Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Next Radio Show 11-13-14 At 9PM Mt Time Zone

How Cool Is This???? Shot in HD, Click Full Screen, & Turn It Up!!! I thought I was going to film a time lapse that was all about ME, but Mother Nature stole the show!!! Check Out Those Clouds!!!

Anyway, training is going very well. My legs feel Gr8, my hips are loose, & I might have found my cardiovascular system. Shadow Boy & I have been really enjoy the high 20's Fahrenheit walks in the morning!! Really!! Nobody else is out walking their dogs & the stray cats have all disappeared for shelter. And the sunrise the other morning, well, its another reason why I choose Colorado as my home.

RADIO SHOW…… Cant Wait…… I am covering the Mid Life Crisis show tomorrow at 9pm - Midnight…. And its going to be some of the craziest music that you have ever heard…. In A Good Way…. Loads of cover tunes…. Some Reggae…. 70's Classic B - Side Rock….. And some amazing stand up comedy clips from George Carlin, Bill Engall, Steven Wright, etc…… Plus my wacky take of the NFL sunday Sunday SUNDAY games….. Kafm's web link is www dot kafmradio dot org…. From the homepage you will see the Listen Live link

So thanx so much for stopping by my blog!! Hope you will stream some of the radio show!! Have a wonderful rest of the week!!


The Padre

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