Thursday, November 28, 2019

A Happy Birthday Wish To Shyla

Just a quick acknowledgment to Shyla and her 8th trip around the sun. She is quite the character for sure. The romping and rolling ( pop over and wish her a Happy Happy ) blog is a sight that I throughly enjoy reading while sipping some morning Joe. And Award Winning Photos 

The Boy Dog - Best Boy Ever

A Perfectly Timed Road Ride - I Was Listening To One Of My 3 Hour Radio Shows From 2004 - Life Is Better With A Seat Between Your Legs 

I Mean Check Out This Descent Back Towards The Valley Floor - Obviously, Way Stunning In 1st Person - But Beautiful Just The Same  

And GJ Scores A Baby Funnel Cloud - Didn't Reach The Ground But Hot Damn - Mother Earth Is Pissed 

I Am Learning The Art Of Welding - I Am A Bit Inadequate - But I Am Enjoying The SH*T Out Of It - So Dig Fabricating Recycled Goods Into Useable Art 

Any Of You Thailand Bound?? Or Colorado Springs Works!! I Really Like These Noodles  

A Beautiful San Diego Brew - SCULPIN I.P.A. from Ballast Point Brewery - Oh Baby  

My Failed Birdie Putt From Between The Trees - I Shot This Because My Putter Is Laying There At The Base Of The Basket - The Disc Lost Its Flight Just Before The Chains And Drilled The Pole - Classic 

Cracking The Top Ten Here - YES - And That Was After 40 Miles Of Riding 

A Veggie Curry With Toasted Hazel Nuts - Dreamy 

And Here It Is - Recycled Bikes And Parts - My Christmas Disc Golf Basket For The Dude - The Dude Had These Two Bikes In His Garage For The Longest Time - This Is Justin And He Is The Skilled Welder - He Allowed Me To Throw A Bead Around The Seat Post Area BUT He Did All The Real Welding Here - I Continued To Add Ideas And Justin Really Liked My Thinking - He Appreciated That I Used His Level Before Most Of His Welds - Now, The Wheels Spin, The Basket Spins In Opposite Direction, And The Whole Piece Is Beyond Stable - We Still Have Another Days Worth Of Work - Stoked With Were We Are - Will Post Final Photos When We Finish And Details Of The Spare Parts And Why We Used What Where 

Happy Gobble Gobble!! Be Well, Stay Strong, & Think Of Others First,

Friday, November 22, 2019

Big Sky Montana Biathlon

The not so MIGHTY Colorado River


Talk about lucky. Some say fortunate. I still feel like I am in the lucky stage of the Ortho World. I have had some wonderfully blithesome encounters with folks these last few months.

I knew this guy in passing but never engaged more than just that superficial head nod. He asked me if I could help his wife as this past season of gardening took its toll. Meaning, knees ache, fingers stiffen up, and low back is a train wreck. She turns out to be one of the coolest ladies ever. I work with her first , she takes about a 45-50min walk ( Bilateral Movement Integration ) after our session, I then work with him during her walk time. They both claim that their golf games have NEVER been better.

After attending the Crested Butte Trauma And Whiplash Retreat, everyone has a story to share. Its like the New Car Theory. You find your favorite new sliver car and after you make the purchase, you realize EVERYONE is driving that same car. Just like that, I have continued working with trauma related injuries. Its Fascinating To Me

Little Kids. The little ones always remind me to stay in my feet and meet them in their model of the world. Their nervous systems are so strong and powerful that if I check out for a second we miss the rebound reflex or option. His parents explained to me that their child has been "dealing" with tennis elbow. I have two usual go-to releases for that. But in this particular case, they made the comment,"we don't know how he could be suffering from tennis elbow? he ONLY PLAYS video games." So I took the opportunity to work with the child's neck and shoulder relationship. What do you know, that good ol Brachial Nerve calmed down. Pain Diminished

A Photo From The Twins - An Old Throw Back Original 


Our weather has been so ideal for living life outdoors. Mr Sun feels much warmer than the thermostat reads. Its ALWAYS a headwind no matter which direction I charge off towards. My hips are defiantly producing more of a punch and them quads have strength again. I will be in good shape if I can find my cardiovascular system soon.

The night before the Full Moon, almost two weeks ago, went for a sweet night ride. When ever I ride with traffic I just assume that the driver is drunk. This night was no different. Safely navigated my way to the River Trail and rode out to Utah. The moonlight dancing with the rivers ripples and edie lines were captivating. All the little nocturnal animals were in motion but never to be seen. Looking forward to snowshoeing under these very special conditions this Winter. Think Snow People

Finally, the VP of the Colorado Biathlon Club replied and gave me the Winter Schedule for XC Skiing & Skate Skiing. Well, its a start. To their credit, they also sent the most frequently asked question link. So after googling & what not,  popped up on my screen. Stoked!! This Link ( HERE ) is their Sumer Biathlon Schedule for Running Sprint and Mountain Bike Biathlon. Again, Colorado is so behind the 8 ball. Wish There IS A Way To Stimulate The Growth/Awareness Here In CO.

Spintertainment Mountain Bike Spin Cycling Class - Check Out Their Webpage 


I normally don't say this but I broadcasted a glorious flow of a show the other day. Here is the LINK ( Nov 19th ) for streaming the show. I subbed in for Veta Bluegrass & Beyond and I diverted a little more Beyond with its format. The generosity of the phone calls coming in were empowering to say the least. Yes, I made a few mistakes as you will hear but damn, What A Show


  1. Book My Carson City Hotel And Car Rental 
  2. Smoke The Most Savory Turkey For Gobble Gobble  
  3. Maintain And Seek The Best Possible Outcome Next Week
  4. Top The 600 Mile Mark For November 
  5. Tell Someone How They Made A Difference In My Life 

Stay Strong & Be Well,

Monday, November 11, 2019

Opening Week of November


Spintertainment Class ( in honor of Ken )
Chest Day
Raking Leaves


Road Ride 43 miles


MTB Ride 9.7 miles
Chores As The Sun Touched The Monument
Our Tribe of Cowboys & Indians 


Jury Duty but Released
Road Ride 32.9 Miles
Moving Flagstone
AJ, Zorro - Me, Bandero Blanco  


Sight Inspection
Radio Show
Easy Spin/Biceps
Tropical Air Show ( LINK ) for the next two weeks. Really lively and entertaining show for me. The first hour was a little rough in my opinion but the texts and phone callers say differently. The last hour was gratifying and I enjoyed the overall experience of hosting the Tropical Air time slot. A number of folks paraded into the studio to say hello. There was a Radio Room show downstairs so I appreciate the effort to pop in and briefly chat. Stoked with all the phone calls because there were a number of voices that I did not recognize. Life Is Good

Me And The Dude - Yes, He Is Hung Like A Horse 


Road Ride 47.1 Miles ( In Honor of Ken & Clearing My Own Emotional SH*T )
Ken Laumann's Obituary

Ken's oldest daughter spoke first, following the Hospice Pastor's Eulogy. She began painting a picture of how frugal he was and how family always came first. How Ken would never complain about early morning drop offs for sporting practices/events. Ways that Ken lead by example. Hobbies that he was so passionate about. All of the different planes he flew and rode in. She went on to disclose that about 5am, surrounded by the family, holding his hands, relaying on each other for support, reassuring him that everything is ok, they played Queen's WE ARE THE CHAMPION as he slipped away.

Of course, being human, I thought about me. About how screwed up my elders are and whats that day going to be like when the first ones goes down. My mom and her siblings have a poor, to say the least, relationship and I wonder if they will ever build towards the future. Here, Ken's family, all shared funny stories, family values, without any hint of guilt or greed. Some families are very fortunate in that respect. Ken's Service Was Refreshing


MTB Ride 14.7 Miles
Airport Run
Last Man Standing Gathering - Last Man Standing is a league were you pick just one NFL team per week to win. ONCE you take THAT team you are no longer allowed to take them again. i.e. can't camp out on NE every week. Our first year, one loss, go home. Second year we implemented two losses because we lost a majority of the league the by week two. The last few years, THREE losses so that the league would still be in play by week 10. Now, I have remain NFL free this year, hadn't watched a single game, passed on Last Man, but attended the league's party for the socialism factor. Over half the league took the shaft yesterday by picking Indy over Miami or New Orleans at home over Atlanta. Obviously both home teams choked. 21 began the season this year, 9 lost yesterday, 4 were bounced out by suffering their third loss, and only two have ONE loss. Everyone else is sitting on two miss picks for the season and MUST win out to be in the $$$$$. Its Getting Exciting

The only real goal this week is to remain present and do it to the fullest

P.S. Hosting A Radio Show Tuesday Nov12th at 9pm Mountain Time Zone  - www dot KAFMRADIO dot org

Monday, November 4, 2019

New Love & October Numbers

I am beyond delighted for my newly discovered and SOON to be passion. I was completely oblivious to summer biathlon racing here in Colorado. There are competitive mountain bike/shooting events in Wyoming, Utah, Montana, & Idaho. Who Knew

I am so psyched right now!! Colorado hasn't hosted ( according to the Colorado Biathlon Club )  a biathlon like this since 2018 but every other Rocky Mountain Region has capitalized on this market. As far as I can tell, most events are between 15 and 25 kilometer mountain bike rides with both prone and standing shooting zones.

Head Winds - 20+mph Winds - Totally Sucked

Do I Own A Rifle??? Hell No
Am I Familiar With The Rules?? What Rules
Do I Know If We Ride With A Rifle Strapped To Our Backs?? Not A Chance
Am I Fired Up?? Phuc Yeah


Ortho-Bionomy is so cool. Its a modality that amazes me and despite me, WORKS. The long distance runner client that I work with finished the Berlin Marathon three minutes shy of a Sub 2:30. They were dealing with a hamstring issue prior to heading overseas and a little nervous really. We worked together leading up to the race and they even made the comment," My Legs Haven't Left This Strong In A Long Time." as they walked down the hallway after our session. Again, they are putting in the effort, the time, and the self discipline. Its Not ALL Me Or The Ortho But It Sure Marries Well. They Were Stoked About There PR In Berlin. YES

Leaving the office, riding along the River Trail with a little less light pollution, a shooting star falls into my vision. The other night was magical for sure. I enjoy watching the Winter Constellation Orion climb up into the sky from behind the Big Grand Mesa and then here comes, almost a frequent occurrence these days, a piece of space debris slashes across the sky. THEN!!! A second dust trail skips across the sky with a vibrant green ( Nickel Based Atoms & Molecules ) glow. How Luck Am I

An old Silver Sneaker has been dealing with Prostate Cancer and other health related issues for years now. He attends spin classes at least twice a week. He really is a tough old bird and I say bird because he LOVES airplanes. He has taken flights in old planes and has shared with me some videos of him riding in the back of a two seater. He knows everything about these planes and was quite excited when the GJ Airshow brought in B-52 Bomber planes. Yes, he paid the $$$ and went for a ride. Overall, just a really good guy and I always lend an ear his way for whatever story he felt like sharing.

Old Man Ken, with a new cane, walked in the other day and he looked frail as can be. I only hope that my facial reaction didn't show my hand. I allowed him talk and just be him. Its the first time I have ever been apart of someone sharing their " I Am Done " matter of fact speech. There were no hot rod stories of his youth, nothing about taking flight, just the sad realization of wanting to sleep towards the next journey.

Ken passed away peacefully in his home last Tuesday


34  Hours
561 Miles
8  Personal Records
39 Activities
4  Traveling Days
5  Completely Off The Bike Days INCLUDING The Commuter Bike
5,547.8 Total Miles So Far This Year

This is also the time of year when the deliciously overpowering strength of decaying organic matter lofts into my awareness. Don't Ya Love It

Riding here in Colorado is absolutely breathtaking at times. Both physically and mentally. The metronomic cadence allows my mind to wonder in & out and then Mother Nature snaps me back into reality with these gorgeously changing leaves. Our streets our littered with rich autumn colors and our not so Mighty Colorado River has become dotted in yellowish emeralds from the turning Cotton Wood Trees that overlooks those banks. Pure Beauty

All last week, riding the River Trail towards Utah, I have noticed fewer and fewer cyclist. There is this older guy that I have waved to all summer long that FINALLY acknowledges my presence the other day. I normally try to say hello or other encouraging quotes in passing. But this particular guy is always stone faced. Now, he will head nod as I roll around him. Lets Call That Progress! Or maybe its the appreciation a process taking a meaningful amount of extra time to achieve, but delivers in return something that can't be arrived at any other way?

Hosted a show the other ( 10/23 ) day and I really enjoyed myself. It was another daytime slot and there were the usual distractions but a pretty solid show overall.
This link HERE  is good for another week

Next time slots -
I'm Hosting Tropical Air THIS Friday
I might host a Jam Band/Reggae style show on Nov 12th at 9pm
I am leaning towards subbing in on the blue grass show on the 19th
I might give the green light to host a Thanksgiving show at 6:30pm - Maybe - still have commented to that one yet
I was just sent an e-mail with 8 available shows during the month of November
www DOT kafmadio DOT org

The station is doing well but this is that time of year when folks are traveling, hosting friends and family from out of town, or are just in need of a breather after the FUNd Drive. And I Am Happy To Sub

  1. Dig Deep And Go Over The 700 Mile Mark For The Month 
  2. Remain Methodical With The Weights 
  3. Hike Our Beautiful Trails & Gracefully Embrace The Time Change 
  4. Formulate A String Cheese Incident Game Plan 
  5. Pull Off A Tasty Smoked Turkey Day Dinner 

Did This ( ) Link Work - Its From My Time Lapse Days - I Actually Thought About Shooting A Time Lapse The Other Day While Working In Carbondale Colorado

Be Well & Stay Hydrated,