Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Clicking Off The Weeks

Because The World Is Round     It Turns Me On    Because The World Is Round    Because The Wind Is High    It Blows My Mind    Because The Wind Is High    Love Is Old    Love Is New    Love Is All     Love Is You 

The Beatles

Abby Road 1969


So I threw it out to the Universe and WoW. Talk about enlightenment. A number of new clients have walked through the door on referrals and one even wheeled in. 

Another client arrived with more cash in hand than they knew what to do with. A yoga instructor skeptically entered the office and I was amazed with all the walls up. I categorize them as the ice berg clients. You slowly chip away at the surface and eventually the center will present itself. All In Time

But a highlight was working with a client chalk full of arthritis but in good spirits. They shared tales from their youth while I worked away on their hands and ankles. Definitely my first experiences in crunchy neck bones. Their mind set was spectacular and vibrant but their body is in rough shape. But you would never know it because they never divulged any painful stories or poor me overtones. 


Bummer to showcase these but these folks were an interracial part of my upbringing. Melinda Dillon portrayed a dazed and confused actor from Close Encounters of the Third Kind and totally warped my mind. The way Hollywood captures your heart and truly pulls you in for a ride. The whole scene of those three amigos climbing Devils Tower before, during, and after the delivered sleeping gas was gripping when you are only about 7 years old. And Then, The Christmas Story, BRILLIANTLY PLAYED. 



Been spinning the wheels again and feeling way groovy. Snowed on my last commuter ride to the office this morning. A fabulous wet heavy snow but as you can see, GROUND IS STILL WARM. The snow accumulated in the shady areas around trees and Northside's of structures. But nothing all that impressive. Just Beautiful 

And when it is wet out ( * Bang * POW * Clank * BOING * Mid 1960's Batman for a smile ) texting and driving is always the answer. On the bottom left of the above photo is all plastic parts and pieces from the accident. This moment cultivated joy in my day because I am not those guys. Below are photos from when I was feeling extra spunky. 

Sweet pre Super Bowl Ride and it was gorgeous out. One of those ideal Colorado Bluebird Days and the temp was almost too warm for the pace I was on. My aJENda was lined out and I only set aside 2 hours for the ride, shower, and organizing. All Came Together 

My rhythm is gaining strength and I could almost consider a proper Spring Time ride. Have yet to commit but at least the drive is building. I know many of you find it silly that my only real reason for hesitating is COVID. I don't want it!! I complain about my cardiovascular system but I really like my lungs. I know this sounds like a cop out but I just don't trust anyone. Why Do Humans Disappoint 


Here was simplified ( ON THE BOX READS 10 MINUTES ) story about , " Are You Flipping Kidding Me Right Now??" 

I agreed to replace a toilet for the Karma Coupons and the above photo captures the two drips in motion water leak from this 1970's value. As I was twisting that vale to the closed position, the old die cast medal crumbled in the palm of my hand. Unreal 

So now my 10 minute project incorporated a bike ride to the local hardware store. I luckily towed the connection hose as a back up to my fuzzy math. That is a G.W. Bush reference there. Purchased a new 3/8 pressure value and back to task at hand. Removed the old wax doughnut and FINALLY pulled the old throne. Believe it or not, the new commode only took me about 10 minutes to install, bolt down the tank, bolt on the seat, and bolt down to the floor. Classic 

Here above is the photo I shot for them. I Passed on the SH&TTY pun intended details. They were so stoked about the X - Mas lights as an accent back there. When I was reading their text, so thankful about sparing the trials and tribulations. They still have zero clue that I even went to that dang hardware store. That is just between us here. 


The Old Man with all the knowledge taught me how to replace cables on the machines. The job is rather fascinating really and I really harmonize with the old guy.

He is a gem to be around and we always stop what we are doing to relive an old engram from our youth. Sometimes that hinders us because we forget tools and even what it was that we were actually up to. We Laugh 

But after all is said and done, we get Sh&T done no matter how many distractions we create together. Make take us an hour longer than a professional but we always learn and/or forget something along the way. 


Watched these guys during Super Bowl Weekend and then I have them again all next week. 

They totally crack me up. Dogs are so cool when you only house and dog sit. I enjoy making a big production out of meal time but I don't miss purchasing those bags of dog food. 

And they are so much more expressive than our two legged friends at times. And they are always ready to go in the drop of a hat. One treat, shake the car keys, and life is good. Love It 


Legs are feeling flexible as well. My ROM has dreamily increased over the past few weeks. 

I still have a fair amount of work on my plate before I feel cheery again. All I am saying is that I am not quite there with my overall health. It's A Process 

During a hike a few days ago, I couldn't stop thinking about those poor folks in Turkey and Syria. I sympathize with them after spending a few decades in SD,Ca where minor earthquakes were common. I was fortunate to never witness a building collapsing or hear the horror skin crawling screams form the innocent. Here I am, hot water when I want it, electricity with the flip of a switch, or an automobile with endless supplies of gasoline stations. Hell, I wake up with a functional body with all limb attached. Excellent 


  1. Hydrate
  2. Edit Promotional Video 
  3. Laugh Out Loud
  4. Look Both Ways
  5. Obviously 

So here I sit in front of this computer with Hip Hop Aloft Instrumentals playing in the background. Happy Freakin' Valentines Day. I went to town with sound effect during this 45 second time lapse. Can you believe February is half over??


Thursday, February 2, 2023

2023/02/02 Trip Out

Do That To Me One More Time     Once Is Never Enough With A Man Like You    Do That To Me One More Time    I Can Never Get Enough With A Man Like You      Oh Kiss Me     Like You Just Did    Oh Baby    Do That To Me Once Again    Pass That By Me One More Time     Once Just Isn't Enough For My Heart To Hear    Wha Ha    Tell It To Me One More Time    I Can Never Hear Enough While I Got Ya Near    Who Ho Ho    Say Those Words Again Like You Just Did    Oh Baby 

Captain & Tannille

Make Your Move 1979


Yes, I have been "bout" these days and totally digging it. I mean how does one not experience ones own surroundings?? It is one of the many reasons I throughly enjoy reading all of YOUR updates and what nots. 

I am feeling much better these days and finally discovering my own rhythm as well. Hips are effortlessly rolling with each step, cardiovascular system to be devised soon, and overall attitude is rock solid. Bitchin

Water is the priority and mixing in a packet every other day of Emergen C for those just because minerals and electrolytes. Plus, I scored big time with my volunteer food pick up's the other day. Vitamin Cottage donated a ton of organic berries, mangos, and carrots. I also unearthed decent organic veggies and ORGANIC BROWN EGGS!!!  


Quick little treat drop off. Their humans are home but I saw fit that they needed a just because treat from Uncle T. Classic 

And the answer is always 42 as well. I just love puppy dog eyes. Those expressive eyes, eyebrows that speak a silent thought, and ears that happily be. Love It 


Robert picked up tix for the Open 2023 and I was stoked with daily WHATSapp photos. He was in attendance for the rain debacle and even sent me the " Why was the roof open?" with photos attached. 

The bottom photo made my day. He picks up a new huggie every year at the Open and at the F1 Grand Prix in Albert Park. You can always count on that. 


The high desert certainly offers up some gorgeous sunsets. A beautiful hike with clean cold air filling your lungs, Come On. Crunchy snow under your boots and 360 degrees of peacefulness. Game Changer 


Jump back and kiss myself. One of my goals for the year was building up the practice and WoW. I have been working with a number of new clients. 

My Ortho clients are the best. It is just so refreshing to hold a session with zero judgment. Once I am in my own skin, they are sharing a story from something, and I have a soft focus, releases happen without hesitations. So Cool 

Working with necks are a perfect example of that. There is something so rewarding being able to feel the cervical bones lengthen while in both of your hands. 

A new client came to me as a referral. Their go to massage therapist couldn't see them and they sent those folks my way. Unfortunately , this client fell backwards while walking their dog. Slipped on some ice and biffed it good. 

They were obviously rather guarded and stiff overall. I did my best to accommodate and reassure them that I believe the client always directs the session. None of that NO PAIN NO GAIN horsey poo. 

They sat on my table and made mention how soft my table is compared to their "own" therapist. So I slipped in the opportunity to work with them seated upright. They confusingly asked me ," You mean I don't have to lay down?" Absolutely not my friend. They smiled from ear to ear and we shared the best session in a long time. As they were leaving, they peered over their shoulder and stated," I reached for the door knob without wincing!!"  Lovely 


This new category of mine totally blows. I am now entering that phase of my life were I am witness to the passing of my idols. Cindy's passing shocked me. I cherished those childhood memories of watching Mork & Mindy followed up with Laverne & Shirley & Squiggy.


Get Outside My Friends!! My phone rings last night when I was almost committed to sleepy by. They coaxed me to come out and play and claimed that I was at fault for their interest in this comet. I smile as I type this and so thankful that I caved in. What A Night!! Yes, it WAS freezing cold as our sky was crystal clear. We anchored their spotting scope on the roof of their truck and laughed the night away. Good Times 


My cycling efforts are non existent even though I am on the commuter bike everyday. I pulled up my STRAVA January 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020 and have yet to discover a more piss poor performance. Yes the roads have been icy at times. Yes the temps are below freezing. Yes I could think of two hundred more excuses with my eyes staring into the sun. Again, I still ride the commuter bike but nothing significant to mention here. But my step count ... over 200,000 last week !! On pace for 250,000 by this Sunday. Truly stepping into the future I am. 


  1. Dancing On The Docks
  2. Belly Laugh 
  3. Ride When I Can
  4. Catch Up On Sleep 
  5. Good Ol CPA Time - Yahooo0000

I leave you with this little video of mine. I recently flew down to Sunny San Diego to help my buddy Tim build his deck. So this video contains a variety of time lapse footage, happy belly rubbing dogs, and photos from the main project. Or I should say, Progress !?! Hell, call me bat Sh*t crazy but I love flying over our Mother Earth. I Really Do