Sunday, June 2, 2019

May Wasn't Grey ( San Diego Reference There )

May Numbers:
Bike   - 788mi
Run   - Zero
Hrs    - 53
Activities - 45
PR's  -  16
7 Days Of Traveling
3 Days Active Free

Ended the month of May with some seriously radicle disc golf adventures. Uncle Grubby drove up from Vegas and his brother made a surprise visit from the Front Strange. Four boys being boys and living the good life.

And Then, Influenced By A Few Brews, LP's 101 Kids.

We Played Scratchy Vinyl, Battled A Few Rounds Of Rummikub, & Drank That First Night Away While Cracking Jokes And Reminiscing. So Damn Entertaining

Black Jack 

Those Leaping Lizards are out and about while soaking up the warmth from Mr Sun, the barrel cactus are finally blooming, and all those colorful lilies are still in bloom. A True BoB Ross Vision

I can't seem to get enough. Our Valley looks so healthy and alive and I am enjoying every outing. I was eating my sandwich the other day and that twinkle of time turned into about an hour of simply observing Mother Natures beauty. My Strava that day recorded an hour plus of single track but an ellipse time of 3+ hours. I wasn't just sitting, I was pondering my options. Thats what it was, not slacking. Well, Maybe

The Grand Valley is experiencing "normal" weather patterns for now. Mother Nature rolls in but those thunderheads had south towards Montrose or transition north while spitting lightning bolts. We should be enjoying evening rainbows during the month of June. At Least We Have Cloud Cover

Cup A Jo - Not Bad For A Bluesy Rock Band 

Talk about nice grouping. The Dude's white putter is nearly under the basket. Once I showed Uncle Grubby the four finger grip and rip, he was a teeing off mad man. He Is Hooked

We only keep track of our Birdies when we play so both Grubby and JK appreciated the non-competitive attitudes. And JK always smiled when we would say," Throw Another One." I would go find his first disc and walk on towards my disc while they all threw their approach shot. Go Team Human

The Palisade Brewery offered up a very refreshingly hopped Off-Belay I.P.A. after 18 righteous holes of disc golf. The day was saved for two reasons. #1 I didn't end up throwing my putter in the canal, which from my angle, looked like a goner. #2 Scored a Birdie on Hole 18!!!

We all had a shot at a birdie here on hole #8 but none of us could sink our putts. Sometimes, par isn't such a bad thing. But when your disc crashes into the metal basket with that distinct thud of meeting the dirt down below, THAT SO SUCKS!!

Black & White Loki In Black & White.

In order to keep myself off rookie status, been pounding the H2o like a whale. I happily matched those guys beer for beer but they couldn't quite keep up by day number three. Grubby claimed he was only car sick when he blew chunks, JK hit the road Monday morning feeling way rough, & The Dude & I BBQ'd Monday Night while putting down another 12'r of VooDoo Ranger. Water, Does A Body Good

Uncle Grubby travels with TiKi and enjoys including it in our activities. Here is TiKi on hole #4 of Watson Island's 18 hole course. Apparently, TiKi has its own CrackBook page. Still can't get over how lush our desert floor looks these days.

Sunrises, Best Clean Slate Of The Day 
Out Marking The Course with Monkey 

Feeling back to myself on the push ups front. Sometimes I stop and hold a plank position and other times its slow and controlled. Whatever feels natural at that particular time. Been consciously stretching before bed time and I believe that its helping me fall asleep a little quicker. Sleep, Who Needs It

Legitimate workout regiment until the brothers came to town. I lifted 5 days a week, sometimes Mon-Friday. When I was traveling, I hit the gym on weekends to make up for the missed days. My lunch hours were usually spent lifting and I really don't mind eating on the run. The whole month of May was centered around near max weight for the reps of 10. June is a huge month for me and I wasn't really interested in "hurting" myself in the gym.

One of my favorite routines by far includes shoulders and arms. Chest and arms does the trick alright but my triceps fatigue too quickly for a "proper" chest day. For what its worth, I am noticing my upper traps these days. So Thats Cool

Overall, riding my bike, joy of my life. The gym is a great way to socialize and workout but riding so kicks A$$. Catching majestic rays piercing through those morning clouds, matching the speed of a flying common bird, or dancing on the pedals is bar far my favorite activity.


  1. focus on biz & fitness but wisely & grounded
  2. seeing projects through - irrigation , swamp coolers , keep all ten digits in tact 
  3. rolling the wheels around the western slope - 1,000 mile month??
  4. assist someone in need 
  5. revoke remain repair reform 

Stay Strong, Be Well, & Think Of Others First

P.S. Big Wheel Building is one blog I always look forward to. Their recent blooming desert photos incapsulate the beauty that I have tried to project here for all of you. Check Them OUT
P.S.S. My New Favorite Live Lightning Strikes Map


  1. I love that lightning map. We had some very nearby hits yesterday. I need to be wiser about getting inside when storms hit.

    I agree about biking. It is "the best"! The desert looks stupendous right now. Very late cactus bloom, isn't it?

  2. That Lightning Site Becomes Very Addicting - Be Aware - HA

    The Cactus are a wee bit late but so vibrant and rich with color


  3. Sleep who needs it? ME! Late nights are for young folks. Happy hour is there for a reason...

    I love your album collection and I have that Cheap Trick album. I may even have a guitar pick from a concert I attended in high school...we had 3rd row at the Chicago Ampitheater (now just a memory).

    1. Well, Back When I Was A Young Buck, I Could Sleep Through Anything.

      And It Sounds Like You & I Could Talk All Night About The Concerts We Attended. Have A Brilliant Week!!


  4. Great post as always. Disc Golf is a legit thing in Colorado, we have it here as well but not nearly on the scale that Colorado has embraced it. Visited some relatives in the Littleton area a few years back and was amazed at some of the courses out that way. Pics on that Big Wheel blog are just insane! Good luck trying to hit 1k for mileage this month, you got it.

    1. We sure do enjoy a free round of disc out here. I have played quite a few courses over on the front strange as well. Another one of my favorites is in Leadville Colorado. Hope to throw some plastic after riding some insane single track with ya.


  5. Big Wheel Building is excellent Padre, fabulous photos of your beloved desert. Love your shots of the cactus blooming, it always surprises me how cactus can have such exotic blooms. Sounds like you've been burning the candle at both ends, enjoy some quiet time too 😉

    1. Not really, just warming up as the twins will be here in less than a month. Stoked you checked out the BWB site. Amazing Photos In Every Post!!


  6. Spending time outside and in nature is good for the soul! Love the pictures!

    1. Many Thanx Beth & Jax Would Run Wild Out Here


  7. Love those vinyls, some great bands and tunes. Fun games with disc golf, the blooming cactus is pretty impressive. Great captures and have a wonderful day/evening.

    1. And those are just a "scratch" of the collection. HA
      Many thanx for always dropping such pleasant comments Bill.


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