Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Quick Trip To Ouray Colorado And A 1:41 Time Lapse Video

Drove the oldies on down to Ouray for a little soak in the hot springs. The public pool is open and quite nice. The engineers did add more seating in the pool which is great.

The water temp is still rather low but suitable for our needs. The lower temperature allowed us to float around and socialize for a bit longer. I still built up a sweat and enjoyed watching the cumulus clouds rolling overhead. Stoked with the time lapse!!!

We poured into the parking lot were own turkey sandwiches waited and hot damn were they good. The Dude and K decided that they would hop back in the pool for one more round and I went ahead and opted out.

I drove the oldies up Red Mountain Pass and gave them an ear full from my driving days. I drove twice a week over Red Mountain for almost seven years. I pointed out all the web cams as well and hope they follow up when they arrive back home.

Next entry will be filled with numbers/goals as a near 3,000 miles on the bike for the year. Will add body measurements and might recall the ounces of really good beer over the Turkey Day Holiday that I consumed.

Stay Strong & Dance Like Nobody Is Watching,

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gobble Gobble

Unreal 34 Seconds 

                                    Thanx For Watching

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Marble Colorado Trip

The crisp clean air of the mountains might be considered one of the best ways to reboot from the daily grind. I could literally feel my attitude start adjusting as I climbed up McClure Pass.

The Peaks of this amazing landscape were dusted in snow earlier in the week and that meandering Crystal River appeared belly up drinkable. Everything just sort of slows down as the town of Marble begins to appear through the front windscreen. Love That

OFFICE: Ortho-Bionomy shows up in similar situations. A client walks into the office at full speed and often wearing many hats; Mother, Leader, Worker Bee, Sister, Brother, etc

As I work with each client and meet them in their model of the world, the are able to find their snow capped happy place.

I am bringing this up for one particular reason. CELL PHONES vs THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. This is completely my own opinion here!!!

Before the cell phone age, imagine driving a car, you swerve to miss another car and your body automatically shifts into Flight or Fight mode, Right??? We have all been there and you have the post shakes and maybe even tear up a bit. Well, this fight or flight reaction used to happen maybe once a month or so before the cell phone age.

We know that during Flight or Fight the body pulls all that oxygenated blood away from those vital organs to activate strength in muscle fibers. Basic Idea Here!!! Now in 2017, I can feel the clients nervous system find its own parasympathetic state within approximately 10 minutes will say.

A simple BING from a cell phone registers the nervous system exactly like a Fight or Flight reaction!!! This same client will go from rest and digest to fight or flight within milliseconds of hearing their cell phone.

NOW, I am bringing this up because I often think of how many times a day our body slips into a cell phone alert Fight or Flight. What does that do to our organs over a long period of time?? Do our adrenal glands become stronger or weaker over time?? Or am I just overthinking these similarities??

Yes, clients should turn off their cell phone before a session. Some Don't and Justify That With All Kinds Of Reasons. I am OK with that because after all, Its Their Session. Who am I to take away a clients power by saying," Unplug From That Damn Umbilical Cord You Call A Phone!"

So Lets Just Say That Marble Colorado Brings Me Back Into A Parasympathetic State. Righteous

TRAINING: Made a small gain in lifting this month. I set my training card aside near the end of October and lifted by feel and mood. After lifting for about two weeks and doing my thing, shoulder/ Tri day brought me to this small gain. I grabbed the 40 pound dumbbells for my shoulder press set and powered through. During that 3rd and last set I kind of struggled with the last two reps.

I went and pulled my card and to my surprise, 10/22/2017 I was using the 33 1/2 dumbbells!! My first thought was, " What The Hell Was I Thinking??" How could I have missed calculated an exercise like that?? As I scanned my card, looking ahead towards my Tri workout, I finally realized the muscle gain and the power goal I had reached without setting the intention. YES

GOALS: Few Of Them

1) Rake Up Leaves & A Compost Run
2) Add An Extra Half Hour To The Dreadmill Time
3) Challenge My Tracking Card
4) Walking The Next Cyclocross Course on Tuesday with Klishy
5) Marking & Building with Klishy Thurs/Fri
6) No Meat Week, Up The Fruits, and Stay Consistent with the Veggies
7) Meet with Coach for a Radio Show Time Slot as we Near the Turkey Day Holidays
8) Nail the Audition for the upcoming Holiday Play

OVERALL: Feeling solid, working through some minor issues, and looking forward to next step. Found a pretty good groove this month and will focus on what I can change. I will continue to give options to others as I see fit as I always do because I enjoy seeing others succeed and grow.

I am just simply saying that I will work on myself and focus on bettering my goals, acting on what is best for me, and seeing tasks through to the end.

Thanx So Much For Stopping By,

Monday, November 6, 2017

Cyclocross Race Series #3

Palisade Colorado offered up a beautifully perfect condition for Orchard Treads cyclocross race on Saturday November the 4th. This race in GJ, CO showcased 65% of paid racers from OUT OF TOWN!!

This event would be our back - 2 - back 90+ paid racers in this Urban Tread Cyclocross Series. We held this same race four years ago with 32 racers. Couldn't be any happier right now and extremely proud of the MAD Crew. Mountain And Desert Racing

Radio Update: Must toot my own horn here. My LATEST Radio Show FUNd Drive edition write up HERE. My show goal was $200 bucks for the one hour ( 9pm - 10pm ) time slot. This Vegas theme show produced $455.oo in that hour!! YES

Now I am brining this up because it was beyond awesome to walk into the station throughout this FUNd Drive and have folks talk about this show for days afterwards. That totally makes all the effort worth it. LOVE THAT

Our Executive Director explained to me about how many members personally asked her about listening to my show. She shared with me her feeling when the first confronted her," Did you hear that show The Padre did Wednesday night??"

She told me she was worried because nobody has mentioned any of the other shows and she was afraid they were asking because of something I did wrong. You know, living in fear. On Sunday, she went on to tell me that at least four people per day have pulled her aside to talked to her about my show. Bitchin

You Can Stream That Show Until Nov 8th HERE under Old Dan's Records. Starts off with about 3 minutes of Jazz from the last shows carry over. I started The Vegas show with a clip from the Fear and Loathing movie soundbite featuring Johnny Depp. Hope Ya Dig

Have A Brilliant Week,

I STAND CORRECTED ON NOV THE 7TH  You can stream this show until November 15th

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Rock-Toe-Ber Numbers

We B losing daylight and fast. As our globe tilts, warmest October on record here in GJ, I ran into some darker bike rides. Made it home just fine but noticeably missed timed my outings.

My Strava October produce the 3rd highest hour of the year!! The Breakdown looks a little like this...

Oct 2-8th 40.7 miles, Oct 9-15th 48.4, Oct 16- 22nd 45, & Oct 23- 29th 22.7 miles on the commuter and midnight racer.

Dreadmill miles hit 31.3 miles and Boy Dog walks recorded ( listed as Crossfit ) 28.1 miles. Running took a little dip this month but thats how it goes. No Worries

 Weight lifting hung around normal levels and I didn't add any new numbers there. Steady Eddy. Some of my days only allowed 4 days a week in the gym. And Thats OK

Big cyclocross weekend coming up on the 4th of November out in Palisade Colorado. I was over the moon stoked with the Creepy Treads race last weekend were we saw 98 PAID  racers tackle our course that night. A number of Denver folks came over to race Friday night and then mountain bike the rest of the weekend. Super Stoked

And everyone of those racers had something to say. Amazing!! I have never received that kind of feed back!! Its usually a compliant with a few "like" comments but this was crazy cool. Every racer commented on the layout, how tough the 1.9 mile loop was, or all the bitching off camber lines that were possible. Fantastic

Racing at night was huge PLUS!! Costumes, Glow Sticks, Music, and Racing were all well received by all and I couldn't be happier!! Righteousness

The Big News!!!!!

TONIGHT NOVEMBER THE 1ST!!! My buddy Dan called me on Monday to asked me to cover his radio show tonight. The thing is, its the FUNd Drive week. Dan's daughter had her baby ( Halloween Night ) last night and I told him that I would cover his show no problem.

So yesterday it hit me. I will hosting a Vegas Theme FUNd Drive show!! All the music will be somehow related to Vegas, fun facts from Sin City, and background casino sounds while we pitch for pledges.

I have always enjoyed raising money for our little 300 watt community radio station and tonight will be no different.

PLEASE STREAM LIVE FROM 9PM - 12 MIDNIGHT. We will accept credit cards, checks, and walk in cash. Here is why I am sharing this, the Gil Foundation will match up to $1,500.oo for all NEW members.

This means, if you call 970.241.8801 and donate 50 bucks as a new member, the Gil Foundation makes that donation $100 for the station. Yes!!

I would be so thankful tonight if I heard from just one of you. Like Really Thankful. Let just say, your pledge would make my month. Would Make My YEAR

Radio Show Name: Dan's Old Records
My On Air Name: The Padre
KAFM: Click Listen Live
You can pledge on-line!! So use the above info when pledging AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!