Monday, November 23, 2015

Week IV

Monday: Day Of Rest….. Commuter Bike To The Office….. But A Much Needed Rest Day…. And CX Bike Down To The Station…. But A Rest Day…. Commuter Bike To The Store…. Yes, Rest Day…. Two Walks w/the Boy Dog

Tuesday: Commuter Bike To The Gym…. Chest And Legs….. Time Lapse On The Ride Home

Wednesday: Early Commute To The Gym…. Shoulders And Triceps…. Just Under An Hour Ride…. Shadow Boy And I On A No Excuse Loop In The AM And A Long Walk After Dark

Thursday: Commuter to the office and gym….. Back, Biceps, & Legs….. Walking with the Boy Dog…. Oh… Thats a good one… We are clipping along and the Boy Dog on a dime makes a right turn towards a workers truck….. Shadow Boy starts smelling the from right tire, then the front bumper, and I am thinking there is a cat in a wheel well…. He is working over that truck and as we come around back…. There IT is…. Only the leg of a deer, elk, whatever in the bed of the truck…. Thats when the drool came pouring out of his mouth….. Best Day Ever…. Commuter Bike Over To The Station

Friday: Commuter Bike To The Gym…. Chest Only…. Rode to the station to jump on the Kitchen Sink program…. Rode to the OM House for more painting and taping…. That house looks fantastic… Super Stoked…. Early to bed

Saturday: CX racing out in Fruita…. Best Turn Out So Far…. Kinda Lacking Runners…. What A Sunrise

Sunday: Commuter Bike to OM and finished painting my bedroom and hallway…. Prep work in living room…. Met up with the Dude for the Sunday Night Game… Cooked during the boring 1st half…. Enjoyed the hell out of the 2nd half….. Push Ups before bed

Thanksgiving Week???? Gym Mon-Wed, Painting the living room and kitchen, meeting a designer for new Biz Cards, volunteering Tuesday and Wed, getting the bird in a brine by Wed AM, hope to make a Grand Mesa trip, Swimming, and an office day on Friday.

Have A Safe Week, Stay Strong, & Think Of Others


Monday, November 16, 2015

Week III

Feeling much better about handling weights and concentrating on range of motion. After missing about two weeks before my Week I training, I remembered to drop a few pounds off each exercise and focus on ROM. Still feeling strong and in control but defiantly wouldn't be able to lift the same amount of weight as I was a month ago. Age can do that BUT at least I remembered that I am NOT 21 anymore.

The Commuter Bike and I made it to the gym 3 times this week, once without the bike, & once to the airport for a swim. Made a trip over to East OM while dog sitting for a few days. Love riding that stretch towards the Grand Mesa.

Rode the new CX bike to the radio station!! And the brakes are full on Euro style.

Me and The Boy Dog are back on two-a-day walks. One long walk and one on the No Excuse Loop. Moving the hips and trying to roll through the heal/toe to stretch all those little stabilizing muscles. Majority of the walking is quick tempo and I often remind myself to stand taller.

Push Ups, Core Ball Work, & Morning Yoga.

Excellent weekend of work in the office. Picked up my youngest client as he is a 1st grader and suffers from migraine headaches. We worked on balancing his pelvis, worked through his thoracic cavity, neck, and added a balance between his spleen, liver, and kidneys. I stayed away from a cranial sacral alinement as I have found that kids with a specific case will be so caught up in "it" that Ortho may or may not work. By allowing him to feel comfort during the 1st session we should be able to make progress on our future sessions.

Worked on a women that had a "neck" problem but what I noticed was that see was in full on flight or fight mode. The more she discharged from her mouth the more clues I was given. Worked with her psoas and vegas nerve which was the trick for that session. I did address her neck as well. We had an awesome session.

Worked on another woman with hand problems. Simple hand, forearm, elbow releases, and then we experienced a huge release in her shoulder. We both looked at each other and gave that WoW look but never spoke a word. Again, AWESOME

More time in the pool
More anterior painting
More Cycling
More Greens
More Super Smoothies
More Time With The Boy Dog

AND THIS VIDEO LINK MUST BE WATCH IN FULL SCREEN. This video was shot today from Grand Junction Colorado. The GoPro is facing North. The storm rolls in from the East. Stalls out and rolls out back towards the East. 2 min video that was shot over 3 hours. I am pretty stoked about it and THANX 4 WATCHING!!!

Feeling Gr8, Stretching Often, & Feeling Alive…….

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week II

I have blogged about working three jobs while training for the Lead King 25K. Well, this is one of those jobs. Its an early 1960's Heidelberg Cylinder Press that has been converted into a die cutter monster. So I set up the GoPro and shot still photos for 3hrs at 5 second shots.

Training: Hit the gym three times this week and a swim day as well. Cycle Cross Race yesterday. Loaded up on stretching and Sun Salutations to open the hips and calm the lower back.

Radio Show: This Tuesday, 10th on Nov from 4pm - 6:30pm Mt Time Zone, I will be hosting Bluegrass and Beyond. Way fired up about this show because Veta has a huge following and I can't tell you the last time she had to miss a show. I pretty much listen to KAFM all day on Tuesdays when I can. And anther show on Thursday the 12th at 6:30pm. Both show will be live at www dot kafmradio dot org

Legs Feel Gr8, Boy Dog is Happy, & Lets Rock!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week I

 Was the night before All Hallows Eve, a buzz about covered this sleepy little valley we call a community. The 7th Annual Zombie Prom build up, overtook, and consumed routines of daily monotony. Anticipation was just around the corner…...

Watercolor Paints!! Foundation for later highlights.
…. Unimaginable tales and a cast of characters began to come alive as its a night for adults to recreate overused Halloween Costumes and morph them into Zombie Prom of Boogying-N-Down Gatherings. All week long, " Are you going to?" or " Have Your Tix 4 Zombie Prom yet? " and " Cant Wait " Dripped from mouths of soon to be Zombies.

Showing Off My Cheese Buttons From Years Back
While cleaning out the OM House, I found three unmarked bowling trophies. The Zombie Bowler was created right then and there. The town was expecting a totally different character from my pervious ideas that I might have mentioned. During the FUNd Drive, Zombie ideas were floating around the station. Happily I had shared a couple of really good ideas BUT finding the Bowler Brewed Brilliance.

Added The Bubba J Teeth & Primed Green Flair 
 Me and my DEAD LAST Trophy. Supporting my SCI 2014 Brooklyn Bowl Bowling Shirt. The 1976 Trophy played out a whole storyline of its own. I loaded up my front right pocket with Bicentennial Quarters and Half Dollar. See that Hot In Here pocket??? Held my Silver One Dollar Coin AND Bicentennial Dollar piece.

Red Lip Gloss on the Axe 
The Dude pulled off a crazy flipping Zombie Lumberjack and scared the SH*T out of all the little Tricker Treats. Setting up that scene here……. The Dude carved a whipping pumpkin, I worked over 3 of my own, and I littered the driveway with about 4 years worth of The Boy Dog's Soup Bones. The front of the house was inviting with some very elementary cardboard cutouts of haunted houses and larger pumpkin cutouts. And of course they were all trimmed out with LED lights….. So little ghouls would approach the house all filled in spirits of candy. Then, two dogs going ape sh*t on the other side of the screen door and this crazy lumberjack and I are standing in front of the dogs holding a massive pumpkin full of large size Snickers and Butterfingers. The little little goblins wouldn't come up and the mid range age kids ONLY walked up because they saw the sizer of the candy we were handing out by the handfuls.
A night of bike riding in-sued, enjoying the moment, and remaining in character ALL night. I only dropped on-lines in reference to " go pick up a spare " or " not bad for the 9th frame " and I targeted all the big hitters of Zombies that I recognized throughout the night BUT nobody knew that it was me. It was so much fun!!! A few couples would kinda smile but nobody engaged and just let their own Zombie Side cut loose.
After we were there, I MEAN CENTER OF THE DANCE FLOOR, for about 3 hours into the prom I could tell when the word was out of who we were. Everyone flooded us with " NO WAY"  or " Thats REALL You " and " OMG " and this has went on all weekend long. Just today, while walking the Boy Dog, neighbor gal stopped her car and with the window down gave me her version of her husband and her's perspective. She even claimed that they didn't know until having breakfast with mutual friends on Sunday ( TWO DAYS LATER ) were informed of who that Bowling Dancer was. And the rumor is that there are SH*T Tons of photos out there of Dead Bowler Guy and Crazy Weird Axe Killer posted all over CrackBook.

In The Early Stages Of Wk 1 Training For The HITs Half Ironman in May. Super pumped about this!! The body felt GR8( before Halloween Weekend ) anyway. I am on a base building during the new three weeks so I might only post weekly. I feel pretty strong about my base level of conditioning at this point. My legs are much stronger after all the gym work. Pretty interested in how the Mid Night Racer will feel under these sit bones. Its just that I learned a lot about my mind body connection over the past two Summers. We will see how it all plays out during the rest of this Fall Season.

I auditioned for a/2 part for the radio reading LIVE of Its A Wonderful Life. Truthfully, not sure how I feel about the reading but I really was motivated because its the first ever for our little station. And I wanted a voice in it. There are 36 parts and only about a dozen of us showed up to the audition night. So I do believe I will be reading a couple of parts. I openly spoke out that I am willing to read small parts and fill in were ever the director Patrick might have needs for. Again, Truth Be Told, I am not a strong enough reader or actor to try out AND THINK a lead part should be mine. Every Wed night starts readings, Patrick told us that the first few nights will be slow going, then the reads go quicker, and Dec 4th will be a live broadcasted show. Way Cool


Stay Strong, Live Out Your Dreams, & Think Of Others