Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Friday

Another week in the books..... More miles on the bike...... Gr8 times w/the Boy Dog..... Had a really good swim yesterday.... We hit 101F on Thursday and that was our 1st 100+ day here in GJ,CO..... Way A$$ Cool that it wasnt 100F in May..... Had a James Bond Theme show this morning that went really well and loads of phone calls..... Next Friday I will be playing clips from the Shining.... Todays Goals: #1 Finish rebuilding Luke's bike #2 Bike Ride later in the day #3 walk the Boy Dog after dark #4 Catch Some Flippin Sleep #5 Maybe having a fire w/Jeff
Waiting 4 The Tour 2 Start

Have a wonderful weekend and I will update my training during the weekend. I have a big ride on Sat and looking for a long day of swimming Sunday. Might hit the high altitude Saturday evening w/the Boy Dog.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bike 2 Work Day

Early wake up call and away I went....... Self Portrait w/an Amber Mug

Still biking under 30min to the gym one way. A nice cool Colorado morning and the winds had yet to show themselves. AWESOME. Powered up Horizon Dr and felt much stronger than I have in past weeks. Oh, and what happened to June????
All Recycled & 100% Free
Playing Off
Some photos from my raised bed project and a photo of the Boy Dog making sure his is in the middle and NOT missing anything. Good Boy
Shadow Cam
Simple breakfast burritos, coffee, fruit, and OJ were offered as park of the Bike To Work. Saw a few faces from the past but mostly new riders and short term residents. Cool.

Then I punched the clock for my 4hr volunteer work trade at Crossroads Gym. Have iPod, Will Clean.

As you can see..... I am fighting a bit w/the Blog's Photo Options..... Still Learning..... Still Enjoying
Still On My Mind Little Girl
More happening tonight. The GV Bike Club is handing out "goodies" to everyone that filled out their little slips of paper at each event. I should have 6 chances of winning and most of the prizes are way cool. Backpacks, water this and thats, bike lights, bike locks, helmets, gloves, horns, and who knows WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rolling Along

Monday wasnt tooooooo bad of a day. A few easy miles on the bike around town running errands. After a 3pm client, I headed for the gym. I was only about 4 miles from Crossroads, so it worked out alright. Dig it when plans work out like that!!!

The pool was rather busy for my taste. I am still a fan in the AM for a swim but I was there so why not. Nice long strokes and not worried about time or laps. Just swim and relax. Injury-Free

After dinner, I took the Boy Dog on a walk. He soooooo loves this. He damn near jumped out of his skin while I put my shoes on. The Boy helps me add up the distance. I let hm pull me and we cover so much ground. I have been playing w/my stride lately and havent come up w/any earth shattering changes. I find myself hunched over a lot and I almost have to say it out loud. Stand Up, lead w/your chest, look at your posture, etc

It really is coming together. One of the bank tellers asked me if I had changed something. "You look different." she says. This was only after 2 weeks of committed training. 18 more happy weeks

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Everyone Comes With Baggage

Try & Find Someone Who Will Help You Unpack

Are You Looking At That Moon

Friday, June 21, 2013

Not A Bad Day

Woke up really missing Sadie Girl and I could have just blown of the day BUT no. Threw on the shoes and headed for Home Depot. Picked up the supplies that I needed to fix the neighbors fence. Then I dropped the Boy Dog off at the house and went by the neighbors.

Now this dog at the neighbors is a Sadie Girl!!! Has the brown eye brows, the black coat w/brown legs, barks at cars, and me at first. Then, I wasnt ready for this, her name IS Sadie and she is 6 years old from the Roice Hurst humane Society!! UNREAL

Afterwards, lots of play time, tears, and some work, it was time to go. I didnt want any money. Really. She says, "Let me at least play for the material." I said,"OK." Handed her the receipt for $17.21 and she gave me a twenty plus a ten just because and as we parted ways she waved and said," Please do bring Shadow Boy by soon."

The rest of my afternoon was spent by trying to get Shadow outside w/me. He just lays on the floor and wont come out. Its killing me and I am beginning to understand the he was in competition w/Sadie Girl. Now that she isnt around, why bother is his look. This totally makes me cry. Weeks ago, if I was in the garden, Shadow was near me and Sadie Girl was under one of the shade trees. Now, I am simple on my own.

I finished building a raised garden bed out of all recycled material. I have laid down fabric, set up the raised bed, and have been holding the fabric down w/the river rock that was dredged up from the mighty Colorado River. Me, my bike, and the BoB trailer. Have BoB?? Will Carry. I will shoot a photo or two soon. Its coming together.

My last event, True Value. They so let me down for the 1st time. My weed eater would start but not run after about 2 seconds. The first small engine guy was all about the OLDER model and said that is better to just buy a new one compared to the fix it cost. What a DICKHEAD. So I paid $4.50 for a new fuel line and fuel filter. Now, she runs for about 10 seconds and then drowns out lacking gas. Back to the "other" True Value, only to find out that they are 1 MONTH OUT ON FIXING ANYTHING. Say What??? July 20th is when you will have a look???? As I am walking out these words spray from of his mouth," Its cheaper to buy this new one." I was sooooooo pissed.

Time to break out the allen wrenches. Determined to fix this, I took a photo of the weed eater, then took it apart. Once everything was apart on the picnic table..... I Sh*t myself!!!  What am I looking at?? What is What?? Now what?? Can I even put this thing back together?? Why didnt I just buy a new one before it goes on sale next week. Ready for this??? I reassembled the parts and on the very first pull..... I HAVE GAS!!! The Good Kind. Its Running!!! Its running like a champion!! Man and machine live another day. Where is that Boy Dog

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Little Wind

Had a Gr8 day on the bike yesterday. Rode up to the gym in 25min and yes I hit all the red lights and was almost taken out near the airport. Big guy in a BIG truck wanted to cut in front of on coming traffic (and me) so that he could hit up the drive-thru at Wendy's. He had to redirect himself back into the median and wait for the traffic ( myself ) to pass and he was pissed. Poor guy has in a pre-burger haze. Make it a diet coke buddy.

On the way back from the gym it is ALL down hill and it took me 31 min???? Way you ask...... per NOAA .....our wind ave speed was 25mph w/51mph gust. At one point I was at a stand still while pedaling AND GOING DOWN FLIPPIN HILL. It was awesome.

Had a kick A$$ radio show!! Had an even better walk w/the Boy Dog!!! And a short bike ride down to the river w/the BoB Trailer to p/u some river rock that was dredged up last summer. Huge piles of smooth river rock w/weeds growing up through the middle. SCORE 4 ME

Now, I am off to pay it forward. The lady down the street has a simple fence were a Sadie looking dog lives and the top of her fence took a hit by someone or something. I saw her brushing her dog while I was on my way down to the radio station so I stopped, intros, told I could help, and she asked how much do I charge???? I said, " Nothing. Just want to keep the your dog happy and safe."

Home Depot....... Here I Come

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rest Day

A much needed rest day. After my last post and thinking about the garden, I just went for it. Worked on the house, trimmed the garden, re-ran hose tubbing through the weed wacker, installed a new solar light for Sadie Girl, filled the bird feeders, and went on a very simple bike ride running errands.

Today I am receiving some cash for a gift certificate!!! Then its a bike ride up to Hospice, a swim at the gym, and then a radio show at 3pm. Lets Rock

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Last & 1st

My last photo of the best little girl. 7 days ago Sadie Girl closed her little eyes. I am still quite a mess and I find myself building tears around every corner. My garden hasnt been touched sense. Standing in the backyard just isnt the same w/o her barking or seeing her under the shade tree watching out for me.

Sadie Girl was the type of dog that would follow me everywhere I walked. Even when I would forget my sock, she would walk down the hallway w/me. If I used the bathroom, there she was w/her head on the cool tile. BBQ, never left my side!!!! Just Look At Her Brown Eye Brows.

So the Boy Dog and I went camping on the Grand Mesa. This is the 1st photo w/o Sadie Girl and I lost my cookies here. A photo w/o Sadie Girl in a lake, at 9,000+ft, and blue Colorado sky??? And No Sadie Girl????

 As part of my training, the Boy Dog & I traveled some miles in two full days of hiking. When the trail became hot, the clouds rolled in. When we were almost back to camp, we had hail. When our legs were sore, we ate almonds, walnuts, M&M's, and granola. We didnt sleep much. Shadow Boy never left my side, gave me that look when I needed it, & pulled my up Craig Crest Trail.

The wildflowers were blooming, the wild grass was lush, and the wildlife left their sent. Thank You Grand Mesa for hosting a weekend for my mental game.

Yesterday I had a really good swim. Nice long strokes and a breathing pattern of every 3rd stroke. A strong pull and a quiet glide before another pull. Felt really good to be in the water and the elimination of having to talk w/anyone. After my swim, The Boy Dog & I passed on the run. I felt great & injury free & The Boy Dog gave me that look of " WE RUN TOMORROW!"

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Camera Say What???

Leaving the house on the commuter bike and heading towards OM the air hit me like a hair dryer for sure. The temp was only 94F but the air was a weeeeeeeeee bit warm. The quads were feeling loose and my ankles had full range of motion. Headed down to 7th street from Ouray and made a left on 7th. Riding south towards the Colorado River and here come Mr Fight Train. My 1st thought was OF COARSE and thats when it hit me...... NO CAMERA!!! I left my camera right were I set it down so I wouldn't forget it, right???? Thats when and were my attitude changed. I began to look around and see the blue sky of Colorado w/some white cirrus clouds and patches of color in a verity of plants near by. The train was at a stand still and I noticed how angry the drivers were becoming and how they all looked at their cell phones. Do I Call Someone?? Do I bitch?? This damn train is just sitting here!!! Ah, life on a bike is so cool sometimes.

So the group ride was rather interesting as it was a "family" ride. This means that kids were crying, moms were dehydrated ( polite way of saying obese ), and the "dad's" were on high end mt bikes. The only reason I point this out is because their bikes were clean as a whistle and out here w/all the dusty trails this time of year???? Very ODD!! Another step back for me and checking my ego at the door. Lets just pedal folks.

It became quite clear that nobody had a plan as to were we were headed and at about mile 2 we lost of 1st rider. Believe me, I was genuinely concerned for her well being. Her face was blasted red and her mouth was crusty white and she was chewing gum like a crazed women. I offered her some water and told her I was happy to ride w/her back to her car and she replied w/this comment," If I need any help then I will call my husband!" Then she turn and rode off. Remember that I am the only one that new she was leaving the group. OK??? Not OK???

Within the next few miles, most of the group turned around, red, out of breath, and it was a 50-50 on happiness of being outside. We just hit the mile marker 4. Long story short....... Some lady, missed her name, and I rode the rest of the night together. She had just moved to GJ 3 months ago and was out and about and saw the group. She was nice and we made simple small talk and rode back to town after riding all of the river trail. We rode back up 7th street and I turned on Ouray and she headed north.

I rode around town to loosen up the legs before heading home. Went w/a lower gear and a faster cadence because when I walk through the door the Boy Dog and I are heading out for a walk. A 50min walk per the program. And what a relaxing walk it was. The sun was almost down, the temp was cooler, and the bats were eating the night alive.

Life is good, even w/o my camera!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Simply Wonderful

So I took the Boy Dog around town 2day I we needed 2 stay close 2 home. We got in the time of 40+min that was asked 4 by my training log. I passed on the car ride 2 the gym 4 the swim part of the day and I am OK w/that.
Our walk was awesome and a sunset of yellow, orange, blue and purple skyline views. The temp was right around 91F as the sun touched the monument. The Boy Dog and I saw quite a few familiar faces as we walked around town. As 4 walking..... The Boy Dog pulls like crazy and I walk pretty damn fast. I remind myself often 2 stand up straight and match his speed so that I dont pound my knees holding him back.
Now some of you might wonder why I dont hold him back and train him 2 not pull. #1 we are walking 4 speed anyway #2 We are covering a lot of ground. #3 I just enjoy his pace. #4 This isnt a number really but an observation by a youngin' asking his mom, " Why doesnt he run w/that dog? They are going fast arent they?" Maybe someday the goal will be 2 run but 4 now, ITS ALL ABOUT BEING OUTSIDE WITH THE BEST DOG EVER!!!

2day is the bike ride w/the local non profit group gjvalleybikes starting at Eagle Rim Park and riding the River Trail. Should be a complete blast 4 sure w/a relaxed atmosphere. Free the mind and the bike will follow

Monday, June 10, 2013

Me on my 40th B-Day in Leadville Colorado

I am starting a 20 week training program for a Half Ironman..... Yesterday is was my 45th web B-Day so I created this blog to help track my progress...... Here I go

Sunday, June 9, 2013

6-9-2013 1st Post

Finding my way around this new blog "stuff"    Its going to be pretty cool   Looking forward to what will transpire over the next decade    Wish Me Luck      Love U Shadow Boy     Anything You Want Boy