Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Thankful for the Views from the Western Slope

Beating the heat and heading up Turkey Flats Loop is totally the way to go these days.

The trail is in fantastic shape and offers the best representation of Colorado's State Flower.

Still some evidence of winter as small mud patches are present. Looking for wildlife prints in the mud as I can't get over that bear claw print last year.

Legs felt off, cardiovascular wasn't top shelf, and the bugs continued to find my mouth but the views more than made up for it.

Next Stop, Marble Colorado for the 4th of July because the Boy Dog doesn't dig fireworks.

Are You Seeing This


La Sal Mountains in Utah

Thank You Nancy Rizzo 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

New Monsoon in Dillon Colorado

Gorgous Amphitheater!!

The SF Boys Back Together

DC, Janet, Amber, Judd, Me, & Deb just like old times

This group spent many New Years & Halloweens together

Outdoors, Sunset, Friends = Serenity 

Next Generation 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Seeing The Sunrise

If you wanna ride around here, gotta do it early!! We hit 104F ( previous record was 101F for June 21st ) and rode the triple digits for 5 hours!! Yesterday was beautiful as Mother Nature rolled in and cooled us off.

Started off with mid level clouds only and no real threat. Then CRACK of thunder and a full on down pour. Like flooding down pour. So funny watching everyone freak out about some rain. Of course they think I am completely out of my mind riding my commuter bike in it. Have fenders, Will Ride!!! 
My legs feel strong. My riding is becoming much better and adding miles almost everyday. What I mean is that my confidence is building. Will be taking a break from the saddle today and tomorrow because of live music taking top priority.

Hot Buttered Rum tonight and New Monsoon tomorrow. Both are outdoor shows and both are California bands. Butter Boys are here in GJ and New Monsoon plays a free show up in Dillon. Life Is Good

The Gym Has Been Awesome!!! I was "working" at Country Jam last week and took 5 full days off from lifting. Tuesdays was an arms day only and I didn't real shift much in my routine. I did stand on the Bosu Ball while doing curls and two handed tricep dumbbell exercise. I focused on ROM, activated my stabilizing muscles, and concentrated on breathing with each exercise.

Yesterday was a kick ass chest and legs day while watching a crazy exciting Portugal vs Hungry match. Added weight to the peck deck and controlled the 30lb dumbbell while performing an incline bench press. I know that I can jump up to the 35 pounders but I stayed in control after the 5 day break. Feeling so much better these days

A photo of my "boss" with Gwen here. Scotty allowed his Cadillac to be used for an airport run to pick up Birthday Boy Blake and Gwen. Country Jam was a riot and I am sooooo thankful I was paid again for "working" and enjoying new to me music. ALL the bands were really entertaining and I know nothing of the Country side of things.

All the acts were fantastic and I gave my personal take during my radio show ( will make that CD available if you ask ) but Blake Sheldon was the man. I kid you not!! He was a full step above the rest and sold me on his style. 100% Showmanship!!

The Dude & Avery's 1st Tailgate last Wed
Blake was the only one to be in touch with his surroundings and spoke clearly about farming and hay fields. Each song had a quick story behind it and he played the birthday boy card really well. He knew how to energize the crowd and which hit song to play next as if the crowd had created his playlist.

Those are fans on top of that structure, nice & dusty 
 He played for about a full 6o min and then Gwen came out for a one song duo and then she went off. Holy Sh*T it was amazing. I don't know the name of any of their songs but she rocked out a rap style song from her No Doubt days and the lights matched her performance. They both commanded the stage and the crowd ate it up!!

Everyday, when the gates opened, a stamped of fans would run towards the front to establish there territory for that nights headliner. The sound crew would play JAWS or Metallica or Something loud and crazy.

These fans HAD NOT run since last years Country Jam and should be running but it is what it is. Saturdays opening gates was a noticeably difference in size!! A Shit ton of Blake Fans busted in on through and over half were completely winded before they even started running. Sad but funny as hell to witness.
The dinners were amazingly delightful 
 Zac Brown Band is a must catch act!!! They blew me away and rocked the stage with covers and a crazy cool light show with two differently projection screens. I will see these guys anytime they are in Colorado. They were a perfect Sunday Night closer, I Think anyway
 The Boy Dog while I write this..... And I see 12:34 all the time..... Life Is Good
Goals for the rest of the month are as follows
#1. Building a flagstone patio early before the heat hits.
#2. Lifting at the gym during the heat of the day.
#3. Finishing up a busy month in the office.
#4. Trail running Crag Crest this Sunday w/the Boy Dog.
#5. Catching at least one sunset on the 575 before July 1st.
#6. Creating a structured plan for the indoor train during The Tour.
#7. Hitting the 20 hour mark in the pool before the 1st of July.
#8. Timed mile at Stoker Stadium.
#9. Reminding the Boy Dog that he is loved!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy Monday & Feeling Fabulous

 Epic little weekend of Bluegrass in Palisade Colorado. Beyond Epic week day hike. Another week of working at Country Jam coming up this week.

 TRAINING: Super strong week at the gym. My last update, I recognized a rut. As I typed my routine I could see that I wasn't "blasting" my muscles. Doing the same thing and expecting different results???? Right???

Mon- Arms and then chest. Completely different workout when your arms are fatigued and I really had to focus while working my chest. Tues- Legs and then back. Basically keep the heart rate higher and used a bit heavier weight during the back exercise knowing I wasn't working my biceps this trip around.

Wed was an unscheduled road ride and I passed on the gym. I was simply spinning the legs out and not over powering the quads. Consumed all of my water and had a quick brew with the crew before riding home. Sweet little 53 mile ride for the day.

Thurs- Shoulders and very light weight leg workout. Fri- Full on beast mode with a chest and arm day again. My age plays a huge role these days. I controlled the weight throughout each movement and blasted the hell out of my arms. I felt all pumped up and super strong but by that night I just felt like I hadn't done much?!?!? So weird how age and testosterone brings such a quick shift.

CLIENTS: I have some of the best clients ever!! Last week was one of those weeks were EVERY client consciously overpaid. Thank You Ortho-Bionomy!!

I didn't see any new clients and I didn't really try any new releases. I focused on showing up present, meeting my clients at their model of the world, and noticed what I notice.

One client had slept "funny" on her hip and we started her session Prone ( face down ) and we began with simple shoulder releases. Worked with her spine and her pelvis almost adjusted on its own. Again, Thank You Ortho-Bionomy!!!

Few years back, grasshopper status, I was always nervous when it came to necks. Maybe an old engram from Chiro days. Now, I really enjoy working with necks and the results are amazing. Nothing like feeling a nervous system let go and with a soft focus noticing the body as a whole began healing from within.

This has come into play a lot and I have started a couple of sessions with the neck. I used to pre-judge thoughts that clients would be way too guarded to allow Ortho to work if I started with the neck. SO WRONG on my end. I have noticed that the throat chakra opens and the client begins to discharge out their mouth. They talk away while I release a few points with their neck and that opens up the rest of the body for change, releases, and/or balance.

And on that note, I have been exploring rib releases and diaphragm relationships. This opens up a communication line with their Vagus Nerve ( the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system ) for better understanding of their organ and blood relationships. Again, Thank You Ortho-Bionomy!!
RADIO SHOW: My next show will be next Wed the 22nd of June. I am subbing in on the Uncle TJ Vinyl Archive Show. And Yes, I will be playing LP's and a number of hits from the 50's, 60's, and a few tasty treats from the 70's as well. Needless to say, I am sooooooo looking forward to hosting this show at 9pm mountain time.

www dot kafmradio dot org

Until the next time.... Stay Strong.... Think Of Others... And Stay Hydrated Folks


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Junior College World Series Time

The Dude hooked me up with a free pass for this years ( 59th ) JUCO World Series and I was beyond stoked. I had a full schedule of clients in the office that week so coming and going to the stadium for free became a viable option. I had hoped to catch a game or maybe just the final clash until this pass landed in my hot little hands.

I wasn't compelled to invest any energy following a team or teams. I could just go and be. That was pretty damn cool!! I witnessed the long ball, OF making high school mistakes, and infielders snatching the ball off a line shot that should have resulted in an easy stand up double. 

 I enjoy sitting in the outfield & there is a rather convenient entry/exit next to the bleachers. I rode my bike right up the entrance, catch a few innings, & to the office I would go. You could say that I was into it. Then, rode back for a night game in progress.

The first, second, & third days had 4 games per day. JUCO is a double elimination so the championship game could be on Friday or Saturday. The losers bracket produced some amazingly emotional battles. The Monday of Memorial Day hosted a crazy long fireworks show that was at least 25 minutes long. Way Impressive!!
 And now for some sh*tty news.......
Here is my little garden that I have planted, manicured, & take care of in trade for my free membership. The Silver Sneakers group really appreciate my efforts. The manager was quite pleased with the weed management aspect & was over the top with my design. She thanks me all the time for all my efforts & smiles when she sees me sweeping AND NOT HOSING DOWN THE PLACE.

Me, The Dude, And FJ
 Ortho-Bionomy has changed my perspective in many ways. Despite me, Ortho works!! I have been working with a client now that had several neck surgeries & pops a lot of pills. I just listen while we work together & I do my best not to prejudge when we work. During our second session we had a major break through by releasing her 1st and 2nd rib. That release opened up her scalenes, SCM, and her mandible found its happy place!!

My expecting mothers practice has really taken off because those soon to be mothers tell everyone. Simple sacrum releases have profound results. And again, despite me, Ortho works.

I do have a client that I have ran into a few road blocks with. He had some bone spurs removed & hasn't healed all that well. He came from a referral & that client & I had a brilliant session with his knee & ankle relationship. The bone spur client has had some relief but I am still a little baffled & will see him again this Sunday.

Another client that I work with had a bike crash & supports about a half dollar size scab on his A$$ cheek. Ortho allows me to still release the hip without adding any pain to that acute injury. We always  address his diaphragm, organs, & shoulders in almost every session. We then go from there & allow him to dictate the session. We always socialize & he ALWAYS leaves feeling great!! Thats Awesome

Training has be a beast for sure. A funny scenario played out the other morning with the Boy Dog. We were clipping along at about an 11 min mile walking pace & an old "drunk" rode up behind us & was pretty winded. Took him about a full block to finally say," Damn, it was hard to catch that dog of yours." He went on to ask about the breed, how far we walk, & continued to reiterate how hard it was to catch up to us on that particular morning.

Lifting at the gym 5 to 6 days a week & adding more weight to my exercises. Mon - Chest/legs, Tues - Back/Bi, Wed - Shoulders/Tri, Thursday - Chest/legs, & Friday is a catch up from any weak or lame days, & Saturday has been arms only with legs thrown in if I am not road riding or mountain biking any time soon. Spin class Mon & Wed only.

Been adding up the miles on both the midnight racer & the 575. Just started swimming again now that attendance is low at the gym. Completely blown away by how the lats propel me along in the pool. My overall fitness has excelled & I finally feel like I notice the changes. I do add some more weights to a rep but it wasn't until I hit the pool that I could understand & wrap my mind around the quality of the time I have put in. Feeling Alive
 MAD Racing ( Mountain and Desert ) scored a sweet timing gig in Palisade last weekend. We timed the Grand Fondo & there were 5 tandem bikes this year. A total of 76 riders took off to tackle the 73 mile course. The racers were pleased with our quickly printed results & a number of them commented about how nice it was to NOT have to wait for the results online. They were also pleased with our professionalism & our cheering on. So Thats Cool