Thursday, May 31, 2018

May Numbers & Events

May Numbers were beyond my expectations!! I am pretty stoked about using Strava as my personal motivational tool as well. Meaning, after an upload, there are all kinds of "segments " or "hill climbs" by hundreds of other riders, I haven't cracked the top 20 of any of them. HA

Once you become aware of these leaderboards, kinda find myself kicking in a little extra punch near these areas. However, its a double edge sword when Mother Nature changes pressure gradients providing her own little kick. I rode an old farm road back in December and averaged 24 mph for the two miles stretch with a max of 32mph.

The other day, same road, same segment, same bike, around the same time of day, my max speed was 9mph. Same Same With Undesirable Results. The Nature Of The Beast

ZOOM in on the SAWS!! Way Cool Art Piece 

MAY NUMBERS: Crushing those numbers for my largest output yet. Well, this is my second year on Strava anyway.

54 Hours for the Month of April           ( 21 Hours in 2017 )
58 Activities and 22 Personal Records  ( 1 PR 2017 )
65.4 Running Miles
451.7 Miles on the Bikes
580 Total Miles                                      ( 187 Total Miles 2017 )

To Watch This Video - Click HD - Open In Full Screen - Turn It Up

Next up, The Grand Enduro!!! This is a THREE stage downhill monster. ALL in one day! Each racer is timed during the downhill portion only. First stage offers top speeds of 47.2 mph, last years top time was set by a JUNIOR racer!! Stage two is rather technical BUT super fast as well. The last stage is unreal and these damn Pro racers make it look effortless. Like Scary Fast

The rest of June is completely chalk full and every weekend is booked. I am out at the 10th annual Palisade Bluegrass Festival, RATS Mountain Bike Race in Ridgeway Colorado, Country Jam in Mack Colorado, Crested Butte for the Fat Tire 40, The Colorado Lavender Festival, and then July is Flat Out Busy.

July offers up The 4th of July 5K in Meeker Colorado, The Ride Festival in Telluride, The String Cheese Incident at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater, and then a Century Ride on the old Midnight Racer.

So Wish Me Luck As I Send You Some Positive Vibes,

Friday, May 4, 2018

April Numbers & Photos

The video above features The String Cheese Incident, changing weather patterns from around Grand Junction Colorado, my ladder falling with the GoPro3 Silver attached, & three shots of the Boy Dog with an old iPhone 4. Watch in HD, Full Screen, & Turn It Up

I really felt as if I was stagnate because my number were so close to March's total. Not plateauing by any means because I have made gains but anticipated that I went further in the miles department. I knew my hours would be low and I am riding stronger for sure.  Oh Well 

37 hours and two hours longer than March
5 personal records in April 
36.1 run miles and 3 miles less than in March
320 miles of the bike but 39 more miles than last month
12,000 push ups for the year

One of last months goal was to locate a few new clients and bring them into the office. Well, that exceeded my expectations!! I have been working with an elder who is preparing to experience her second hip replacement. We had a huge break through when I worked with her shoulder and she never gave me any indication that her shoulder was an issue. SCORE 

Another new client has been dealing with a knee problem and a majority of my demos are with knees and/or ankles. So we balanced his hips first and then worked downstream. I didn't think too much of the session but his phone call the next morning reminded me why I am a body worker. Its so rewarding to hear life in someone voice. When your injured or sick, life can really suck. RIGHT?? 

Radio Shows:
Two radio shows coming up this month and both shows are on Mondays. The first show ( May 14th @ 1pm ) features opening lines from CHEERS while spinning tunes from around the world. The second show ( May 21st @ 4pm ) will be a call in game show style. I will be recreating NAME THAT TUNE, quick clips from very recognizable Classic Rock songs. Just a few seconds and see how that goes over during the 5 o'clock commute.

1) Remain Injury Free And Try A Few Different Exercises With One Max Rep. This will have a number of factors involved. Such as; nutrition that day, quality spotter, overall feel
2) Rub on the Boy Dog And Extra Carrots 
3) Pull off a GJ > Fruita > Palisade > GJ Ride
4) Remove ALL The Green Waste From The OM House
5) Install A New Vent In The OM House
6) Rebuild The Front Deck Railing At The OM House
7) Remind Strangers That They Make A Difference 
8) Bust Out The 575 After Our No Excuse Loop
9) Pin Down Maya On Dates, Photos, & Overview Of New Web Site Action