Friday, April 19, 2019

Mid Month And Miles And Miles, oops

This month of April is ripping on by. And of course the old folks continue to remind me that time only speeds up the older we get.

So I am very thankful for my healthy teeth and active knees. Extremely Grateful for the ability to hop on a bike and ride in any direction. Pure Freedom

Do yourself a huge favor and NEVER snap an old spoke. If fact, just about everything about a 26inch is a royal pain in the A$$.

The first bike shop that I walked into, they sort of blew me off, informed me that I had to visit the Bike Shop on North Ave because they are the Mavic dealer in town. So I rode the commuter over there and they advised me to buy a new DT Swiss wheel set. Sure, I have a slush fund for that.

Talk about a royal rim job. Turns out that this particular wheel was built in 2003, come on Ebay!!! Wish me luck

How about these little cuties. Happy Little Fluff Balls!! Three new chickens!! Happy And Healthy. They are Amber The Humans new babies and they sure put a smile on my face.

Broke the Top 50 on Strava and the Top 5 are only like 10 minutes faster. I know realistically that I will be able to drop 4 minutes off my time for a Top 10. I was unaware of this segment and this was just 46 minutes of my 4 hour + ride that day.

Soon, I will be on the Midnight Racer, 13 min shouldn't be all that hard. A standard westerlies prevailing tailwind would be beneficial and welcomed. I am currently on the GT 1996 MTB with "slicks" these days and its considered a tank for Strava PR's.

Been up in the foothills and everything is so green and alive. Love That, I Feed Off That, Bring On The Blooming Wildflowers!!!

And this was just crazy. I couldn't get away from them!! There were 5 crash dummies just cruising along in a hybrid. I was petrified that I was about to witness an accident at any moment.

I immediately flashed back to the movie The Jerk,"He Hates These Cans. There Are More Cans Here. Cans!!" That is just one of the many brilliant scenes from that flick. Hope this resinates with you and you are able to appreciate the humor.

Enjoyed a simple outing with friends last weekend. Took a lot of convincing to get these boys to ride with me. I continued to reassure them that I wouldn't push the pace, I would ride off and leave them, AND that they would enjoy the River Trail. THAT, We Did

BB brought up the topic of your worst top 5 bands and without even having to think about it, I spouted out Guns & Roses. That was about the only one that came to mind for me. The Dude & BB both fulfilled their list rather quickly.

Then, Covers Better Than OG, and I abruptly claimed any tune covering BoB Dylan.Right? BB claims he has a version of Little Wing by The Man In Black Johnny Cash that "smokes" the original. The Dude piped in with Gagsters Paradise cover that I just played on my show. We all laughed at that one. I mentioned Keller Williams covering Frank Zappa's Dinah Moe Humm. We all filled that list while we rode the River Front Trail and reminisced about concerts we attended. Boys Being Boys

In the words of Marvin Gaye " Whats Going On"

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Enjoyable Time in the Saddle & March Madness Baby

A fresh blanket of pristine fluffy snow covered the town of Steamboat for our arrival. For me, felt like  Christmas morning. Steamboat Springs is absolutely beautiful and lived up to its reputation.

We at MAD Racing were honored for the third year for timing the Cody ( 11th Year ) Challenge. Personally, I enjoyed the entire weekend and all ways have. The competitors are cool, low stress, and the whole event turns into one big party afterwards.

Running - 17.2 miles
Cycling  - 176.75 miles
Not Too Bad For 11 Days In And 5 Travel Days

Tested Out This Beast - Flipping Radical 

On Air Tonight!! Way Stoked About It!! 2 1/2 hours of 1920's swing, 1930's big band, and all of the songs are well recognizable cover tunes. While hosting the Magic Carpet Ride, will tease the sports world. Feel free to stream HERE and will have the webcam on as well. Again, Pretty Stoked About It

Will edit this section tomorrow and add the link to stream up to two weeks after - here - in case you have family obligations or something better on TV was happening tonight.

The Magic Carpet Ride takes flight at 6:30pm Colorado Time and Concludes at 9pm Mountain Time Zone. Come Take A Ride

or here ( )
This Show Kicked A$$!! Started out with Alicia Keys from her Grammy performance were she played two pianos at once and talked about songs that she WISHED she had written. From there, unreal. The amount of phones calls blew my mind. I was rather dubious about playing a show like this but it was beyond well received. Phuc Yes

You will experience cover tunes of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bee Gees, MJ, Men At Work, And All Kinds of Wacky Jams. I am rather pleased about the flow of this show and would be interested in your feed back.

Randomly worked on a gal in steamboat that was having a shoulder issue from her hotel pillow/bed. She was surprised with my style of work and even mentioned that she thought I was out of my mind working with her vertically. Cracked Me Up

She finished strong and sought me out to thank me. We ended up talking for hours. We effortlessly found common topics and I really appreciated how genuine she carried herself. The free beer from the title sponsor help keep the conversation fluid.  

Looking back, I was under the impression that I was jaded and all bound up, but all those thoughts washed away while we chatted along. Plus, she lives in Tennessee, that helped to lift any pressure. 

Just so happen that I picked a tough day for a bike ride. Then, Biking Through Life brought me a little perspective. They just rode under these conditions for almost 60 miles of gravel road racing. That crew might have consumed a few brews while hammering down on those cranks. 

NCAA Baby!!
Can You Say Domination?? I picked Virginia for two reasons. #1 They were bounced out in the first round last year so they must be playing with a chip on their shoulder. #2 I had a pretty good idea that everyone was on the Duke bandwagon.

The highlight for me was banking on Texas Tech losing to Duke in the Final Four. I rode the coat tails of the Player of the Year for T.T. and that was the winning move in our league. Virginia claiming Victory was just a little icing on the bragging rights. YES

Hope YOUR April Has Produced A Win Or Two,

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Greg Booker RIP Brother Man

Mikey called me the other night and I found that to be very odd. I always call him. I was in the middle of 5,000 things but I took his call anyway. So you could only imagine what a punch in the gut it was for me. Why U Might Ask?

Spring Training 1998

During the World Series run of 1998, Booker lived in our hotel during home games. He would always leave tickets for employees and always hooked me up with road tix when I was traveling. The 1998 years was epic, to say the least. I caught at LEAST one of the home games from the 3 to 4 game series and those games were at Jack Murphy Stadium. AKA The Murph. I traveled to Chi-Town, Milwaukee, New York, San Fran, Smell-A, Colorado, Arizona, Atlanta, and St Louis for ball games that year.

My seats were always fantastic but I would keep my eye on the front row behind home plate. By the 7th or 8th inning I would sneak my way down and sit there as if I owned the place. Made ESPN highlights a few times during that run of 98. Trevor Hoffman would dominate the 9th inning and there I was, front row, wearing a Padres hat, cheering him on. So many Hall Of Fame players on that 98 team.

Booker was the Bullpen Coach at the time, after the game, the RP's and back up catchers would walk towards the dugout, through the infield, within an ear shot, I would yell, " Booker!" Eventually, as the Playoffs approached, they all would wave or give a nod in my direction.

Booker always had a grin on his face and later coined my with the title of Super Fan. Even my coworkers called me Super Fan. Even though we all knew that I was in love with Mr Padre, Tony Gywwn

Backing up a bit, I and friends would travel out to Peoria, AZ for Spring Training every year. We established this yearly adventure in the early 90's and I loved it. Every year was pretty normal but Spring of 1998 was different. The vibe was different. The players were so personable and relaxed that year. They Knew, We Knew, It WAS Going To Happen.

Booker was such a cool dude. He was one of those guys that took the time to listen. No matter what, he made you feel important. 58 is way too young. We kept in touch through CrackBook but hadn't seen each other in years. Damn

We last spoke over the phone when he was the skipper for the Syracuse Chiefs. He asked me all kinds of questions about my life and talked with enthusiasm about his son and his own family. That was Booker, no time for himself, always smiling and wanted to know about you. Phuc - N - A

The good news is the fact that Booker knew how to live life. I would be sad about his passing if he was a gelatinous couch blob. Booker was full of life, rich with success, and carried himself the way that you would want your own child to be. Booker, I will toast in your honor during the NCAA Championship Showdown Tomorrow Night.

                           * * * * *                      * * * * *                  * * * * *

I don't know this TTM guy but little did he know, he incapsulated the true giving nature of Mr Gregory Booker. Its only a minute and 50sec long, thanx for watching.

So Now, Please Take This Time To Remind The Ones You Love, WHY You Love Them. Go Ahead, Pick Up The Phone, Reach Out, Make It Count.

Rest In Peace Brother

P.S. Booker also was a relief pitcher for The Padres during the famous 1984 season. He was fortunate enough to have experienced the World Series as a player and coach. The stories he told me about those jaw dropping events, will never forget, and he shared those tales with a smile.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

March Numbers, Ortho, & Hopeful Events

Talk about a Month that actually flew by, March blew past me at super sonic speeds. For a 31 day month, surfed a full spectrum of emotions, I welcome April with open arms. I am looking forward to some righteous single track lined with colorful blooming desert flowers, that painful neck ache from starring at the twinkling stars above, and skinny dipping in the clear cold mountain run off. Love Those Slime Covered River Rocks

Ortho-Bionomy works wonders, despite me. HA 
I snipped a couple of cuttings off my mother plant for a friend of mine that just purchased a newer home. Just happened to be a Cholla Jumping Cactus. 

Sure as all get out, they did the old bush the leg against, knee jerk reaction is that inevitable yank trick. A happy barbed end remained just below the surface.  

Causally, I intertwined my arm with theirs for support and offered comfort without speaking of concerns. Our bodies have spirals, auras, and vibrational qualities that offer healing components. All I do is exaggerate those energy fields. With our arms comfortable, I spun a spiral, that yellow barb became pickable with tweezers. Sh*t you not and they were my witness. They Understood With Optimism

An elderly client returned with a wonderful story to share with me. Their poor arthritic knuckles really stiffened up this past winter. Wish I had video taped her face while they shared their experience.

They enjoy puttering around their front yard and pruning their "delightful rose gardens" but last year their hands just weren't strong enough for that chore. Could you imagine, not being able to immerse yourself in your favorite hobby???

After our session, with pruning shears in hand, they whittled away, PAIN FREE. Talk about a face that lit up right before my very eyes. Moments Like That...

Back when I was midway through Massage school, a dear friend, very respected member of this Valley, developed The Big C, passed away within the calendars year. Will never forget that phone call that I am about to share with you. They called me to ask if I would sub their show. I was living, working, and going to school in Crested Butte at that time. The more we updated each other, the bomb was dropped.

After graduation, we worked together weekly. During this time together, ups and downs, I made the conscious decision that I would NEVER charge a terminal client OR THEIR family members. I am approaching ten years of this explicable choice. Simply Giving Back

I recently entered the home of a wonderful old friend that is living in fear after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver Cancer. So frail, translucent skin, and sunken eyes. I fought off my own issues and projected the best of spirits and got to work. Shortly into our session, dawned on me, they needed to speak. This leaves an indelible impression on my mind.

Over the course of about 30 minutes, incredibly touching, they shared their regrets, their precious past, friends of and from the past, pets, they spoke as if they were grieving their own death. I Am So Fortunate

It wasn't necessarily the time on the bike this month, more the time of moving through situations. Visualizing projects from certain angles before wasting time swimming against them. And that Might Colorado River has quickly become Wonka's Chocolate River.

The rookies are out as well. I don't mind and I embrace standard protocol when approaching these novice wonders of this meandering society. Friendly hello, passing on your left with plenty of room, and what happy dogs are my usual expressions when addressing fellow trail users.

I am reminded of this when I see a friendly local passing by. Its a reboot of sorts, perspective, chance to talk weather, exchange pleasantries and on we go. I Appreciate Those Coincidences

Have been focusing on my ROM with regards to my ankle and foot articulations and whats producing power, whats burn out, and whats efficient of that abrupt situation. Where is my awareness when my hips are fully rotating, where are my elbows in relations to my wrist, and whats my ergonomics in general.

However, daydreaming is my normal demeanor while the wheels go round and round. Giggling in my own head, observing beautiful birds of pray in flight, and enjoying the random cloud formations that rule our Western Colorado horizon or the forever bluebird sky lines. Ether Way, I Am On My Bike

Radio Show:
I will be hosting the Magic Carpet Ride on the 11th of April at 6:30pm. I really enjoy this particular time slot and looking forward to creating an enjoyable show for all walks of life. I have a few weeks for melting together a program. Any Requests??

March Numbers:
Run - 35.1 ( 107mi for the year )
Bike - 611 ( 1,565.8 mi for the year )
Hours - 46
Activities - 47
PR's - 15
Traveling - 12 Days on the Road


  1. Live In My Own Skin
  2. Touch Base With My Friends
  3. Remind Myself That Happiness Is A Choice
  4. Collect Some March Madness $$$$$$$
  5. Dial Up Some Miles
  6. A Tribute Ride in Honor of Steve Tilford RIP Article HERE

Thank YOU Triple J, Still Makes Me Laugh  

Thanx A Million For Popping In, Following Along, Making The World A Better Place, And Continue To Seek The Best Possible Outcome