Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Discorvey & Dreams

Ol Hippy Jim used to drive through the Valley on his way up to Telluride to work Blues & Brews. He would crash for the night and The Boy Dog would cuddle up, take over the whole bed, with him every time. So I have been settling in and was unpacking some boxes when I came across a thumb drive. This particular drive was one that I would fill up with adventures of Shadow Boy and radio shows and hand off to Mr Jim for the year.

Hippy Jim During Gears & Beers 2010
Then, for the next year, Mr Jim would send random texts, listening to your Back to the Future show or your Airplane show or your Vegas FUNd Drive show. The year would fly by and Mr Jim would be back for another reload of shows, photos, and Boy Dog time.

I had previously been beyond emotional about my Mac crashing and struggling to have "normal" conversations with folks regarding The Boy Dog. A month ago, if I had found this Thumb Drive, not sure how I would have handled it. 

But today, STOKED!!! Sure, I have tears in my eyes. But I started reliving all these wonderful and amazing times that The Boy Dog shared with me. For 13 years, even when his body was failing, he was faithful. 

I have tromped around the Mesa a couple of times this year so far and it absolutely Phuc-N sucks being alone. I wish I had someone or something to accompany me. Maybe I would be lousy company but I ache for companionship. 

That Tongue - Best Boy Ever

These past two weeks have been stellar gym weeks. Finally started grooving with proper tune selections and have added weight to almost every exercise. For instance, flat bench with dumbbells, two sets with 45 pounds and one set of 10 with 50 pounders. I imagined 5-8 solid and controlled reps but blew my mind with 10 full reps WITH FIFFTY DAMN POUNDS. 

Preacher Curls, 3 sets with 25 pound plates?!?!?!? Plates?? Normally reserved for 45 pounders. Still can't believe that one. Me, curling 50 pounds, unreal. And just to top that day off, one of the oldest Silver Sneakers Members, he walked by me and casually mentioned, "You look much thicker these days." 

Thicker??? That adjective struck me. Thicker??? I can guarantee that NOBODY has ever referred to me as thicker. Too Funny But Pretty Cool

These workouts also compliments the 171 miles on the bike for the week. You know how it is, stuff is swirling around in your mind, the miles drift on by.

Radio Shows: First Of All - Holy Smokes!!!!!! Thank You All So Much For Streaming These Links Of Mine!!! The link is only good for two weeks and during that time there were 72 listens. What does that mean??? I clicked around the site and The Orbit Lounge had 8 listens. Many of the shows posted ZERO. I didn't find a single show with double digits. Sure, I am stoked about 72 streams but KAFM has so many kick A$$ shows. I am looking to promote other programers 

My Last show featured (  https://www.radiofreeamerica.com/show/morning-muse-kafm-community-radio  )  Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone. Its by far one of my better shows. I focused on complimenting Rod's monologue with song titles. tooting my own horn, Home Run Baby!!! And the phone calls booted my own gratifying needs.

This week on the KAFM schedule

For me & my schedule:
Monday The 17th 4-6:30pm ( A Sprinkle of Reggae, 80's New Wave, & Remix Hip Hop )
Thursday The 20th 9-noon ( Jazz but more of an R&B Lounge Style of a Show w/LP's )

You will be able to stream these shows live or catch the show afterwards for the two weeks like I had previously mentioned. We Have Options

Ortho: Ortho-Bionomy is such a brilliant form of body work. I am able to apply the technique during a massage, on a person standing, with acute injuries, and pre/post surgical procedures. Even when I doubt myself, Ortho still works. 

Ortho even worked on this guy. The Boy Dog was so cute to work with. Like, he would be laying all stretched out after an adventure and I would move his fascia towards ease. He would rebound with a paw kick, a deep breath, or The Boy Dog would simply lift his head and give THAT look. He was my best client for sure

  * JUST FOR ME * NO NEED TO KEEP READING * JUST ME RAMBLING ON * Move Along * Nothing To Read Here * Stay Strong 

Coming across this thumb drive has stirred up so many old engrams of mine. My sleep has been total rat Sh*t. Just going to bed along so blows. I have only been dropping into REM for maybe an hour or so these days. Maybe getting old really does suck. Damn You Calendar

I had a friend over the other night for some serious air hockey time and they brought over not one bottle but two bottles of wine. Had a great time and enjoyed laughing and got pretty lit up. Started that winding down process and started falling asleep. Went through the routine of brushing teeth, PJ's, etc and as I laid my head on the pillow, WIDE PHUC-N AWAKE. 

Overall, I am doing ok compared to last month but I am not looking forward to next week and not at all Christmasy. Last years Christmas Day was something special and that evening was something that I will never forget. Charle D's 

Having said that, I picked up my Grand Nephew a killer race car set and will play Santa on the 24th. I scored a doll house style thing from the Salvation that I started decorating to my own likings for his little sister. She is only 5 months at this point so I don't think that she will even notice. 

I guess that I can deal with, handle, or put up with the lack of sleep but waking up from these dreams have gotta go. Those bulls*t dreams. The Boy Dog stuck in a car and my legs are wading through the mud and I can't get there. The Boy Dog next to me on the bed and in a sleepy state I reach for him and wake myself up in real time. If this is all a process of grieving, WHEN IN THE PHUC DOES IT END?? 

The Boy Dog has been on my mind like crazy these days and I have been reminiscing about his ways, his looks, and how he was my best friend and loyal to the end. The Very End


  1. Back up once, twice and a third time. Good that the you have the thumbdrive.

    1. I Know. And my MAC guy was bummed on me for not having a Time Machine. My own fault for sure.

  2. Hang in there Padre. Perhaps Boy Dog is trying to tell you something via your dreams.. as I said before, there are many sad dogs out there waiting for someone, just like yourself, to rescue and love them. Not to take Boy Dogs place but to reciprocate the love and companionship you can give to them.. think about it, seriously ✨

    1. Lucky for me its almost a requirement that you own a Subaru or have a dog here in Colorado. I was just dog/housing sitting last week so I do get my fix. But Yes, I have seriously thought about it and I know that there are/is a dog out there waiting.


  3. Oh man I know those dreams. I totally agree with PerthDailyPhoto, Boy Dog is visiting you and letting you know he's ok. Gizzy used to visit me from the night he passed. I took it that he was letting me know I made the right decision. It was a few months before Gus visited me and I was wracked with guilt over his passing. Occasionally all 4 of them will visit which is nice. You'll know when you are ready to open up your heart again.

    So happy you have that thumb drive, how awesome!


    1. That is a great perspective and maybe he is visiting me. Thanx for checking in.


  4. Finding that thumb drive must be wonderful! I had a computer crash after the death of my dog, and I was heartbroken to lose a lot of photos of her. Now I back up my photos frequently! Boy Dog sounds like such a special companion. I love seeing the photos of him in the snow with you - thanks for sharing.

    1. What just about killed me were all of the video of him that disappeared into that digital world of make believe. He was quite vocal and literally talked to me daily. He would hang his massive head out the car window and roll his tongue with happy out burst. That Boy Dog would howl/sing with my old iPhone3 ring tone. It Was Epic!! I Love Him And I Miss Him Dearly.

      Thanx For Stopping By,