Sunday, November 23, 2014

Winter Wonderland of 2014

And the Grand Mesa looks beautiful as always!!! So many " moments " have just happened this week. Like really random events. Saw an old client that has moved on down south of here. I was riding the commuter bike ( w/helmet ) and saw him walking the old hood. Gr8 to catch up and relive the Lead King 25K. Check Out youtube "lead king 25k " if you missed it or have the time.

Picked up a totally random new client!! He is a referral from a current client. His just suffered a heart attack in Sept and has been experiencing all kinds of issues ever sense. He is in the beginning steps towards a personal transformation. Really pleased for him. I found myself wanting to jump ahead but was able to meet his model of the world and built really good rapport during our first session. We had some success w/his shoulders and pelvis but were only able to calm his neck down. His liver was on fire and his spine responded to gentle rocking and lower back releases. I wish I had a camera to capture his face when he got off the table. He stood as if he grew 5 inches and was clearly leading w/his heart and he was able to notice this w/o me pointing out the obvious. 

Caught in epic sunset a few days back. Where was the GoPro you ask?!?!?! I Know, rookie mistake!!! However, the pinks, clouds, purples, mountains, trees, reds, and yellows were a full on BoB Ross Painting. Speaking of the commuter bike, 114 miles for the week, another 21 miles on the GT pulling the BoB Trailer, and 19 miles walking w/the Boy Dog. I didn't take any GPS or Garmin during the high country get-a-ways so they are not included ( like batteries ) in these calculations. Plus, 3 miles of snowshoeing is nothing like walking just 3 miles. Do I necessarily need to know the elevation gains and loses from the day???

Really good news…… Their is a Half Marathon in Moab during my residency in March!!! So I am looking at the Canyonlands Half Marathon March 21st and the Silverton Marathon in August.
And I Am Still Alive In Last Man Standing!! THANK YOU GREEN BAY PACKERS!!! We lost another member of our tribe on Thursday night. Who takes the Chiefs on the road????  Chiefs at Arrowhead makes sense, but in Oakland????? THE BLACK HOLE??? I really wanted to take Cleveland over Atlanta but that would be picking more w/my heart as I need the Saints to win Monday night. So I took the Packers on an "easy" pick. A Win Is A Win, right???

I brought it up so I should elaborate a little more about the Garmin. I have been having this unknown hang up over " Should I start recording my minute per mile" or " Work a baseline w/o time" or just stop over thinking it???? Should I just always speak in quotation marks??? No, really, am I over thinking this and setting myself up for over training during the winter??? Sure, I will stay active, but should I start pacing myself at the track. Is my mind set ready for track work??? Should I spend some more time on the road bike??? Yes, right?!?!?! 

 All I do know is that my legs were on fire, my lungs were screaming, and the Boy Dog was stoked. He couldn't give two sh*ts about time. The track is close by. I can start walking stairs again. And w/a the food on the horizon, I might wanna head towards the track.

This Week: Grout- A- Thon on Monday AND Tuesday. Wed is my volunteer a Crossroads Gym. Thursday I am smoking ( will be making a video ) a turkey and other random kitchen duties during the 3 NFL games. Friday will be spent in the office and then attending Friendsgiving Dinner. Saturday will be back in the office and the Janet & Uncle Karl's annual dinner party. And if I am still breathing on Sunday, I shall blog about what I ate during the week. 


  1. Your snow pics are just beautiful! Wow.
    I'm excited about the races you have coming up next year. You've got a busy week ahead, hope you survive!! :)

  2. ICE CREAM, thanx so much for the complement, Colorado really sells itself though. Its been a wonderfully busy week so far and I am so ready for the next 3 days!! My last week of being merry, eat anything in sight, and working out my flat butt disease watching FOOTBALL all damn day long on the couch. Oh YEZZZZZ