Sunday, March 20, 2022

March MADness of 2022, Already??

Sometimes I Feel I've Got To     Run Away, I've Got To    Get Away From The Pain You Drive Into The Heart Of Me          The Love We Share     Seems To Go Nowhere      And I've Lost My Light     For I Toss And Turn    I Cant Sleep At Night   Once I Ran To You     Now I'll Run From You    This Tainted Love You've Given     I Give You All A Boy Could Give You    Take My Tears And Thats Not Nearly All     Tainted Love 

Soft Cell

Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret 1981 

Hello All,

I sit here in front of this keyboard to proclaim my ONLY complaint. TIME!! Where The Phuc Has The Time Gone?? Where did January go? And just where did that lovely month of February go? So yes, my one and only gripe today is that time is flying by and I am clearly one Sh*tty Pilot. I truly prefer you dinosaurs out there spare my feelings and please don't remind me that it only goes faster the older we get. Big Hugs  


I was given the honor of performing my second ever wedding ceremony and what a privilege. 

The bride and groom hosted a very small gathering above the Powderhorn Ski Resort and the location was beyond words. That snowshoe adventure took our group just over an hour and we gained 980ft / 298m in elevation. I did my my best to keep everyones spirits up while we hiked along. I would call out to the momma bear and say things like,  "I'm Hungry" and "Go ask the groom to come back here and carry me" and towards my friendI shouted out to the momma bear " Katie is bothering me again " and then folks began to chime in with other catch phrases like "Are we there yet" and "Will the marriage last longer than this hike" as we trekked across the switch backs. Super Fun Group 

I only had a few days to prepare and the whole " asking" was a story in itself. The first weekend of March I met with a client that I know well. After the session they asked," What are you doing on the 12th of March?" I was thinking that they were rescheduling another session but were they were asking me to attend their wedding on the 12th. 

Nope!! They wanted me to officiate their wedding ceremony. Ok, here we go. Apparently they went out on their first date March 12th 2012. So obviously they decided to get hitched 10 years to the date later. 

The three of us finally met up on Thursday the 10th, I wrote, choreography, and performed two days later.

And Nailed It!!! I gained even more knowledge for future weddings, felt confident in my bones, and was able to incorporate all the highlights the bride and groom asked of me during their wedding ceremony. The mother of the groom was way stoked and thank me over and over again. So Thats Cool 


Speaking of short notice, covered the Magic Carpet Ride a few nights ago and nail that time slot as well!! Feel free to listen ( HERE ) and turn it up.

I opened the show with the theme to Sanford and Son by Quincy Jones, slipping into some Eek-A-Mouse, and showcased a number of remixed 1980's tunes. Sprinkled in some Stanley Jorden, Eddy Grant's Electric Avenue, surf rock by The Ventures , and dashed in clips from the 1970's TV Show Sanford and Son. Brilliant I Tell Ya  

Even shorter notice, the neighbor across the way from where I was house/dog sitting, jacked themselves up, asked me if I would host the Global Groove Show. So you can listen to that edition ( HERE ) of a World Beat Show as well. I featured cover tunes from around the world. Lou Reed's Take A Walk On The Wild Side in Portuguese rocks! Its Worthy Of A Stream   

I Am Proud Of Both Shows And The Matching Of Creative Clips To The Music Jived. Hope You Dig Them As Well And Thanx For Listening. Insert YOUR Favorite Emoji 


So where have I been? Why have I visited NOT A ONE of you? Why haven't you heard from me in weeks? Whats my story? Tomorrow will be my 63 straight day working. However, I did NOT technically work on the wedding day.

I Sh*T You Not, my days for the past three months have played out just like this...

Up at 4:04am, stretch out while the BLK & Decker brews up some morning magic, on the clock by 5:15 at the latest, clock out by 10am, clock back in with the RC LLC at 10am, working with them until 4pm, clock out, throw leftovers down my throat, and in the office for one or three clients in the evening. 

Photos are worth a thousand words...

Bolted these bars back to back as this is a floating wall. They were originally going to attempt to use drywall anchors and I was like No WAY!! The placement wasn't necessary ideal for what the trainers but now I feel comfortable knowing these racks aren't going anywhere. Those are four 11 inch bolts, waters, and nuts securing those rigs to one another. Solid & Sturdy 

The photo below was a crack up. The guy that I was working with started pounding like a mad man on the other side of the wall. Just as I was about to yell at him to stop, wondering what he was beating on, here comes the bolt through the drywall. He missed high and right by well over 3 inches. I casually walked around the wall to answer his ," Is It In?" question with," Just A Bit Outside."  Classic 

The below photo I snapped off just after removing all the mirrors and hours before I was informed that I would be removing the old ceiling tiles as well. 

The entire second floor is in the process of converting from open space to office cubicles. Some rooms are framed in wood, some in steel, moving existing walls 8 inches one way, and adding light fixtures here and there. 

I have learned so much as its my first go with Steel Studs while creating plumb corners off crooked walls. None of those original walls are square because the soil underneath the building has shifted over the decades. And this was a new one on me, an LED light inside the level. I could literally see the bubble when I was working in the dark closet. Hellz Yez  


Here are a few more before after shots

Will come back in tomorrow and frame out the doorway with 2x4's and then hang the fire door. 


Stellar days in the office and again, time fly's when you're having fun. 

My only time with a saddle between my legs is during my commute to and from the office. But damn if I have been sleeping well. Not for long but quality REM sleeping patterns for sure. 

So that is what I have been up to these past few months. I am completely dumbfounded by the fact that its already the 20th of March. Good News; My March Madness Bracket Kicks A$$!! Not only am I top dog but nobody will catch me as we all have Gonzaga in the final. I have Zags taking down UCLA and I have Providence buzzing out AZ and Zags taking it all after their runner up season in 20 BLK Jack. It's more about the bragging rights than the $$$$$$$. Plus, tooting my own horn here, conquered back-to-back and fourth victory in 6 years. 


  1. Keep All Ten Digits Intact 
  2. Play Well With Others
  3. Travel Safe
  4. Be The Better Person
  5. Point Out The Strengthens Of Others 


I leave you with this time lapse. Three dogs caught the scent of something and dug up three slabs of flagstone. They were a happy tribe visiting me while I laid the stones. This little project took me three hours and didn't really turn me on to tell you the truth. But I enjoyed having them get in my face while I worked on my hands and knees. How Can Ya Not