Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday Radio

Life Is Good, Life Is Gr8, & Life Has Wonderful Surprises Around Each Corner. In Other Words….. Shadow Boy & I Had A Really Relaxing & Enjoyable Weekend.

Saturday was a sweet trail run. I let The Boy Dog off his leash & I concentrated on relaxing my body while in motion. Totally felt strong & didn't need 2 walk much. The high desert soil was soft & workable. And we were not alone. 27 1/4 RD was packed w/ATVs, Motorbikes, Mt Bikes, A Sandrail, & Other Dog Walkers. The weather was awesome. Then, not long after walking throughout the door & feeding the dogs, my neighbor asked me if I wanted 2 play Pickle Ball. I never heard of it but what the hell. Super fun game & looks like tennis but on a smaller scale. By this point, the wind had kicked up, the temp picked up, & away we played. The games is a mix of tennis, badminton, & racquetball. Most of the strategy from tennis is thrown out the window. I stopped the whole idea of spinning the wiffle ball off my wooden paddle. The 1st game of 3 was me over thinking the game but I claimed victory. Game 2, I skunked the sh*t out of Todd, felt kinda bad. By Game 3, I would just hit the ball at him & he would blast it long or 4 feet 2 wide of the court. But Damn I Had Fun. I Can See Myself Playing A Lot More. Or at least motivating Todd because I don't have 40 bucks 2 burn on a set.

Sunday, I woke up w/the Boy Dog & I spooning & Old Smokey laying on the floor next 2 me. Maybe the wind scared them because Smokey always sleeps in the office by himself. Sure was a nice way 2 wake up. They were both stretching & yawning & all kinds of puppy like. You just know its going 2 be a grand of a day when the dogs are happy.

We spent the day working in the raised beds out back, flipping from F1 racing 2 Indy car, English Premier Soccer w/Everton winning AND Liverpool winning, & some NCAA MADNESS!!! Before I knew it, I had 2 cruise out the door. I was covering the radio show On The Trails. Super fun show 4 me. 3 hours of music that I wanted 2 hear, loads of phone calls, & CrackBook postings encouraging my behavior. Those hours flew on by as the time lapse shows. And yes I recorded the show if anyone wants a copy.

Last night the Boy Dog & I walked our no excuse loop. There wasn't a head wind, THERE WAS WIND!!! I checked noaa & 28mph w/ gust recorded at 52mph. I didn't see any fences down or tree limbs that had fallen but I will check on some neighbors in a bit. We have some old tall trees & I have some very old neighbors that don't get around as well but are always happy 2 tell me how 2 re-do projects 4 them. Funny Folks But Nice Folks.

Can U Believe 2mar Is April Fools???????


#1 I Pledged 2 ride my bike every day during the month of April. Thanx 2 the Bikes For People Challenge.

#2 Trail Run w/the Western Slope Runners on Tuesday & Saturday. Also, meet w/them on Thursday 4 a timed 5K & do some marketing.

#3 30 Day Planked Challenge!!! 30 Day Squat Challenge!!! And 50 Sit Ups & 3 X 10 Perfect Pushups!!!

My Motivation!! Love This Guy!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Radio Time

I am hosting the On The Trails at 3pm…… Cant Wait….. www dot kafmradio dot org

The Boy Dog On The Trail

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Trail Running

Somewhere along the line society has been given the message that running is bad for us. If you believe that, then don't even attempt running because it will likely be a huge disappointment for you. On the other hand, if you are willing to drop your biases, then you may find joy in the freedom and simplicity of running. The truth is that running is not bad for us, but that we need to learn to run the right way. It sounds silly since running is something we have done since childhood, but the Western world is honestly pretty poor at it (in general). We are overweight, competitive/results-oriented, and surround ourselves with comforts and technologies. None of those things is particularly good for a new runner.

I found this on the blog STRANGELY ALIVE & this passage totally resinated w/me. Shadow Boy Says," If you hate running or have a preconception about running, maybe you should look at that gut that you are caring around." Now turn off the TV, disconnect from the PC ( Mac or iPhone ), & start walking.

So last night my friend Faith from CB scored me a tix 2 see Willie Nelson's Son at the Mesa Theater. Now you may already know how I feel about the Mesa so I will spare you from that rant. FINALLY, just after 10pm, Lukas started. Again, free ticket!! Lukas on guitar, Cory ( Faith told me the name of a famous band he used 2 play in ) and 2 animal percussionist that made up this 4 piece band. The 1st few songs were pretty good but nothing that jumped off the stage. I really enjoy the cover tunes!! A Jimi song, another rock song that I can't recall the OG band, they ripped a blues-style After Midnight, Smell-A Woman by the Doors, & a kick a$$ cover of Pearl Jams Breathe.

Lukas Nelson is way high energy!! I dig that!! I would recommend seeing this band anywhere but the Mesa. I also give them boys a lot of credit because they are from Seal Beach ( sea level ) California. They never looked winded & NO SET BREAK!! I totally dig that!!! None of that asking the crowd stupid questions. JUST PLAY!!!


My neighbor stopped by & asked if I would like a game of Pickle Ball. Never heard of the game. "Why Not." I said. Simple overview is a small tennis court & a whiffle ball. Dude, I crushed him. We played 3 games & he only score 7 goal points. After a shucking the 2nd game, I asked him if he wanted 2 just rally a bit. He wanted blood!!! So we played & I worked him good. I didn't mean 2 & I never played before & now he is all fired up 2 play in the evenings & have me play "partners" in a tournament sometime in April. I think I will let him cool his jets & rethink this idea. But hell, if he pays the entry fee, What Else Is Possible?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Feeling Gr8

So Stoked!!

Yesterday was awesome!! Shadow Boy & I were going 2 be timed ( Thanx so much West Slope Runners Group ) again on a 5k. I learned so much from 2 weeks ago. I showed up early, stretched pretty well, & got the blood flowing. Folks started showing up near 5:30pm & before I knew, Mr Tim was saying," Lets Get After It." Something like that.

Now, a little dog & 2 gals were standing off 2 the side, another lady had her dog, I had the Boy Dog. Shadow Boy ran by the little dog because he was focus on the lead dog. I had 2 pull back a bit & call out 2 Shadow "EASY BOY" as I just can't run that fast. Shadow Boy finally relaxed & we had a good rhythm going. As we were running along, checking out the clouds, I saw Mr Tim shooting a quick video of THE WEST SLOPE RUNNERS. My question was this," How the hell did he get up here so damn fast?"

 Just before we went under the train trestle, I had 2 walk. It was time & I am so glad we did. Walking along the river trail is so peaceful. The river, ducks, wind, & oh the wind. Full on head wind which was kinda nice because I cooled me off a bit. Before I knew it Shadow Boy & I were running again. Really relaxed style of running. What does relaxed mean?? It means that I had some slack on his leash. He wasn't focused on other dogs & I felt better about my posture & speed.

We hit the turn around point & I felt as if we were much slower than 2 weeks ago. I even remember feeling OK about this because I just enjoy watching Shadow Boy do his thing in his own world. We off & on walked & ran until the last flat stretch of trail. We began the commitment of running until the end. I noticed that I was taking 4 steps per slab. My body ( Mostly Hips ) didn't feel good if I only hit 3 steps per slab. Shadow Boy & I were on the home corner I was feeling a 41- 45min run. 2 my complete surprise, I pulled out my phone & saw 36:50!!! Then, I felt on top of the world because Mr Tim called out the time & even he knew that we were 2 seconds faster than last time.

After I got Shadow Boy in the car & water was had by both of us…… We just looked at each other & smiled. The way a dog smiles & you know he is happy just being.

I talked w/Mr Tim inside Edgewater Brewery & he told me stories about 100 mile races. Do I see myself running 10 miles???? NOT YET. But 100 miles, oh sh*t no. I couldn't imagine running from GJ 2 Montrose & then turning around & running back. I say this because from my driveway 2 the  Montrose airport its 57 miles. People who run 50, 75, or 100 miles are awesome. They Are. I know that I am rocked after a century ride, but a run. WoW

2day I felt really loose & my ankles weren't sore. My left hammie felt good & walking all the dogs 2day was a OK. 2mar I am going 4 a trail run & hope Mother Nature treats us well. Happy Trails

Monday, March 24, 2014

Awesome Time Being Lost

Little Water Would Be Nice
 The Boy Dog & I started out early 2 explore a trail by the name of More Fun. I totally missed the trail head that connects 2 More Fun. Shadow & I drove until we hit a 4x4 road & him & I agreed that we would stop there. We started off on a 45min climb, during this time, I knew I made a mistake in directions but damn that Boy Dog was happy about living life. Near the top of our 1st climb, I noticed this beautiful valley, the farm lands painted green, the sandstone in the washout areas, the depth of the richness in the juniper trees. We continued along the small ridge & up & over the rolling hills. Shadow & I struggled up the hills, meandered along the downhill, & slowly fell 4ward on the flat lands.
Smokey Distance

Cool Hand Shadow Boy

Looking West 2wards Utah AND NO SMOKE!!!

Love This Dog
We hit a little area where some kind of transmitter is located. The sign said DEAD END. Shadow & I hiked 1hr & 22min at this point. After a look around, some refreshing water, we started back. My legs felt Gr8!! In my mind, it was like a marathon run. I ran the trail very slowly & checked my posture often. I slowed when running uphill & walked when decending the trail. My feel felt strong & my hips were pain-free. So Nice!!! Shadow Boy would get a little ahead of me & find some shade. Then he would fly on by me. It was his interval training. Back 2 the car we went. Shadow & I crossed paths w/a horse & rider. Shadow looked at me like," What Kind Of Dog Was That & No You Cant Ride Me Like That!!"

My 1 little down fall was this, my left hammie locked up. Total Drag!! Just before I took these photos of the Boy Dog, I felt my left ham cramp ever so slightly. I didn't think much of it but by the time we got back 2 the house it felt like a golf ball was under my skin. It doesn't hurt when I use the foam roller but its just sitting there like a damn lump. Should be good 2 go by Wed….. WE HOPE

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Friday Folks!!!

Ryan BLK & White

The Blue Z

 Ya gotta love a road trip 2 Aspen when it starts with," We have 2 stop 4 gas?" Classic

Instrumental Jam

The Red Washes Out

Getting After It
After loading up the Blue Z, filling the tank, & selecting the tunes……..
Jake, Amazing

Even The Band Watches Jake
…….. Away we went.
Ryan Slappin' That 5 String Bass

We were so lucky 2 stay w/Aspen Steve 4 the 2 night run. We brought up a ton of food, 18 Ranger I.P.A.'s, & enough clothes 4 a blizzard. The drive up I-70 was uneventful & a little dusting of snow near the Aspen Airport. Total score by riding the free bus into town!!!
 The Tuesday Night show had a pretty simple 1st set. Nipple Trix> Turn & Run was awesome 4 me. Party Peeps was The Blue Z's call and the cover Let's Dance 2 end the set rocked. I dig it when the whole place sings along. The whole 2nd set went off UM Style!!! Ringo can go deep or flat out blow up. UM even pulled of a Pay The Snucka that was exactly what the Belly Up wanted. The Miami Virtue in the middle of that jam was so electrifying. The Floor ended the 1st night & the crowd wanted more. I was beyond satisfied w/the show. We talked about it on the bus ride back & I wondered how UM could top that show?!?!?
David Bowie Cover, LETS DANCE
 The second night was UNREAL!!!! Friends from GJ showed up, the place was packed, & I was blown away by all the young attractive girls in attendance. UM shows are a sausage fest, but not 2nite kids.

Heavy Metal Encore
 The opener was a killer tune called Depth Charge that grooved into Hurt Bird Bath. Each song from there went long & the jams were full of each band member looking at each other as if 2 say," Hell Yes, You Take It!" The sound was passed around & the crowd got a little soupy 4 a rockin' UM style. Ending that 1st set night #2 went Higgins> Sweetness> Conduit. I was stoked!!! I told the Blue Z, "That was my pinnacle of this 2 night tour." 

Then the 2nd set opened w/Slacker!! I knew I was in 4 a treat!!! Utopian Fir went into about a 14min jam w/everyone shedding their skin in the crowd. Holy Smokes was it amazing. Next up was Booth Love and UM went deep & dark 4 sure. I was so impressed by the stage presence of the band. Jake sings this tune, yet the band was wording the lyrics off mic. UM acted as if it was the 1st time they have ever played Booth Love. The Bottom Half ( Dig This Song ) started out rocking w/heavy drums from Kris & morphed into a dub, reggae, HOLY SH*T Pink Floyd cover. That 1st note of Breathe from Jake's guitar lit me up & I told The Blue Z its Floyd. He threw me a confused look & the lady next 2 him said," Dude, you called it." Best Floyd cover that I have ever heard period. Better than Shine On You by The Cheese in SF,CA New Years 2005/06. UM pulled out of that jam into a Bluegrass style of Mullet 2 end the set. How? How Did They Do That?? I will be buying these 2 shows from UM Live just 4 the 2nd night of the second set. Everyone in the crowd was blown away & we all talked about how lucky we were 2 have seen this live. What Did We Just Witness???
The Crowd Went Nutzzzz
 UM came back out & Brendan Bayliss asked us all," Are You Ready 4 This?" I thought I was BUT UM went off. They got after it & I swore it was KILLEM" ALL from Metallica. The encore was Wizard Burial Ground & it was totally in your face. I Felt Alive!!! I still feel it just blogging about it. My side notes look like this: Belly Up's light show D-, The Sound D-, Crowd B+, & UM was an A++. Now, I dig the Belly Up & always have but the light show was non-exsitant 4 sure. The music was way 2 loud. Yes, I always wear earplugs & even then it was flippin' loud. The set break tunes were lame & so loud that folks were taking note. What The Hell Belly Up??? The crowd was young but very polite. Only a few drunks acted like dicks but we witnessed a gal totally put a "dipsh*t" in his place which was cool. Way cool!!! If it wasn't 4 booze, the crowd would have received an A 4 the night. Umphery's was totally off the hook & by far the best 2 night run that I have seen them pull off. They were into both shows, They played so well together, & They smiled, pointed, & interacted w/the crowd all night. Beautiful!!  On Another Side Note: Umphery's Home Page has a free link 2 download their 1,000 show from Sacramento California. Yes, Totally Free!! I did last night & what a gr8 show 2 have in your arsenal!!!
Can We Go 4 A Run Now????
So the Boy Dog & I have a big day here in GJ. 64F & we have some chores 2 do, March Madness 2 watch, & a trail run in the desert. Should be posting more photos soon from our adventures 2 come. Thanx 4 Stopping By & Think Of Others

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

 What A Gr8 Place!!!!
Backing up, my friends Hugh & Kelly allowed me 2 pet sit Pinto Bean not 2 long ago. In return, they gave me a 25 dollar gift card 2 CHOW DOWN.
So I went yesterday 4 the 1st time & was looking 4 a collapsible H2o bowl 4 the Boy Dog. I found open scoop bins of dog treats.
And I Scored Big Time!!! The employees were absolutely terrific!! They showed me all kinds of goodies & then went above the call of duty & hooked me up w/all kinds of dog food samples.
They treated me the way I wanted 2 be treated….. LIKE A PAYING CUSTOMER!!!
Here is the looooooooooot. And the water bowl is made from recycled bike tubes!!! Oh Doctor!!  www dot cycle dog dot com

So last night was close 2 armageddon because Mother Nature opened up her lungs. Our local NOAA site posted 58mph wind gust here in GJ,CO. Shadow Boy & I were up early w/a chain saw in hand, drill, & wood screws. Trees were down & little limbs were everywhere 4 sure. The neighbor down the street had her fence blown over & I know she has a dog. I underestimated the weight of that fence but got it back up. The old lady wanted 2 give me money, wanted 2 feed me, etc but I was on my way 2 the next stop. All morning I filled the truck w/tree debris & headed 4 the Green Waste Facility. Obviously the clean up was my way of given back. And Shadow Boy was stoked 2 eat his frozen bone & go along 4 the ride.

Now its time 2 start packing 4 Umphery's McGee at the Belly Up. ITS FINALLY HERE BABY!!! Oh Wait, Don't Tell The Boy Dog.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Monday ( Sing Along )

What a wonderful weekend & epic style of weather!! Saturday I left the GoPro in the back room on a 10sec time ( 7.2GB's Worth ) lapse while I went downtown 2 meet up w/a client. Rode the commuter bike & meandered on down the rode because of the wind. In between houses was rather calm but out in the open I was sand blasted by the open dirt lots. The skies turn into a dark purple almost snow like conditions. The wind whipped from the north & any second the clouds were going 2 open up & dump. Was riding a bike such a good idea???? YES, it was because like always NOTHING fell!!!! No Rain, No Snow, Just Wind, & Clouds.

The evening offered up an outstandingly mesmerizing MOONrise. The setting sun lit up the clouds 2 the east w/an unreal pinkish, lavender, pillows of clouds w/a happy full moon just above the Grand Mesa. Those clouds were still moving towards the south so we saw the moon pop out a number of times as if Mother Nature allowed us 2 see the rise of the moon a number of times. AWESOME!!
Sunday started out w/a calming breakfast of fruit, granola, & yogurt. I pretend like nothing was going on as 2 not stir up the Boy Dog. FAIL. He knew something was up & started his famous Tip-Toe-N-Slow-Mo. He is such as classic & the love of my life!! Once he saw me load up his backpack he went ape SH*T 4 sure. Him & I were headed 4 the foothills of Paonia. In my mind, we were leaving the "burn" season. Heading south 2wards delta was beautiful & took me back many moons from my past employment. When coming around the corner before the glider airport, how wrong I was. Delta & Montrose were socked in w/smoke. The air quality was awful as can be & the San Juan Mt Range was nowhere 2 be seen. Total Drag. Turning east & traveling 2wards Hotchkiss was a little better but that smoke smell soooooo sucks it!!! I have always liked the little towns of Hotchkiss & P-Town. I always said that I would live there IF WORKING WAS A POSSIBILITY!!!!

Pulling into P-Town has always been a favorite of mine. This little community surrounded by snow capped mountains & open space of agriculture. Shadow just about jumped through the roof of the car because he knew what was coming up. We arrived at Amber & Judd's place & Shadow couldn't contain himself. He was crying, whining, & pacing around the back of the car. CLASSIC. Judd was heading out 2 fly his plane & Amber was happy 2 hike w/the Boy Dog & I. The trails were mostly dry. Some soft spots in the shade but hard & dry in the sun. Our hike flew by as Amber & I talked & the Boy Dog ran his 3:1 ratio. His 3 miles 2 our mile. What a beautiful day………..

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Friday Radio Show

The good folks of The Kitchen Sink were on until 1pm. Then I took over as I hosted my 1st Paradise Cafe. Beautiful day here in GJ, stoked 2 be hosting a daytime slot, & an easy bike ride into town. The Boy Dog & I had a relaxing walking under a bight A$$ moon last night. All Is Well & Looking 4ward 2 The Rest Of The Weekend.

What If Everyone Started Riding Bikes?!?!? What If Everyone Started Commuting 2 Work On A Bike?!?!? What If Everyone Simply Walked After Dinner?!?!? What If Everyone Walked During The Sunrise?!?!?!

Mental/Emotional Impact
  • 37 percent more smiles
  • 163,607 (or 18.7 percent) fewer divorces annually
  • 29.3 million happier marriages
Economic/Commercial Impact
  • National productivity lost fro sick days could be reduced by 50 percent from 2.3 percent to just 1.15 percent
  • A 1.15 percent improvement in productivity could lead to $25.3 billion in new exports or a $25.3 billion increase in GDP
Health/Medical Impact
  • $143 billion savings in health-care costs
  • 200 million inches lost from American waistlines
  • 48.1 million fewer cigarettes smoked daily
  • 116,000 fewer hip replacements annually
  • Increased average life expectancy of 6.2 years in men and 5.6 years in women
  • 63 million happier dogs (based on increased walks/runs
  • 135 million fewer hours spent watching TV
  • 14 billion fewer house spent online

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Friday Folks!!!

Yesterday Was A Gr8 Day!! Woke up feeling alive & well. After a morning bike ride around town, I finally started my seeds in egg shells. Rainbow Chard, Red Sail Lettuce, & Green Leaf Spinach. Plus, after they sprout, straight into the soil. They felt warm & happy this morning in the kitchen window.

Wanna see some studs ( Yes, Women As Well ) from the Western Slope Runners??? Here are a few of them. And they are flippin' fast!!!! As you may or may not know, I have been following a blog named Foot And Feathers for about a year or so now. This unreal endurance athlete Tim Long just moved here 2 the valley & is making waves. Plus, he is my inspiration & The Boy Dog's Motivation. I caught his radio show w/Dave Grossman & Robin on KAFM. It was way awesome because they spoke about the effects of tourism. Last years Labor Day weekend beer gardens during the Off-Road Race, Robin was checking ID's and she mentioned how many ID's from out of state she saw. I had a similar experience when I was checking ID's during the HITS Triathlon last May. The radio show discussed other running groups around town & how they all change dates 2 accommodate each other. I Dig That. You could hear that it wasn't an ego thing, wasn't a run until you puke thing, & it was inviting for sure. Very casual & perfect for a noon hour community affairs program. 

I sent Tim a message asking if he would be able to time Shadow & I during the 5k Thursday Night FUN Run. I would love 2 have been a fly on the wall 4 that. Tim politely invited us both 2 come on down 2 Edgewater Brewery at 5:45pm. Shadow Boy was stoked when I told him & remained in the garage near his backpack 4 the rest of the day. So finally, I met Mr Tim Long!!! Wanna talk about a powerful son of a gun….. Raw Power. The other runners weren't really all that engaging before the run. By the photo above, Shadow & I hung back a little & you can see a guy talking about Shadow's breed while I was taking a quick photo & Tim was telling us where we are headed & the option of 5k or 10k & so on & so on. As we all lined up at the grain tower 4 the start, Shadow & I took up the rear & The Boy Dog wasn't quite sure what 2 think. My calming reassurance, "ITS OK BOY" "EASY BOY" & then my arms were almost rip out of their sockets. When Tim Said GO!!!! Shadow clearly heard," Pack up & sprint!" It was go time & away we went. I was more than happy 2 walk the 1st football field & find a happy rhythm while we headed west. It took me a good 10min 2 relax & find a posture that suited me. The trail itself rocks!! We were following the Mighty Colorado River & the high cirrus clouds made 4 prefect "running" conditions. Like I would know. Shadow & I would lightly run 4 about 3min & then walk until we wanted 2 run again. We were about halfway 2 the turn around when others were coming back our way. When Shadow & I hit the 5k turn around, it was then that I realized that we were going 2 have the wind at our backs. I gave the Boy some water & he game me that look of BEST DAY EVER HUMAN!!! Yes, he does smile. We strolled along back 2 the brewery & walk/run the rest of the trail. Kids playing disc golf, women in pairs walking, homeless setting up 4 the night, & a few bikers riding on by. The run finished (39:48) back at the grain tower & I think it was nice that everyone was inside having a beer on Tim's dime. Shadow & I walked our cool down & I had some more water 4 the Boy Dog. Not shortly after that, the leaders of the 10k came screaming into the parking lot. Shadow & I looked at each other like," Holy Smokes How Do They Stop After Flying Like That????" The top 3 or 4 10k runners were crazy strong & looked so damn refreshed as if they were just getting started. So much fun 2 watch & be apart of. I was stoked because I wanted 2 finish under 40min, I wanted 2 meet Tim, & I wanted 2 have fun. 

Life is Gr8!! Friday is your day!!! Dream About It & Then Go Do It!!! Also, I am hosting the Paradise Cafe at 1pm GJ,CO time. www dot kafmrado dot org HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Everyone Else Had Some White Stuff

And The Highlights:
Early morning ride was quite sweet, relaxing, refreshing, & clearly I am a little in my own head. The Boy Dog and I had an evening stroll. Overall, Gr8 Day

The Ok's:
Working on a tile project, creating more work than needed, and back to True Value.

Time Lapse:
Set up the GoPro Sliver on 30 second, 11mp, and battery died after 3 hours-ish. During that time, worked some Ortho on a client. Talk about awesome.

The Ah Sh*t:
Doesn't look like San Diego is in the cards. And I have about 7hrs of music that I need 2 prioritize into 3hrs by Friday's Paradise Cafe.

Shadow Boy:
Has Yet 2 Miss A Meal!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3-11-14 Quick Update

Yesterday was so perfect. Bluebird Colorado!!! The sun feels so good. I headed out rather early on the commuter bike as I was on a mission. After that little failure, I didn't care. I got back on the bike and cruised along. I have no idea how far I rode but I was gone until 2pm. Thats close to 4 hours of riding on the commuter. There weather was awesome, my legs felt Gr8, & wind was at my back all day long.

My evening walk w/the Boy Dog was awesome!!! Again, the temps were sweeeeeet!!! Him & I clipped along at a quick pace. My posture was relaxed & my stride was comfortable. Didn't have the "balled" up feeling but I totally over dressed & who cares??? I was outside. The Boy Dog Was Stoked. All Is Well.

On 2 The Next Adventure…...

Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 8th Already????

He knew I was leaving

What a week!! Last Monday, I started another week of Ortho training. I woke up feeling alive & excited about the classes coming up. Walked the Boy Dog early, ate some steel cut rolled oats, & out the door w/all my paperwork, table, coffee, & a pen w/no ink.

We were all meeting at a new local as we have grown in size. Our new location is a little church downtown GJ & conveniently across from Enstorm Candies. Not a bad location w/windows on the west, east, & south sides. Which is nice!!! 28 folks showed up 4 the 1st day & I was a weeeeee bit apprehensive about a larger group. More distractions but maybe more bodies 4 me 2 observe. Then I hit my "OH PHUC" moment as the same student teacher from December was going 2 teach the class. I was so pissed because I felt like I wasted 5 hundred smackers & wish I hadn't signed up. But….. The optimistic side of me came into play like " She has more confidence" " She more in touch" " This can work" & how wrong I was. The advanced instructor piped in quite a few times & was looked upon almost after every comment was made. Thankfully 4 me our Mon/Tuesday classes were Isometric & Isotonic which basically is a review of Phase IV w/an Iso thrown in. Working w/the pelvis in a Phase IV or Phase V totally rocks & then the Isometric & follow on totally made sense 2 me. I was also kinda blown away by how many of the students came 2 me 4 clarification. I DO NOT HAVE A BIG EGO!!! Really!! This was a Gr8 way 4 me 2 re-engage & I was VERY humble about leading. Lucky 4 me, I was so on my game. I could see, I could read the body, I could read the practitioner, & I just knew what 2 say & how 2 say it. At one point, I was doing a piriformis release, Sheri comes by and says," Wow! The foot is way 2 high & you are putting a major load on the knee. Drop that foot." I must have given her a dirty flippin' look because she stepped back & as we both surveyed the room. The student teacher showed us totally wrong in the demo. Everyone on the tables had their knees at a 90 degree angle. Again, it took all I had 2 keep from blowing up. I took a second & apologized 2 my partner & re-worked the whole region w/complete success.

Wed was a study group & I wasn't all that thrilled about it because I felt like a dumb a$$ because I didn't know what 2 ask. We knew that we wouldn't be doing any on body work & we wouldn't be having an ethics class as that was back in Oct. ( Toot My Own Horn Again. I excelled in that class from my training 3 years prior & brought a lot 2 that class ) So our study group was going 2 be split up & I was stoked about it. Finally a smaller group, a line up w/some of the folks I really like, & back 2 our regular location. Rode my commuter bike down 2 the radio station 2 see Jake & Mariah before heading downtown. As I was riding past the church I saw Sheri & _______ & Sheri asked me if I was in her group. I said," You Bet!!" We waved & away I rode. Well, sense we had a small study group, the instructors decided 2 join the groups. Phuc N drag!!! However, I was wrong. The larger group brought in more ideas, more pathologies, & the 3hr meeting went flying on by.

Thur/Friday was our Phase VI off body energy work. And I was fired up about these 2 classes. Every session I start or finish w/a body flow, I believe in working w/the bodies meridian points, & I use energy on any acute injury. All be damn if I couldn't track SH*T!!! Sheri ( Teaching Solo & I Was Stoked ) gave a demo on releasing the psoas & game on. I went NOWHERE w/my partner. I just wasn't feeling nothing. Next, we did an ear & eye release & I wasn't tracking a damn thing. My partner said that it was in his sinuses, I would move, then his ear, I moved, then his neck, then I moved. Same w/the last gal I worked with. She told me that I was "in" her eyes when I thought I was "holding" her ears. By the end of the day I just felt defeated. During our closing circle, I gave a speech about how I just "SUCKED IT" 2day. Then, of coarse, all 3 of them said they felt "relief" and a "release" and I DIDT SUCK IT!!! Which makes me feel good BUTTTTTTTTTTT I was way swimming in my own head. Ortho-Bionomy works. I Get That. I just wasn't on my game. Friday started much better but Sheri had 2 leave because of a situation at home & our teacher instructor came back 2 help. Everyone but me said how thats OK & thanked the student teacher 4 stepping in. Now, I Get It, teaching is difficult. I should be able 2 cut her some slack. BUT DAMN IT 2 HELL, when you don't show up prepared….. IT SHOWS!!! When you are "winging it" IT SHOWS!!! Lunch was my highlight of the day. All week I would ride the commuter bike home, grab some dog time, & make a sandwich. So Friday I went 2 lunch w/the gals. We laughed & had a blast as a group. After lunch, the folks that had 2 travel home ( Wyoming, SLC, & Eastern Holy Smokes Oregon ) pretty much lost interest in the student teacher & packed out. Our closing circle ended w/8 of us. Total Bullsh%t. If I had paid $300.oo then I wouldn't be bitching about it BUT $700.oo is a huge chunk of change.

So 2day I volunteered as a coarse bike marshall 4 the Dreamcatcher Half Marathon. The racers rejuvenated me & I feel much better about my week. I passed on marketing because there were some runners that had that blank stair of what was I thinking????? Yes, its early in the season & the "real" runners totally stood out & looked way strong. I could have pushed some biz cards but I was there 2 volunteer & remind everyone 2 enjoy the day. And I am OK w/that.

I have a client 4 Ortho at 3pm so I gotta get going. Updating this blog helped me refocus & believe I am doing the right thing. I can move 4ward. Ortho works. I am awesome & so are you

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ortho- Bionomy

Day 2 of classes……. Life is good

The last few days have looked like this: Up Early, eat, stretch, class, eat, walk the Boy Dog, & Sleep