Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Because Music Is The Cure

Ticking Away The Moments That Make A Dull Day Fritter And Waste The Hours In An Offhand Way Kicking Around A Piece Of Ground In Your Home Town Waiting For Someone Or Something To Show You The Way Tired Of Laying In The Sunshine Staying Home To Watch The Rain You Are Young And Life Is Long And There Is Time To Kill Today And Then One Day You Find Ten Years Have Got Behind You No One Told You When To Run, You Missed The Starting Gun

Pink Floyd 4 February 1974 ( US Release ) 


During a relaxing drive south with the most ideal soundtrack in the background vibrating while soothing my turbulent mind, a panic attack ensued, only for about two seconds, but inside those couple of seconds, terror. Like complete terror as I thought I was about to face death. 

There is this little town named Delta that has a mainstream full of construction projects and traffic cones are litter everywhere. A yahoo blows by me as they apparently didn't take to kind to my grandpa driving style. Happens all the time but this particular car drove a little more than erratic. All of a sudden, they slam on their brakes at a major intersection and prime construction zone. Out of nowhere, from the right actually, a Highway Patrolmen with lights flashing makes a left turn from the right and pull right in front of this yahoo. I stopped with plenty of distance between us and my third eye screamed," Don't Start Shooting!!" 

Within seconds, the lead escort of Highway Patrolmen with lights flashing blocked the intersection and here comes this MASSIVE Washington D.C. bound Christmas tree. Track It Here If You Please And Read About The Trees History. Behind the long clumsy simi truck was loads of law enforcement, BLM trucks, and Forrest Service vehicles all making their way to GJ. Yes, I felt like a big scaredy cat but damn it. Stressful 


I added some much unwanted stress to my life by walking past the Trump houses while shoveling snow not so many days ago. This bothered me because that is not my branding. I laid in bed with thoughts of what if's. What if they slipped and fell and broke a hip because of my lack of actions. What if they saw me walk by and wondered why I would pull such a stunt. All those what ifs really upset me because I wasn't acting the better human. I selfishly walked right past their place because of a propaganda sign in their yard. Who Cares!?!?! Seek the best possible outcome and be the better person. Lead By Example 


SOOOOooooo I had the privilege of being called into the principals office and that is never ideal. But I thought just maybe that they were going to elaborate about an issue I resolved whiteout being asked to do so. Nope, was politely informed that due to a low customer count, CLOSING THE DOORS. Phuc Me! Nobody Wins

My heart immediately went out to all those Silver Sneakers as this gym is there one and only outlet of the day. A controlled environment where no judgment is cast upon thee. For some of them, A Purpose 

And now whats the alternative option for these folks?? See, I am so upset about this development that I use the same word twice. Alternative and option are the same, NO??? 


Not sure why but fright trains have been crossing my path constantly these days. I don't mind but its an observation as of lately. Always been a big fan of the rails, long history with locomotives, and those massive units create a distinct sound while moving about in the rail yard. 

Legs have felt fantastic and miles click away like nobody is watching. Seriously, nobody is watching. Been riding inconspicuous areas and uncommon streets routes by average drivers during their daily grind of honk honk oh Phuc no commutes.   

And all those new Strava challenge segments are popping up regularly. With that said, the Local Legends doesn't carry merit. I think its Strava sending out positive messages, which I am all for, but far from actuate. Strava notified me that I was the Local Legend for a particular route out to Fruita and that means I come back that way as well. A new rider claimed that title with five less rides than mine on the return trip. How can that be if I have five more rides??? But hey, if it gets folks outside, I am all for it. Feel Alive Folks

This was a solid mind clearing ride the other day. The legs were a little off so I took it rather easy. Glad I did because the wildlife was astounding. Merlin Falcons were in abundance, Red Tail Hawks are prevalent in Colorado, quick little running Quail scurried about, and Bald Eagles dominated the westerly thermals. Bucks casually walked beyond the fence line, sheep were focused on eating, and baby goats played like they are suppose to. Animals So Rock 

While on a farm tour ride the other day, ran into some rush hour traffic. Colorado Style!! Just to the left of this photo was a massive herd of sheep on the move. Check out all that piss and SH*T on the road. I mean thats a lot of sheep in this herd. Two working boarder collie dogs, one guy on a horse, and about three or four hispanic helpers guiding sheep towards their new farm patch for fresh grazing opportunities. Well Orchestrated 


Out of town I drove and thats how "story time" came into play. A dynamic couple reached out and I accepted. Its always mind boggling how friends will appear when your chips are down. Dig That

And its nice packing light. No sleeping pad, no camp stove, and none of that over thinking or what I am forgetting moments. Just an ice chest of goodness, sunglasses on my happy face, and a full tank of gas. Travel On

We laughed into the night as if we just saw each other the night before. Reminiscing of attending live shows, pets that no longer walk Mother Earth, upcoming travels, and when and where we were when. We stayed up way past our bedtime and my belly was sore the next morning from laughing out loud all night.

And because I am an early riser, they were stoked with this veggie filled quiche. Coffee was on, breakfast was ready, and the room smelled of grandmas touch. I had previously prepped all the veggies before departing, mixed half and half with 6 eggs in a sealed tight mason jar, and I cheated with a pre made pie crust. All while leaving room for brews in the ice chest of course. Plus, a little Makers Mark on the side just in case. Which was very well received. Again, they were stoked and we ate well. YES

I am so full of gratitude for the opportunity for dodging out of the valley and how about that sunrise. Like WoW!! Once we all found our rhythm that morning, we rode out for a sweet A$$ ride. The perfect ride for a group of booze hounds. Not too hilly and not too aggressive. Just a ride were we could chat, pull off for a snack, and ride while looking out for everyones best interest. You know, friendship. Nothing Better


You know that game!! That game where some one asked you if you were independently wealthy. What would be your dream car? Where would you live?? All that nonsensical materialistic BS. That question was raised the other night and really bothered me because my headspace wasn't in make believe mode. 

My immediate visceral response was LOVE, more of an outburst really. I don't want any of that Sh*t. I want what these two Red Tail Hawks have, compatibility for life. Finding a partner and never dream of letting go. I never imagined nailing all 6 lotto numbers and buying an entertainment center for my new TV. Phuc That!! Sports car, Phuc That Business!! I simply want unconditional love. Someone that challenges me intellectually. Someone that is willing to grow with me physically. Somebody that I can count on for support during tough times because they know that I only possess the best of intentions. Simple Honest Love 


  1. Reframe From Punching Someone In The Face
  2. Cracking The 300mi/482km For The Week
  3. Engage My Gluteal Amnesia Issue  
  4. Consume More Fiber And Veggies 
  5. Remember Lovable Shyla's Birthday Here In A Few Weeks Time

Be Well This Week,


P.S. For All Of You Monday Mural Fans , Here Is My 57 Second Video I Shot Of Just That. Turn It Up!! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Inspiring Opening Week

Don't Think Of Me Unkind Words Are Hard To Find They're Only Cheques I've Left Unsigned From The Banks Of Chaos In My Mind And When Their Eloquence Escapes Me Their Logic Ties Me Up And Rapes Me Poets Priest And Politicians Have Words To Thank For Their Positions Words That Scream For Your Submission And One's Jamming Their Transmission 'Cause When Their Eloquence Escapes You Their Logic Ties You Up And Rapes You 

The Police - Released 20 November 1980


This week for me was all about raking leaves out to curbs for pick up. Our city has a leaf picking program that flipping rocks. So I raked lawns, walked behind a lawn mower for hours, and deep watered all week as anticipating another storm front passing over the Valley. We were arid and unseasonably warm all last week and I just wasn't forecasting the amount of moisture that our local meteorologist were predicting. Not The Normal November 

My other two part-time jobs have surprisingly been going well. Folks are beginning to notice the little details that have been accomplished without verbally assigning. So Thats Cool 


Wasn't planing on working this week but a newbie called. They were seeking relief from an over the shoulder quick glance debacle. I met them on the street with my mask on, passed on detailing all the office COVID protocols, and my own opinions, updates, and self care. To start, asked them to lay face up with their feet pointing towards the door. 

We started with their feet by releasing the balled up tension between their Talus, Navicular, and Cuboid relationships. Almost immediately their lower leg bones settled into place around their Calcaneus. First time in a long time that they had a solid base to stand on. Dig That 

We then worked with their right shoulder and went through the full series of release points both posterior and anterior while supine. I tend to forget how stiff, how jerky, how locked up, and how many times a joint will catch during a simple hand guided range of motion test. Its really clear for me finding these hiccups. I went into this session feeling rusty, out of practice, and unconfident really. But within a few simple releases, like riding a bike. Fired My Anchor 

They asked me,"Why did you decide to work on my right shoulder?" I causally explained how their left shoulder was higher and more pronounced than the right when I saw them walking towards me on the sidewalk. I went on to vocalize that I figured it was a collarbone but obviously it was the entire fictional unit of their shoulder girdle. They went on to notify me of how they already feel relief and that they forgot about their shoulder hurting earlier that week. Excellent 

We have this whole muscle train system from our achilles to our upper traps. Its very satisfying to witness the structure of the system realign itself before your very eyes and then to experience the softness of the muscles as a result. Example; my left hand held their congested scapula with a minor twist clock wise as if opening a door knob. My right hand rotated the head of their humoral bone towards their neck and held that my position with both hands. All those resistant supporting muscles around their shoulder blade melted and softened. Their breathing becomes apparently calmer and then they slowly take a rather large inhale. Right Shoulder Released 

The neck, no problem. Living with neck mobility is something special and even taken for granted. Most of the issue was cleared because of their collarbones relaxing back into place. Their big SCM muscle unlocked and those Scalene muscles weren't holding on so tight. Breathing creates oxygenated healthy blood supply so their lymphatic system was also in motion as a byproduct of Ortho. Effortlessly worked their cervicals towards ease and thats a session. Standing tall, pain free, and walking gracefully on down the hallway. Pure Happiness  

The rest of my fast paced week ( Nov 2nd - 8th ) was spent on the bike. I only rode seven depressing miles on Monday and that was for basically running errands, post office for stamps, grocery store necessities, etc and then the real mileage began on Tuesday. Yes, I Rode 

As you can see with all these photos from my rides, I ended up with almost 19 hours on the saddle of moving time. Many times I recognized how completely present in that moment. There were so many occasions were I enjoyed being with my thoughts while turning over those cranks. Then, there were those times of focusing on my breath and allowing my quads to burn like a son of a gun up those hillsides. But nothing will eclipse listening to Mother Natures natural sounds while looking to the right or over my left shoulder. So much beauty out there when you accumulate 250+ miles or 400+ kilometers in a weeks time frame. Stoked 


  1. Stretch Before Work
  2. Lift With A Purpose 
  3. Walk With Intention 
  4. Smile With My Eyes
  5. Empower Those Around Me 

Be Kind To One Another, Think Before You Speak, & Ask For Help If You Become Confused,


P.S. Think Snow