Sunday, November 23, 2014

Winter Wonderland of 2014

And the Grand Mesa looks beautiful as always!!! So many " moments " have just happened this week. Like really random events. Saw an old client that has moved on down south of here. I was riding the commuter bike ( w/helmet ) and saw him walking the old hood. Gr8 to catch up and relive the Lead King 25K. Check Out youtube "lead king 25k " if you missed it or have the time.

Picked up a totally random new client!! He is a referral from a current client. His just suffered a heart attack in Sept and has been experiencing all kinds of issues ever sense. He is in the beginning steps towards a personal transformation. Really pleased for him. I found myself wanting to jump ahead but was able to meet his model of the world and built really good rapport during our first session. We had some success w/his shoulders and pelvis but were only able to calm his neck down. His liver was on fire and his spine responded to gentle rocking and lower back releases. I wish I had a camera to capture his face when he got off the table. He stood as if he grew 5 inches and was clearly leading w/his heart and he was able to notice this w/o me pointing out the obvious. 

Caught in epic sunset a few days back. Where was the GoPro you ask?!?!?! I Know, rookie mistake!!! However, the pinks, clouds, purples, mountains, trees, reds, and yellows were a full on BoB Ross Painting. Speaking of the commuter bike, 114 miles for the week, another 21 miles on the GT pulling the BoB Trailer, and 19 miles walking w/the Boy Dog. I didn't take any GPS or Garmin during the high country get-a-ways so they are not included ( like batteries ) in these calculations. Plus, 3 miles of snowshoeing is nothing like walking just 3 miles. Do I necessarily need to know the elevation gains and loses from the day???

Really good news…… Their is a Half Marathon in Moab during my residency in March!!! So I am looking at the Canyonlands Half Marathon March 21st and the Silverton Marathon in August.
And I Am Still Alive In Last Man Standing!! THANK YOU GREEN BAY PACKERS!!! We lost another member of our tribe on Thursday night. Who takes the Chiefs on the road????  Chiefs at Arrowhead makes sense, but in Oakland????? THE BLACK HOLE??? I really wanted to take Cleveland over Atlanta but that would be picking more w/my heart as I need the Saints to win Monday night. So I took the Packers on an "easy" pick. A Win Is A Win, right???

I brought it up so I should elaborate a little more about the Garmin. I have been having this unknown hang up over " Should I start recording my minute per mile" or " Work a baseline w/o time" or just stop over thinking it???? Should I just always speak in quotation marks??? No, really, am I over thinking this and setting myself up for over training during the winter??? Sure, I will stay active, but should I start pacing myself at the track. Is my mind set ready for track work??? Should I spend some more time on the road bike??? Yes, right?!?!?! 

 All I do know is that my legs were on fire, my lungs were screaming, and the Boy Dog was stoked. He couldn't give two sh*ts about time. The track is close by. I can start walking stairs again. And w/a the food on the horizon, I might wanna head towards the track.

This Week: Grout- A- Thon on Monday AND Tuesday. Wed is my volunteer a Crossroads Gym. Thursday I am smoking ( will be making a video ) a turkey and other random kitchen duties during the 3 NFL games. Friday will be spent in the office and then attending Friendsgiving Dinner. Saturday will be back in the office and the Janet & Uncle Karl's annual dinner party. And if I am still breathing on Sunday, I shall blog about what I ate during the week. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

High Country

And it couldn't have gone any better, well, maybe a few things could have happened, but damn, life is wonderful out here in Colorado!!!

I am completely amazed by how time has jumped on a jet plane and flown on by. Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving and a blink later it will be New Years Eve?!?!?!

I guess working 3 jobs will have this effect. My commuter bike has been seeing some real miles and my legs feel GR8!! I have noticed that the 22F early morning rides cause my shoulders to creep up around my neck but I am able to catch this early and correct it. This in fact, ripples on down my body!! My feet will relax, my ankles extend to a full range of motion, my knees relax and my quads kick in, my hips rotate much smoother, and then my diaphragm opens up as I lengthen my core as my shoulders drop. And boy did 47F feel warm riding home last night. Half way through my ride, that would be a stop by the drive-thru library drop off, I had to take off my jacket and winter gloves.

Shadow Boy & I have been back on the 2-a-day walks. We have an early morning walk ( mid 20's ) that is just over a mile. We then have the evening walk of 2 miles. Thats when all the wild stray cats are out and dogs in their backyards bark w/jealousy. These walks brought on the endurance for a 10,000+ft snowshoe hike. That post hole hiking. Its not the Boy Dogs favorite because he walks behind me. Every now and then, he takes the lead but struggles in the knee deep snow. He gives me that look while I pass him and then hops back in behind. I always reassure him w/kind words like " Good Boy " or " Best Boy " or " Thanx for hiking w/me Boy " as to keep him confident. The air was so clear and clean, nobody around for miles, fresh tracks, and we felt as if we could hike all the way to Denver. The longer we were out, the stronger both of us got. I think the highlight for the Boy Dog was when I opened up my bag of food and the Boy smelled my peanut butter banana sandwich. He sat & gave me the BEST DAY EVER look.

Training for the Silverton Marathon has begun!! I pulled out my training logs from the Lead King 25K and started reliving them days!!! They reminded me of were I was and also hinted to me that I should start some interval training at Stoker Stadium again. I always play w/high knees while walking the Boy Dog and I have been practicing sitting into my sit bones while walking as well. Its fun playing w/the speed and/or cadence. My legs are responding very well to the foam roller again and I can put pretty much all my weight on my IT Band as where they were so tender a few months ago. I find it really easy to stand and stretch during commercials on TV. Just feeling really good!!

And YES, still riding the commuter w/a helmet. Coming up on a month of riding everyday w/my helmet. The fear ( False Evidence Appearing Real ) is fading away. You know, NOW THAT I HAVE PROTECTION I WILL GET HIT. That feeling. Anyway, I got to get going!! Cyclecross Racing this weekend, working at the office, and BBQ'n on Sunday Night. I could care less about Sunday Nights Game but I love BBQ'n in the snow!!!  Thanx for stopping by!!!!

Stay Strong,

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Little Snow… Some Cold…. Still Riding

And the head wind BOTH ways during the commute has begun. The pressure gradients are in motion and the patterns of moisture are changing. We had a 40% chance of rain Thursday and Friday but just wind. Saturday we received that styrofoam looking snow early before the sun peaked out. Our highs are only in the 30's but the sun is out most of the time. Old Grandpa Smokes has be napping out back during the day. We should hit 0F by Tuesday this week.
I Dont Understand This Photo

The Paonia Singletrack Society ( PSS ) released a new map with trail names!!! From the parking area, its ALL climbing, the views are amazing, super fast descents, all in one fun park. I am excited as all get out about this because I am heading there for a run on Monday. The timing couldn't have been better!! The Blue Z is heading for Paonia & I asked to jump a ride. He is going to do his thing for a few hours while I enjoy the Gr8 outdoors at 22F. And I Am Stoked About It!!!!

This photo was just published in our local Grand Valley Magazine. What is so damn crazy about this shot is that Shadow Boy & I were just on this trail outside of Palisade & I bitched myself sideways for NOT remembering to bring the GoPro. But absolutely noway in hell could I have captured the moment like this this photo has. Its incredible, RIGHT??????
Back in August, Renee, Jason Smith, & myself were at the Radio Days benefit for KAFM, the three of us agreed that the Friday at the end of August would be Cribbage Night. Renee & I have held Cribbage Night once a month ever sense that night WITHOUT Jason. He has never made it!! How funny is that?!?!?! So last Friday was a Cribbage Night. What a blast it was. Renee hosted & what a group. We had 14 people show up for our largest night so far. We had so much fun. Everyone brought a dish, loads of spirits, and let the games unfold as they may. During the night, Renee gave me a photo from last summer's Color Party. L-R Renee, ME, Jazzy Jill, & The Blue Z.

My body has been feeling relaxed. I am still finding smaller sore spots in my calf when I use the foam roller but my IT Band had improved immensely. My early morning walks w/the Boy Dog have been loose & rather comfortable as well. My quads feel much stronger during my commuter rides & I have really focused on my ankle ROM from time to time during the ride. Looks like I will be adding my Bar Mits to my commuter bike as this morning ride to the office was almost too much to take on my hands. YES, using gloves. YES, ride w/a helmet. Yes, another 100 mile week. I will be curious to see the numbers after this week coming up. Shadow Boy is asking if its time. It must be in his model of the world.

Any of you have advice for me or others about how you foam roll your body?????

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Next Radio Show 11-13-14 At 9PM Mt Time Zone

How Cool Is This???? Shot in HD, Click Full Screen, & Turn It Up!!! I thought I was going to film a time lapse that was all about ME, but Mother Nature stole the show!!! Check Out Those Clouds!!!

Anyway, training is going very well. My legs feel Gr8, my hips are loose, & I might have found my cardiovascular system. Shadow Boy & I have been really enjoy the high 20's Fahrenheit walks in the morning!! Really!! Nobody else is out walking their dogs & the stray cats have all disappeared for shelter. And the sunrise the other morning, well, its another reason why I choose Colorado as my home.

RADIO SHOW…… Cant Wait…… I am covering the Mid Life Crisis show tomorrow at 9pm - Midnight…. And its going to be some of the craziest music that you have ever heard…. In A Good Way…. Loads of cover tunes…. Some Reggae…. 70's Classic B - Side Rock….. And some amazing stand up comedy clips from George Carlin, Bill Engall, Steven Wright, etc…… Plus my wacky take of the NFL sunday Sunday SUNDAY games….. Kafm's web link is www dot kafmradio dot org…. From the homepage you will see the Listen Live link

So thanx so much for stopping by my blog!! Hope you will stream some of the radio show!! Have a wonderful rest of the week!!


The Padre

Monday, November 10, 2014

Time Is Rolling, Wait, Flying On By

The video from above was created from photos I took, some web shots for radio shows & what nots, & the very last photo is Moo Moo ( RIP ) & Papa T ( 94 years old ) wedding shot. The music is from a live UM Live Show.

Some of the " things " from the past few weeks:

Started riding w/a helmet again. A client of mine is an ICU Nurse & expressed her concern for my safety after our last session. She told me how a hit-&-run didn't turn deadly but the brain injury the person suffered is life taking. Now, I have been riding bikes forever, BMX, Mt, Road, Tri, & even own a tandem bike, I always ride as if every driver is SH*T Faced Drunk AND Texting While Driving. But I totally understand accidents happen. My 1st few rides w/my helmet really screwed up my rhythm though. I rode slower & had a few not really close calls but thoughts about the "What If…" kinda stuff surfaced.

Speaking of the commute, kicked a$$ on miles again, 103 miles ( Mon - Sat ) as I didn't ride on Sunday. Still blows my mind!! If you had asked me about how far I ride during any given week, my answer would have been MAYBE 50 miles?!?!? But 100, UNREAL!!!

Shadow Boy - Yes, he is doing well. On Sunday morning, I woke up just as he was drifting off into space about a foot away from me. I wish I had a photo of his face when he felt me looking at him & woke back up. He rubbed his face under my pillow, pushed up against me, rolled on his back, stretched out his legs, back on his back again, & we just had our moment of awesomeness!! He is such a happy damn dog!!! And we have been walking our no excuse loop every morning ( 30F ) and 3 different times during the evening this past work week. 

A huge score was another new client!! Totally scored!! This new client will be having BOTH hips replaced in Feb. I started selling Ortho to her a few weeks ago & then offered a free 30min session to just "see" what OB is all about. Before she came into the office, I created a GOAL Schedule on an old calendar. How to walk in the pool, goals for Dec ( riding the bike at the gym ), goals for Jan ( Yoga and/or pilates), & 3 OB sessions for the month at a very fair rate of $150.oo. The free session completely blew her mind at how gentle I was & she felt as if I had done nothing. BUMPER STCKER IN THE OFFICE READS: Ortho- Bionomist Do NOTHING Better. She even asked, " Was that it?" That was on Wed & she came back early Saturday morning for our "1st" planed session for the month & told me how she hadn't been able to walk up the stairs of her home in years. She could only take a step, then step up w/feet together, and so on, Wed night she walked up her stairs " like a normal person " and grabbed her husband to show him. She called me & asked if we could get started THIS Saturday. Totally awesome for the both of us. Today I am meeting up w/them at the pool to discuss range of motion while in the pool. 

NLF: I won again this week!! I am still alive in the Last Man Standing!! Plus, I am on an 8 week win streak!! Who Knew?!?!?!

I had a very frustrating beginning of NOV because of the elections. Some people can really get under your skin, right?!?! I mailed in my ballot weeks before the election & became so sick of the whole thing by Nov 1st. "Get out and vote. Go Vote. Vote" Blah Blah Blah....
To vote, you should have to be capable of answering at least 5 of these 10 questions....I bet the majority of people leaving the ballots can't. These are non-partisan questions - just a basic understanding of how government works regardless of affiliations:
1. What is the difference between a debt and a deficit?
2. Who are your two current US Senators?
3. Who is your current US representative?
4. What type of government was the US founded upon?
5. Please explain the difference between a Constitutional Republic and a Democracy.
6. What is a bond and who is responsible for paying them and the interest on them?
7. Which branch of government controls the budget?
8. What are your personal current tax rates at the local, state and federal levels?
9. What is the difference between a tax credit and a tax deduction?
10. What is the difference between a right and a privilege?
If you can't answer at least 3 of these and you are out there pushing buttons, you are part of the problem.

Swim 3 times, Finish grouting all the vertical walls, Help another NEW client, Pay my deposit for the Residential in March 2015, Take the Boy Dog out to the desert, finish the rest of the winterizing before the arctic blast shows up, Buy a couple of Tony Furtado tix, & adding some miles up on the Midnight Racer. This Friday is another Cribbage Night at Renee's Place. I heard that we might have 3 new folks join the group. How super cool is that!?!?!?! We are growing. 

Last But Not Least…….. My high school buddy…. My one true childhood friend…. My college roommate…. My old co-worker….. Not only competed in the Half Ironman Lake Havasu last Saturday…. But Took 10th Place Overall….. HITs Triathlon posted results this morning….. Gr8 Race Tim!!! Love Yeah Bother!!!

Have a wonderful week, thanx for stopping by, & many thanx for your comments!!! Cheers