Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tile Work Update

And some photos to go along w/the title. I just might be halfway finished w/the walls and still have a floor to work on. I have a lot of ideas but its up to Orval as its his budget.

 These photos are from the original project at Footprints Animal Hospital
This guy cracked me up. So damn lovable. I could keep him and 101 more.

 The above photo has the Piggy Pig Pig in it. The photo on the right is the last of the original left to finish. Next to the dolly are little 8 inch tile for the top broader and then finish up the wall w/the rest of the 16 inch that you see. Funny, the Vet Mr Jim only mentioned that he didn't know when he would find time for this project and now look at the progress made. He has really helped me out in a big way!!!
More photos from Orval's Grooming And Boarding. The paw prints up the wall bring a smile to my face. They are everywhere in the place. And his employees are pretty damn good about taking care of them furry friends.

 The first wall that sold Orval on my craftsmanship. I still have so much more to accomplish but its coming together rather well. I like the look much more than I thought I would.

 79 happy tile per kennel. Plus, I have to finish the front of each kennel and a top rim around each kennel. Oh Boy

Shadow Boy After A Trail Run North Of The Airport. He Says," Leave A Message."

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rocked The Track Last Night

My coach scheduled a 4 mile walk at the track for time as part of my base training for the Lead King 25K. Our high temperature here in the desert hit 95F today, which means I waited until 6:30pm. I jumped on the commuter bike and headed over to Stoker Stadium. The temp was 92F at this time but we had those amazing mid-level Colorado clouds blocking some of that intense heat from Mr. Sun. The GJ Rockies ( Colorado Rookies Rookie League ) was just getting under way while I was changing into my "running" shoes. I felt rather lucky at that moment and picked Lane #7 as my lane for the next 4+ miles.

                                                                 My 1st "mile" was stiff and pretty slow but I concentrated on my posture and rolling my hips with every forward propulsion. The baseball game has the BEER BATTER up in the 1st inning. If that visiting batter strikes out, beer is only like $2 for about 10min. Something like that. Well, that batter struck out and the fans poured out of their seats and lined up for a beer. My attention was glued in their direction and the smell of pizza was overwhelming. Part of me was enjoying the atmosphere coming from Suplizio Field and part of me was sad about Tony. Regardless, I was happy to be in the moment and injury free.

So my 2nd "mile" was much smoother and my confidence was "walking" high. I noticed that I hit an 11min mile pace a few times during that mile and recorded that mile at 15: 24. The 3rd "mile " was awesome. I could feel my toes spreading and my hamstrings pulling the ground beyond my vision. The baseball game had all the sounds of close pitches, baseballs coming off the bat and leaving the park, fans cheering, and the music synchronizing itself to the birthday wishes. I was sipping water and pealing away the laps in a comfortable and controlled manner. My the 3rd mile was recorded at 15:11 and I was stoked as it was over a full minute faster than the 1st 4 laps.

Mile 4 put in on my game, like power up. Relaxed my shoulders, opened my hips, and rolled through each lap. By lap 3 I hit the 4 mile mark in a time of 58:08 and had another lap to reach my 16 laps around the the Stoker Stadium track. My body was feeling GR8!! My mind was evening asking if I should continue on another mile or even complete a 6 mile adventure. I leaned into the curve and powered my way down the back stretch and finished the 4.28 miles in 1:02:15. Totally Stoked!!

I slowly toured the football field and listen to more of the baseball game. Then, I began to notice my surroundings, kids playing pickle ( do they even call it that anymore ) group of college kids working out in a cross fit group, at least 10 other folks on the track, and a guy standing near the end zone w/a ball glove waiting for a foul ball???? While walking about another half mile or so, I didn't even notice my surrounding because I was cursing around the track in my own little 4 mile world. AND INJURY FREE!!!  I reclaimed my position on the bike and headed for home. And it took me almost that far to find my riding legs. My legs were so heavy and uncoordinated. I quickly took it easy and turned back into my surroundings and watched out for cars coming and going for the ball game. I can see some brick workouts in my future. I can also visualize double digits in miles coming up. Thank You Legs For Making This Happen. "This" means movement. "Happen" w/o any PAIN. Thanx Legs

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday All Ready???

Patiently Waiting 4 Our No Excuse Loop
And we have been busy. Finished reading Eat & Run by Scott Jurek, starting Cycling's Greatest Misadventures by Erich Schweikher and laying tile. Like a lot of tile. Like 778 tiles to be exact. Haven't been catching as much of the WORLD CUP as I would like but working is good. Actually, the work is going much better because I am finding my rhythm quicker and not checking the time as often.

Training is going well and I am feeling the idea of walking a sub 14 min mile and can pull that off for over 3 miles. Shadow Boy & I did our no excuse loop under 28min and thats a two mile loop. The reason I bring this up is because I was able to notice when I began to slow down and then I am able to  bring awareness to my posture and find my groove again. The other day, I was belly breathing my scheduled 60 min walk. I was supposed to be on a trail but ran out of time so I hit the streets and worked on my breathing.

This week: Crossroads Gym for my 4 hours of volunteer work, a timed 4 mile at the track, block captain job, radio show, and a big day Friday & Saturday. Thats all a surprise. Wait for it More photos coming soon

Have a wonderful week, stretch when you think about it, & pound the H2o….. Cheers

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Much Better Foundation Yes,

Yes, Life Has Been Spinning Around

Just finished a no excuse loop w/the Boy Dog. Its Sunday night and feeling warm still in the high desert and the stray cats are everywhere. This is not a complaint as we have had the mildest spring so far. Many high 80s and low 90's but NOTHING in the triple digits. As you know, last week was hard on the body and I mean physically and mentally. He will stick w/the physical aspect. The tile work in the groomers is a hoot but I forgot how much I don't miss standing on concrete. Friday, after setting tile from 8:30am- 4:45pm, I was beat. And that night, I was throbbing beat. My knees had that dull or when is it ever going away kinda pain. And my baby hands, my finger tips are raw. I can say this," This is going to be the best damn looking groomer lodge in Mesa County for dog."

He Wakes Up Happy
Another sweet deal is that my base training is rocking. I can feel what a sub 14min mile feels like during our walks. The burn in my legs are fading much quicker during our walk. I am pretty sure that I can hold a sub 13min mile on the track if I focused on the task at hand. I will find out on Wed as that is a track day on the schedule. Now that I think about it, it just might be a 4 mile timed walk. Find myself stretching more and looking forward to the week day training schedule. This Monday is a rest day I will take Shadow Boy for an evening walk. A causal walk to loosen up after tile work.

My little Summer job as a block captain ( not in all caps for a reason other than the obvious ) is going to work so well during Thursday Night's Famers Market. Yes, there is always change, new ideas, so I just keep smiling until everyone figures their own SH*T out. The vendors now understand that showing up on time and unloading quickly will be the key. I don't mind the complains because I can easily put myself in their shoes. I can also step back and think to myself that THATS their own SH&T and that they can just deal. Meaning, if you can't be present and you just wanna bitch, have fun and you will find me over there. If you are able to convey your thoughts, we should be able to come up w/a very simple solution. Such as: I need chalk, more to breathe, and more water.

I believe that I was able to let the week of Ortho go. Some really good sessions rolled out of the office on Saturday so I must have learned something. Also, the time flashes on by when you are working OB compared to massage. The clients seem to release a lot of thoughts during the session, its a nice release because their breath shows up big time after their bones move around.

So, just a few random thoughts tonight. This week should be fun and I am looking forward to the track work, trail running, cleaning at the gym, Famers Market, radio show, and Saturday's Turkey Flats 9 mile loop for time. Until then, stretching, water, & relaxing……….. Cheers

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

RIP Mr Padre

May 9 1960 - June 16 2014

Troubling news out of San Diego….. A death that could have been avoided…… A passing that really bothered me & stirred up a butt load of emotions…… What IS emotion???? Well, the E, is energy……. So energy in motion….. Emotions that I allowed my mind to race with….. Baseball games that I attended….. Co-Workers during the time The Padres went to the World Series & were crushed by the damn SUCKIES……. I had a friend ( Mark Norris ) that lived in the same gated community as Tony in Poway….. What also totally bothered me was that I didn't receive ONE damn phone call….. My mom sent s text the next day ( Tuesday ) that read RIP TONY….. That was it…… My radio name came from the 20years of living in San Diego & watching Tony play more than a career on the field…. I hit up spring training in AZ just to watch greatness…. I have Tony's autograph on this ( above photo ) SI addition & its framed & hanging on my big brother's wall…. Tony looked right at me and said w/a smile, " You came all this way to ask me for this?"  …. I can understand that some do not believe we should praise athletes….. I get that….. Some ask how can I invest so much of my time into sports…… I can remember the day that Elvis died & how my dad was totally upset…… Many Padres have died & I usually remember something about them or give acknowledgment but this was MY PADRE….. Tony was the smile of The Padres, not just the face of The Padres….. He will ALWAYS be the best 5.5 hitter…… EVER!!!!

The week leading up to this tragic news, I was back in Ortho, half a year left of my 2 year practitioners training. The 1st 3 days had me in quite the downward spiral because the class was run ( Lack Of ) by a student trainer….. I am not necessarily upset about that….. What pissed me the phuc off was that she tried ( FAILED MISERABLY ) at improving the whole class agenda…. During the anatomy section she was using an iPad….. But she was learning the program ON MY DIME…. That pissed me off…… If the course was $50-$100 bucks, then fine….. But $675.oo of my hard earn  $$$ & that burned me up….. Our Wednesday study group was a waste of 4 hours covering shoulder points & rib 1 & 2 releases….. I did drop a comment to a fellow student that I trusted & her eyes were like " She didn't cover any of our questions now that you mention it "…… During Friday's lunch I spoke w/a group of wonderful ladies that gave me more behind the curtains….. So needless to say, I was pretty disappointed going into the weekend…… So what happens then??? I had an SI Joint flare up that damn near crippled me…… I couldn't stand on my right leg…… So whats that body metaphor about…… Thankfully I had a session on Tuesday ( per my obligation to the program ) and we working it out on the table…… Yes, it took all day for me to let that go…… Then, the news of Tony

If there is good news….. The good news about Tony was the training for the Lead King 25K wake up call….. I recall ed the schedule from my coach….. My coach Tim Long gave me a 5 week schedule when I asked for a week by week…. I was thinking that it would be a simple way of accountability….. Turns out…. He created the schedule and missed a full week of workouts…. Error on his part but worked out as it was exactly what a needed….. I walked during luck hours from school & rode my commuter bike to & from….. I stretched as well….. But didn't do any of the scheduled workouts…… So this week… I am back on par….. Love how that work itself out…… Yesterday w/the Boy Dog, we walked our 1 hour ( per schedule ) during the wind storm of 2014….. Here in Colorado we have wind every spring & fall as the pressure gradient forces are in motion up & down the globe….. It was windy all day w/recorded gust at 48 mph….. The wind didn't drop under 20mph until 10:30pm….. Holy Wind Batman

Today, I was up early & out the door for track work….. The schedule was a sub 14min mile walking for 3 miles…… I was feeling GR8 during the 1st few laps & all be damn if I was at a 14:07 for the 1st mile….. Something inside of me went south…. I couldn't believe I was that slow…. Sure, I was in lane #7, maybe I was sub 14 if I was in lane #1….. My next miles was crap…. Everything was negative….. I was mad at my mom, my friends, the running group not being on the same page, the race in Oct that is no longer, seeing Chris Brown from Brown's Cycle eating breakfast at Micky D's, & then the overweight lady brought me back….. She showed up & walked over to the stairs at Stoker Stadium…. No stretching or water, she started "doing" stairs, all in black spandex….. On my way by she had some sort of musical device that was playing over & over "Pump That A$$" ….. On my 3rd lap, she was done…… As she was walking IN FRONT OF ME, a "friend" showed up & asked," Are you done?" She says," I didn't eat breakfast. I am tired. I want to eat." and just shuffled off the track….. My 3rd mile rocked….. I did a smooth 11:24 mile walking & was totally centered….. I was checking on my hips, my posture, & blocked everything out….. In the moment, in the runner's high, fluid again……. The rest of my day is going to be awesome….. I shall carry that positive feeling through the rest of my day

What Wakes You Up From Negative Thoughts????

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Deflecting Pain With Pure Happiness

This photo…... trail running…... & Beyond Boundaries amazing dance performance has brought on a calmer nervous system. I will be writing & updating later on my week of Ortho thoughts from classes. Processing information & riding the waves from this month of emotions has caused a delay updating the blog world. And Yes, More About This Later. In the mean time, more photos from this past weeks more enjoyable events. That just feels better. Cheers 2 Living & Breathing In The Parasympathetic System.
The Trail Was Gr8 On His Paws, Don't Touch Him Though

During my week, I stopped off at the radio station and saw Brother Jake. Jake was a bit off kilter but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. The guy in yellow on the left, this is the perfect photo of him because he is talking w/his hands because the message is that important. He is a nice guy & we have known of each other for years, but he loves to hear himself talk. He was even talking the whole time  during this shot. He is one of those folks that loves hearing himself but fails in the attempt to listen or even create a possible solution over his subject matter. Still, nice guy & wouldn't hurt a fly. I really have enjoyed watching his dog Lady grow. Both literally & physically. Not sure about her whole story but she is a much better dog because of Ron, AKA The Old Dog. You can simply see in a dog's eye if they are happy, hungry, lost, or take me to the vet I am done. Yes, she is a black Lab type from the looks from this photo of her & I together at KAFM. I like seeing her around the station because of the human relationship but more importantly how happy her body language is when she is happily dancing around the station. You know, that happy prance they have. Dogs, so cool.

Jake & Mariah have one of the better shows on KAFM. They play almost ALL new music & all of it is appropriate for their time slot. Every Wednesday at 1pm, you can count on your ears being pleased for about 2 1/2 hours. And Mariah is a fan of phone calls. I say this w/a smile because its Jake that lives in the moment & squeals when the phone rings. These two kids are quite popular & for damn good reason. I only had less than an hour here at the stations. I heard about 1/3 of what Mariah was talking about as Old Dog spoke those stories of grand illusions, I created one little caricature on Jake's reusable writing pad, hugged my good-byes & the commuter bike & I were once again like one.

Feel Free To Call 970-241-8801 x1 

Hello Piggy Girl!!! This is Doc Jim's little pig that hangs around & often sir-comes to whatever the smell that happens to fill her nose. I must say, I keep one eye on her. She doesn't seem aggressive but I keep good aware of the general direction of her teeth. Early June, the Boy Dog took a ride over to Footprints Animal Hospital for his yearly shot & weigh in. Doc was telling about his dog kennels that he was thinking about tiling & wasn't sure if he is ever going to have the time. Next thing I know, I have a job. This job is thats growing into a 15 kennel tile job next door as well. Now you see, I am so good at incorporating my life w/a small simple task which flows into the stream of more projects. Nothing like working w/crooked boards & warped walls or the painter that has the side kick that always steps in the bucket of paint. Together, Doc Jim & I start tiling the 1st kennel, then the next, over to the stairs, & now up above the kennels. Don't get me wrong, its going to look fabulous & I often gently remind Doc that they are in fact for the dogs. He cracks up but he like straight lines & proper craftsmanship. Maybe this is way we hit it off so well. I have often told many of my friends that if you are going to half-a$$ the job, pay someone to do it right the 1st time.

The wall space continues to grow out & now up. I should have finished photos coming by Wed/Thursday of this week. Lets hope that the measurements are on when its time to attach the gates.

Dinner & BBQ'n are so much fun. Flavors & aromas seem more pronounced in the room when food is slow cooked on the Barbie. Right?? My brother scored a rack of lamb that we had no choice but to cook. He whipped up a sauce that was salty BUT flipping incredible. Somehow, it became a crystalized goop of brilliance. We mixed a simple oil based, herb filled, marinade for the bell peppers and asparagus. My 1st asparagus run of the year & cooked them on the top rack. I did notice that my GoPro should have been set on normal & not wide angle because its difficult to see the rack & appreciate the beauty thats covering these dishes. Also, pretty stoked to have pulled these off & have a "meat" meal that I will be able to recall & reminisce about when my belly is flipping & flopping down the trail. As most of you know, I have been slowing working in a plant based diet this year. Will the lovely & every so fluffy protein packed Quinoa match the meal before our eyes???  Oh, this dinner plate closet to us has a beautiful 1 1/2 inch NY Strip under Golden Bells. Gorgeous!!!

Do You Ever Ride Into The Wind BOTH Ways????

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wed June 4th….. Feeling Awesome

Here is my time lapse from our high water party…. Music was from the String Cheese Incident from their Oakland, California show a few months back

On the schedule from my coach ( FOOTFEATHERS ) today was a 3 mile walk as fast and as SMOOTH as I could go because this time will set up a base for the rest of the month……… I rode the bike over to the track because I can NOT walk out the door w/o the Boy Dog…. If I jump on the commuter bike….. Thats different he says…. Riding to the track was nice but not a Gr8 warm up as I found out later…..Jumped on into lane #4…. Why??? No Clue….. My 1st mile ( 14:22 ) was finding my posture & doing my WORST to loosen up my shins and ankles….. Hints: The Lame Warm Up…. Totally my fault and NOT Shadow Boys Fault…. 2nd Mile ( 14:18 ) was deceiving for sure…. I felt like I was sub 14min walking mile….  I was thinking about rolling my hips…. Shoulders back and relaxed….. "Fluid" some might say….. 3rd Mile ( 14:26 ) was a real pisser because after seeing the 2nd mile NOT under 14, I tried to kick it up a bit AND complete a sub 14 mile walking….. 14:26, Son Of A Witch w/a Capital B…… Here is some of my mind space….. I could run this next mile…. Why did the small dick jacka$$ driving that big damn truck full on gas it off the the line when you know the next intersection is going to face him w/a red light….. Holy Smokes, this lady is walking backwards in lane #6….. Was that car blaring Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna??? I can hit 13:45 on this mile….. Oh Look, A Blue Heron

The rest of my day will consist of this…… Commuter ride to Footprints Animal Hospital to finish the tile work in the dog kennels…. Should only be grouting today…… Cooking up some organic stuffed bell peppers…. Reading more of Eat & Run my unlikely journey to ultra marathon greatness w/Steve Friedman ….. Scott Jurek story….. Pounding H2o…. Stretching….. And More Stretching

Happy Hump Day Folks

Monday, June 2, 2014