Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lightning Photos!!

Not ONE but TWO Strikes On Film

I placed the GoPro up on the roof facing east. The settings were 10sec time lapse mode, 5mp, and the battery life lasted about 3hrs. So at 1:37 I slowed down the video in iMovie as Life Flight cruises across the screen and looks as if it blows up against the Mesa. Then again at 1:54 I slowed the video down to capture the strike. I then added just the photos of the two strikes at the end of the video. The sound track was provided by The Cheese from a 2003 show in SF,CA
Why I am so stoked about this is because the GoPro's night vision is absent big time. As soon as light is lost, the GoPro has been useless. Once, I time lapsed a full moon rising and it was only worthy because clouds rolled in and the moon danced in and out for awhile. But lacking the distance, light, and clarity brings me to post two thumbs down.

At some point this Spring, off 27 1/4RD, heavy flooding took place. This was a road that actually went to the right and curved around and now there is a new road to the left. I took this shot because of all the exposed rock in the wash out bed.

 Another area that washed out. Click on that photo and you will see the flat road from L-R and the huge hole where the road used to be. The hills to the left is where I would do hill repeats last year while training for the Lead King 25

The hill climb hills, looking back towards town, and me and the Boy Dog on top of another smaller landing.

 Shadow Boy leading the way. The ground was so soft from all the rain and him and I clipped along at an easy 10 min mile pace at this point. My cadence was perfect, my hips were rolling, I was leaning forward, hadn't lost my cardiovascular system just yet, and I felt in control as my arms synced w/the rest of my body mechanics. I felt strong and thanked myself for all the time dedicated to the gym this year.

 The Boy still thinks he needs a new bone for the car ride. Classic or What?!?!?! He is the best damn dog, he is loyal as all get out, he loves to run, he checks on me all the time, and he knows that this will be the day that he catches that damn Bugs Bunny.

And just for the record, I did cry, like really choked up. I was watching the Tour and witnessed poor Tejay's body shut down w/every turn of them pedals. When the team car pulled over to stop him I thought maybe it was some kind of consultation but no. When Tejay dismounted I cried w/him. I can't imagine the dedication that his whole team has put in and to not make it to Paris SUCKS!!!! I am not a pro cyclist, I have no idea what goes into it, but I can feel their pain. See You In August Van Garderen

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Many Thanx Folks

Thank You Pinguin …. Thank JIM40+ … Thank You Trailmomma

Here Is A Video Time Lapse Of My Desert Training Run…. Must Click Full Screen… Click HD…. And Turn It Up

More Ideas, Training, Radio Shows, Clients, & GJ Rockies Baseball Updates Soon

Big Hugs

Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Birthday!!

Today is my 44th Birthday and I will be hosting The Magic Carpet Ride at 6:30pm mountain time zone. Feel free to allow yourself to stream live at www dot kafmradio dot org

One Of My Best Time Lapse Video!!! Music From The Easy Dub All-Stars

Shadow Boy Says," Wait A Second, 44, Thats Like 308 Years Old In Dog Years!!"

Monday, July 13, 2015

Few Upcoming Radio Shows

Radio Shows: Big news here!! Hosting a radio show at 9pm tonight. Thats Monday Night the 13th of July. Most of tonights show will feature "Sock Hop" era of the musical taste. TC in SD,CA has some of my older shows, like way back when elementary shows, that he and his family listen to. His family is having a gathering out in Lake Havasu so I told TC that I would mail him some of my newer shows. So tonight I am targeting the older generation. HINTS, the Sock Hop style. Sounds from Buddy Holly, Marvin Gaye, Righteous Brothers, Dee Clark, The Byrds, Ventures, and others from the mid 1950's.  Then, on my Birthday, Thursday at 6:30pm will be another OUTSTANDING show!! Thats another show you won't wanna miss!!! And the app on the iPhone totally rocks, free, and easy to download. www dot kafmradio dot org
Clients: I am always amazed by the referrals that walk in the office. When I was only a massage therapist I had to bust my buns to "sell" the benefits of massages on a regular basis. In the Ortho world, one client comes in and two new faces follow. Its Awesome!! The most likely question starts out like, can Ortho help with…….
Lifting: July opened up a whole new can of worms at the gym. Not only did I add 2 1/2 or 5lbs, or 10lbs on some of the machines but I have have added 3 days a week of cardio in-between sets. Example:  Chest Day- Incline Bench, bar with 20 reps, then plank for 30 seconds, add 10's for 15 reps, plank 45 seconds, add 25's for 12 reps, plank 30 seconds, bar only 20 reps, and last set of planks for a whole 60 seconds. Throughout the "chest day" I work on controlled leg lifts or box step ups or bridging for 30 seconds or whatever. So the rest of this month should be pretty damn cool and I must frequently remind myself to focus up as I am lifting heavier dumbbells that could hurt me if I act like a bozo!!!
Training: My legs are a little weaker than I had hoped for at this point of my schedule. This doesn't really bother me as much I as thought it would because it means that I haven't pulled anything. Could be a little loser talk but its true. I mean that I felt better about the Lead King 25 this year than last because I have been more well rounded workouts this year. I have been swimming more, didn't lift at all last year, and been playing with faster miles on the bike. Did some hill repeats and by the second one I almost talked myself out of it. My butt was burning, my lungs were screaming, and the Boy Dog thought I was crazy. But I did another climb, and another, and reached my 10 repeats for the workout. My morning walks with the Boy Dog have been radicle as he pulls me along and he can go as long as he wants w/o showing signs of fatigue. I will need to start setting the alarm for a weeeeeeee bit earlier as the desert is heating up again.
I set up just a base schedule for this week, next week will have speed workouts at the track, and then the following week will be more endurance training. That means this week will be centered around hip rotations and higher knees and exhaling on my non-dominat leg strikes. Overall, life is good 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I was going to take a "rest day" because I am about to add some serious miles, starting Wed. But time wasn't on my side and the Boy Dog & I had some free time before the Tour starts. So I jumped on the commuter bike & rode towards the gym. Don't ask me why but I played this odd game of just how hard can I ride without opening my mouth. WHY????

Anyway, the whole reason for this post was the odd interaction I experienced at the pool. There is a very old guy, must be in his 90's, swims all the time. We sees me a lot so we have reached more than just a head bob. Sometime I am past my warm up, he slips in, slips out, and I begin my cool down. Sometimes he only pulls off a few laps, BUT HE IS STILL GOING STRONG.

So this morning, after a relaxing warm up, I was using the pool deck to stretch out my pecks as yesterday was a Chest/Leg day, I see him sort of shuffling towards the water. It took him forever to climb his way down the 4 steps into Lane #1. Something just seemed off & it might just be me because of my awareness to the whole gut brain thing. He put his face in the water & off he went. His shoulders don't rotate at all & he just kinda dog paddles at best. I continued to stretch & formulate a game plan & I noticed that he stopped at the other end but was just looking at the wall of the pool deck. Something is really off here. So I causally rest myself on a kick board & frog kicked my way down the lane. He hadn't moved. When I got to the end, he still hadn't moved. I dipped under the lane lines & made my way over to Lane #2.

ME: Good Morning

Him: Sure

Me: The rain has been wonderful

Him: ******* nothing ******

Me: I forgot, what day of the week is this???

Him: Tuesday

Me: How are you doing???

Him: Well ***** LONG PAUSE**** What am I doing?? How come I am still here and consuming resources???

Me: Your here to cross paths with me today

Him: You should get back to your swim while you still can

Me: I feel better every time I exit the pool

Him: You know***** LONG PAUSE **** My wife passed 20 years ago, I will never own a dog because the damn thing will out live me, & I haven't heard from my kids in a long time ***** SHORT PAUSE*** But you bucks don't have any idea what life is really like

Me: Wanna share stories???

Him: No **** SHORT PAUSE ***** Maybe some other time

And away he went. I waited for him to leave the pool area & I immediately jumped out & found his caretaker reading the news paper as she always does. Checked in with her & she explained that he has "Just BEEN Frustrated Lately" & " Says Little More & More Everyday". She didn't seem surprised by anything I had to say or offer.

This Broke My Heart
I going to reflect on this moment for awhile
I can still see his face

Shadow Boy…… Stay Young Boy…. Eat With Enthusiasm…. Thanx For Picking Me
Marble Colorado, Here We Come

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Dog's Life

Surviving the 4th of July….. Oh Boy…. We landed in a grove of Aspen Trees…. Epic sounds…. Much cooler… And rain when the flys became intolerable……. So Nice…..  And a Pink Floyd cover tune as a solid soundbed during my little 3 min video….. SCORE

Unpacking and repacking for Marble Colorado, vacation of training for 3 full days and 4 nights!! Hopefully tons of photos to share…... And weather time lapsed treats of course……

Friday, July 3, 2015

Perfect…. Really… I Mean It

Pump Tires NOT Gas

Well, when the dogs aren't much fans of fireworks, life resumes at 8,000ft. A beautiful woman, like Rosie the Riveter, offers up her camper. The plan is now in motion. Game Plan A, due north until all 55 gallons of gas are consumed. Plan B it is, dropping of the camper, riding back, driving up, bring on the moon.
Headed on up towards Glade Park and the air began cooling with every 1,000ft gained. Reached the General Store, hung a left, 14 miles later, time to ride. Body feels Gr8, mind is totally fresh, and its pretty much all downhill.  
Quads felt powerful and responsive. Held the bars but let the nature centrifugal force control the bike. Most of the dirt road I noticed I was met with a wave from passing by get-out-of-dodge but once on the road I was just a blur will call it. Many thoughts about friends from previous 4th of July weekends swirled around in my head. So many monarch butterflies danced within my vision and little chipmunks raced along the roadside painted in mustard weed. At one point, red-head vultures circled above. But then Bambi would stretch her neck out and the downhill continued.
 In fact, 32 miles of mostly downhill on a July Summers Day. How Cool Is That??????? Now, the Boy Dog and I crash out, we leave at the crack of dawn, next stop, TREELINE

Happy 4th, Thanx 4 Stopping By, Cheers
in the photo above….GoPro doesn't capture it… Still Love The Time Lapse Feature… L-R is about 7,000ft and huge flat sandstone slabs….. RIDEABLE…. Brown morphs into the valley…. Dark area starts the vegetation transformation and the Colorado River…. That far distant brownish area are the Bookcliffs….. You just have to see it for yourself….. Pittbrownie smells what I am stepping in

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Still Riding The High

June was simply an epic month for me and the Boy Dog!! Achieving goals all month long and totally feeling wanted AND needed. Thats Awesome

Ortho: From the title, graduation gave me an incredible high. I feel as if I am firing on all cyclers for the first time in a long time. June gifted me 5 new clients and almost all of my returning clients came through the office at some point. Plus, my assessments are stronger and clearer and the sessions are producing much happier results. Thats Awesome

Running: Never in a million years would I think that 100 miles could be attainable by any means. But it happened!! 101.3 miles for the month and Shadow Boy pulled off another 3 to 1. He easily runs 3 miles to my 1 as he constantly comes back to check on me or sprints by me after sniffing out the night before wild game crossings. He is good like that. The miles I added up were from single track, 4x4 roads, track workouts at Stoker Stadium, and halftime World Cup matches around the hood.
I am going to back off the miles during the month of July, concentrate on hill repeats, and way more leg work in the gym. Ramp it back up for August and race the Lead King 25K in Sept. Thats Awesome

Cycling: Put my boney butt on the saddle for 209 miles for the month of June. Yes, thats only about half of what I normally ride but they were quality miles for sure. Also, I took a full 9 days off the bike AND commuter bike as I worked Country Jam and Loudwire Fest.
Most were road rides, few mt bike, I concentrated on my quads firing and my upper body position. Meaning, I was playing w/my diaphragm. Just noticing what I notice.
I also swam for a total of 8 hours in June and rode my commuter bike to and from. So after a swim I had the time and relaxed a weeeeeee bit on the ride and that allowed me to be more aware of my body position. The swims have been normal but the water temp has been way too warm. But the older folks like it that way and the dry sauna is always a plus. Thats Awesome

Lifting: I added weight to all of my exercises beginning that 1st week of June. This has really focused up my attention now that I am lifting "real" weight that could possibly hurt me if I am not paying attention or rushing through the set. I also backed off the 15 reps and have leaned more towards the 10-12 reps with the same 3 sets. Again, w/Country & Loudwire, I missed those 9 days in the gym so last Monday I was hesitant to work w/the heavier weights. Started w/a chest and legs and I felt Gr8!! Its as if I needed the time off. I was minimally sore the next morning so I took it a bit easier on Shoulder Triceps day. Example, only 30lbs dumbbells during the press instead of 35lbs. And I feel Gr8 again!! Today will be the Back and Bicep routine which I will focus on form and really contracting each muscle group.
Something that I am slowing down w/is my warm ups. That should be a given, I do warm up fairly well, but I am focused on remaining injury free after how damn good I feel after this short time off. Thats Awesome

Working: So a couple off weeks ago, my damn good foothill friend calls, gave me a tip about a sweet job and I followed through. There is the amazing company Town Square that puts on all kinds of events and they were looking for really good people to work in the VIP Area during Country Jam. After a short game of phone tag, I was in!!! The first day I met with all department heads, they made it very clear that my role was to make it the best experience for the guest. Funny I said guest. I worked in hotels in SD,CA all through the 1990's so my costumer service has always been on par. The department heads got a woody when I referred to them as guests and not VIP ticket holders.
Country Jam was radicle!! I am not as hip to the music but I really enjoyed almost every band. And Colt Ford is a rapping country singer. CLASSIC. All the alcohol was free!!! All the food was FREE!! And this town ate that sh*t up!!! And 99% of them were happy drunks and we all had a Gr8 Time.
I did my thing and told folks what they wanted to hear, took photos, and handed out gals of H2o. Anytime ANYONE, staff or crew, asked me for something, I just did it. No BS, Go Team Human. I helped security, helped production, walked the guest down to their seats, and stayed busy all 5 days. My "boss" caught wind from guest ( which apparently never happens ) other employees and from the production crew that I was on my game so he asked me if I was available for the next weekends Loudwire Festival. Super Score!!
Super score mainly because its always nice to feel wanted. Recognition Rocks!!! Little did I know what I was up for. Loudwire was the new Rock Jam that had been going on for about 20 years. Headliners this year were Weezer on Friday and they were just OK. Linkin Park on Saturday and I didn't realize how rap style singing they were, but pretty good and very well attended.  Sunday night was the crazy A$$ Rob Zombie and my favorite performer by far. He ripped out 8 cover tunes!!! Score in my book. The down fall, Country Jam fans wanted to consume tons of free booze and indulge in as much free food as they could possibly pack in and then more beer until bedtime. Loudwire produced dehydrated, unnutritioned, drug addicts, that can't possibly think for themselves. Like a text message, no thought or follow through, just send. I took an immediate lead role and informed the VIP Staff that water will be the number one priority here. "Do NOT argue with any of these people and you will NOT deal with anyone by your self." is how I stated my demands. I paired up teams of two and they all just thought I was being that downer guy of the group. Within half a days time, they realized what I was talking about. Free booze, no food that was free, and crazy powder turned these people into zombies. Glazed over eyes, crazy weird vibes, and stumbling around became the normal. And damn near all of them were wearing all black, like little walking solar panels.
To their credit, I did meet some really cool guest from around the US, unbelievable Smell-A style women wearing string bikinis, a number of nipples popped out unaided and forced, and some of the most amazingly well done tattoos I have ever seen. We have all seen koi fish tats before but I saw this life like 3D koi on this guys forearm that was impressive. I would love to have added up all the money that went into ALL of the tattoos that I saw. Easily in the millions of dollars, full sleeves, massive thigh tats, and full back scenes that were incredible. Plus, all the strange homemade jail tats.
We made it through the Fest, only one OD, a number of IV's in the Med Tent, NO FIST FIGHTS but a lot of crying women, and I was paid very well for my 8 days of services. Thats Awesome

JULY: Goals for the month of July…….
1) One goal will be to time a mile at the track
2) Another 5 new clients
3) One Max Rep on the bench and squat
4) 400 miles on the road bike
5) Only crack a beer on the 16th
6) Devote more time to the OM house
7) Enjoy the hell out of myself at Red Rocks as String Cheese has a 3 night run
8) Core work
9) More Boy Dog Belly Rubs

Thanx 4 Stopping By, Thanx 4 Watching The Time Lapse Video, And Thanx 4 Commenting

Thats Awesome

P.S. To my buddy TC down in SD,CA stop surfing the net and go lift some weight!!! Miss You Brother T