Sunday, June 23, 2019

Impression We Leave

Right after The Palisade Bluegrass & Roots Fest, out to the farming lands I drove. I was invited to work Load Out after the Country Jam Festival. I arrived knowing that a majority of the crew were on day number 15, 20, 25 days straight. So I came into it with a gut full of laughter and ready to deliver empowering affirmations. For A Solid Two Days, We Giggled Like School Girls At Summer Camp

What caught me a little off guard was how well I received. They all remembered me from my manger role but they were incredibly genuine with their inquires as to where I have been. I also began to take note of how a number of them stood before me so present while we shared stories. Definitely a different kind of Country Jam vibe. I Preferred It

Thanx so much for continuing to support, enjoy, and stream my radio shows. Sure hope that its on your radar to stream the station once in awhile. There really is a variety of programing and pretty damn entertaining programers. KAFM Solar Powered Community Radio 

Good Morning 

Here ( ) is the link from the June 20th Magic Carpet Ride featuring audio clips from The Brady Bunch. I covered The Blue Z's time slot and threw out a bunch of 1960's tunes, 1970's classic rock, & some very obscure remixed cover tunes. Solid two and half hour show and I felt like I was in a pretty good rhythm. Received A Lot Of Calls

What A Place To Rest My Head 
June 19th Straight No Chaser Jazz Show w/an assortment of stand up comedy by Jerry Seinfeld , Jim Gaphigan, & Jimmy Fallon. Its an all instrumental two and a half hour program and the comedy clips slithered in perfectly. This particular time slot has a larger following and I was thankful for No Complaints. Could have gone ether way by those faithful listeners. Both of these links are only good for two weeks, worth a listen.

Took these shots in Meeker Colorado because of the life inside these trees. Those evergreens were packed full of Turkey Vultures. I took a few photos upon arrival but wasn't all that impressed. Wouldn't have shared these but the next morning was shocking.

Look at them all!!! There is a Red Headed Turkey Vulture on every limb of that Engelmann Spruce Tree with the alpha sunning itself on top. Meeker just happened to be sitting at 34F/ 1C at sunrise that morning. Let The Games Begin

Cycling & The Gym:
Like hasn't been happening but the body feels great. My Strava numbers are nonexistent this month and I haven't been by the gym weeks. Until today, a majority of what IS on Strava are single track miles. Not necessarily long on miles but huge efforts for sure. 

Any big city folks understand highway congestion but we bear morning tractor traffic. And believe me, I do respect them farmers!! I would bet this farmer was working even before the sun came up today. Plus, I dig the agriculture, the seasons, Mother Nature, and lightning storms.

This Spring Season has produced some impressive displays of BoB Ross oil paintings as well. Our lightning out here crackles through the sky and then seeks the ground with vengeance. Some of these bolts dance off a discharge when making ground/cloud contact for seconds. Like, long enough that everyone has time to point it out. Not just a gasp but an F-Bomb might follow those dazzling strikes. Its Cool Sh*t For Sure

And now for the bad news - Bummer!! A Real Bummer. Its a bummer for everyone. This section of the River Trail is well used by walkers, runners, bikers, commuters, skaters, moms with strollers, and bankside fishermen. Yikes

For whatever reason, I let go of my driver late from every tee box. Whats up with that?!?!?! SO Sucks!! My putts were fine and my approach was par but I couldn't drive worth beans. But Hey, I was outside with the family. H & B brought both kids, dogs in tow, & the sounds from the Mighty Colorado River were bone crunching. So Much Debris Floating By

Some advice that I gave a client. Finding your project brings purpose and a true sense of accomplishment when finishing. Remember how much you grew when you had a project to work with?? Remember how you enjoyed your researching time?? Maybe you were with a family member. Or the excitement when it came time to share your project. Find Your Project 


Sunday, June 16, 2019

Palisade Bluegrass And Roots Festival 2019

This little agriculture town of Palisade Colorado offers unique opportunities to visitors. This weekend was no exception as the 11th annual Bluegrass and Roots Festival kicked off the first day on Friday with an entire line up of Colorado Bands.

Wood Belly took the stage and rang out traditional tunes but in a very clear and precise way. What an opening act, huge props. Chain Station followed with a high-energy american roots riffs under cooler cloudy conditions. Two for two on the day! The Lonesome Days returned ( 2017 appearance ) to the stage adding Eve Panning on fiddle for this tour. Their set however was really slow and sleepy. Maybe others enjoyed but not for me. I happily socialized that set away. No Disrespect Lonesome Days

Now, Rapidgrass on the other hand, Sh*t Fire!! Top Shelf!! Them boys ran a full gamut with their eclectic mix of gypsy, classic bluegrass, swing, pop and world rhythms. They absolutely stole the show on Friday. The evening was capped off by top artist collaborating an impromptu jam with spontaneous remixed cover tunes. On paper, looked pretty damn righteous. In reality, it was one of a kind but not mind melting.

I was upset to see this outdoor TV, duh, Game 6 was the program of choice 
Off to the campgrounds with the masses walking, biking, or stumbled along. I stopped off at the trailer and threw on a pair of pants. June, Pants??? What!?!?!? Pants??? Yup. This was when really magical moments started to take shape. Each little picking party had something special to offer but it was a camp of 3 guitar players that took the cake. These guys morphed into old Civil War tunes that blew my mind. Their camp was placed directly under an old dead cottonwood tree, Mr Moon danced along with the rolling clouds between those barren limbs, Jupiter AND Saturn dotted the night scape, and the laminated high waters of the Mighty Colorado rushed on by. The setting was spooky really. These lyrics included snippets like a lead bullet clipping a knee cap or your bother in arms falling into you with a blood curling battle cry after taking one or firing off a projectile from a prone position as a canon ball from the other side removes your life. I Mean Crazy But Fascinating.

Saturday the 15th opened the festival grounds with Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs. They were entertaining with their original sound but I will have to admit I was distracted by familiar faces that I hadn't crossed paths with in many moons. That is exactly why I so enjoy musical festivals. I love catching up with others. Meantime, Meadow Mountain poured onto the stage and commanded attention. A fantastic set and more on them later in the evening. Chatham Country Line was the only band wearing suits AND proper cowboy hats. They were a bit slower and softer but I gave them props for the rich attire. Then, seatbelt please, Jon Stickley Trio blew apart the sound system.

John Stickley Trio is a genre defying and cinematic instrumental trio, which combines Stickley's innovative flat picking guitar with the sultry spacey melodies of Lyndsay Pruett on violin along with classically trained and heavily jazz-influenced drummer Hunter Deacon to create textural soundscapes. And just because, ripped off a phenomenal Bela Fleck and the Flectones Encore. Are U Flippin Joking

After the story telling set from the sister led folk band Rising Appalachia, back to the campgrounds we roamed. We meander from camp to camp and even had the chance to lounge out in a beautifully hung climbers net about 6 to 8 feet above ground. Thats when this situation turned priceless. Around a campfire stood members from Meadow Mountain, LiL Smokies, And Wood Belly. One banjo, one upright bass, three blazing mandolins, and between 4 & 5 guitars belted out hits, covers, and amazing circle jams. Exchanging names or numbers weren't on the program. Only toe tapping, shuffle style dancing, and fist bumping were the movements by us witnesses.

You know you had a weekend well spent when you smell like a campfire, kind of lightly layered in salty sweat thats crusted to your skin, your super tired but you a bit amped up on a bunch of energy. When I feel like that, I know it was one of the best weekends of the year. Some of those interactions from the weekend were shared with friends, new friendships being created, and defiantly while receiving/giving hugs to well respected old timers. For me, it doesn't matter where you grew up, it's the common denominator of musical language that bonded the friendship during this festival. I Am Smiling From Ear To Ear

Quick 2:40 video for ya, worth the watch. Plus, MRP was a huge sponsor for our Enduro Race and the cinematic photography was shot right here in the high desert around Grand Valley. And to you daughters that lack a father figure in your life, might not wanna watch this one.

Dream Big & Think Of Others First,

Monday, June 10, 2019

Early June & No Miles

The first week out of the Gate for June was rough. I mean a straight kick in the nuts.

I was recently chatting with The Dude about how I need to find my big boy pants and head over and see my vet. The vet has cared for three of my dogs and thats the short/long history.

I haven't been by for a visit as that is the location were Shadow Boy's last breath was taken. The Dude gives me a ring with," Your spidey senses were on par. Got Some Bad News For Ya."

After receiving the Big C news, I called both the land line and the cell numbers to no answer. Rode on down to the office and the gals filled me in that the vet can only whisper but had left for the day.

Haven't seen him yet but I gather he has throat or thyroid cancer so my fingers are crossed that he will beat it.  But still, SH*tty way to end the month.

What a client!! I have been working with a distance runner for over a year now. They originally sought out some treatment for an achilles injury and later on a hamstring issue. Their personal goal is a sub 2:30 marathon in Chicago this fall. They ran a "casual" 2:40 at Boston this year.

Prior to Boston, I introduced them to Body Metaphors. As a practitioner, something was "up" with their lower muscle train, after about 6 or so sessions, I sprang the idea of how a functional muscle unit might become weak. They chewed on this concept and reported back with an abysmal conversation, rather enlightening at times, and a full spectrum of self reflections. Brilliant

So what exactly are these Body Metaphors you wonder?? Lets start simple. The Posterior Plane would be considered Behind Us Now, The Past, or Hidden. Ankle - Grounded Movement, Flexible Stance, or Values We Stand On. Feet - Long Term Goals, Direction Of Movement, or Understanding. Calves - Hesitation, Moving Forward, or Facilities.

Here is the example from when I originally studied these Body Metaphors. Working with a student's balled up calf, I explored some options with questions, this fellow student was dealing with their partner purchasing a newer home. HESITATION

I have a couple of shows coming up. One particular show I am all jazzed up for. Get It?? The other show will be a late 60's throw back.

The throw back show is themed around Tim in San Diego. All dates and web links will follow as those dates near.

As for no miles, not nessecerly a true statement. Kind of like my no foot traffic miles for May. Back in May, setting the course for the Grand Enduro, I did a fair amount of hiking but I passed on the Garmin tracking.

Same for the first week of June. I was on my feet in Ridgeway but the Garmin has been failing as its aging poorly. Still riding to the office on the commuter bike but hadn't gone for a proper ride. Ten days into the month and I have been on the road for 7 of them. Its just been a busy past 3 weeks. Plus, I am pretty sure that Mr Sun was in my eyes and my mind is as muddy as the Mighty Colorado River these days.


  1. Hydrate 
  2. Roll The Road Bike Over The National Monument
  3. Focus On Lifting  & Push Ups
  4. Smile
  5. Pay The Deposit For Septembers Crested Butte Ortho Classes 

3 + 3 + 3 = 9 Best Boy Ever 
So without allowing last month to take up today, adventure on & seek the best possible outcome

Sunday, June 2, 2019

May Wasn't Grey ( San Diego Reference There )

May Numbers:
Bike   - 788mi
Run   - Zero
Hrs    - 53
Activities - 45
PR's  -  16
7 Days Of Traveling
3 Days Active Free

Ended the month of May with some seriously radicle disc golf adventures. Uncle Grubby drove up from Vegas and his brother made a surprise visit from the Front Strange. Four boys being boys and living the good life.

And Then, Influenced By A Few Brews, LP's 101 Kids.

We Played Scratchy Vinyl, Battled A Few Rounds Of Rummikub, & Drank That First Night Away While Cracking Jokes And Reminiscing. So Damn Entertaining

Black Jack 

Those Leaping Lizards are out and about while soaking up the warmth from Mr Sun, the barrel cactus are finally blooming, and all those colorful lilies are still in bloom. A True BoB Ross Vision

I can't seem to get enough. Our Valley looks so healthy and alive and I am enjoying every outing. I was eating my sandwich the other day and that twinkle of time turned into about an hour of simply observing Mother Natures beauty. My Strava that day recorded an hour plus of single track but an ellipse time of 3+ hours. I wasn't just sitting, I was pondering my options. Thats what it was, not slacking. Well, Maybe

The Grand Valley is experiencing "normal" weather patterns for now. Mother Nature rolls in but those thunderheads had south towards Montrose or transition north while spitting lightning bolts. We should be enjoying evening rainbows during the month of June. At Least We Have Cloud Cover

Cup A Jo - Not Bad For A Bluesy Rock Band 

Talk about nice grouping. The Dude's white putter is nearly under the basket. Once I showed Uncle Grubby the four finger grip and rip, he was a teeing off mad man. He Is Hooked

We only keep track of our Birdies when we play so both Grubby and JK appreciated the non-competitive attitudes. And JK always smiled when we would say," Throw Another One." I would go find his first disc and walk on towards my disc while they all threw their approach shot. Go Team Human

The Palisade Brewery offered up a very refreshingly hopped Off-Belay I.P.A. after 18 righteous holes of disc golf. The day was saved for two reasons. #1 I didn't end up throwing my putter in the canal, which from my angle, looked like a goner. #2 Scored a Birdie on Hole 18!!!

We all had a shot at a birdie here on hole #8 but none of us could sink our putts. Sometimes, par isn't such a bad thing. But when your disc crashes into the metal basket with that distinct thud of meeting the dirt down below, THAT SO SUCKS!!

Black & White Loki In Black & White.

In order to keep myself off rookie status, been pounding the H2o like a whale. I happily matched those guys beer for beer but they couldn't quite keep up by day number three. Grubby claimed he was only car sick when he blew chunks, JK hit the road Monday morning feeling way rough, & The Dude & I BBQ'd Monday Night while putting down another 12'r of VooDoo Ranger. Water, Does A Body Good

Uncle Grubby travels with TiKi and enjoys including it in our activities. Here is TiKi on hole #4 of Watson Island's 18 hole course. Apparently, TiKi has its own CrackBook page. Still can't get over how lush our desert floor looks these days.

Sunrises, Best Clean Slate Of The Day 
Out Marking The Course with Monkey 

Feeling back to myself on the push ups front. Sometimes I stop and hold a plank position and other times its slow and controlled. Whatever feels natural at that particular time. Been consciously stretching before bed time and I believe that its helping me fall asleep a little quicker. Sleep, Who Needs It

Legitimate workout regiment until the brothers came to town. I lifted 5 days a week, sometimes Mon-Friday. When I was traveling, I hit the gym on weekends to make up for the missed days. My lunch hours were usually spent lifting and I really don't mind eating on the run. The whole month of May was centered around near max weight for the reps of 10. June is a huge month for me and I wasn't really interested in "hurting" myself in the gym.

One of my favorite routines by far includes shoulders and arms. Chest and arms does the trick alright but my triceps fatigue too quickly for a "proper" chest day. For what its worth, I am noticing my upper traps these days. So Thats Cool

Overall, riding my bike, joy of my life. The gym is a great way to socialize and workout but riding so kicks A$$. Catching majestic rays piercing through those morning clouds, matching the speed of a flying common bird, or dancing on the pedals is bar far my favorite activity.


  1. focus on biz & fitness but wisely & grounded
  2. seeing projects through - irrigation , swamp coolers , keep all ten digits in tact 
  3. rolling the wheels around the western slope - 1,000 mile month??
  4. assist someone in need 
  5. revoke remain repair reform 

Stay Strong, Be Well, & Think Of Others First

P.S. Big Wheel Building is one blog I always look forward to. Their recent blooming desert photos incapsulate the beauty that I have tried to project here for all of you. Check Them OUT
P.S.S. My New Favorite Live Lightning Strikes Map