Friday, December 28, 2018

Air Travel & Cycling

Holidays: They turned out A - OK. Went out for an early A$$ bike ride as my way of shaking off those Shadow Boy Blues. Christmas morning around here has that day after Armageddon appearance. No zombies out but the air was eerie still.

There is nothing like waking up before the rest of the world, heading out when its still dark, you can see nothing, its only a matter of time before the vail is lifted, and you are the only one there to soak up all its glory. Just Me And My Bike

White Christmas , On The Shady Side Away

Gym: Only three days this week as X-Mas fell on a Tuesday. So I actually backed off the weight amount but almost all sets counted off 15 controlled reps. I deliberately slowed down each ROM and focused more on the functional muscle group that the weight was targeting.

Wed - Chest/Legs
Thurs - Back/Bi
Fri - Shoulders/Tri/Legs

Relaxed and deep diaphragm breathing sessions with the foam roller before each workout. Been finding that this allows me to chit chat and dial up a proper playlist as well. In a round about way, rolling has been centering me. I Think

Next Generation Of Model Train Enthusiast 
Ortho: Othro-Bionomy offers such powerful moments and I can totally be blown away at times. Like when I think that "nothing" is responding and then WHAM. A Clients Breath, A Rebound, A Rotations, or A Release happens under my hands. Its Bitchin

We were raised in a society and taught that we can't not achieve gain without pain. That phrase does not apply in Ortho. Ortho works from a space of gentle positional releases. Ortho is a Principle Base practice and allows the body to heal from within.

Getting comfortable brings the body back to its natural being. The bodies organs decrease in stress and functions at optimum with oxygenated blood. This payarsymethic state allows the body to assess its own well being and then create options, shifts, or releases of built up drama or trauma.

Simple Example - A client says that their forearm is tight. I will over exaggerate that pattern of tightness WITHOUT PAIN until their nervous systems receives a message from the brain saying that we are too close, pushed together, or compacted and their system sends the corrective message. That message is, " We Need Space" the overly contracted ( tight ) muscles begin to relax and seek balance.  When that muscle relaxes, oxygenated blood returns and circulation happens.

Ortho works with arthritic joints, structurally, fluids, lymphatic system, injuries, surgeries, and soft tissue issues. Oh, and replacement parts, like you wouldn't believe. Ortho is Brilliant work

Iris Taking A Digger, Loki Knew It All Along

* If You Will, Take Note Of All The Cell Phones. Iris Was Attempting To Stand at 5 Months Old. I Snapped This Photo As She Was Chowing It Face First. Smart Kid, Naturally Pulled Off A Tuck & Roll.

Cycling: On Wednesday, legs felt good, I took off west, battling a headwind the whole way to Fruita. Mother Nature filled the sky with omnibus clouds and I figured it was the proper time to turn back. The tail wind aided my pace but I just couldn't out ride the front. The sky opened up and holy smokes did it ever pour down. Still amazed by how much RAIN fell this "winter".

Thursday was perfect. Noway anyone could complain about a thing. Clear, clean, and still. I rode south and spun out the legs in Whitewater. Swung on around the Gunnison River and checked out the gravel pits. Wish I had my nutrition dialed in because a trip to Gateway would have been ideal. So Cactus Park it was

Friday, I froze. Riding a bike at sunrise has its benefits but damn!! 20F ( -6c ) punched me to the core. But for me, I prefer the bike to sitting in a cold car. HA, my buns weren't frozen

Oh Baby
1) Hydrate And Throw Together An Asian Dish
2) Follow Through With Coach at KAFM
3) I only have 110.8 miles to reach 5,678.9 miles for the year
4) Stretches/Movement in the Morning with Intention
5) A Century Ride
6) Ring The Door Bell
Circa 2016
P.S. This touched me greatly. I made a bach of these ointments. Hailey Bird had hers hanging this year in their tree. Seriously, it stopped me in my tracks.

Monday, December 24, 2018

The Grand Mesa & Winter Solstice

Drove on up the Grand Mesa early Friday morning. We only witnessed 9 hours and 20 minutes of day light on the Winter Solstice so ya gotta start out early, right?

Only about 100 yards into it, picked up some trash. Then, further along the trail was an empty Cliff Bar wrapper. Only a short distance from that, couldn't believe my eyes, Snickers Bar wrapper. I was so pissed and started cussing about it. I Stopped Myself, Regrouped, Carved In This Heart, Sure hope the next "hiker" that walks through this same vortex has a much better experience than I.

Went down to the Gunnison Bluffs mid week and it felt as if it was 60F out. The single track is July dusty and the Gunnison River was SCARY low. But damn was it ever beautiful and quite.

House/Dog Sitting

I shot this photo with Romping And Rolling in mind. This is Bear and he really had nothing to do with me. He was in hunting mode!!! He easily tripled my miles as he was sniffing out birds, following raccoon scents, just knew Bambi would be hiding behind every boulder, or he had his paws crossed that the elusive bunny would scurry on by. Bear Had A Gr8 Day!!

The Scones came through town and played a show in the Radio Room. It just happened to be the last show of 2018 and IT WAS A SELL OUT. In Fact, The Last Two Concerts Were Sell Outs!! The Scones were basically a 60's psychedelic band without the psychedelic vibe. Don't get me wrong, they were entertaining.

Just for PERTH - Here ( ) is my Jazz/R&B/Funk radio show. Starts with the Lavern & Shirley theme song as a tribute to Penny Marshall. RIP

This Years Flakes 
I received an incredible amount of support during this show. I only played music. Meaning, no SNL sound bites, no trivia questions, etc. The phone rang often and an amazing amount of text messages came through. Talk About Stoked

Back up to the Grand Mesa on Saturday. Originally was supposed to be a group outting for a full moon snowshoe event. That morphed into a daytime trip. Then, it was just The Dude, SY, & Myself. Classic

The Creek Is Flowing and NOT Frozen Over 
I enjoyed the hell out of myself. There was a well defined trail but I would tend to break my own trail. I stomped zig zags across the frozen ponds and simply entertained myself. I would wait for The Dude & SY to catch up and catch their breaths. I truly don't mind waiting as its so beautiful up here.

Do You See Snoopy??
A number of times, when I knew the section, I would break off trial and power up and over a hill through the trees. Its so peaceful that I could always hear the other two talking. Damn, I so dig snowshoeing in the trees. The Boy Dog loved it when I would break trail for him.

This moment was really difficult to wrap my head around. The photo above is from a lake. Like NO water in the lake. From the treeline, one of my busting through the trees, this looks like an empty pool for skaters. Plus, this shot was very close to 10,000ft ( 3,048 meters ) in December. What the hell will the folks in Las Vegas do for water?!? Hell, what will California do???

* Just For Me Here * Nothing To See * Thanx 4 Stopping By * Just For Me

I woke up just after 3am this morning with a full bladder and looking for a wiz. I pretended that I would fall back asleep but that is just a floundering notion. So I got up and stumbled on down the hallway. As I went through my morning routine, looking out the bay window, sure felt like Mr Moon was really bright. Like more than usual. Holy Sh*t!!! Its Snowing.

A flood of emotions ran through my veins. Mostly, its anger thats fueling my frustration. I am so damn pissed that I have no one to share these special moments with. Like when cutting those snowflakes. I had someone to share those with last Christmas. Falling Snow, I had The Boy Dog to charge into the day with and make first tracks in the park. Now, just standing there wondering what is my Phuc-N purpose.

After an appropriate time, while walking around the neighborhood this morning, I sent photos of the winter wonderland. Its what we do. Send snow photos to those in CA and FL. But I miss the human contact, tactile touch, and the feeling thats reciprocated. To look into someones eyes and truly feel connected. To lay with somebody and feel vulnerable yet comforted with words, smiles, or a connection without a spoken phrase.

At the same time, I am so frustrated by the baggage and BS that accompanies "relationships" when communication breaks down and the constant reassurance falling on deaf ears. I am still angry knowing that my best foot lead the way and yet there is nothing to show for it and it wasn't even good enough. I am beyond disappointed by the fact that I sat in front of a bond fire without an an understanding of why I am in this position. Thats what I am so pissed about, no closure.

My friends are hosting their annual Christmas Eve open house and I will go, I will tell friendly faces what they want to hear, I will enjoy the socializing that comes with all of that, I will do my absolute best to NOT be a superficial prick, & its always been an evening that I have looked forward to.

But here is the bummer. Their ENTIRE neighborhood participates in lining the quiet streets with luminaries. They actually pay the Excel City Folks to shut off ALL the street lamps and if you are out of town, YOU MUST inform your neighbor so that they can line your driveway, street corner, etc with luminaries. So every year, past 10 years or so, The Boy Dog & I would walk for hours, loop after loop, hang out in someones yard and watch the cars go on by at a snails pace.

I would then load him up in the car, unzip the ice chest, and present him with a fresh soup bone full of tasty bone marrow. The Boy Dog would work that sucker over while I went back inside to socialize with the new wave of guest. Best Boy Ever

Tonight, I wish that The Boy Dog was here, I wish I could share my glove and provide warmth to another hand, its snowing and I wish I could hear the crunch under OUR boots as we walk in sync, I ache for giggles, I am angry that I am alone.

As I just typed that, I realize that mothers have lost their daughters. Homeless are hungry. Pets are neglected. Someone just received the terminal news speech. A home just burnt to the ground with ire replaceable photos and memories. In the bigger picture, I have my health, my legs walked me through the fresh blanket of powder, my vision is stellar, and my practice this thriving.

I am just not looking forward to Christmas morning what so ever. But I don't have a choice. It will be here tomorrow and so will I.

The Boy Dog 2009 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Music Lovers & Cycling Updates

From The Art Center w/an iPhone4 - I Just Love Elephants 
Here ( ) is the link to my latest 1980's New Wave Show. This show flipping rocked the Casbah, that pun was for GZ. I topped out at 21 on-line listeners. My Twilight Zone show peaked at 14 on-line streamers. Maybe the time slot plays a role in this unsupported data.

This 80's program was powerful for sure and even slid into a tubular web. I mixed in some Red Hot Chili Peppers, Umpherys, Phil Collins remixes, and other non New Wave cuts. Threw out 5 trivia questions that were well received and almost too many phones calls. Basically, I had the time of my life for those 2 1/2 hours.

Next show will be on Thursday Dec 20th at 9am. Its mostly a Jazz show but will carry some influences of R&B, Funk, & A weeeeeeeee bit of Hip Hop. You could stream live HERE if you so choose to do so. Plus, I would be stoked!!

Last Weeks Meeting at the MAD House 

Absolutely fired up about my riding legs as of lately. The fast type II fibers are finally coming back around and my back hasn't bothered me for almost a month now. Hips are fluid and my awareness tends to remind my feet about FRM. I enjoy riding bikes.

Been spending a lot of time on the Colorado River Trail. That trail offers so much beauty. Left the office the other day and started riding west, just because I could. Its as if Mother Nature called on me and she presented a wild range of critters.

The Bald Eagle was tops!! Two sexy little fawns, dig the Canadian Geese, jumping trout, and not another rider insight. Its funny because thats the exact opposite on weekends.

From Dec 3rd through the 9th, 177.1 miles
From Dec 10th through the 16th 170.2 miles
Monday was Chest/Legs and then another 19.4 miles on the bike between the office, home, and KAFM.

My office totally rocks!!! Ortho-Bionomy is beyond me and despite me, Ortho works. What Is Ortho??

Ortho-Bionomy is a neurological AND structural based work that enables the body to self correct without pain OR force. HEALING FROM WITHIN. Ortho is an organic process, allowing the natural self-corrective reflexes that work within our nervous system to communicate with all aspects of the body.

Ortho includes working with the structure, lymph, fluids, neurology, organs, and the endocrine system. The work is based on comfort, allowing the body to relax ( parasympathetic ) into a new understanding of itself and often opening up neurological conversations that assist and speed up the process of healing.

I can talk about this Principle based work all day long so feel free to ask questions.

Crested Butte Summer of 2015 w/The Boy Dog
Surprisingly, I was invited to a Holiday party this weekend and I am a bit excited about it. Its a busy time for me and its what I needed. I will be attending an annual Solstice Party on Friday, Snowshoeing Saturday, And Gathering Up Some Folks For A Road Ride On Sunday. Will try and snap a few photos but cold temps are the kryptonite of this old iPhone4.

1) Remain Present, Listen, & Speak Out Accordingly
2) Hydrate A Little More
3) Teach My Myself A New Song
4) Possibly Start Shooting Time Lapse Videos Again
5) Pull Off A Century Ride
6) Maybe, Just Maybe, One Rep Max On The Bench
7) Solidify The Christmas Eve/Day Docket

Until The Next Entry, Stay Strong, Be Spontaneous, And Make The Most Of Of Free Time.


Sunday, December 16, 2018

Good News

Craig is a big powerful and lovable kinda guy. We met years ago at Crossroads and have always enjoyed each others company. I was on one of my sort of off days and figured I would put in an hour of cleaning and call it "safe" for the day. It wasn't that I was bumming out, just a little behind the eight ball really.

Boy did my perspective ever change. Craig walks over to me and begins telling me how he streamed the Twilight Zone show from home. He went into great detail about songs matching with quotes and he even went on to say that he made his wife listen when she arrived to the homestead after a work day. Here ( ) is the link and its only good for another week.

That conversation immediately shifted my energy flow and started a chest/arms regiment. I was so high on life and Craig's words replayed like a skipping needle. I wasn't in search of validation but Phuc Me did it ever hit home. So my chest work out went very well.

I Still Carry These 

Bench- just bar 3x25 slow and controlled
Peck Deck - 1 set 90 , 1 set 100, 1 set 110 all reps of 10
Incline - 2 sets w/35 dumbbells and 1 set of 10 w/40 pound dumbbells
Flat Bench - FIRST TIME EVER using 50 pound dumbbells - 2 solid sets of 10 and I talked myself into 5 controlled reps for the 3rd set. To my surprise I busted out 8 reps. I know that I could do all 10 if I had a spotter.
Decline Bench - set with 20's, set w/25's, and two sets w/35 pound dumbbells
Finished Chest w/Bar set of 10 for the muscle memory factor, 25 plates, 35 plates, and 45 plates as an up and back down pyramid set.

Arms were a switch between Bi/Tri throughout all the exercises. If I used a rope for pulls downs, slide the mechanism down, rope pull ups. Or 20 pound dumbbell curls and then kick backs with the same. Little bit lighter curl bar for preacher curls and then same weight for skull crushers. And On And On

Then for cardio, I hooked up the bike trailer, rode down to Big Lots, purchased a bag of dog food, a flat of canned cat food, and rode over to Roice-Hurst Humane Society, and placed those items in front of their door. Hopefully they were surprised the next morning.

The Dude & I at Mr Jim & Susan's Wedding
Amber Acres:

Hippy Jim, Me, Amber The Human, & Mr Judd
The Original Amber Acres Crew. Minus the dogs and Susan. Love These Guys!! Amber & Mr Jim hosted the Divided Sky on KAFM and were roommates on Elm Ave. I worked with Amber and she invited me on down to the station. Back in the day, after the 9-midnight time slot, turn off the transmitter and go home.

So as a complete renegade, The Atmospheric Window formed at midnight in 2001, my opening number was Slippin' into Darkness ( War Tune ) covered by Black Uhuru. I am still so fortunate to have these guys in my life and still host a verity of shows on KAFM. I have seen a lot of folks come and go, relationships flourish, resolve, and disappear, & the devastating loss as one passes on. KAFM is no different than any other Non-Profit Organization.
My 40th Birthday at Leadville with Founder Ken Chlouber
Speaking of KAFM. My next show is this Monday December 17th at 4pm and I am beyond stoked about it. I will be falling into the tripendicular time machine and spinning out some 80's New Wave and other desirable remixed tunes. Such As, Umpherys McGee mash up of Frankie Goes To Hollywood > Rob Zombie > Pink Floyd, Missing Persons, Psychedelic Furs, Love and Rockets, & I would never leave out Blondie.

Its would be wonderful if you streamed the show live but I will post a link that is good for two weeks for your listening pleasure. Or if this sounds like a train wreck in the makings, possible my Jazz show on Thursday the 20th at 9am might fit your fancy. I am also looking forward to that show!! LP's, R&B, and absolutely NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC.

This Blog:

The history of this blog. It all started as I approached my 40th milestone and I was grossly out of shape. I was driving trucks and pounding a couple of pots of coffee throughout my shift. You Know, Seated & Consuming. I ballooned out to an incredible 218 pounds of a pathetic gelatinous blob.

Love This Guy 
I began documenting my transition on old fashion paper. My first goal was finishing the Iron Horse Classic a few months before my 40th. Basically, this is a road bike race in which you race the train from Durango to Silverton and then ride the train back down the mountain.

On my actual B-Day, I "competed" in the Silver Rush 50.  I then started training with The Boy Dog for the Lead King 25K the following Fall. That event was the switch from paper journaling to the digital format that it is today.

The Rest Is History And Revealed
The Boy Dog And Christmas: Son of a Witch with a capital B

I haven't ever dreaded the holidays like I am right now. Thanksgiving was a real kick in the teeth and I might not have recovered from that week just yet. The worst part was obviously not having The Boy Dog under the dinner table but being blatantly denied of Fridays Thanksgiving Dinner hurt more than anything. 

Now I realize that this upcoming Holiday Season leaves my without a tradition. Shadow Boy passed away at 13 years old but for the past 10 or so years, warm weather or snow, The Boy Dog & I would walk over to The Dude's while the sun would rise. That walk would bring us over the Colorado River, through the Connected Lakes Park, and up into the Redlands. Loved having him by my side and he loved being outdoors. I appreciated the beauty of Christmas sunrises and hearing The Boy Dog pant. And I mean NOBODY was ever out walking. Just The Boy Dog & I in our happy places. Inseparable 

Our Christmas Mornings were filled with him working over his stocking at The Dudes. My nieces would allow him to smell all of their gifts and I 100% loved everything about Christmas mornings. Damn, now that I think about it, I built a lot of Santa Gifts. One year, I found a Foosball Table on Craigslist. Picked it up and added my own creative flair to it. I used glow-n-the-dark paint and highlight the players jerseys, dots of colored paint around the goal mouth, wrote each of the family members names along the legs of the table, and hung our 5 foot black light above the playing surface.

I Loved Playing Santa. I Loved The Anticipation of Christmas Mornings. I simply loved the fact that I was going to be included and all the joy we all shared together. The innocent laughter that follows and the reminiscing of past events. I loved being part of a family tribe. 

The Dude always whipped up a couple quiches and FRESH oj for mimosas. By about 10am, The Boy Dog & I would start the briquettes for the smoker. I loved the security of spending the day with family. We would leave KAFM on all day and casually catch interesting programs. We would hike, walk, or weather pending outings while the smoker did its thang!! 

And Now??? I ask myself why I should even get out of bed. I miss Shadow Boy like crazy. We have nowhere to walk to. My nieces have their own families now and are building their own traditions. I hinted around last week with my youngest niece and her husband about Christmas Eve but they didn't bite. Thats OK, its my own deal. I was just hurt because they really never extended an invitation for Christmas ether. Sure, I am invited and don't need to be invited but its nice to hear once in awhile.

For starting my own traditions, I have kicked around a few ideas but I know I won't follow through this time around. Maybe I will find some youngsters to read to in the future, maybe I will seek out a food distribution and feed the homeless, or maybe there is a group of misfits that I just have unearthed yet. Like I said, nothing this year but I can't continue this downward spiral every Christmas. 

Well The Tree Said To The Lumberjack," I'm Stumped." 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Discorvey & Dreams

Ol Hippy Jim used to drive through the Valley on his way up to Telluride to work Blues & Brews. He would crash for the night and The Boy Dog would cuddle up, take over the whole bed, with him every time. So I have been settling in and was unpacking some boxes when I came across a thumb drive. This particular drive was one that I would fill up with adventures of Shadow Boy and radio shows and hand off to Mr Jim for the year.

Hippy Jim During Gears & Beers 2010
Then, for the next year, Mr Jim would send random texts, listening to your Back to the Future show or your Airplane show or your Vegas FUNd Drive show. The year would fly by and Mr Jim would be back for another reload of shows, photos, and Boy Dog time.

I had previously been beyond emotional about my Mac crashing and struggling to have "normal" conversations with folks regarding The Boy Dog. A month ago, if I had found this Thumb Drive, not sure how I would have handled it. 

But today, STOKED!!! Sure, I have tears in my eyes. But I started reliving all these wonderful and amazing times that The Boy Dog shared with me. For 13 years, even when his body was failing, he was faithful. 

I have tromped around the Mesa a couple of times this year so far and it absolutely Phuc-N sucks being alone. I wish I had someone or something to accompany me. Maybe I would be lousy company but I ache for companionship. 

That Tongue - Best Boy Ever

These past two weeks have been stellar gym weeks. Finally started grooving with proper tune selections and have added weight to almost every exercise. For instance, flat bench with dumbbells, two sets with 45 pounds and one set of 10 with 50 pounders. I imagined 5-8 solid and controlled reps but blew my mind with 10 full reps WITH FIFFTY DAMN POUNDS. 

Preacher Curls, 3 sets with 25 pound plates?!?!?!? Plates?? Normally reserved for 45 pounders. Still can't believe that one. Me, curling 50 pounds, unreal. And just to top that day off, one of the oldest Silver Sneakers Members, he walked by me and casually mentioned, "You look much thicker these days." 

Thicker??? That adjective struck me. Thicker??? I can guarantee that NOBODY has ever referred to me as thicker. Too Funny But Pretty Cool

These workouts also compliments the 171 miles on the bike for the week. You know how it is, stuff is swirling around in your mind, the miles drift on by.

Radio Shows: First Of All - Holy Smokes!!!!!! Thank You All So Much For Streaming These Links Of Mine!!! The link is only good for two weeks and during that time there were 72 listens. What does that mean??? I clicked around the site and The Orbit Lounge had 8 listens. Many of the shows posted ZERO. I didn't find a single show with double digits. Sure, I am stoked about 72 streams but KAFM has so many kick A$$ shows. I am looking to promote other programers 

My Last show featured (  )  Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone. Its by far one of my better shows. I focused on complimenting Rod's monologue with song titles. tooting my own horn, Home Run Baby!!! And the phone calls booted my own gratifying needs.

This week on the KAFM schedule

For me & my schedule:
Monday The 17th 4-6:30pm ( A Sprinkle of Reggae, 80's New Wave, & Remix Hip Hop )
Thursday The 20th 9-noon ( Jazz but more of an R&B Lounge Style of a Show w/LP's )

You will be able to stream these shows live or catch the show afterwards for the two weeks like I had previously mentioned. We Have Options

Ortho: Ortho-Bionomy is such a brilliant form of body work. I am able to apply the technique during a massage, on a person standing, with acute injuries, and pre/post surgical procedures. Even when I doubt myself, Ortho still works. 

Ortho even worked on this guy. The Boy Dog was so cute to work with. Like, he would be laying all stretched out after an adventure and I would move his fascia towards ease. He would rebound with a paw kick, a deep breath, or The Boy Dog would simply lift his head and give THAT look. He was my best client for sure

  * JUST FOR ME * NO NEED TO KEEP READING * JUST ME RAMBLING ON * Move Along * Nothing To Read Here * Stay Strong 

Coming across this thumb drive has stirred up so many old engrams of mine. My sleep has been total rat Sh*t. Just going to bed along so blows. I have only been dropping into REM for maybe an hour or so these days. Maybe getting old really does suck. Damn You Calendar

I had a friend over the other night for some serious air hockey time and they brought over not one bottle but two bottles of wine. Had a great time and enjoyed laughing and got pretty lit up. Started that winding down process and started falling asleep. Went through the routine of brushing teeth, PJ's, etc and as I laid my head on the pillow, WIDE PHUC-N AWAKE. 

Overall, I am doing ok compared to last month but I am not looking forward to next week and not at all Christmasy. Last years Christmas Day was something special and that evening was something that I will never forget. Charle D's 

Having said that, I picked up my Grand Nephew a killer race car set and will play Santa on the 24th. I scored a doll house style thing from the Salvation that I started decorating to my own likings for his little sister. She is only 5 months at this point so I don't think that she will even notice. 

I guess that I can deal with, handle, or put up with the lack of sleep but waking up from these dreams have gotta go. Those bulls*t dreams. The Boy Dog stuck in a car and my legs are wading through the mud and I can't get there. The Boy Dog next to me on the bed and in a sleepy state I reach for him and wake myself up in real time. If this is all a process of grieving, WHEN IN THE PHUC DOES IT END?? 

The Boy Dog has been on my mind like crazy these days and I have been reminiscing about his ways, his looks, and how he was my best friend and loyal to the end. The Very End

Monday, December 3, 2018

November Numbers & Upcoming Shows

NOVEMBER BY THE NUMBERS: Its been an interesting month to say the least. November was one of those months were the ups were dynamite and the lows flat out sucked. So here is a surprising about of even numbers

Hours     -  28
Miles      - 388
PR's         -  2
Activities - 24

No Running/Hiking Miles And I Am OK With That. The calendar charted 9 total days off so I will say that I enjoyed a good rest period.

Having Said That, Will Be Snowshoeing Tuesday Morning. Looking Forward To Embracing The Grand Mesa. Wish I Didn't Have To Hike Alone


The body has been feeling great!! Like Full ROM Gr8!! Been hitting the gym between clients and looking to pull my tracking card out this week. Its about that time to check in and give a little push.

I have been mixing up exercise and muscle groups lately. Example - Not the usual Shoulder/Tri but Shoulders/Bi and now a new favorite just might be Legs/Chest to burn the cardio action.


Having some really good success with the Silver Sneakers crowd. Most of those appointments are replacement part session. I like working with metal, like a gardner relishes fresh compost, allowing the bone marrow to marry with the new foreign material is pretty exciting.

Our bodies sure are brilliant. Another older lady scheduled an appointment for her neck issues. We began the session with her hands. Those poor arthritic fingers. While releasing her hand, wrist, and holding her elbow, her shoulders did a dance move and her neck rolled on up the table. Wish I had a photo of her face. By working with her arm, her neck released. That Face

Worked with a little guy thats been suffering from migraine headaches. Damn That Sucks!! To be that young and have to endure those inconveniences. Started with his little toes as more of reflexology than anything. Shifted to his neck for some movement and then worked through his Coronal Suture. This gives the Frontal Bone and Parietal Bone a chance to communicate through proprioception. I finished off with holding his Occipital Ridge while I answered moms questions.


Sure didn't think that this was going to happen any time soon but it did. Coach sent me an e-mail with a bunch of subbing opportunities. December can be a tough time when it comes to volunteers, holiday travels, and flu like symptoms. It Happens

So As It Stands For Now
Monday Dec 10th 6-9am ( that was the Mork & Mindy time slot - thinking of another TV show )
Monday Dec 17th 4-6:30pm ( this will be a show NOT to be missed, Prime Time )
Thursday Dec 20th 9-noon ( Epic! Its a Jazz show and I am beyond stoked to host my style of Jazz )

Here ( KAFM ) is the website for streaming live or all archive shows UP TO TWO WEEKS

1) Add Weight To Routines
2) Be Present And Thoughtful
3) Speak My Truth
4) Dance Like Nobody Is Watching
5) Clear The 5,555 Mile Mark For The Year
6) Buck Up & Make Some X-Mas Gifts For Family Members
7) Figure Out My New Years Game Plan
8) Keep The Wind In My Sails

P.S. I Seriously Thank All 47 ( as of today ) Listeners of the Mork & Mindy Radio Show. This show was live on November 26th. The December 3rd show should be up but wasn't mine obviously.
Last Week To Stream The Show - Again, Many Thanx

Monday, November 26, 2018

Survived Turkey Day & Last Cyclocross Race of the Season

This photo recoiled my neck and rattled my noodle. I just happened to have recorded my 500th activity and that lead me into investigation mode. For ALL of the calendar year 2017 - 295 Hours - 3,067.2 Miles - 39 Personal Records - 439 Activities

Thanksgiving turned out to be a much bigger surprised than I expected, or at least thought that the day might flow. I definitely rode a roller coaster!! But it was the way it was. I was lucky enough to start the morning off completely alone. I was originally nervous about being alone but I worked on tasks at hand and made the best of it.

And Yes, Edible Flowers In That Salad 
I wasn't expecting The Dude to walk in before the 3pm hour. Again, another surprise that holiday gatherings offer, The Dude walked in just after the noon hour. SCORE!! He was thinking about cracking a brew and I had been pounding H2o all morning. So Game On. Cranked up a VERY random CD selection while we prepared a variety of dishes.

About that time is when I was FINALLY able to shed my old skin and allow old engrams to release into that space. Some might refer to that space as the Universe. I'm Cool With That

Now imagine if you will, think back to when you were about 8 years old, sleepover with friends, now I can continue. My Uncles morphed the word booger into a Movie game that became infectious. Hope you catch it!! We started replacing ONE word in movie titles and our bellies hurt for days because of the laughter. Have You Thought of ONE???? Comment Below, Don't Be Shy!!

Fist Full Of Boogers, A Booger Named Desire, Bridget Jone's Booger, My Cousin Booger, Attack of the 50 Foot Booger, Black Booger Down, Gone With The Booger, And MY PERSONALLY added and favorite, Willy Wonka And The Booger Factory. This went on randomly like those CD's playing all night. Stupid humor BUT outrageously funny. Seriously, go ahead a comment below with your rendition. Play it forwards OR backwards. Example - Booger Night Fever or Saturday Night Booger

I am telling you, I had no idea how depressed, sad, and worried I was about this day. Also, my feelings had just been totally crushed and pissed out the window on me. But having Uncles to celebrate our youth with?!?!?!? WoW, Laughing Is Amazing!! Giggling like school kids again was righteous.

My spirits were lifted and my heart felt a happy little beat again. Of course the booger game didn't stop there. It rolled into book tiles and eventually made its way into song titles. Come On Now, Comment With A Movie, Book, Or Song. Example - Dan Millman's A Peaceful Booger or The Beatles, I Want To Hold Your Booger. I'm still cracking up!!! Being Dumb Is So Damn Fun At Times

And Now, another cyclocross season is in the books. How ya like THAT turkey there in the soccer field?? Definitely my favorite venue.

Plenty of options, places to dismount, and super fast straight aways for burning up that cardiovascular system. The Grand Valley saw rain, snow, & wind. It was a true cyclocross weekend!!

RADIO SHOW: Here is a big update. I hosted my first show without The Boy Dog coaching me through a good nap or with a revolving door of volunteers handing out butt rubs. He absolutely love walking to the station.

I had previously been in the station and thought that I would be able to keep it together. I rode the bike on down to the station by about 5am and I am glad I went early. Within about 5 minutes of being in the broad casting booth, I cried like a baby. Not having The Boy Dog felt so awful and empty. I miss that guy so much. But it was way too late to call in sick so I pushed some Wide Spread Panic over the airwaves until The Motet felt alright.

I then "started" the show at 6am and stayed focus. is the link that will be good for the next two weeks ONLY. Its a free link!!!

I featured the late 1970's TV show Mork & Mindy. It was mostly a B-Side Classic Rock show with Mork soundbites mixed in. A well received show. Sh*t ton of phone call ins. A number of texts that stated the obvious, Welcome Back. I passed on talking about The Boy Dog over air and simply focused on remaining present and upbeat. But damn I was pleased hearing from listeners. Considering Mork & Mindy "took place" in Boulder Colorado, all the calls were folks reminiscing and story telling of Robin Williams. Way Cool

I have listened to the show and you can clear hear my voice start to crack a few times but I held it together. I drank a lot of water and took deep breaths when those emotions started creeping on into my mind. And for some weird reason, as I put on my helmet, about to leave the building, my guts knotted up with emotions that I was suppressing all morning.

A majority of my ride was rough and watering eyes makes a ride just a wheeeee bit treacherous.
So Overall, I enjoyed the show but not looking to pick up another show anytime soon.

Hope you leave a booger comment, hope you stream the radio show, & stay hydrated,

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I am so fortunate to be able to call Colorado home, having an iPhone in my pocket for opportune times, & knowing that I have my health, functioning body parts, & the ability to ride my bike when and where I want. So Fortunate

Seriously??? That Brook Trout is Eating AND Pooping a garden snake. Unreal 
The Western Slope Anglers held a meeting at KAFM and I volunteered to bartend. So glad that I did because the guest speaker was brilliant. He has been guiding for over 30 years and his stories were backed up with amazing photos. I am not a fisherman but he painted moments with his words that had me believing that I too could land rainbows effortlessly. Very Talented & Seasoned Gentleman

This could arguably be argued!!! After approximately 4,000 miles on this commuter in the calendar year of 2018, an overhaul took place. Couldn't be happier about it. Fast Eddie went over the top during this "basic" tune up. He replaced the bearings in both hubs before packing them in new grease, hooked me up with a new pair of pedals, took all the cables out of their housing for new spray lubricant, tightened the headset, adjusted the brake pads, and made it clear to me that I need to bring the bike back in after Turkey Day for a once over as a precautionary check. Will Be Sending Fast Eddie Business 

I happened to be gabbing on the phone and a flock of blue birds infested my juniper tree. Their wings were so beautiful and the "jumped" around this tree like little children engaged in London Bridge Falling play school antics. I Found Myself Smiling

This Needs NO Explanation!! Right??? My only two Uncles on my mothers side of the "family" rode out on Amtrak and are here for Thanksgiving. The Dude & I took them out to Palisade for some Disc Golf and then hit Carlson Vineyard for a quick stop. This particular vineyard does an excellent job of decorating their showroom for the holidays. Top Shelf Day All Around

 *This Section Is Just For Me * Carry On With Your Day * Nothing To See Here*

I am not sure how I am going to make it through these damn Holidays without this guy and our routines. Over his 13 years, Shadow Boy walked into my life the week of Thanksgiving at 3 months old, from then on, we played in various locations while a bird was on the smoker. He truly enjoyed the gathering every year!! I know this because he was such a rambunctious puppy but would lay quietly under the dinner table while we all ate and took turns "dropping" scraps in his general vicinity.

Him & I would round up all the oldies and we would walk the neighborhood after dinner and check out all the new Christmas decorations. He was so proud to pack up with humans and found that extra pep in his step. Its just about the only time that he wouldn't pull on his leash, just trotted along beside us while everyone would drop comments like " such a good boy" or " he is so handsome" or " so well behaved unlike my mutt"

Thanksgiving 2016 

There is an outside chance that Mother Nature might drop some snow flakes Thursday. I couldn't believe my eyes or wanted to believe my eyes when I saw the forecast. The Boy Dog obviously loved the snow because I love snow storms. Its a real pisser to think that he won't be here Thursday AND its going to snow. Maybe I will find my Big Boy Pants & Persevere. Well, I guess I wasn't really given a choice because family members are in town and are counting on me to deliver.

These photos are from my old iPhone4 and I never thought that I would cherish them they way that I do. In this photo, I was wrapping The Dudes X-Mas Gift last year, The Boy Dog clearly protested this behavior and expected more attention. Its just one of his many ways of showing me who was The Boss Apple Sauce. I Miss Him So Fucking Much