Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rocked The Track Last Night

My coach scheduled a 4 mile walk at the track for time as part of my base training for the Lead King 25K. Our high temperature here in the desert hit 95F today, which means I waited until 6:30pm. I jumped on the commuter bike and headed over to Stoker Stadium. The temp was 92F at this time but we had those amazing mid-level Colorado clouds blocking some of that intense heat from Mr. Sun. The GJ Rockies ( Colorado Rookies Rookie League ) was just getting under way while I was changing into my "running" shoes. I felt rather lucky at that moment and picked Lane #7 as my lane for the next 4+ miles.

                                                                 My 1st "mile" was stiff and pretty slow but I concentrated on my posture and rolling my hips with every forward propulsion. The baseball game has the BEER BATTER up in the 1st inning. If that visiting batter strikes out, beer is only like $2 for about 10min. Something like that. Well, that batter struck out and the fans poured out of their seats and lined up for a beer. My attention was glued in their direction and the smell of pizza was overwhelming. Part of me was enjoying the atmosphere coming from Suplizio Field and part of me was sad about Tony. Regardless, I was happy to be in the moment and injury free.

So my 2nd "mile" was much smoother and my confidence was "walking" high. I noticed that I hit an 11min mile pace a few times during that mile and recorded that mile at 15: 24. The 3rd "mile " was awesome. I could feel my toes spreading and my hamstrings pulling the ground beyond my vision. The baseball game had all the sounds of close pitches, baseballs coming off the bat and leaving the park, fans cheering, and the music synchronizing itself to the birthday wishes. I was sipping water and pealing away the laps in a comfortable and controlled manner. My the 3rd mile was recorded at 15:11 and I was stoked as it was over a full minute faster than the 1st 4 laps.

Mile 4 put in on my game, like power up. Relaxed my shoulders, opened my hips, and rolled through each lap. By lap 3 I hit the 4 mile mark in a time of 58:08 and had another lap to reach my 16 laps around the the Stoker Stadium track. My body was feeling GR8!! My mind was evening asking if I should continue on another mile or even complete a 6 mile adventure. I leaned into the curve and powered my way down the back stretch and finished the 4.28 miles in 1:02:15. Totally Stoked!!

I slowly toured the football field and listen to more of the baseball game. Then, I began to notice my surroundings, kids playing pickle ( do they even call it that anymore ) group of college kids working out in a cross fit group, at least 10 other folks on the track, and a guy standing near the end zone w/a ball glove waiting for a foul ball???? While walking about another half mile or so, I didn't even notice my surrounding because I was cursing around the track in my own little 4 mile world. AND INJURY FREE!!!  I reclaimed my position on the bike and headed for home. And it took me almost that far to find my riding legs. My legs were so heavy and uncoordinated. I quickly took it easy and turned back into my surroundings and watched out for cars coming and going for the ball game. I can see some brick workouts in my future. I can also visualize double digits in miles coming up. Thank You Legs For Making This Happen. "This" means movement. "Happen" w/o any PAIN. Thanx Legs

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