Thursday, November 11, 2021

Reflections & Radio Show

There's A Lady Who Is Sure That Glitters Is Gold    And She Is Buying A Stairway To Heaven   When She Gets There She Knows    If The Stores Are All Closed   With A Word She Can Get What She Came For    ooh ooh And She Is Buying A Stairway To Heaven     There Is A Sign On The Wall     But She Wants To Be Sure      'Cause You Know Sometimes Words Have Two Meanings 

Led Zeppelin

The Song Remains The Same 1971

50 Flipping Years Ago!!! 


Our weather here in the Grand Valley is unseasonable warm and life along the River Trail is in abundance. The knuckleheads ( by law and obligations downstream ) upstream are currently releasing water from the reservoirs in anticipation of heavy snow accumulations this winter. This means the poor Mighty Colorado River has come up significantly. Its STILL Way A$$ Low but it's coming up. Think Snow

But staying with the half full theory, the warmth and beauty is a consequential cause of River Trail users. An antiquated amount of walkers, ultra fit runners, and mommies pushing sleepy baby strollers while soaking up those sun rays litter the pathway. I am all for it and pleased to share this multipurpose trail system. Quality Of Life 101

Always amazed with the seasonal migration of the Canadian Geese returning from the north. Those birds have a very distinct honking sound as they circle high above. Its cool as you will hear them but they are almost out of sight. They are way up in the atmosphere as their tiny little white bellies are barely visible. All of a sudden a leader breaks away from the flock and naturally instinctive arrow shapes appear as they ride the thermal waves to wherever or towards the next body of water. I Enjoy It 

Lucky for me, I have been experiencing Autumn's color changing for months now. I arrived in CB the Wednesday before Labor Day Weekend and groves of living orginiziums known as Aspen trees were emerald green. With every bike ride I witnessed golden carmel shades engulf the landscape. Same color changes with hints of fiery reds washed over the rolling hills and valleys while I was in Carbondale those last few days of September. Now, here in the valley, Fall colors are in full swing again. What A Magical World 


Will finally be back on air in less than a weeks time. Talk about the cats meow!!  

I am hosting Putting Down Roots and have been itching for a time slot for awhile now. I am totally rolling the dice as I have agreed to host a prime time show. I mention this because I have no interest in crossing paths with the current E.D. or her useless trusty compadre P.D. My substitute shows have centered around weekends or late nights and I prefer that buffer zone. 

On tap, as of now anyway, loads of cover tunes. Wonderful tasty gems to offer up during the 4pm to 6:30pm time slot. Across my YT Algorithm popped up an entire album by The Police that is 100% instrumental. Hellz Yez!!! Broken Peach - Personal Jesus, HSCC - I Want To Know What Love Is, Bardcore Medieval - Sound Of Silence, Tony Bennett & Last Gaga - I Get A Kick, Stick Figure - Sun Is Shinning, and Big Head Todd with their rendition of ZZ Tops Cheap Sunglasses. Just to highlight a few tunes to wet your whistle. I Hope

You have two options here for streaming the radio show. #1 would be live at KAFM. Simply click on the LISTEN LIVE link there. #2 after the show, same website, click the 'on air' drop down tab near the top and click playlist, click calendar near the top, and then click Wednesday the 17th at 4pm which reads Jenny or Imagine or Jason. The show will be listed as Putting Down Roots with one of those programmers. 


I am flying high these days in the office. Totally tripped out when a fellow bodyworker shot me a text about taking some much needed time off and asked if I would be willing to see their clients in the meantime. 

This is an absolute honor that someone would believe in me, trust me, and share their main source of income with me. A majority of these new clients prefer massage and neuromuscular work but I start them off with a very elementary introduction of Ortho-Bionomy. A few of those clients click with that propreiception style and ask inquisitive questions. They Get It

Other clients just want the 50 minute spa rub down, which is in my wheelhouse. Its not my favorite by any means but I am good with it and satisfied to meet them in their model of the world. Plus, the money is lucrative. I obviously charge more for massages because of the resources used, washing the extra sheets, and wear and tear on my body. But all and all, the office is full of life again. Yahoooo000000


I would appreciate the opportunity if you would all allow me to apologize for expressing my emotional baggage during my last post. By sitting down, prioritizing my scheduled ideas, random thoughts, and chicken plucking away on this keyboard, I never stepped back to evaluate or process what I projected upon you all.          

You see, I diminished Amber The Human's Birthday Dinner by selfishly inserting my own BullSh*t. My words should have painted an elegant evening with close friends, decadent entrees, and the lovely walk in the park I took myself on after dinner. Have you ever been with someone that transcends you across the universe of possibilities? Should have presented you all with that lovely evening and simply left it at that. But No

I personally thank Nancy J for her wise words of wisdom. Her comment struck me like a crackling down lightning bolt and shook me to my core. Sometime I am full on diarrhea man of the mouth from my own reflections, concerns, and what nots with complete disregard to others feelings or interpretations. Now I would not labeled it as reckless abandonment but some of what I write might possibly be imbedded in others lives forever. May Yes Maybe No 

What I have come to realize over this past week with a saddle between my legs is that I thought that I wanted to rescript my last post. But I am fine with what I wrote. I am coming to terms with the fact that what I want is not what others envision. When I sing out all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, others singing Who Ya Gonna Call, Ghostbusters. When I am antsy and searching out a trail for a walk about, I should be ok with them feeling compelled to watch the television without judgement. When I am yearning to softly explore their neck with appetizing kisses, they are thinking about what to wear the next day. I apparently lack the requisite skills for companionship.


Another turkey day is closing in rather quickly. Insert your favorite adult cuss word here and read on. When I am talking of this particular subject matter, it is NOT a pity poor me while I am wearing my sissy pissy pants. This is just me reflecting, longing, and wishing that I had a hand to hold under the dinner table. Does everything work out?? Phuc Yes! Do I enjoy myself? u bet. Absolutely  

Again, keeping with the half full glass of earthy red wine here, it is just that I desire an after dinner walk with a partner that wants to be with me for me. Spending meaningful hours together where we both experience a bustle in our hedgero. Would give anything to stroll along with someone this year during Thanksgiving Week as I am once again not at all fired up about the holiday we label THANX Giving. 

You see, once again The Dude signed up to work at the church. So I am smoking the bird by myself yet again. Phuc'N Sucks!! As much as I admire him for stepping up and coordinating all those volunteers, wish we could spend time together like we used to. I used to smoke a bird on the middle rack, a duck or a goose or ribs on the top rack, and then we would all go for a hike and enjoy the morning together while the smoker does its thing. As you all know, I like being outdoors and Turkey Day Football Games isn't all that attractive. 

The past few years have played out this charade in this order. I add fire to the pyramid of briquettes by 7am, fart around until about 1pm while adding water soaked wood chips, The Dude arrives after a morning of organizing volunteers, the rest of the family hustles in around 3pm, we wolf down like pigs in a mud bath, and then board games until the oldies depart. Am I Thankful, Yes!! Am I Fortunate For Family, Yes!! Half Full Glass, All Is Well & Will Be Well

Not to amplify the subject, it is just that The Dude informed me last night of his working plans on Turkey Day. So time to dig out the big boy pants and take the higher road. Speaking of higher roads, The Washington Post Featured an article in Sundays paper...

Can You Say Tourist $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ?? This Palisade Plunge offers a 35 mile / 56km decent from the top of the Grand Mesa to the sleepy agricultural farming town of Palisade. Beyond Rowdy 


  1. Gather Everyone For A Family Photo
  2. Remember To Count To 10
  3. Seek The Best Possible Outcome
  4. Finish Raking Leaves, Never Ends Really
  5. Consume H2o
  6. Discover The Self Help Section In The Library
  7. Finalize My Road Trip Plans
  8. Research Recipes For Green Lentils  
  9. Call The Kitchen Sink 
  10. Experiment With Resistant Bands  

Until The Next Entry, Hold Those You Love Unconditionally,


Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Rocktoeber Is In The Books

I Hear The Ticking Of The Clock     I'm Lying Here The Room's Pitch Dark    I Wonder Where You Are Tonight     No Answer On The Phone     And The Night Goes By So Very Slow     Oh I Hope That It Wont End Though      Till Now I Always Got By On My Own     I Never Really Cared Until I Met You    And Now It Chills Me To The Bone      How Do I Get You Alone    You Don't Know How Long I Have Wanted To Touch Your Lips And Hold You Tight     You Don't Know How Long I Have Waited And I Was Going To Tell You Tonight     But The Secret Is Still My Own And My Love For You Is Still Unknown 

I-Ten Alone

Taking A Cold Look 1983

written by Billy Stienburg And Tom Kelly 

Alone was made popular by Heart in 1987


Cycling - 432mi / 695km

Running / Hiking - 14mi / 22km

Activities - 30

PR's - 3

Hours - 47

Not a bad effort at all for the month. Much better than the previous two months but nothing worth bragging about. Claimed the leader board one of the weeks this month. But again, not tooting my horn by any means. BARKtoeber Baby 

The Mighty Colorado River is showing improvements as well. To keep this in perspective here, the irrigation canals have been closed off for the season and a few reservoirs up stream are draining in anticipation of winters snow melt. If It Snows 

The photo below is when I realized that I spaced my helmet. What a jack off I am. Will say that the legs felt stronger for the higher averaging miles per week. Hope this will be a continuing trend for me.


Amber The Human was the last of our tribe to enter the 50's club. Her husband brought us all together to celebrate the occasion at a fancy dancy prancy cuisine in Palisade. Peche is an unbelievable restaurant here in the valley that blew my socks off. Four items for appetizers , four main course options, and two desserts on the menu. Decadent

The dishes were top shelf culinary art forms and the flavors were remarkable. In a cream , very airy, sauce were dashed with hints of rose hip oil. The Foie Gras was served with fresh peaches on the tastiest type of Fried French Bread Slices. The Ravioli appetizers were spicy and so flipping delicious. Those could have been a meal by themselves. My roasted carrots were prepared to perfection and complimented the Pork Cutlets and fresh spring salad mix. Again, another cream sauce for the Pork was a buttery smooth delight. Its a high end upscale restaurant that I clearly don't belong and don't see myself patronizing in the future. But if I had the slush funds, I would dine there every Friday night!! My poorly delivered descriptions just doesn't do these plates justice, IT WAS THAT GOOD. So Good 

Here are a few of my latest art pieces and the above photo was for Amber's 50th. These are my first attempts using a glue gun on canvas and I learned a great deal. Below is just after the pour and the glue is almost undetectable. After the second day of drying, all was well again.

I then finger painted on a metallic gold acrylic paint to highlight the tree of life. The more I worked with this piece, the more it spoke to me.  I was pleased to offer this to Amber The Human as she is a true artist of many mediums of work. 

So back to the dinner, my only complaint was that I am the only one in the group without a partner. They are all happily married and I couldn't be happier for them but it sucks. As we were discussing meal options, they ordered with the intention of sharing plates with each other. Me, it sucks. Don't get me wrong, The night was ideal and how can it not be with this jovial bunch. We all enjoyed the atmosphere, the savory flavors, and each others company. I never once felt left out from the group. 

But like this photo below. I'm solo so I am not in the photo. L to R; Uncle Karl, Judd, Janet, Susan, Amber, And Hippie Jim. Been rocking with this motley crew now for 20 years. Amber and I worked together and she was living in the same house with Mr Jim. They introduced me to Uncle Karl and Janet via the radio station. Judd came on the scene around 2003 and married Amber years later. Susan and Mr Jim married a few years before Amber and Judd. Love These Guys 

We laughed a lot all night during dinner but it sucks for me to not share the moment with someone I cherish. Yes, I am jealous. Random moments during dinner would have been so nice to rest a paw on that special someones thigh, to share the experience with, to lean over for a quick embrace of smiling puckered lips, and I really felt alone when we all departed the restaurant. How I would have loved to held hands while walking under the moonless evening. Giggling our way to the car, opening the door for, and pointing out something gratifyingly meticulous about their demeanor that I appreciate. It is those insignificant gestures that I ache for. I want what everyone else at the table has. Someone I Can Count On 


Went to the office early, casual bike ride to move around the previous nights meal, and then raked leaves in three separate yards. The street sweepers arrive this Thursday so all the leaves need to be raked out to the street by then. The Dude surprised me with a phone call and inquired if I wanted to maraud around downtown on bikes. Hellz Yez

We quickly threw Sassy Cowboy Costumes together and ventured towards downtown with adult beverages in hand. For the past two summers, duh, downtown has been dead. We rode downtown for the 4th and there was nobody out and about. But Saturday before Halloween was another story to write home about. 

The madness poured onto the streets and caged up costume wearing yahoos were in full force. The Dude and I slowly rode around the mean streets of GJ and rang out our bicycle bells. Cat Calls After Cat Calls! This would be the first time in years that The Dude busted out the spirits. The hard stuff has ripped his guts up and heartburn just isn't worth it. So when he handed me over a flask of Pendleton Whiskey, I was shocked again by his behavior. I forgot how much I appreciate the kahlua overtones of Pendleton's Whisky. 

We caught up with a number of hooligans that we hadn't seen in years. My niece and her boy were out and in costumes and we chatted for awhile. Pretty much a steady stream of characters lined Main Street throughout the evening. When we decided we had enough Reindeer Games, having no clue or concept of time, it was 1:30am. 


Now we are talking!! Sunday night was Halloween and I couldn't wait as it is still my favorite holiday. Hands Down!! The theme for our group this year was Guardians of the Galaxy.  

They all had costumes they ordered online and I wasn't all that excited about the leftover cast to choose from. So I made the bold move to render my own space alien from a Galaxy just beyond M55. The face paint took me almost a full hour to finally pass my standards. I cut the bottom off of a 2 litter soda bottle, filled it with battery operated lights, and hair sprayed the hell out of my hair. I am fortunate enough that I can wiggle my hairline/ears which allowed the latex eyelash over my third eye to wink. That was a huge hit with the group!! That and my hidden laser pointers in my flight suit. 

L to R; Tanner the farmer, The Dude as Thanos, Roni as Cousin to Yondu, Hailey Bird as Gamora, Avery as Groot, Jo Jo as Rocket Racoon, Baby Daddy as Star Lord, Kalinderrrrrrrs as Nebula, and Me Myself & I. Did have one little snafu as I had glued a bunch of rusty bolts to a strap of fake leather to wear over my shoulder like Bandolier Style. But the glue just didn't hold and turns out was just A OK because navigating my spacecraft was nearly impossible already. Thats A Whole Other Story

The neighborhood kids we crossed paths with all made mention of my character. Clearly was a roaring success and worthy of the efforts. I went to every door with little Jo Jo. Reminded her to say Happy Halloween, Trick OR Treat, and THANK YOU. If I didn't remind her, she wouldn't say a word. Total Classic 

Wasn't all that late when the parents called it a night. I could have easily embarked upon another neighborhood but was denied by the responsible adults. Cant wait for Avery and Jo Jo to grow up so we can get after it. Below are the beverages of choice over the weekend. The Ozark Blues Brew's Double IPA was delicious at 8.7% APV but the holiday STONE Brewery Best Before 10/31/2021 @ 9.2% was a chewy suburb handcrafted masterpiece. Should have purchased a full case of that limited edition. Only Two Cans Left - Hint Hint 

November 1st was truly the day of the dead for me. I rode the commuter bike to work and my thoughts drifted off about so many of my friends that have passed on to the other side. Even feeling pretty rough I was able to manage somehow to fix a treadmill and solve a squeaky bearing on an elliptical trainer. And after work, yes, did more raking of leaves. It pays well but manual labor so blows. Pretty sure I only have about two more weeks of mowing yards and I shouldn't have anymore swamp coolers to winterize. So Thats Cool 


  1. Dry Out The Liver
  2. Add Plant Based Meals To The Diet
  3. Notice The Joyous Occasions 
  4. Cultivate More Happiness 
  5. Elevate My Game

As Always, You All Rock