Monday, December 3, 2018

November Numbers & Upcoming Shows

NOVEMBER BY THE NUMBERS: Its been an interesting month to say the least. November was one of those months were the ups were dynamite and the lows flat out sucked. So here is a surprising about of even numbers

Hours     -  28
Miles      - 388
PR's         -  2
Activities - 24

No Running/Hiking Miles And I Am OK With That. The calendar charted 9 total days off so I will say that I enjoyed a good rest period.

Having Said That, Will Be Snowshoeing Tuesday Morning. Looking Forward To Embracing The Grand Mesa. Wish I Didn't Have To Hike Alone


The body has been feeling great!! Like Full ROM Gr8!! Been hitting the gym between clients and looking to pull my tracking card out this week. Its about that time to check in and give a little push.

I have been mixing up exercise and muscle groups lately. Example - Not the usual Shoulder/Tri but Shoulders/Bi and now a new favorite just might be Legs/Chest to burn the cardio action.


Having some really good success with the Silver Sneakers crowd. Most of those appointments are replacement part session. I like working with metal, like a gardner relishes fresh compost, allowing the bone marrow to marry with the new foreign material is pretty exciting.

Our bodies sure are brilliant. Another older lady scheduled an appointment for her neck issues. We began the session with her hands. Those poor arthritic fingers. While releasing her hand, wrist, and holding her elbow, her shoulders did a dance move and her neck rolled on up the table. Wish I had a photo of her face. By working with her arm, her neck released. That Face

Worked with a little guy thats been suffering from migraine headaches. Damn That Sucks!! To be that young and have to endure those inconveniences. Started with his little toes as more of reflexology than anything. Shifted to his neck for some movement and then worked through his Coronal Suture. This gives the Frontal Bone and Parietal Bone a chance to communicate through proprioception. I finished off with holding his Occipital Ridge while I answered moms questions.


Sure didn't think that this was going to happen any time soon but it did. Coach sent me an e-mail with a bunch of subbing opportunities. December can be a tough time when it comes to volunteers, holiday travels, and flu like symptoms. It Happens

So As It Stands For Now
Monday Dec 10th 6-9am ( that was the Mork & Mindy time slot - thinking of another TV show )
Monday Dec 17th 4-6:30pm ( this will be a show NOT to be missed, Prime Time )
Thursday Dec 20th 9-noon ( Epic! Its a Jazz show and I am beyond stoked to host my style of Jazz )

Here ( KAFM ) is the website for streaming live or all archive shows UP TO TWO WEEKS

1) Add Weight To Routines
2) Be Present And Thoughtful
3) Speak My Truth
4) Dance Like Nobody Is Watching
5) Clear The 5,555 Mile Mark For The Year
6) Buck Up & Make Some X-Mas Gifts For Family Members
7) Figure Out My New Years Game Plan
8) Keep The Wind In My Sails

P.S. I Seriously Thank All 47 ( as of today ) Listeners of the Mork & Mindy Radio Show. This show was live on November 26th. The December 3rd show should be up but wasn't mine obviously.
Last Week To Stream The Show - Again, Many Thanx


  1. The body is an amazing thing. Glad you are able to help fix the issues in the Silver Sneakers crowd, amazing how manipulation can release the pains and tension! Well done!!

    1. Many Thanx Beth!! Ortho is life changing and its rewarding for sure. Plus, the Silver Sneakers are chalk full of enlightening stories.


  2. I hope that it wasn't as cold there for snowshoeing this morning as it was here. It was by far the coldest day of this winter so far here.

    It must be super rewarding to be able to help the silver sneaker crowd so much!!

    Funny to hear you referring to Mork and Mindy. I just thought of them for the first time in a very long time the other day. I am curious about your radio show!

    1. The Snowshoeing Was Epic!! Yes, solo sucked for sure but it is what it is. I am more than happy to share more info and answer your question regarding radio shows. Thanx for checking in!!


  3. Sounds like a super busy time ahead Padre, exactly what you need right now. Sounds like you have magic hands, must be so rewarding sorting out people's aches and pains! Make sure you give us a reminder about your jazz gig on the radio, looove jazz ✨

    1. Folks have referred to my hands as magic and voodoo. But in reality, its the work of Ortho-Bionomy. When it comes down to it, the body is designed to heal itself, I simply remain present, stay in right relationship, and seek the best possible outcome.
      Will remind you when the Jazz show hits the archives. I have enjoyed your past few photos. Amazing Eye There Perth!!