Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Demo Night

Early Sunday Morning It Was A Big Ganja Smuggling    Ina De Mud Me A Pick Kali Bud An Me A Load Dem Down In Off The Tub    One By One    Load Up Di Van    All Of A Ganja It Ram    Put It On A Plain    The Weed Gaan'a Spain    Money Jus Pour Like Rain    Me Jus A Mogel Up The Lane In A Gold Rope Chain    Me An Me Girl Name Jane 


Wa Do Dem 1981


Pretty stoked because of First Friday Art Hop and the Art Center was hosting their annual Demo Night. We were discussing during the bike ride over all the highs and lows and the past weeks events and mishaps and then it suddenly occurred to me that I have not stepped foot inside the Art Center since 2018. 

So thankful that we rolled in because the artist these days are brilliant. Everyone makes their craft appear as if any Ol' Joe could pull this off. Far From The Case 

The Water Color Society effortless washed a full spectrum of colors across their canvas in mer seconds, wheel throwing clay potters presented unchallenging thrown vases, and a stain glass lady fabricated a rainbow trout snapping down on a line while jumping from those cold water streams that showcased realism and excitement. Again, all while projecting the simplicity of their craft. 

Personally, for me anyway, catching up with the legend Mr Terry was a hoot for sure. He reminded me of a time around 2002 with ( Rest In Peace ) Mr Dave Davis and we laughed until our eyes were watering. Mr Terry is one of those down to earth guys that I could chat with all night long. 

He was clearly working over his RAKU Pots for demo night and always gathers a crowd around. And Yes, Mr Terry is one of those artist that makes one believe you could whip out a piece like his in a few seconds. Just Try 


The three dog world took a hit this past week. Their old gal dog that is not pictured finally met the orange needle of death. 

The humans knew that Thursday would be the day as they were traveling on Friday. So it was the two dogs , me , and a few very happy chicks for the weekend. So That's Cool 

These two never acted as if they missed their older gal. And all meals were consumed with enthusiasm. I hid treats under their dog beds as I came and went throughout the weekend. Animals really understand how to adapt to their current situations, changes, and challenges. Unlike Humans 

We made the best of the moment as Mother Nature shined down extremely warm temptress for the occasion. As you are all well aware, the temp reads 63F / 17C but that dang Mr Sun feels like 93F / 33C these days. Think Snow 

The photos above and below captures the true personality that their humans received while away. Always a big fan of the front paws crossed look and who doesn't care for a bug eyed behind the ear scratch??? During this particular evening , I subjected myself to a well done flick directed by Guy Richie. 


While keeping GJ Lame, the Holiday Veterans Parade took place the other day, obviously. 

I do dig trains and happened to snap this photo while riding to the office. Little did I know, That Stupid A$$ Witch with a capital B Lauren BOEBUTT rode this train through the parade. If I had prior knowledge , would have water ballooned the Sh*T out of her. Suck It Lauren 

This photo above showcased two middle school teenagers dressed in tractional WW II uniforms. It was just an ok photo until I pulled all of the saturation out. The photo below incapsulates my youth as those Willy vehicles were rather common in our sleepy little mountain town. 

The photo below was 100% contrast worthy. Here is an older pristine late 50's or early 60's chevy , this ridiculously massive chevy suburban in blue dressed in flags, and then this red neck yahoo driving his SPAVE FORCE Avalanche behind the Corvette. GJ's Finest 


Our Last Man Standing League celebrated with a pot luck on Sunday and offered a chance to meet fellow NFL Dreamers. For those of you that are not hip to the skip, LMS is a league were you pick one team for the win each week. The CATCH??? Once you pick any team for that week, that team is off the board for the reason of the season. Hints; so nobody camps out on the Philadelphia Eagles all season long. Once you pick the Eagles, ineligible for the reason of the season. Right 

The original concept was one loss and you're out with the last man standing declared as the winner. However, over half the league was out by week #2 our first year. We have evolved into a three loss league these days. So much food for the potluck , catching up with folks was a pleasure for sure , and the late night light them up games ensued with the old sun setting around 5pm these days. 

This years league was a record breaking 26 NFL hopefuls and by week #10, less than half are still alive with only two owners still undefeated. Myself, I have two loses as my first digger was believing that Tampa Bay totally sucks this year but not back on week #1. Buffalo killed me for my second loss. Now, just picking for the fun of picking. Yes, That IS Loser Talk  


The snow capped San Juan Mountains way off in the distance here during one magical sunrise. These orange , pink , and purples continued at great lengthen and was the talk of the morning by many. Did I time lapse the event, NOPE. Another Missed Opportunity 

I love this photo above as my subscription rate is up 150%. Yes, one new subscriber and I am up 150%. The odd update that YouTube sent me was the fact that 68% of the views of my videos are NOT subscribers. Only 32% of the subscribers actually watch my time lapse videos. So I got that going for me and thankfully I haven't been promoting videos lately. Cracks Me Up 

The first two weeks on November were beyond unseasonably warm and I was able to carve out some unscrupulous time for a few bike rides. Deer are still trotting along the River Trail near me , dried crunchy leaves still crumble under my bicycle wheels , and the blanket of Autumn colors still paint the horizon these days. So Beautiful 

Loads of house sitting and dog sitting gigs are lined up until the 2nd week of January. The one that knocked me off my feet was a recent Monday - Thursday dog sitting job and the owners were so over the moon with me for cleaning their windows they dropped a chunk of change in my lap. Actually, they handed me an envelope that I threw in my pannier. Late that night, when I counted the dough, I immediately called them because I felt as if two Benji's might have stuck together and they didn't mean to pay me that much. 

Have backed way off with my week day drinking for some reason. I know that a lot of my gradual decrease has to do with the price increase over a Fishers Liquor Barn. Don't get me wrong, I have cravings during the work week but have managed passing up the opportunity for "just one" cold brew while preparing dinner or other random household chore. Plus, having a pretty good feeling that my effervescent personality during Turkey Week will damage the old liver and pocketbook. Daytime Drinking While Wearing Knee High Boots 


  1. Do Right By Others 
  2. Respect Others Views 
  3. Interesting Songs To Share 
  4. Noble Minded 
  5. Kindness Towards All 

Thanx A Million For Checking In And Continue To Lead With Your Heart,


Thursday, November 2, 2023

Nov 2023

I Close My Eyes     Only For A Moment    And The Moment Is Gone   All My Dreams   Pass Before My Eyes    A Curiosity     Dust In The Wind    All They Are Is Dust In The Wind    Same Old Song   Just A Drop Of Water In An Endless Sea    All We Do    Crumbles To The Ground     Though We Refuse To See    Dust In The Wind    All We Are Is Dust In The Wind 


Point Of Know Return 1977


Definitely the best posted numbers for the year of 2023. But absolutely nothing to be all fired up about. Finally tipped the 400 mile mark on the bike for the month but again, not all that proud of these numbers. They are what they are. Yikes

Hours - 46

Milage -  404mi / 650km

PR's - 1

And 25 activities for a 31 day month. So now you understand what I am referring to and why I am clearly not bragging about my month of October. If we continue with these Colorado Bluebird Days, maybe I will brag about November's accomplishments. MAYBE 


Somehow I have lost the ability to communicate with my fellow humans. Not sure exactly how this has happened but it is such a bummer and so flipping frustrating. Folks of today's world have zero utility of the lengths we made when using an old typewriter back in the nineteen hundreds. Or grasp no concept as to the satisfying sounds of that high speed ball stamping impressions upon those fibers of a single sheet paper. How much time we spent writing an outline before taking our creation to the machine of keys. There is no satisfaction via texting , no accountability , and problem solving is a thing of the past. Map Reading??? 

Now I have spend hard earn dollars over the past few decades enrolling into Personal Growth Seminars / Classes. I totally take pride with respectfully hearing others sides to the story. I have tried my best to accommodate others feelings. When I text someone, I purposely reread my thoughts before sending. And yet my message is lost in the dang Matrix all the time. I just struggle with comprehensively understanding their side after I detailed my simple plan. Makes me wonder why I even try or why did I even bother including them at all. 

Ok. Example Time. I sent out a text to my friend with times , details , etc and they replied with ... Sounds Good, Just Text Me The Day Before And Let Me Know. Another example??? I have an office mate that only works on Fridays. I sent them a text explaining how I have a vision for rearranging the office. I went on to say that I do not intend on throwing them a curve and let us mull over these intentions. Are they OK with me even doing this?? As in, do they have a client in a wheelchair or other special needs so maybe I should not move the furniture. I sh*T you not, they sent "So you changed the office around?" and added that stupid A$$ thinking emoji yellow face guy. Again, I only sent a text asking for their input and how I wanted to cross pollinate ideas. And you all have seen this with people you currently text with. The best yet, while discussing this particular subject matter at luncheon with a friend, they stone faced told me that I always send too much information to them when I text. They said," Just stick with Ok's and U Bet and don't add in all that additional nonsense." WTF 


Rock Toe Ber hosted the last official Friday Night Bike Night of 2023. We gathered the troops once again and with bellies full we rolled out towards downtown in true Halloween fashion of course. YES 

The Dude & I made note regarding how little of a turn out there was for the last ride. However, almost everyone dressed up and bike lights were at an all time premium. We conscientiously enjoyed catching up with the regulars before we took to the streets. 

We started with the usual loop down Main Street and it was at that time I realized how many riders were in tow. By the time we turned north onto 10th street, bike lights shined all the way back to 7th and Main. We later heard that 146 bikes participated for the Grand Final. OH BABY 

I met up with a number of couples that just heard of the weekly event and another couple that just recently moved into town. Not a single rider talked shop , not a single person said something negative , and I was completely floored when we circled CMU's campus with all the bikes dressed in lights. Totally Righteous 

Of course The Dude & I were nowhere near being done with the evening. So onto more shenanigans under an almost full moon there was. We made a many of trips on Main Street!! We circle all of downtown multiple times and I thankfully packed the entire 12 pack into the cooler beforehand. I love riding through the fallen Autumn Colored Leaves in the street. I throughly enjoy riding with ground of friends while laughing like school children. Life just seems to be a better place with a bicycle seat between your legs. 

Both the photo above and below were incapsulating of my Friday Night perspective. For some reason, couldn't explain then or now, The Avalon Theater caught my third eye. Both of these photos captured some sort of Avalon Theater Vibes. After all , it is just a simple brick building but I was consumed by it for some unexplained Halloween reason. 


My favorite holiday of the year, you're already accustom to this notion. I received a text from Helen on Sunday evening asking me if I wanted to dress up as Ken & Barbie and I immediately was on the Phuc No fence. This does not appeal to me what so ever. But I am always happy to add a slight twist to the situation. Right 

Helen explained to me that she would be going as Barbie and that I could easily dress up as a Ken Doll. So low and behold, I blew their minds with an Electrocuted Ken character. And Yes, I stayed in character all morning which included the Barbie Doll Hand Positions. My props include an electrical outlet with two paperclips inserted , wire snips , loose wires around my neck , hot wire tester , and I even wore my shorts that have been eaten up by the liquid chlorine for that extra zapped attributes. Asking members if they needed a celling fan installed , how I could rewire their 110v to a 220v , and shouted "Stay Electrified" to everyone as they departed the primacies. Phuc Yes 

The evening then switched over to adults running a muck around the town of Fruita Colorado. I resurrected my old 1990's Hill Billy Rotten Teeth and dressed up as Vince the Vampire. My chaotic catch phrase ,"I need your blood." and then smiled with those rotten nasty teeth. Yes, that one tooth is "gold" plated. Outstanding 

The Dude rocked a Battle Axe Warrior outfit, Kalinderrrrrrs rolled with a Fortune Teller objective , and then there was my Happy A$$. Just after this photo, while scratching my wig, previewing this photo, discovered that I was still wearing Iris' tiara. Almost pissed my pants laughing. And what really cracks me up was how the three of us wore capes that night!! SERENDIPITOUS

Now here is a little tasty treat for ya. Our tribe was marauding around the "go-to" stand by neighborhood when we reached a corner home all decked out in Halloween purple lights. The husband was dressed as a clown and the wife was recording cute little trick or treaters with her massive iPad. As The Dude & I slinked our way to the door while on her video, the wife shouts out," I remember you guy from last year!!" Made Our Whole Night 


I am really trying here my friends but it has been a rough damn few months with the Grim Reaper appearing again. 

 We lost Old Jim and his service was the day before Halloween. Man, it was a heart wrencher when the video ran showcasing his life in photographs. Those old style grainy Black and White photos kill me. You know, the white boarders and somewhere there is a dog in the shot. Plus, seeing him gracefully age and then his own kids and then grandkids and then those holiday photos with him sitting on the couch. You all have witness these "good bye" montages. SUCKS 


  1. Slow It All Down
  2. Change Of Pace
  3. Reflect
  4. Discover Peace In Insignificant Moments 
  5. Embrace Simple Pleasures
  6. Replacing Chaos With Contentment 
  7. Have The Attitude With Gratitude 
  8. Focus On What Actually Matters 
  9. Ride When I Can
  10. Stock Up On Booze As Turkey Day Is Almost Here 

Hopefully you all experienced an astonishing October and I send you all the best vibes during this glorious month of November. You all deserve it to the fullest.