Sunday, June 22, 2014

Much Better Foundation Yes,

Yes, Life Has Been Spinning Around

Just finished a no excuse loop w/the Boy Dog. Its Sunday night and feeling warm still in the high desert and the stray cats are everywhere. This is not a complaint as we have had the mildest spring so far. Many high 80s and low 90's but NOTHING in the triple digits. As you know, last week was hard on the body and I mean physically and mentally. He will stick w/the physical aspect. The tile work in the groomers is a hoot but I forgot how much I don't miss standing on concrete. Friday, after setting tile from 8:30am- 4:45pm, I was beat. And that night, I was throbbing beat. My knees had that dull or when is it ever going away kinda pain. And my baby hands, my finger tips are raw. I can say this," This is going to be the best damn looking groomer lodge in Mesa County for dog."

He Wakes Up Happy
Another sweet deal is that my base training is rocking. I can feel what a sub 14min mile feels like during our walks. The burn in my legs are fading much quicker during our walk. I am pretty sure that I can hold a sub 13min mile on the track if I focused on the task at hand. I will find out on Wed as that is a track day on the schedule. Now that I think about it, it just might be a 4 mile timed walk. Find myself stretching more and looking forward to the week day training schedule. This Monday is a rest day I will take Shadow Boy for an evening walk. A causal walk to loosen up after tile work.

My little Summer job as a block captain ( not in all caps for a reason other than the obvious ) is going to work so well during Thursday Night's Famers Market. Yes, there is always change, new ideas, so I just keep smiling until everyone figures their own SH*T out. The vendors now understand that showing up on time and unloading quickly will be the key. I don't mind the complains because I can easily put myself in their shoes. I can also step back and think to myself that THATS their own SH&T and that they can just deal. Meaning, if you can't be present and you just wanna bitch, have fun and you will find me over there. If you are able to convey your thoughts, we should be able to come up w/a very simple solution. Such as: I need chalk, more to breathe, and more water.

I believe that I was able to let the week of Ortho go. Some really good sessions rolled out of the office on Saturday so I must have learned something. Also, the time flashes on by when you are working OB compared to massage. The clients seem to release a lot of thoughts during the session, its a nice release because their breath shows up big time after their bones move around.

So, just a few random thoughts tonight. This week should be fun and I am looking forward to the track work, trail running, cleaning at the gym, Famers Market, radio show, and Saturday's Turkey Flats 9 mile loop for time. Until then, stretching, water, & relaxing……….. Cheers

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