Minute Set. Odd 

So The Dude & I rode over to the other side of the Amphitheater for a different perspective. A guy that I worked with for years at Country Jam waves me over to the fence. We shook hands and were catching up when he says," You Guys Wanna Come In??" He hands over two Comp Tix & VIP Pink wrist bands. When I introduce him to The Dude he projected really nice affirmations about my character and referred to my ethical work habits and all that. Really good of him for sure. So we locked up our bikes and walked in like complete rock stars. Classic 

Couldn't believe how many folks in attendance I knew. And there were literally a full spectrum of local culture and they were totally thrilled to witness Snoop Dogg play Mr DJ. It was a weird mindset when I was scanning the crowd for more familiar faces but knowing that I was really only wishing to see one face. One person was my fancy but knowing they would most likely only muster up an emblematic wave of saying hello at best. Unfortunately they were nowhere to be found in the crowd. Only friendly fist bumps were exchanged and friendly hugs from true honest friends. But Snoop Dogg as a DJ, Super Lame! Why not just send a body double, Hide out in your GMC until showtime, play your prerecorded DJ set, wave to the crowd, and fly out with a pocket full of cool hard cash. No Photos , No Autograph Signing, No Interactions 


A number of projects have come my way and then some. I was feeling way old from the 84 days straight of working. OK, minus two days when I drove over 11 hours per day out west and back. But attending the funeral, all those greyhairs, not feeling so old anymore as I have my teeth and still able to trust a fart. 

I work with two old guys and Old Man Wiggly is a character. He is a true relic and is no longer allowed on ladders. This leaves me with climbing, decoding the nest of wires, hearing Wiggly tell me to simply cut the BLUE wire, I often rely on snapping off a photo for clarification, and rewiring what he is asking of me. These Spring days fly by for sure. A series of morning situations played out and our pedantic young buck help blew us off when we needed to pull the old carpet from this office for the new lament flooring. Self Fellating Phuc 

The two old guys and me started ripping out carpet. Wasn't fun to tell you the truth but we made the best of it and told jokes and shared stories to pass the time. Sure As Sh*T, we were down to the last three feet or so and poor Old Man Wiggly crossed up his size 14 shoes and fell down backwards. All Phuc-N day I was watching Wiggly, checking in with him, doing as much as I could, and I took my eyes off of him for a split second. Old Man Wiggly has been working as hard as I for the past two months. We have all been working hard and long hours. A number of times he has almost tripped or stumbled and I grab him by the arm or once a bear hug as he kinda feel into me. I knew better and I should have been there for him. I knew immediately he was hurt as his face was pale white when we made eye contact. I went into Ortho mode, began slowly taking to him, and kept him from trying to stand and move around. I asked the other old guy to call the owner and then him and I lifted Wiggly up and onto a roller chair. Needless to say.... Old Man Wiggly was under the knife by 5pm that night for a broken hip. I feel so very contrite and sick to my stomach just thinking about it. The Orthopedic Surgeon inserted a titanium rod down his femur and bolted him back together like a new born tin man. His spirits remain high every time we chat over the phone these days. Fingers Crossed 

Another odd job here. I was beat and was trying my best to talk myself into a bike ride. Just ride 10mi/ 16km, just 20mi / 32kms, or just ride to Fruita you lazy A$$ when the phone rings. A gal I know just picked up a puppy dog. They were speed talking with excitement of a school child on Christmas morning. Bottom line, asked if I would put in a doggie door. So off to Home Depot I drove, purchased a medium size dodge door, and went to town on their kitchen door. Came out pretty well and just between us, I left a time capsule inside the doggie door frame. Just might put a smile on someone face down the road. 

And while I was at it, could I possibly install this Keyless Door Lock?? My first time. Wasn't even sure if I could but they are rather simple and didn't take me all that long. And with this particular mode, you can save up to 5 separate 4 digit numbers. WAY COOL!! Anyway, back in the project world.


The progression of the Mind & Body Studio that I have had the pleasure of working on since the end of February 

Working off of the blueprints, building steel stud walls, running electrical, conduit with wires, screwing in wooden door frames, hanging nasty A$$ insulation, mudding up drywall, and now professional painters are touching up from here on out. 


The Spin Room has been converted into an office, a reception area, and a future conference room for holding meetings


Here is the other major project. The steel wall there was moved back a foot and rebuilt. Two office areas were fabricated out of wood and a smaller gathering area appeared by luck. HA

Again, painters are going to texture and roll out some magic


Nancy J is a wonderful lady from New Zealand and I absolutely fell head over heals for their Prime Minister Jacinda Ardarn during the early days of C19. Jacinda Ardarn spoke to the people daily with updates and encouragement. Who knew that a leader would speak empowering words to those who voted for her. New Zealanders so rock!!! Anyway, Nancy J asked me about health advice and my thoughts regarding minerals, antioxidants, vitamins , and preventive measures in general. Mainly, Nancy J was asking about a defense against C19 and its variants coming down the pipe.

My whole thing I preach is nutrition, Nutrition, NUTRITION. Nancy J asked me about Zinc and I am an advocate of rich sources of zinc that the body will absorb. What Does That Mean?? A diet that consists of chickpeas, lentils, and beans are excellent low calorie sources of zinc. Magnesium was also on Nancy J's radar and I say yes. Seeds, nuts, clean dairy, and eggs are beneficial for sure. Tofu, black eye peas, avocados are high in Magnesium but my favorite Magnesium subsistence is Dark Chocolate. I am a push over for beautiful organic dark chocolate. Yes Please 

Now fresh greens and shellfish also play their roles and can be debatable. My point is, most over the counter "pills" or multivitamins aren't necessarily processed by the body for a number of reasons. These pills are rather expensive and sort of harsh on the kidneys. Not every meal is for everyone and there is no perfect diet. However, when it comes to C19, a plant based diet carries merit in my model of the world. Healthy nutrient dense meals build healthy cells, healthier cells aids stronger immune systems, and active immune systems allows for a better overall defense against C19. 

Is a plant based diet a cure all, no. Am I saying that you will not contract C19 if you don't eat meat, NO. I am simply answering Nancy J with YES zinc and magnesium are highly encouraged for a healthy outlook on life. If you only have access to multivitamins, crush them up before ingesting them. I am a big fan of Emergen-C packets and add them to my water bottle about every other day. Yes, even when I am not sick I consume C Packets for the vitamin B and electrolytes. Plus, for my active lifestyle, I truly believe Potassium, Sodium, and Phosphorus supports my recovering muscles, overall structural component of my muscle train, and reinforces the function of my nerve and muscles relationship. 


Ortho clients are amazing and the work is brilliant. I am in the office during the evening hours and most weekends. In fact, all Sundays and every other Saturdays. I have been making house calls and those are pretty cool. When I was only practicing massage, house calls weren't my thing. Never minded but preferred to practice in the office. But with Ortho, house calls are A OK.

A regular husband and wife house call was fantastic on two fronts. Excellent $$$ and a take home plate of food. They always offer me a delightful meal and they are such wonderful folks. They live in a standard downtown Victorian style home and I wonder if there is a friendly ghost roaming the hallways during the moonless evenings. Spooky 

A Silver Sneaker with a bad wing has been witnessing desirable results from our Ortho-Bionomy sessions. Lucky for me, numerous referrals as a direct result from them. I have seen three new clients through this word of mouth advertising now and I am stoked as all get out because of it. The construction and handyman work is nice and all but my focus is better spent in the office. Obviously easier on my body, clearly ideal pay, and witnessing a release in what was a dysfunctional movements makes everyones day. 


Speaking of happy muscle contractions, Love Riding Bikes!! Stole that line from a Youtuber but I don't recall his channel at the moment. Him and his mates always say Love Riding Bikes while in the rain or heat or other adverse conditions. 

My friend Little K reached out and we rode out to Fruita and back together. We worked together many moons ago and we chatted as if we were brother and sister. Little K filled me in with all of her updates and we giggled a lot. She is happily seeing someone new as she was married when we worked together. I am happy for her and he sounds terrific. Of course she asked and all I could preach was that I am the square peg in a round hole in the dating world. She gave me the vote of confidence and defaulted with "Oh, You'll Find Someone." Other than that conversation, we chatted the whole 25+ miles/ 40kms without much effort. Excellent Evening Cruise 

Last Friday was flipping amazing!! There's a regular gathering on Friday nights at the City Building. I just caught wind of it and this particular theme was Goth. I so dig dress up and group rides rock! There were 73 of us roaming around town, ringing bells, super casual pace, and all while dressed in our best goth appearance. We collected another group of four as we rode through the college and one person claimed we had a grand total of 91 riders. My Starva upload landed me at 2 hours+ on the saddle and just over 7mi /11.2km in total. I suggested "WIG" night for the last Friday of the month. 

The Mighty Colorado River flows so low that it hurts my heart to witness. But I still enjoy riding the River Trail and I make the rides the best for what it is. I am way out of shape but I do enjoy a bike ride when I have the free time. My last few rides were devoted to phone calls so my resent rides are nothing worth bragging about. Ride On 


  1. Remain Present For Optimal Decision Making 
  2. Promote Success 
  3. Hydrate As The Humidity Is Plummeting 
  4. Arrange Travel Plans 
  5. Smile Like There Is No Tomorrow
  6. Gather Relevant Information 

I am leaving you here with four random time lapse clips of mine from various location around GJ. Thanx for watching this two minute video. 

Good Night Orion The Hunter And Winter Constellations,


Thursday, April 7, 2022

Traveling West Again

He Is Leaving The Life He's Come To Know     He Said He's Going To Find     What's Left Of His World    The World He Left Behind      Not So Long Ago     He's Leaving      On That Midnight Train To Georgia  

Gladys Knight And The Pips

Imagination 1973


The Drive:

The Dude & I were traveling west by 4:30am, the sunrise a few short hours later was magical. The remaining Utah snow was a inviting and Bambi's were plentiful along the roadway. The traffic was light on this particular Tuesday morning and the miles clicked off assiduously. I Enjoy Driving 

Northern Nevada hasn't changed what so ever, I just drove this endeavor almost one year ago to the date. Our revolving conversations became a blur like the black top covered miles. Totally uneventful day of driving and The Dude was able to catch up on text, phone calls, and paperwork in general. 

Just over 11 hours later, we pulled the silver bullet over just west of Reno Nevada for a trunk snack. The Dude had whipped up a heavily potent garlic hummus over the weekend. We sliced off nickel sized slabs of dry salami, fresh micro greens were pleased upon the fresh hummus, dank cheese slices, and rolled it all up tight inside a wheat tortilla. Roadside Lunch 101

The next remaining 40 miles were spent reminiscing, pointing our Antelope herds, and noticing how green the valleys appeared to us as Colorado is still dormant. Before we knew it, I was pulling into the hotel driveway in downtown Portola California. Easy Peasy 

I decided, after I checked in and The Dude headed on down the road, that going for a walk would be a veteran call. Threw on a pair of pants, powered up the Garmin, and out the door I walked under a blanket of twinkling stars. Two highlights would be finding a twenty in the back pocket of my pants and falling asleep to the crocking frogs in the distance. 


Portola , Ca:

I woke up early and my hotel room was filled by the aroma of Ponderosa Pine pollen and fresh mature Cedar trees. I walked down to the local coffee shop for a breakfast that included an egg burrito and a cup of fresh Joe. And then pulled a Forest Gump and went for a walk around the little sleepy old railroad town. The house below was our neighbors The Popish Family and they build the only flat roof house in all of Portola back in the day. 

We were all meeting up with the Tax Gal at 10am, so I Walked!!! Time was on my side so I walked some more as Mr Sun had yet to peak over the snow covered mountain range. Why not check out the old neighborhood?? I Got Time

Headed towards the old house on 5th & Colorado, snapped off some photos, and then meandered in the direction of the High School. In the above photo, Bill And Peggy still remain carved in time. 

This rock wall and bench seat used to seem daunting to me to climb around on as a young pup. That seat there in the shadow of the tree is only about knee high. But as a kid, it was a climb. 

These two photos showcase Beckworth Peak. The "trail" back in the 1970's was just off the side street from our childhood home. Now, its a muddy road!! Couldn't believe it. Countless adventures back when this was a little deer trail to the main trail. Now, just a simple drive and you are there. Or Somewhere

Here is a photo of the High School and the letter P on the barren hillside there in the distance. Not much has changed around the old schoolyard. 

Another photo of the P and the Elementary School is just below my shadow there. 

The towering roof of the Elementary School down below and that glass front wall still stands true. I always thought that it was so cool having living incased by those windows while attending grade school. Growing up here was comparable to the Television Show Little House On The Prairie. Meaning, duel parental support, class field trips, and yearly produced school plays were just some of the tidbits we looked forward to.  

I met up with my step sister and The Dude at 10am like scheduled. After that meeting, The Dude And I drove out to Bill And Jan's place to meet up with the realtor. The realtor explained her concerns and asked if we address some of these issues before the house goes on the market. Overwhelming for sure but its only one project at a time. And lucky me, Country Radio was playing from the boom box, only FM station available high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

This photo below is out of place. This house below was the cream of the crop back in the 70's. Now, it is a reflection of the town. Really struck me when I approached it as the sun deserted the sky for the night. So Dilapidated  

Anyway, The Dude and I shot over to the local small, I mean very small, True Value for supplies. Let The Games Begin 


Manual Labor:

Keep in mind, my step sister and her family removed TWO, not just one but two, 18 Cubic Yard roll away dumpsters of trash from inside the home. They also had the emotional burden of cleaning out those personal items and asking themselves about what to do with... This was all done months before my arrival. 

I was up before Mr Sun once again, met the worker bees at the coffee shop at opening, sipped my coffee while they rolled up a breakfast burrito, topped off my coffee, and walked out to Bill And Jan's place to happily start working again. The Dude and I accomplished quite a bit the day before, after the realtor left, but still felt behind the 8 ball. I spent the previous day scrapping off all the chipped paint, lubricated both garage doors, and walked around the property with a 5 gal bucket picking up broken glass, random plastic Sh*t, and cigarette butts. After finally scrapping off all the chipping paint, began painting everything white.  

A classic story for ya - I am on an old aluminum slider ladder painting and my mind was full on playing tricks on me. I was alone and I swore I could hear noises of windows sliding open, dishwasher doors closing, and foot steps throughout the house. It was all in my mind as it was just the heat of the sun warming the roof of the house but I was freaking myself out. So I rang up a friend and put them on speaker phone while I painted the fascia. The Dude arrives but didn't want to interrupt my phone call and walks up and stands next to the ladder to get my attention. So I am near the top rung of the ladder with my phone on speaker in my front flannel pocket, my left arm wrapped around the ladder with the paint bucket in hand, the 2 inch brush in my right hand, I looked down to dip my brush and there stands The Dude. Scared me so bad that I jumped out of my skin and almost fell off the ladder. We laughed about later but that took a few years off my life. 

Its a beautiful house on 5 acres. It is just that the poor house has been neglected for about a decade and the house is full of 40 years worth of second hand smoke tar residue. Jan was confined to a wheelchair for about the last 7 years of her life and WC, well, I have a few questions that I would love to ask him. And who knew that there are so many styles of Country Music??? Country Pop, Classic Country, Bluegrass Country, Country Rap Was Highly Entertaining To Say The Least, Honky-Tonk Country, & Neotraditional Country Was A New One On Me. 

Can you see the ghost shadow from the hanging wall clock?? Check out the wall around the light switch. It was rubbed clean. CRAZY!! There were a number of those dusty ledges or the usual top of the refrigerator grime but there were also some What The Phuc moments as well. 

When the sun became too much, I went in the garage and removed all the wacky wires strung about through the exposed wooden studs while Country Music Tunes filled the empty space. Pulled the black electrical taped wires from the broken ceiling fan and other jerry rigged spliced together wires that went nowhere. Walked around picking up more glass shards here and there. Back on my hands and knees to paint some more. Another chore was securing the water heater per California earthquake codes. Back to some more painting in the shade. 

I dodged the sun all day and checked projects to be done off the list. Slowly but surely I made some progress painting and white paint was tuff on the eyes I tell ya. The window screens were literally hung wire screen mesh and held in place with thumb tacks. Pulled that crap off the windows. I would really like to know why the face plates around the 110volt plugs were gone. The folks at True Value knew The Dude & I well by the end of the week as we purchased so many random items. Sometimes in bulk but usually miscellaneous home repair accessories. 

Just as I was finishing the second coat of paint on the front deck here, The Dude pulls up with a little treat. He says,"With all the work you put in, are you thirsty?" I casually answered with my best Country Music draw," Sh*T Howdy." 

We cracked a cold brew or two, we shared more stories, we used a little more elbow grease, we replaced the burnt out bulbs with new ones, and checked more items off our list. We did well for two days of devoted "need to do" projects. Plus another full day of just house keeping and bathroom tile/shower/etc cleaning.  Check 

That night, we supported the local wood fired pizza place and enjoyed a pitcher of fresh Wheat, Oats, & Barely. I was pretty tired and stiff but once again found myself walking the dark streets after dinner. All in total, walked 14 miles / 22km on the day. Day one - 3.8 miles / 6km - Day two 7.9 miles / 12.7km. Walking And Processing 



Friday morning was a wash, lather, rinse, and repeat. Breakfast burrito and a hot cup of Joe, off to Bill and Jan's place, touch up paint, nailed down an oil line from the tank to the heater unit inside, sweeping out the garage, cleaning the windows, checking on the completed list, and then hosing off the house. Yes, pulled out the garden hose and washed the decades of built up dirt off the siding of the house. It was raining mud and the white was almost too white. I am very proud to be leaving the house in better shape than when we found it. Yes, I wish I had another week because I would love to pull the carpet, roll the walls with a fresh coat of paint, and cock the window jams.

 The Dude & I agreed that WC would prefer to be laid to rest on the property. We decided to spread those ashes here high above his homestead. The view is rather gorgeous and numerous bird sang out as we performed that heart wrenching ritual together. The whole ordeal just simply felt right and peaceful. Rest In Peace WC Reed 

We then drove over to the only reason worth visiting Portola. This disc golf course is beyond impressive and even offers free discs in that grey see thru tub to barrow for a round. Please Don't Steal was written on top of that grey lid there with a BLK Sharpie. Well Done Team Human 

The signs were top shelf, two tee pads for Pro and AM, and super easy to navigate the 18 basket course. 

Countless volunteer hours has gone into this park and it shows. Both of us claimed a birdie on this particular basket above. And dig the use of the stumps. So Clever 

A fitting way to end the week, much needed round, and I played the 18 hole course 2 under. NICE 



Saturday morning started off with my arm completely numb and under my pillow. I struggled to roll off of it, used my other hand to pull that frozen stiff arm from under the pillow, and lifting that dead arm up felt so bizarre and heavy. Sleepy and a completely tingling dead arm wasn't the ideal situation for navigating my morning. 

Another cup of joe at sunrise, just what I needed. My guts were pretty much knotted up so I wasn't searching out a meal of sorts. Just a warm cup of coffee and walking I went to disperse some nervous pinned up energy. 

Bill And Jan's Celebration of Life took place in the town park and very well attended by town folk, friends, and family. Many of the faces in attendance were from so long ago. Rail Roaders that I didn't recognize but thanked profusely for coming out for the event. 

The Dude absolutely nailed his Eulogy and told the tale of the Charles lineage of our family tree. He dug up history that dated back to the 1820's, sprinkled in Great Great Grandparents stories, more Charles, Dr Charles Brown that delivered both WC and The Dude, and capped it off with The Dudes acknowledging his first born grandson Avery Charles. I was so proud of him for keeping his composure, delivering with confidence, and ended with WC Reed's popular phrases. "Money Doesn't Grow On Trees" - "You Make A Better Door Than A Window" - "Don't Eat Sunflower Seeds With The Shells On" - and when life throws you a curve ball," It Will All Be OK"

Me, my Cuz Andrea drove up Sacramento, Uncle Butch at 80 years old, and The Dude. Below is a photo of The Dude giving the Western Pacific Rail Road Props, Uncle Mark, And Myself. On the verge of throwing up and the worst low back pain, I spoke these words.

As Bryan and I descended from Rocky Point, sweeping into view not all that high above was a Golden Eagle. It had a monstrous wingspan of a flying dinosaur. Its powerful talons trailing behind. Its feathers spread with the fullness of a parachute, they stalled the air. These domed wings suddenly occupying more space than the both of our own bodies combined. With limber figure skating grace, it landed on an open branch of a might Ponderosa Pine. The wings remained out stretched for a moment in time, this Golden Eagle teetering for balance. Then they closed tight to the body, in control, surveying the landscape of possibilities of fishing the crystal clear flowing waters of the Feather River. My shoulders dropped, my breath was effortlessly full again, and my nervous system was claiming. Finding myself here in Portola, My Birth Home. I Could Breathe Again - I asked everyone in attendance to take a deep belly breath - Bill & Jan loved their animals. From Sammie the bird to Chrissy to Buddy. I have compassion for all animals. Bill & Jan were captivated by unique automobiles and hot rods. I am an avid enthusiast of capturing the sexy lines of exotic sports cars at a street rod car show on Main Street. Bill & Jan were rail roaders and traveled countless thousands of miles from Orville to Winnamucca. I have driven coastline to coastline in everything from a rental car to a school bus and once drove a dumbstruck across the beautiful state of Colorado. The Reed's can drive anything anywhere. Bill & Jan were talented with their own mediums of art and their creativity still shines on today. I have been painting and sharing my acrylic pours for years. Bill & Jan were friendly with everyone that they came in contact with. I still take pride in opening doors for others, greeting strangers with a friendly hello, waving to officers of the law, and treating my fellow human without judgment and genuine respect. Bill & Jan religiously watched NASCAR Racing every Sunday afternoon and cheered on Jeff Gordon throughout his career. I have had the privilege of traveling the world to attend F1 Racing Live and a handful of Indy Car Races around the US. Bill & Jan created gorgeous rock walkways, archways with stones, and various flooring over the decades of marriage. I throughly relish fabricating patio features with flagstones that were created from deep within Mother Earth. Bill & Jan rifled through numerous computers. I unfortunately house four dead MacBooks on the back shelf of my closet. Bill & Jan instilled in us the magical board game of Cribbage. Bryan and I are avid Cribbage players and enjoy a non competitive game of crib, even while we are vacationing in ViVa Lost Wages during opening week of March Madness. I am now going to honor all the friends, family, partners, and lovers that discovered Portola because of Bill & Jan - ( I listed off 14 names and wrapped it up with the world travel twins Dennis and Rob for 16 names ) - I leave you all with these thoughts. You are never too old to set goals. So stay adventurous and adventure on - Peace & Love   

The Dude & I hit the road before the sunrise Sunday morning. In all, we drove 1790 miles 2880kms. But it wasn't the miles, it was the journey.