Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Super Blue Moon

This Hotel Bar Is Full Of People     The Piano Man Is Really Laying It Down    The Old Bartender Is High As A Steeple    So Why Tonight Should I Wear A Frown     The Joint Is Jumping All Around Me    And My Mood Is Really Not In Style    Right Now The Blues Flock To Surround Me    But I'll Break Out After While     Yes I'm A Million Miles Away      I'm Sailing Like Driftwood    On A Windy Bay 

Roy Gallager 
Tattoo 1973

This Summer has totally Kicked My A$$. I have about half of a July blog in the queue. But a few days before I planned an upload, that Nasty Phuc N Grim Reaper made its presents known.  Pee Wee Herman passing away so rocked my world.  

We are all aware of celebrities passing in threes but there were about a dozen deaths that side swiped my cheek bone. A number of friends , significant , consequential , & impactful folks shuffled off this mortal coil over the Summer. And I just wasn't properly prepared for the news coming down the pipe. 

Plus, August has been difficult in general as I miss that damn Boy Dog so much. Still riding the first day of the month in his honor. 

Still stepping with my best foot forward 


Thrift Store, so I whipped these out for everyone. 

I have so much to be thankful for. Like community members, creative outlets, health, and meaning full interactions. 

All the Summer jobs were top shelf. Packed up with some highly entertaining cats, totally digging the house sitting jobs, and all while prioritizing my time for two and three day getaways. 

Meeting new faces with every ride and I am so proud of my $1.99 shirt. Couldn't believe my luck as this shirt carries the old pearl style buttons. The Dude broke out Bill & Jan's jewelry for the occasion. Bring On Bike Night Baby 


Hellz Yez


Yup, still on a bike everyday. I mean, like why not?? 

And I Finally Accomplished The Feat Of Circling Mother Earth w/ 40,550 KMs 

SPEAKING OF Mother Earth:

The desert sends off mega charges and our grand valley topped out at 82 strikes a minutes. 

That's Right, 82 Strikes A Minute. Wanna waste some time , check out this sweet lightning ( HERE ) map website I camp out on during appropriate time frames. Be careful, highly addictive website. 

And over the moon about the hurricane drifting into Florida on a Blue Moon , high tide patterns, and unreal warm gulf waters. What a beautiful recipe we have here my friends. 


I happily hang an 8 out of 10 blooming flowers on the Summer of 2023. And thrilled about the Blue Moon Tomorrow Night on this 30th day of August. Just in case you didn't catch that. Its been a fine year this year has been. 


  1. Hanging With The Group For Cycling Sept
  2. Updating Regularly Again
  3. Working The Time Lapse Angle
  4. Playing Well With Others
  5. Rocking Friday Night Bike Night As All The September Themes Are In My Wheelhouse 

In Closing, I truly thank you all once again. So many of you kind bloggers still pop in and drop wonderfully delightful messages. I appreciate all of them and ALL of YOU. 

You Make My Heart Smile,