Thursday, April 10, 2014


Integrating it all together

I believe the prep work is DONE

Spring Clean Up Rocks

Last years transformation 

Any ideas on what to do with the grass

That piece is from Marble Colorado
2day is a bit of a rough day 4 me & many others. But in no way is it harder 4 anyone than Larkin. The history is this, my friend Zachariah passed away on this day last year, his girlfriend Larkin by his side, & 2day is also Larkin's B-Day. Thats right, Zachariah left Larkin on her birthday. About every 3-4 months I still write a quick note on Zachariah's CrackBook page, but I can't express how much I miss him. SO I am telling all of you right now, tell that loved one "why" & "how" you love them.

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