Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Golden Dragon Acrobats

I had the privilege of a lifetime volunteering as an usher during The Golden Dragons Acrobatic Performance at the Avalon Theater. I was totally blown away by ALL OF IT!!  Yes

Their soundtrack was brilliant even though they all looked like they were 12 years old and so playable. Every movement or tumbling run came off so effortless. They changed their dazzling outfits about 5 times, plus the individual performances while stage hands did their thing, so colorful and vibrant.

Then, there was this guy. Talk about an amazing feat of athleticism!!! Again, pure grace and methodical. I found myself spellbound by the artistry and I seriously broke a sweat during two occasions. Please CHECK Out Their Tour, Pay The $$$$$, And Become Mesmerized. Better yet, volunteer somehow and leave astonished.

Riding some decent miles between storms and work days. Been spending time in the old neighborhood again and noticing all the changes, some good and some not so. I am bringing this up because I have compared some original routes to my current numbers from the same "lap". All I Can Say Is, " What A Lazy A$$."

Well, not really. The Boy Dog & I were together and my cycling legs were far from the focus. But now, riding bikes is so damn therapeutic!!! Sometimes I do freeze my bunz off, sometimes I am unmotivated, but once the wheels are rolling, FREEDOM. Plus, I had missed The Boy Dog's memorial tree. There is something about seeing that little tree that helps me perk up and honor him by ripping off a few more miles than originally intended. 

Pretty Damn Pleased About This Dish - Simple - Yet Full Of Flavor
There is no doubt that I am a snow doggie kinda guy. Talk about an attitude adjuster!! Floating flakes of snow is grounding for me. I find myself energized and buzzing as if I was enlightened by a childhood Christmas Day awakening.

Something Is Missing Here
Doc Said It Best!! We were strolling along and I hear him announce," This Really Is Pleasant." Is It Ever!! I mean I am never in a hurry when I am with someone. I do my best to remain present and observant.

Doc's hiking abilities have dramatically improved and he really impressed me on this day. I broke off the trail a few times and plowed my way up the bank towards the trees. Right near the crest I sunk belly deep. My hands plunged into the snow and I was cheerfully stuck like a dinosaur in a tar pit. I basically had to pack down the snow around my gloves, worked my shoes for a take off move, and powered on up into the trees. Its a blast meandering through those giants, under their canopy of snow filled limbs. Pure Righteousness

The Boy Dog 2007 Red Mountain Pass 

Took a much needed break from the OM House. I truly have mixed feelings about it. But I will be on the road a lot until mid June so life will move on. It Always Does

The better side of this decision is that I no longer feel a claustrophobic anxiousness. I did wait for a certain some one to pull their head out of their A$$. Thats a very mean statement but damn it they really hurt me and I finally gave up hope. For Phuc Sake, I Can Only Wait For A " Wanna Share The Full Moon Rising Together " text for so long. Nothing like exposing yourself out there, completely vulnerable, being rejected, and then belittled. Its so easy for someone to point out your faults, short comings, and place blame without trying to problem solve, showing any companion, or even a bit of empathy. Having said that I am almost embarrassed by how easily I can forgive someone. Love Does That

The current communication line is rather fantastic and quite open at the moment. Now that the nix of expectations or striving for intimacy has been put to rest, the odd pressure of co-habitating has vanished. Simply leaving notes of schedules, sharing communal duties, and projecting proper roommate etiquette creates harmony and acceptance.

I was in search of a partner that would take on an adventure with me or camp under a blanket of stars. I guess that I was basically full of judgment. Now, they can be them and I happily do my thang.

Another Moment For The HIGH RISER 
I am a huge fan of a clean kitchen and dirty ( days old ) dishes drives my nutty. And a filthy bathroom, don't even get me started. Way back when during an organic chemistry class we were all given a petri dish to take home and collect cultures from our bathroom uncovered for 12-20 hours.

Our dish, Timbo & I lived together for about 10 years, showed two minuscule fuzzy signs of Gram Positive Rods and I about Sh*t myself. However, I almost passed out when I went to class. My lab partner's petri dish was nearly full of fuzz. A majority of others had wicked grossness growing. One dish actually looked like a Wool Pad had been packed into their petri dish. Still, to this day, I am a cleaner

Contrats - Where Is The BLK & White Feature 
Do you know anyone that has ended up having a knee replacement?? How Does Ortho Help?? Pre-Surgical procedure, Ortho allows the patella, femur, fibula, tibia, and the connective tissue communicate through proprioception. Post-Surgery, most patients are unaware of the "damage" caused by the tourniquet used up high near the groin. Ortho helps reorganize the blood flow, lymphatic system, and clients own body to understand the "trauma" its just undertaken.

Based in part on osteopathic principles, the focus of the sessions are to facilitate the body's natural self-healing and self-regulating responses. To elicit these responses, taking care to support the comfort of movement within the clients whilst gently exaggerating the structural imbalances thereby stimulating the body's self-regulating mechanisms. My style is safe, even for those folks who are highly sensitive or have limitations due to age or illness or surgical procedures.

Its Not A Day Without A Heart - So Lets Lead With It
1) Focus On Body Alignment During The Last Days Of Base Camp At Ridgeline
2) Try Skipping Alone The Sidewalk
3) Find A Bone In My Body For Rooting For Manny Machado, The Newest Padre
4) Solidify My Plans & Purchase The Amtrak Ticket For Heading West

Now That February Is Flying On By, Why Does Time Speed Up With Age, Will Post February Numbers Early March.


P.S. To And Everyone Of You That Streamed My Latest Show,  I WAS TOUCHED. Much Gratitude!!

67 Streams Feb 12th 6am Time Slot - Unreal

Here is the link that will allow you to stream for one more week. You All Phuc-N Rock & I Thank You

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Just A Typical ( Thursday ) Situation

Here ( KAFM )  Is My Radio Show Link From Feb 12th 2019. This particular show flipping rocked that 6am time slot. I was covering the show WAIT FIVE MINUTES and I went all in with a bipolar program.  Super Stoked About Its Flow

Started the show off with Primus covering Pure Imagination by Willy Wonks himself Gene Wilder. From There, Oh Baby

This show contest of cover tunes, mash ups, folk tales, hip hop, reggae, and classic rock. Highlighted artist would be Doona Summers, Martin Sexton, Amy Winehouse, WSP for Mr Pitt, The Cure, Peter Gabriel, Duran Duran, REM remix of Religion, The Police for Perth, & The Milkin' Blues. Turn It Up

Crossfit at Ridgeline:
#1 They tell us that this is NOT crossfit. Day #1 They didn't meet us in our model of the world. One of my workmates blasted herself and wasn't able to walk up or down stairs at work. She later told me that during the evening she almost died just trying to sit down on the throne. oops

They asked me why I wasn't sore and I happily explained that I half A$$ the whole workout. My sore workmate says, " But you finished before me everytime." I Smiled Like The Cheshire Cat. Now that I am getting up there in age, I have no problem managing lighter weights, riding slower, or thinking things through before diving in.

Day #2 went much better!! As everyone crawled into the "gym" , the owner realized what he had rendered and decided to focused on core, alignment, and stretching. For me, I enjoy this style a lot. We incorporated an exercise ball as a "cheater" and I am way OK with that. The owner slowed his movements/demos way down and passed on timed sets. Duh

YES!! Its Been Approved!! Its Really Happening 
Ortho is just so damn magical at times. It really is. I had a client with a jaw/neck issue. We were releasing her neck when "everything" sort of stopped. Just at that moment when you think that the nervous system won't allow it, reorganization happens. Its Dynamic As All Get Out

Working with the elder and those poor arthritic fingers is something special. Their aging eyes light up when a release happens. They always project the same habitual movements. They look at me, look at their hand, and slowly begin to light up as they close their fist for the first time in years. Best Day Ever

Valentine Day:
Last years V-Day was one week that will take me a long time to shake off. The Boy Dog was sick, I mean sick as a, well, him. He went something like 5 or 6 days without eating and was physically unable to walk for about a full 10 days.

I never left his side the whole time. I would lay on his bed with him and read to him during the day. We slept together on his bed. I would try my best to melt ice cubes along his lips in order to hydrate the poor guy. He even turned his head away from a cooked NY Strip. STEAK?!?!?

Watching him deteriorate from the high 90's to 77 pounds was the worst. Still stuns me knowing that he fought for another 6 months or so before I offered him the orange shot of death. Miss U Boy

I truly don't analyze that week as a sacrifice. He used to lay with me during my bouts with the flu, cuddle up next to me when I suffered through a head cold, or lay patiently in the hallway when I over indulged in adult beverages. HA

Together, for 13 years, we tackled everything!! And I spoiled him every Valentines Day. I made him regular batches of biscuits with all clean ingredients but on V-Day, they always had a little something extra slipped in. And of course I would pretend to eat one in front him. The Games I Played


1) Ride Out To Loma And Back For Time
2) Support My Workmates In Various Ways w/o Bringing Attention To It
3) And Again, Throwing It Out There, Spending Time With Others During The Oscars

Love The One Your With, Enjoy This Evening Of Expectations, And Feel Free To Sit Knee 2 Knee With That Someone Special And Share With Them All Of THIER Best Qualities.


Monday, February 11, 2019

Winter Thoughts

Lets Just Say That The Bluebird Days Are Rather Deceiving. False Evidence!! There is a chilly breeze that accompanies these beautiful days. Or as I like to point out, HEAD WIND IN BOTH DIRECTIONS.

It blows, pun intended, me away by how many times I take off towards the direction of the wind and before you know it, I am heading back into a headwind. Its A Crazy Little Valley Here In Colorado

Example - WNW , SSE , N , SE , E , ESE - Unreal

Those 22 to 24 gust often show up just as a break in the breeze and fools me into believing that Mother Nature is showing signs of calming down. Yeah Right

The Boy Dog 2011 - Miss U Boy 

Now that I am tossing all the tissues regarding my issues, time in the saddle has been going well. I simply enjoy riding my bike. Somedays or Sometimes I am not all that fired up about being alone but those thoughts fade away as the beauty of this valley changes anyones perspective. Just Like That

Best Cup Of Joe Ever - Right 

Turns out that my MacBook doesn't SEND e-mails?!?!? What The Flock. I replied to coach about the 13th show and he never received it. Going through my gmail sent folder, NOTHING has been sent. I can send from my phone BUT not my MacBook Pro. Nice

So I am now subbing at 6am on Tuesday the 12th. And What A Whopper It Will Be!!

Tried riding with ear buds. Can't say I cared for it. I did but I didn't. I don't feel as if the music enhanced the experience but it did distract me from dwelling on old engrams. In Fact, I sort of feel like the tunes took away from my surroundings. I'm thrilled by how The Mighty Colorado River sounds flowing over smooth river rocks, the flapping sound of flight from a crow above, or even the mundane traffic noise.

Lifting has been a joy and flirted with heavier weights again last week. Threw together a Chest/Arms day on Monday and Thursday. Shoulders and Back on Tuesday and Friday as I was in the office ALL day Wednesday. Not Complaining At All

1) Smile
2) Remain Open About My First Crossfit Experience
3) Meet With My Mentor About Teaching Possibilities In 2019

Enjoy Your Week, Work With Enthusiasm, & Make Someones Day

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Fat Bike World Championship in Crested Butte Colorado

43 Activities
11th through the 14th was The Vegas gathering of past toga attendees
Zero milage on the 19th, 26th, & 28th
No Hours - 51 hours BUT auto Pause is off at this time so that is misleading
448.7 miles on the bike
46.1 running miles
6 Personal Records
January Went Rather Well For The Body & Soul

MAD Racing was given the pleasure of timing The Fat Bike World Championship AGAIN!! So Thankful to be part of such an exciting week long event and share some time with wonderfully talented thought provoking individuals.

Our drive from GJ to Crested Butte was completely wildlife driven for me. On the side of the road was a dead elk. A number of Ravens stood by at attention as a normal sized Golden Eagle proudly picked away at the flesh in side the carcass.

Herds of elk dotted the landscape around the Blue Mesa Reservoir. Two decent size Bald Eagles soared in search of their next victim. A herd of Big Horn Sheep meandered along the side of the road and a majority of them wore tracking collars. Before we knew it, Crested Butte was in sight

Hands Down, In My Own Opinion, One Of The Most Magical Locations Around. Well, It Is Mother Natures Gift After All. Regardless of the wind, whiteout conditions, and brutally cold temps, beyond stoked about finding myself in Crested Butte again.

Unreal Technology 

Thursday's location was stunning!! Groomed trails at the base of Snoggrass with premier views of the whole valley. That race day was a "FUN" timed race, super casual, and a number of teams battled solo racers. I really enjoyed myself and the Vender corral was choice.
Friday was a demo day - Relaxing & Epic - My 1st Ski Snow Bike Ride
Saturday was the big 32 mile Fat Bike Race down at the Country Club in South CB.
Sunday was the first ever Fat Bike Town Crit Race and what a hoot!! Costumes Included
All Results can be seen on the MAD Racings Site

Yes, It Was Windy And Snowed For Three Days Straight

And I Couldn't Get Enough Of It - My Workmates Think That I Am Out Of My Mind

I am always amazed by how so many of the racers finish with a smile. We often witness the sense of accomplishment but there is something different about racing at 9,700ft ( 2956m ) in this Crested Butte Mountain Town. Their rewards are particularly personal and each racer tends to dig a bit deeper in order throw their bike across that finishing line. Its Inspiring!! Especially when its an old 74 years young guy or the female from Miami that not only finished DEAD LAST but pumped her fist after every lap. They Both Kicked A$$

These Cracked Me Up - Even Better From A Blender 

Few Inches of Snow 

Anyone Seen My Subaru - Bluebird Morning  

Friday night was clear and cold and the blanket of stars were worth braving the cold temps. With absolutely NO light pollution, I can search for those constellation for ever. A number of satellites screamed across the blacked out sky. No shooters but a killer stargazing evening for me. A Time Lapse Dream

Another Selfie For The High Riser 


A Beautiful Hand Cycle Ride - Four Of These Were Taking Part 

Must Add The Heart 

Ortho-Bionomy is a neurological based form of body work that accesses the body's ability to self correct and heal. Clears the effects of chemicals and narcotics, foot and ankle pain, neck and shoulder relationships, back and spine issues, & stimulates a stagnate lymphatic system.

Flare Gun Count Down 

Been really enjoying working with the Silver Sneakers group and all of their replacement parts. The body is so damn intelligent and my practicing practice has been expanding with each session. Feeling a lot more confident about addressing issues and my own ability to convey thoughts clearly and intelligently for the client to comprehend and resinate with.

The Boy Dog Loved This Bowl In The Summer 

I committed to a show on February the 13th. Its on a Wednesday at 4pm and I am not quite sure which direction to go. Any Suggestions???

Poor Guy Sunburnt The Sh*t Out of His Legs - Look at his hammies

Love These!!! Some of these sculptures were made from 14 blocks of ice stacked on top of each other. Check out those bolts of lightning type of cracks inside these beauties. I sent a bunch of videos to my friends in hopes of capturing the magnitude. Way Cool

Wish My Old iPhone4 Took 3D Pictures, RIGHT???

Klishy Thanked Me For The Detour 

This Banner Showcases Summer Single Tack - While Flakes Were Falling 

Stepping Out On My Balcony - Morning View - Coffee Tasted Even Better

I obviously experienced a number of emotional upwellings as The Boy Dog is always on my mind. He loved CB as much as I did. He would patiently lay down on the sidewalk and wait for me while I was in an establishment. Those old engrams of mine

Elk Ave in Downtown Crested Butte - Borealis RV  
It wasn't that I was depressed, in fact, NOT at all, it's more about reminiscing while riding my bike. I would imagine our good times or summer hikes that him and I tackled together. As I plowed my way along the crystalized fresh snow from the previous evening, I would sorta miss him breaking trail for me. I did honor his spirit by hiking up Twin Bridges to Gunsight Pass and over to Columbine Hill and back down Warming House Hill. The Boy Dog Loved That Loop and he referred to it as our original No Excuse Loop.

Dreads , Jeans, & A Town Crit 

I am in a really good place these days. Been firing on all cylinders and it feels empowering being back on my game. I have consciously reframed from looking in the rearview mirror and dwell over missed opportunities. My January business strategies are paying off, the strength in my legs are coming around, and I have noticed myself engaging in conversations again. I had perviously carried myself with confidence but defiantly stumbled along as 2018 came to a close. NOW, I am pleased by some of most insignificant simplest events, content with smiling, leading with my heart, and fulfilled with growing again. Feeling Alive

Special Building 
My perspective and projection are allowing me to move forward without friction. Its not that I am a new person or anything. Its simply finding ease of opportunities. Success is rewarding!! Dig That Sh*T!! Like my bets in Vegas, clarity is dynamite. I will continue to miss The Boy Dog and will have my moments and I am OK with that. Its just processing and understanding me in my own skin.

Live Music this month was pretty damn righteous. The Cheese, George Clinton, Tony Furtado, Dead Floyd, And Bohemian Rhapsody at the Avalon Theater as part of the Tuesday Dinner And A Movie. OH BABY

I Forced Klishy To Stand In Front Of The Old Jail - He Humored Me 

1) BE A Good Sport at the Super Bowl Party
2) Properly Plain For The Inaugural  Winter Sports Festival Feb 22-24th
3) 500 miles in 28 days
4) Invite Myself To An Oscar Party - Fingers Crossed for Rami Malek
5) Remember to switch auto pause ON for bike rides


P.S. You Can ( ) Thank Me Later