Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reading Others …. Maybe 4 The Birds

Saturday morning began w/a relaxing early session of Boy Dog Belly Rubs. Stretching was followed  by the grinding of the beans. Set myself up w/H2o, finished my morning routine, off to the Pickle Ball Tournament here in Grand Junction Colorado. Little did I know, there is a whole schedule of tournaments across the western slope. Little did I know, these folk take this sport SERIOUSLY. Little did I know, I was one of the youngest players.

Our warm up time started at 9:30am. However, by the smell of that place, players started "playing" at sunrise. SO my warm up wasn't worth writing about. More of a deer in headlights as I wondered around in search of my neighbor. After the usual check in & hand shakes & hellos, I was informed that we were in a double elimination. So 2 games. Right off the bat, I didn't say a word about my shoulder. Still painful to hold or extend my left arm but I was able to take in a full breath w/o pain today. Now, our 1st game, both of these guys tell us that they have been playing for over a year & still in the beginners bracket. But I do like these guys for some reason. My neighbor & I, well, we have played 3 nights…… TOTAL…… so we didn't score a point in the best of 3. Also, the indoor ball is much different then the outdoor whiffle ball. And the windows created a glare in which I would lose sight of the ball before it came off of their paddles. Some shots were short & I had no reaction time. So off to the consolation bracket we go.

Our second game was a one match to 15 points & win by 2. I decided to use the sideline to my advantage & keep the game in front of me. No rushing the net, not fancy returns, just react & relax. This was my game & I finally warmed up. This game was my full on learning curve. Things I Learned: 1) They will make simple mistakes SO LET THEM. 2) Reminding my neighbor to hit the ball w/a lot less gotta KILL IT mentality as we watched his shots go long every time. 3) Complement & point out awesome shots to everyone. 4) Its a game people RELAX.

Yes, we won that game, the next game, and the next game. We won & we sat a lot. I kept the game in front of me & allowed the other team to crush the ball into the net. We drank water & watch the other team return them long. I kept the game fun & my neighbor pulled off some shots. Each shot was rewarded vocally & not with just a knuckle bump. We sat & we won. All the way to the finals.

We were matched up against the 2 guys that killed us in the 1st game of 3. We had to beat them twice because they had yet to chalk up a lose. But….. my neighbor & had only been playing up to 15 the last few games & didn't even think about best of 3 series because they were still undefeated. So my neighbor & I score 15 to their 9 & we were stoked. Drinking more water & watching some other matches, its forced on me that the other team wasn't happy that we only played 1 game to 15 & we weren't done. My only question was if the 1st game to 15 count towards our best of 3??? They said yes but signs indicated they were pretty sore about it. More upset about the lack of the refs & directors professionalism then us. Whatever, I was stoke that we won, that I was enjoying myself, & that I really didn't care too much.

Just before our match to finish the best of 3, one the the players walks in from having a cig. Right then & there I knew it was over. That was his weakness. His mind was shot because he felt cheated loosing to us & we didn't know the rules, right? Maybe Yes?? Maybe No??? But now, his body is toxic & I am going to run him. Our second game wasn't even close. Each shot that came my way, I took aim at his feet. My neighbor & I crushed them. We took 2 straight. And I continued to complement sweet shots that really pisses of a loosing team for some reason. Actually, they really made some nice shots & acknowledge my acknowledgment. So then, they say we have to play a game to 15 now because they officially lost their 1st game. Made sense.  NOW, I still haven't used my left side, my neighbor runs to the net after every serve, & nobody read this because they were so caught up in rules, ref's, 100 dollar Paddles, outfits, etc. I was ready to watch them guys run. I mean really run this game. My neighbor & I brought out more drama & the ref informed us that if him & I don't get who's who serve down then he will deduct points from us. "Learn the rules." he told me. So we won that game w/even more drama as we won by 2. Final score was 16-14. I laughed so hard inside & my neighbor was stoked. His dream came true!! He got all fired up over our 3 days of "practicing" & signed us up for this tournament & envisioned us winning the whole thing. He was on top of the world. And then, they gave us the medal. " We got a gold medal. " My neighbor squealed w/joy.

Pretty Proud 
They supplied all the teams w/pork pulled sandwiches about 11:30am w/chips & oranges & snickers & random treats. About that time, the Men's Open started warming up. HOLY SH*T folks. They flipping rock & no way could I even think about returning a serve. No Way. These guys rip that ball & if we were outdoors…….. wouldn't be fun.

Walking out w/my neighbor, reflecting on the day, watching him walk w/a little skip, I told him that I would play w/just him again but never in another tournament. I am going to retire on top. Classic A???  After I pointed out my concerns & observations, I made sure to explain that I enjoyed myself, its just that I am not taking it so seriously & just wanna play to play. At this point, Phuc the score, lets rally. Lets play outdoors & play to play. And I would totally play the same guys again but w/o the tournament vibe. We agreed, bring back the fun. I'll prefer to play Pickle Ball for the GAME of it...

Friday, April 25, 2014

Double Dog Downer

Got It Standing

Well Sh*t……. Why this week of all weeks……. As you may now…… I took a spill on Monday….. Basically I crushed the left side of my rib cage…… I know nothing is broken…… Now I am just dealing w/this subscapularis feeling stuck…….. The head of my ribs were they meet my sternum hurts 2 sneeze, cough, or roll over in bed…… Now…. If thats not enough…… Mother Nature blew on through the valley…… Well…… Blew down the damn gate……. And I can't lift the damn thing….. So I was feeling way down….. Have yet 2 finish the landscaping project…… Cant ride my damn bike….. Unable 2 take a full breath…… Walking the dogs is painful….. On & On goes the water works….. Then, a friend of mine went over the handle bars of his bike & destroyed his Clavicle…… Hate 2 say this but its the perspective that I needed….. He is in REAL pain….. I am just being a big sissy…. Time 2 Wake Up Mr Reed….. I had the wind knocked out of me….. So did he…. It hurts 2 move…. He can't move….. Hurts 2 breathe in a full rich breath….. He can't even think about breathing

SO 2day I am so sucking it up…… Its Friday & Its Time 2 Feel Alive….. Time 2 Pull My Head Out…. This is going 2 be a Gr8 weekend…… Thanx 4 stopping by my blog….. I will have some photos from the weekend….. I will have some uplifting ideas 2 share……. Enough of the Debbie Downer…… Happy Friday Folks!!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Awesome Weekend

Saturday started early. Like 5:25am Early. Like waking up in darkness. Like the Boy Dog wasn't even getting up, at 1st. The good news, every year, at some point it rains & I brought my rain gear in my panniers & oh did that pay off. Mother Nature dropped the wet stuff until 10am, just as MOG started. So Cool, So Wet, & Totally Worth It.

But……. I totally volunteered 4 this…… Manufactures of Outdoor Gear ( MOG ) is 1 of the coolest events & is run by the most dynamic person I know. 11 years ago, Jen Taylor started this event on Main St. The whole idea was bringing all these companies together 2 sell of last years gear. About 5 years ago, the Bike Swap took off. This year, we are talking Telluride Film Fest, MOG on Main Street, & the Colorado Mesa University Maverick Classic. All of these events were happening downtown GJ & were a huge success!!!

The downtown Criterium was a blast. The 1st race was Community Challenge at 1pm, which was a timed 20min. The Men's Pro race started at 7:15pm and ran 45min of racing on flat tight streets of GJ & the course was .95mi with loads of fans.

Then, over at Lincoln Park, Arbor Fest was taking place. They had a massive beer garden, music all day, vendors, & we showed up at 4pm 4 the Hot Pepper Eating Contest. MY HIGHLIGHT 4 SURE!!! I love watching these folks completely ruin their whole week. A huge turn out of drunks, families, fans, & contestants of all shapes & sizes. They started off w/1 hot pepper & 2 people called it good & walked off. 3 peppers later, everyone was still game. Then, the 1st serrano pepper was consumed & back 2 the green peppers 4 another 3 rounds. Then most everyone bowed out after the 1st habaneros. From there on out was pure out of body experience. 2 guys remained, however, I was becoming disappointed because everyone that quit really didn't seem all the jacked up. In the past, folks would puke!!! Thats why I was there!! Suffering!! Thats what I wanted 2 see. So, the last 2 guys were chomping down & the crowd started cheering big time. The 1 guy Will would have quit but had a gang of friends going ape sh&t which means the rest of the crowd adopted the "other" guy. They would have gone all night. The contest was deemed as a draw & these guys were splitting the $200 smackers. Then, our friend Will lost his marbles. It was awesome. We stayed another 20min just watching him blow up. Puking, blood red eyes, & his buddy dumped a 5gal of ice on him. Will was in really bad shape. 4 me, TOTALLY worth it.

We rode bikes back 2 the house, made up some ravioli, watched the rest of the A's game, & headed back downtown 4 the last few crit races. Back 2 racing, live music, & let the clean up begin. The whole day was awesome!!! Chris, Jen's husband, & I rolled cable, disassemble the bike rack, break down easy ups, & all kinds of closing duties. Most everyone was tired from the long day so I just kept on reminding everyone how much fun, kept the positive vibe going, & recapped the crit racing. Then, Rock Star Jen shared the fact that the vendors ALL had a record sales 4 the day!!! What an event!!! As we all gave out hugs & said our good byes, Jen & Chris asked me 2 stick round 4 a second. No Worries. I would do anything 4 Jen & Chris.

These 2 wanted 2 thank me 4 all my work. Sure, I hung posters, spread the word, but they were so stoked about my intro from Fridays vendor, volunteer, gathering at the brewery. Everyone introduced themselves & explained how they are involved w/MOG or 4 how many years. As a thank you, Jen & Chris bought me dinner at the brewery at about 10:30pm. They paid 4 the I.P.A., the appetizers, & our main dishes. AWESOME!!! Again, I simply enjoy helping out & I explained that I only see these folks or vendors once every year at this event. Its Gr8.

Volunteering is rewarding on many levels. Giving back feels good. Helping other 4 no reason at all helps in more ways then we know.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

04-16-2014 Happy Hump Day Or…….

……...Bring back in old saying from many moons ago……. You may call Wednesday Hump Day, but I am calling it," Bustin' my Hump Day."

Yes, Busted My Hump!!! My hands are a weeeee bit sore.

But I sure feel better about this little project. It totally coming together quite nicely.

 I hooked up the computer out front & haven't missed a KAFM Fund Drive Show yet. I shall pass on more ranting about the station at this time. I have the speakers facing the street & I enjoy doing my thing. Shadow Boy has accompanied me 2 the rock shop X3 trips 2day.

GOOD NEWS: 1/2 yard of river rock, 1/2 crushed granite, & 1/4 yard of Mountain Magic 4 the cactus. A Grand Total Of $32.46

SO FAR…...

Here is a shot from last years project. I soon hope 2 have that grass removed some day.

Missed the Western Slope Runners last Tuesday 4 a number of reasons. I could write you all the reasons, like clients & yard work, but I am not giving any excuses. I can say this because I miss trail running on Tuesday. If I was avoiding the group, then I would be giving a wide range of justifications.

Stay tune as I will be adding more 2 the yard, updating KAFM, & sunsets photos 2 come. Feel free 2 stream an interesting radio show this Thursday. My friend The Blue Z will be hosting his last radio show WITH kids. The Blue Z is retiring from teaching 2nd grade ( 32 years ) & has been bring his students down 2 the station 4 many years. They take turn reading stories from popular nursery tales. Basically, its the 2nd graders perspective of 3 little pigs, a witches brew, etc. The show is very entertaining & the kids do a gr8 job. So try & catch the show from 6:30pm-9pm Mt Time Zone on www dot kafmradio dot org…… Now, its time 2 close my little eyes, spoon w/the Boy Dog, & get ready 2 do it all again 2mar

Friday, April 11, 2014

Kalinda's A Big 19 Today

Happy Friday Folks,

Thursday was a way busy day, which is good. I saw a client later in the day & what an awesome session. This work of Ortho-Bionomy is amazing!! The results blow my mind almost every time. I know that it might take a day or 2 to integrate into the body, but WoW when its WoW. What does that mean??? It means this; working on the clients knee cap, we both could feel a slow shift in the lower leg, a small soft pop in the ankle showed up, & Completely Pain Free!! How Cool Is That???

I ended up running a bit late 4 my 5:45 Western Slope Runners group. I jumped on the commuter bike w/the GoPro & headed 2wards the River Front Trail. The 1st time lapse was from under the train trusses while the runners came 2wards me. The 2nd time lapse was facing west & I totally dig the floaters drifting on down the Colorado River. The group of 4 gals that came by were genuinely happy 2 see me which totally touched my heart. That feeling you have when you feel you belong. That is wonderful. WSR has become something more than just a running group. Robin, 1 of the lady's, asked about The Boy Dog. Yes, I was running late, but it was also just a little 2 warm 4 him 2 be running a 5K. However, its so nice when someone asks a simple question that brings in an inner smile. Dig That!!!

Dedication 2 Cleaning Up The Colorado River
Anyway, still rocking the April challenges. I am enjoying the rides around town, easy pedaling, & views of spring.

WSR Starting/Finishing Location

Robin & The Ladies Finishing Their 10K 
Best Dog Ever!!!!
Here are some photos from around GJ,Co & even some of the local folks out on Main St.

Rode 2 the top of the downtown parking structure & snapped off a few of these shots. The above photo is from my bank. Some of the most coolest tellers work here. Thanx Rio Grande 4 smiling every time.
Looking South

Looking South SouthWest

West w/the National Monument Standing Strong

Looking North

You Can Just Make Out Mt Garfield

The Grand Mesa Covered In Snow

The Story Teller
Totally dig running into DJ Strangefellow on Main St. Took this photo while he was deep in speech regarding KAFM. I could feel what he was saying because I felt that same vibe about 5 years ago. The station has a funny cycle of life & I am on par as 2 how he feels these days about the station. I am way stoked that he hasn't quit KAFM!!! Last time I saw him in the station while he was doing his show he was quite bummed about a few things. I know a lot of KAFM folks read this blog so I am NOT going 2 speak 4 Ryan out of respect 2 him. Ryan & I met through Sundrop grocery in 2002 & I have nothing but love 4 this guy. He has grown as a man, a leader, & a father figure 2 his little girl Scout.
Toyota Safari
Stopped in on Hugh, Pinto, & Kelly. They have been on my mind & wanted 2 stop & say hello. They HAVE stopped supporting KAFM. I understand where they are coming from but I am still sad 2 walk in & here commercial radio in their show room & not down 2 roots KAFM. Kelly looked Gr8 & Pinto was a downward stretching dog. He is such a handsome sun-of-a-gun.

So later 2day, seeing another client, taking Shadow Boy out 2 the desert 4 a trail run, checking out downtown a little later 2nite, & making some plans 4 heading 2 the higher elevation. I am kinda blown away by how fast the week went. In a couple of days, this month will be half over!! Still, I have a few things 2 look 4ward 2. Like………... the MOG Sale on the 19th of April. Manufacturers of Outdoor Gear ( MOG ) is hosting their 11th Annual Event & its going 2 be a huge blow out 4 sure. I will be blogging more on that event next week. Until then, thanx so much 4 stopping by!!! Have a wonderful weekend & think of others. Cheers

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Integrating it all together

I believe the prep work is DONE

Spring Clean Up Rocks

Last years transformation 

Any ideas on what to do with the grass

That piece is from Marble Colorado
2day is a bit of a rough day 4 me & many others. But in no way is it harder 4 anyone than Larkin. The history is this, my friend Zachariah passed away on this day last year, his girlfriend Larkin by his side, & 2day is also Larkin's B-Day. Thats right, Zachariah left Larkin on her birthday. About every 3-4 months I still write a quick note on Zachariah's CrackBook page, but I can't express how much I miss him. SO I am telling all of you right now, tell that loved one "why" & "how" you love them.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Diggin' Physical Labor

How Much Can You Love A Dog??
 Maybe You Need A Profile Photo 2 Really Love His Personality!!
Oh Boy

Pt II of the front yard. Finally tying the 2 together.

I can see 2 nosies & 1 eye. My Supervisors 4 The Day!!!


Out here in GJ,Co, we have this program every Spring, were we load all kinds of crap out 2 the street. Its Called Spring Clean Up & Others Treasures. Trucks drive by all day & "recycle" unwanted items. Me, I used  this service 4 what it was intended 4. Getting rid of a water waster, GRASS!! Don't ya just love working out front & you receive a " What You Should Do " comments from your neighbors?? 2 Funny. I just smile & allow them 2 feel better about themselves. A neighbor came down the street & 2 congratulate me on removing & going xeriscape & gave me all the jusifcations way we ALL should be doing this & in the same breath, " Can I Have Some Of Your Grass 2 Fill In Some Holes That My Dog Had Dug?" Now, I learned from my last project, I walked down 2 her place, roughly measured the hole, walked back, cut out 3 pieces near that size, went back w/the wheelbarrow, dug out the hole 2 match, & scored out 4 the new section of grass. She thanked me the whole time & expanded how she wouldn't have done such a nice job. I began thinking 2 myself that she doesn't spend much time around adults because she talked the whole time. I am OK w/that, just another funny observation from the neighborhood.
 Around 2:30pm, my left palm began feeling some light pain. Took off my glove & what a drag, Mr BLISTER popped up. This is a drag 4 me because I have appointments 2day AND 2mar. In the past, I would have change my ergonomics & kept on working until I pulled something. Becoming wise is pretty cool. I was happy 2 clean up & head 4 the kitchen because I was hosting the Finals last night. Overall, flippin' awesome day!!! The Boy Dog got the shaft but he was OK w/me walking in the house & rubbing him down while pouring some cold H2o 4 myself.

More photos 2 come, More digging ahead, & More Dog Stories Coming Soon. Thanx 4 Stopping By My Blog & Remind Someone Why You Love Them.
And NOW We Run???

Monday, April 7, 2014

Awesome & Happy & Alive

Dig This Section. Both Rolling & Layout
 Shadow Boy & I had a fantastic trail run on Friday!! The happy grey clouds covered Mr Sun from cooking us & Mother Nature blew in a calming breeze. Sweet recipe 4 adding some miles & living outdoors.
Bring On The Bikes
 We started up Tabaguche Trail, hooked up w/High Noon Trail, & danced across Ravens Trail. I really like hiking up Tabaguche because I can feel my gluts burn, my feet placement ( I don't care 4 the STRIKE term ) finds its lineament, & my happy mind fools me that my cardiovascular systems is tip-top.

A Shot North At The Book Cliffs

 Oh, and more wild flowers are in bloom. The colors of the high desert are worth a trip out & about. These flowers are doing their best 2 attract bees & they are screaming pollenate me. And check out that cloud cover. Such a good day.
Shadow Boy Charges The Climb

 2 funny!! I didn't know this shot was in the mix. I remember looking at the GoPro 2 see if it was on 4 the next shot of the Boy Dog up on the High Noon Trail.

Didn't know these 2 shots were here as well. Shadow Boy runs 2 this spot every time because he believes its H2o time. This is a Gr8 spot 2 soak up the vistas. Wonderful shot 2wards the east & the northern book cliffs come alive from this advantage point. I wish you all could see the Book Cliffs during the sunset. There is so much depth 2 be seen from here.

 And he loves his recycled dog bowl!! Thanx again Chow Down. He is so good about scratching up a little area 4 his warm belly 2 lay in the cool soil while he has a drink & observes his surroundings. Just 2 the right of my knee is the trail. 2 mt bikers came by during this time & Shadow just watched. No biggie he thinks. 8 years ago, he would have followed the riders. He always came back, but it use 2 drive me nutzzzzzz because I never knew if he would come back, become lost, or find a new dog bowl 2 eat from. All that wounding I did 4 nothing. Thats Love A????
The Start Of Ravens Trail 4 Me

A Shot Looking East 2wards The Grand Mesa

And Back Down 2 The Parking Lot
 I am still on the biking everyday in April Challenge. I rode 2 the station 2 see my friend, rode both days 2 work, & still busting out the leg lifts, plank, & crushes as well. Its been a good month so far.
My Friend Serendipity
Early Tulips Blooming On Main St
 This shot ( above photo ) was from Sunday after work. The colors are splashing my ride home. Pinks from cherry trees are coming alive, yellows from little hedges are saying hello, & pink & reds are dotted everywhere now. Makes 4 a blurry ride home, AWESOME!! And the photo below is from Shadow Boy after our run Friday. He had a belly full of food, just had a wiz in the backyard, & knew it was Padres baseball it in Miami. I have a hard time explaining my love 4 this guy because he is my world. He wakes up happy, he eats w/enthusiasm, & becomes overwhelmed w/the notion 4 a car ride. He Simply Is
Shadow Boy Says," Leave A Message Please."