Friday, March 22, 2019

The Boy Dog

Wednesday's Single Track Selfie - Like WoW- 97th Fastest Time on Strava
Today marked the 6 month anniversary of Shadow Boys newest journey. Light Speed Boy

This above photo was when The Boy was in his prime. The Boy Dog was five years old in this photo and just under 105 pounds. I know this because that was the last Summer with his old backpack. I bought him a new one for his 6th Birthday MONTH. Shadow Boy carried more oxytocin then any other dog I have ever grown with.

I honored his spirit with a little bike ride. Figured it would be a good idea to drink myself into a deep sleep Wednesday evening but I can reassure you this was a brutal approach to the day ahead. Woke up just after 3am with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth while wearing yesterdays clothes.

A few cups of joe in my gut, bit under dressed, on the road towards Loma at 4:27am, I set out on my silent horse. Technically, I wasn't hungover because I was still intoxicated. But the streets were silent as only the elders were shuffling around inside their homes. A moon filled "morning" illuminated the River Tail between those pesky ominous clouds. These conditions were perfect for a day in the saddle.

A true casual ride out to the boat ramp put-in at Loma. I spooked myself good as a squirrel or a rodent of some sort shot along the brush near me while I was in space out mode. 22.3 miles into it and the air was clear, the clouds danced with the Full Moon, and my body felt rather relaxed and strong.

I rode west back towards town with this absolutely magnificent sunrise ahead of me. This sunrise brought out all of my bottled up emotions and I haven't cried like that in a long time. Well, like 6 months ago. Made it back for a bathroom break, nuked a cup of joe, threw down some yogurt, dried fruit, and granola before heading out. 48.1 miles and 3 hours and 10 minutes in

Started out due west again but Mother Nature blew down from the Continental Divide. So what the hell, turned and rode towards Palisade embracing the breeze. My legs felt decent at this point, low back was holding up, and my cadence was consciously slowing. Just Turning The Cranks

Mr Moon floated in the sky behind me but as Mr Sun washed out its magnitude. The concrete River Trail is only defined until 33 1/2 road and then you're spit out onto pavement. I rode north towards G Road and arrived in downtown Palisade at 8:50am and 51.3 miles on those sit bones.

Riding through the quaint town of Palisade has always been a joy for me. Palisade is one of those towns that you will find comfort and ease while visiting. Eventually, I faced the beast, a 900ft climb at 19%, just as a kick in the belly, or a training session for the young. I Hammered Along

East Orchard Mesa is dormant as can be. A majority of the peach farmers have cleaned up all the under brush, pruned those limbs, and have prepared for an early season start up. Me, I was beginning to think a rest would be cool. I knew I had this in me but I was tired of my old engrams circling around in my own head. Could Have Used An iPod

Sure, the wind assistance carried me along those rolling hills of East Orchard Mesa until my eyes were distracted by the back breaking work of migrant workers planting pepper plant. Could have been an early squash plant variety or corn for all I know. But it was a real perspective moment for me. Here I am, surrounded by my own issues, these guys are busting there A$$ off, I am riding a bike. With Them Starring At Months Of Real Labor Ahead

About a mile from the River Trail at Eagle Rim Park, The Boy Dog cried down upon me. It wasn't a heavy rain by any means but it sure was an emotional moment. That is how I viewed the situation at that moment in time. Shadow Boy's tears!! 60.4 miles as I dropping back down onto the city floor

I rested myself while consuming a wrap of two farm fresh scrambled eggs, cubed sautéed yams, goat cheese, minced garlic, cilantro, diced organic red bell pepper, my own vida mixed garbanzo beans, and micro greens. Nuked another cup of joe, changed out my base layer, filled my bladder, and headed out west towards Loma again. Holy Smokes!! Mr Sun was baking the Grand Valley and the humidity was prevalent. I almost regretted my decision wearing the LOKI base as I began my grind towards Loma.

The ride to Loma was way uneventful and arrived just before the noon hour. This put me at 80.7 miles, two peanut butter GU's, two rocks, stiff elbows, sore A$$ cheeks, and a heart full of gratitude. I had just witnessed Bald Eagles, jumping trout, an unreal sunrise, imagines that shed my tears, commuters riding by without a thought of any experience of this day, rabbits hoping, a crazy killer sunrise, and what faced me was a wall of darkness. The Front Was Sitting On The Colorado National Monument

Mother Nature was about to unleash her fury. I didn't have the legs to out run this barrage of weather creeping my way. The fierce winds were straight out of the west and I actually sang Ride Like The Wind by Christopher Cross. Rain began to pelt my backside but I rode the cusp of the front back into the heart of this valley. Legs pretty much spent, tear ducts pretty much dry, back pretty stiff, ready to hop off the bike in general, Boy Dog, I Miss You. 94.7 miles and 10 hours and 7 minutes. Mission Accomplished! The Boy Dog passed away way too young at the age of 13. 13 x 7 = 91

Rest in Peace Bleu Girl and Boy Dog. Every dog, I do mean EVERY, wanted to Phuc with Bleu Girl. Dogs were just unable to comprehend her ability to circum to her wet nose. Because of her behavior, dogs attacked her. She would just roll over in a submissive, classic possum response, until normalcy returned.

But Shadow Boy was the younger brother and never once showcased any A$$ Hole behaviors towards her. In Bleu Girls señor ---- AUTO Correction!!! ----- señor, CLASSIC. In Bleu's senior years, The Boy Dog would present her with his right hip as a human would offer up an elbow to a blind person. Together they would carry on like two peas in a pod. The Boy Dog

In conclusion, I am writing this under the influence of, just cracked, fifth Liquid Paradise, and pure exhaustion. As wonderful as that hot shower felt, I am beat. For those of you reading this, Phuc Yes I Thought About You

Here ( ) is the link from my radio show Wednesday afternoon. I really enjoyed this show, the flow, and the mix. Such a righteous time slot!! Loads of phone calls, text messages from my streaming friends, and a very quick 2 1/2hours while LP"s spun circles on the turntable. This link is only good for the next two weeks. Hope Ya Dig It

Toast To Our Beloved Pets And Extra Treats
The Padre

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Mid March Already & KAFM Radio

KAFM held its Spring Member FUNd Drive and this is one of my favorite weeks at KAFM. I truly enjoy seeing old faces, meeting new folks, and reconnecting with the community again. Some of my most valuable antiques are my old friends. 

For some damn reason, I put a hurtin' on the Ol Liver this past week. It wasn't my intention but I might have consumed more cans than needed. Friday night, first night of the drive, the Beer Geeks hosted a beer tasting with food paring. There were 14 verities and I only passed on the Sour Beers. 

Saturday was the "famous" bloody mary brunch and Sunday night was another successful concert in the Radio Room with Moores & McCumber. 

So instead of stopping there, well, you can only imagine. 

Sessions have been " routine" as of lately. Thats good and odd, really. I mean, I do like a challenge every now and then. But normalcy is working for everyone these days.

Of Course, I did have that one session, old engrams creeped back up. So pisses me off. As a practitioner, I prefer to deflect any personal chatting with a client because my responses or projects WILL show up in their body. Example: If I tell YOU that my new born just passed away from SIDS, whats your reaction???? Did you feel it?? NOW, just for the record, I HAVEN'T HAD ANY CHILDREN!!

This particular client has been dealing with a long drawn out divorce. At some point, the topic of the dating pool surfaced, I was then asked about dating. This is the slippery slope of what to say, how to answer, and what is not accessible discussions during a session.

I immediately found my diaphragm, stayed grounded in my feet, solid in my hips, and maintained my own energy and politely responded with a simply soft not swimming these days reference and causally quizzed them regarding their own headspace. This response allowed them to discharge out their mouth and subconsciously maintain their own power.

What was swirling around in my own head was the fact that I just recently saw my ex at a natural sight. It Phuc-N sucked!! My gut tightened up, fought with the twitterpated feelings, and that cause so much build up and turmoil inside me that I damn near puked. Why do I do this to myself? They couldn't give a SH*T about the situation.

For me, love isn't necessarily gazing into each others eyes, but rather two people looking in the same direction together. Clearly, my gaze at that time was a lonely sight into the stars. What A Dumb A$$

Did I ever get caught in a crazy sideways storm earlier this week. Rode early on Tuesday and nearly beat the rain on my return trip. However, I did outride the hail storm. So Thats Cool

Wednesdays ride was pretty sweet and uneventful, thankfully. Thursday was sort of windy but the temp was perfect for riding. Thursday evening stargazing was magnificent with healthy clear skies and a less than half full moon.

Now, its the spring time runoff. Will start snapping a few photos of the Mighty Colorado River for reference here. I see that Vail ( 8,000ft / 2400m ) Colorado will be in the 50F's. Yikes

My next scheduled show will be on the 26th of March. As PERTH so kindly asked, I will post a quick reminder on Sunday or Monday beforehand. But then, Coach just asked me if I would be able to cover Imagine's 4pm time slot tomorrow. U Bet I Said

I have pulled out some tasty cover tunes for this Wednesday's show. Stoked about a George Harrison and Eric Clapton rendition of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Sheryl Crow and Luckas Nelson ripping out a Midnight Rider, and a bad A$$ original Cream by Prince live from 2004.

Its going to be a quick two and a half hour show as I have THREE hours worth of music in the cue. Will fire up the turntables as well with that distinct scratchy popping of a needle dancing in the grooves of some hot wax. Its Going To Be A Gr8 Show

My dear friend SA sent me this photo from our Sushi Rolling party. This was me back in 2011. Like Wow. I was so skinny and I remember this night very well. We had an absolute blast!! SA had a polaroid camera, smaller version compared to the 1980's style. So Much Fun

Mother Nature dumped about 6-8 inches but now that I retell the story, easily 14 inches of snow that night. The Boy Dog and my friend Eagle headed out and plowed around in the fresh stuff. Eagle hung in there for about an hour and The Boy And I accompanied back to the house.

Loaded up my jacket with a couple more beverages and The Boy Dog & I were off into the night. That is what I miss about Shadow Boy. He was ALWAYS ready to go. We were in the town of Red Cliff Colorado and nobody was out in that tiny little community. Love That

Well Timed Sent Photo 

Pulled out the old Galaxy Jersey from when I used to ride for them and found some single track on Friday. Thats Right, First MTB Ride of 2019!! Life is good!! Its amazing how cruising the commuter bike rolls without sound and the Yeti has that certain well know vibrational quality of knobbies meeting the pavement. Dig That Sound

I actually thought about this blog when I was posing for this shot. Reminded me of when I would post these on CrackBook, back when I enjoyed CrackBook. Its funny now observing others reaction when I say that I am no long on CrackBook. And I sure as Phuc don't miss it.

Pleasantly surprised by how strong the legs feel. My cardiovascular system still carries the winter blues but its a wonderful feeling just being one with the bike again. Our single track offers prime conditions at the moment. Very tacky and rolling fast. Few sections I probably rode faster than my abilities but no broken clavicle. So I Got That Going For Me


Running    - 9.5
Riding       - 92
Activities  - 8
PR's          - 3
283 Cycling Miles For The Month

For as toxic as I was this past week, not bad on the numbers front. Lifting, thats been a different story. This past week was all about light weights, controlling the ROM, and higher reps count. Burning


  1. Focusing At The Gym
  2. Ride With Confidence 
  3. Hosting Brilliant Shows
  4. Laugh 
  5. Celebrate Avery's 3rd Birthday

Be Well, Stay Strong, & Think Of Others First

Oh Baby - One Golden & One Bald Eagle  

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Snowmass Colorado 2019 & Fat Tuesday

The 27th Annual Mother Of All Accensions took place in the Snowmass Village on Fat Tuesday. It was time once again to grab your snowshoes, hiking boots, or telegear and climb from the base of Village Plaza to Gwyn's Restaurant. Athletes in outrageous Mardi Gras outfits hammered up Fanny Hill with the first male crushing the 2,073ft gain in 34 minutes.

I mean JUST look at that evergreen draped with crystalized flakes. 18 inches of fresh powder blanketed Snowmass and damn was I delighted and excited. Well, companionship would have been nice. The bonus was a majority of the flood lights buried under all that new snow gave a glowing effect inside the snow banks. Well, it intrigued me anyway.

First Off, I was completely unaware by just how big Snowmass Mountain really is. What a gorgeous mountain and those slopes are so spread out across that northern face that it never really felt populous. I did come across a "Trail Through The Trees" sign and wished that I was a gifted skier. Looked Rather Enticing

Sunrise Looking North Northeast 

Picked up a new time slot to sub and pretty stoked about it. I will be on air Tuesday night the 26th of March at 9pm. Its defiantly not the most desirable time slot but the later evening shows allows for stretching the boundaries of the listeners imagination.  Hopefully that captures your attention and leaves a little mystery for the High Riser. 

10,231ft - Best Coffee Ever
I am considering a show featuring live shows but in a very interestingly delivery format. I am contemplating a journey of sorts for the listeners while painting a picture of the options. Could be difficult under radio broadcasting terms but I gather that I have it in me to pull off this creative endeavor. So Plan On Streaming Live

Worked on an endurance athlete that actually has no body fat what so ever. It was fascinating for me. As a practitioner, so cool actually following the Rhomboids superiorly and clearly SEEING the Trapezoids up into the neck at their attachment sights.

I see very few Serrates Anterior Muscles and theirs were so well defined and pronounced. The entire upper torso was chiseled out before my eyes. We executed neuromuscular releases throughout major muscles group. This particular practice takes patience and eco-pressure. Neuro work is performed by working through the entire belly of the muscle. I begin at the attachment of the muscle with agreed pressure and the client contacts that muscle. I move like less than an inch towards the insertion point of that muscle and they contract again. I make those micro movements and they contract and breathe after each of my movements. Such as, belly of the brchialis ( under the bicep ) takes about 7-10 minutes to work through.

Finish Line Shoot - Perfect Colorado Bluebird Day
An ortho client had some blood work drawn as a part of a route check up and bruised up badly. We worked the Lymph Glands near the armpit first so that the glands would open up to receive some stagnate SH*T that would be coming up stream.

I then "raked" their skin ever so lightly and followed that up with a basic four-way release pattern. I finished up the session with some Langer's Line releases. They skeptically asked," Was That It?" I smiles and replied," Told you that I had no intention of hurting you, right?"

The next afternoon, they sent me a photo phone text of their elbow. Their caption, That Voodoo Stuff Worked Wonders!!

Finishing Set Up - Camera, Clock, Pennants, & Arch 
Its always rough for everyone involved when it comes to cancer clients. But its more than awful working with a child full of the Big C. Its solely up to me to make the best of, not only the session, but the situation. Not everyone wants to hear from a jokester but not everyone wants to deny the tension of silence.

I have noticed over the years that children with cancer are pretty much exhausted after about 20 minutes of an Orto-Bionomy session. So I happily work the parent onto the table. Usually neck and feet work for them and have never charged family members for the extra attention. That's A No Brainer

Other than those two, the office was quite normal and perfect in its own way. Been experimenting a lot more with spirals and supporting the nervous system a little "longer". Have finished a number of sessions with Real Time exercise and that seems to go over well. So That's Cool

Coffee Pot Towards Green Cabin on the Alpine Springs Trails

Riding my bike, even when I am a bit unmotivated, offers such beauty at times. Both visually and internality really. There ARE those days when finding that rhythm or groove releases that rush of endorphins that pushes me over the edge. Maybe its the closest comparison to flying without taking flight. Specially when a tailwind aids in on the joy of simply riding a bicycle.

This Girl Dog Finished in 57 minutes 
The clearing of the mind is nice and all but its really enjoyable to ride with no real destination in mind. Like a quick trip up the parking garage's roof ( who cares really ) there is always something new to witness or ponder over. Then, free ride back on down and reintegrate back onto the mean streets of GJ. HA
 Back Down Fanny Hill After The Race 


Running Zero
Rode 49 miles for the week 
Snowshoed 7 miles 
Activities 4
Three Travel Days
7 Days Into March 2019

Snarky Brewers Double IPA - Chewable & Beautiful 


  1. Survive GJ's Edition of St Patties Day
  2. Ride Loma, Palisade, & Back
  3. Lift 6 Days A Week 
  4. Being More Supportive 
  5. Donate My Time

Friday, March 1, 2019

Epic Location For Receiving 20+ Inches Of Pristine Snow


All of these photos were shot on an iPhone6. The location would be the Powderhorn Ski Resort just above the town of Mesa Colorado.

Off the back balcony looking north but down towards the town of Mesa. Ideal backdrop for sipping my morning cups of joe , my evening wildlife viewing , and possibly napping while apparently reading my latest ( 3rd attempt on this particular ) book. So Devine

Fascinating Little Oden Center - YES
Thursday's agenda centered around course marking and packing down the alliterative routes. Its a damn good thing Klishy & I accomplished this feat as we had no idea what we were in store for. Mother Nature lightly dusted us all day Thursday but nothing really measurable.

So Dig Palindromes 
I woke up way early of course, my mouth dropped. Thinking that I was headed outside to create yellow snow, there was 12 inches of fresh , wet, heavy snow. Mother Nature PUKED snow flakes throughout the night and continued to lightly snow all day Friday. Just like the day before.

For The High Riser Obviously 
Friday Nights Snowshoe Race Was Spectacular!! Think About It. Night "racing" through snow covered Ponderosa Pine Trees and full illumination provided by the silvery moonlight. One slight problem was that all of our markings were burned by Thursday's front and I spent the afternoon remarking, digging out flags, and repacking tracks. Not Complaining At All. I took Doc with me and this was his biggest snowshoe adventure with me yet.

Saturday began with the early morning skate ski racers and those studs made everything look effortless with their fluid pulls. Their lap times were much quicker than anticipated, even after another 8 inches of fluffy dry snow.

The Fat Bike Race was fast!! I expected that the hills at elevation would totally suck but these monsters nowadays absolutely fly up these climbs. Unreal Really!! Those folks tore up the 18.6 mile course in 42 minutes. Well, 42 minutes for the male leader. Impressive under fresh snow conditions.

Saturdays Standard Measurement of the Fresh Pow Pow 
Super excited about Sunday's race is an understatement. The mountaineering portion of the course was way creative as Klishy & I trekked along the creek, through leafless groves of Aspen Trees, and those groomed trails were fast as all get out. The transition area was accompanied with tunes and onto the Fat Bike you roll around the perimeter. The last event of the race was a sweet snowshoe loop through fresh powder and coolness. HA

A Bluejay For Perth
We basically based Sunday's event off a triathlon style of suffer fest. The participants we stoked!! They clearly worked for it and even managed to throw their hands in the air as they stumbled across the finishing line.

Some Local Culture 

Much better experiences during the final week of February. Unfortunately, I Have No Core. If you had randomly asked me about the strength of my core, I believe that I would have responded with above average. Today, PISS A$$ POOR. I was shown the proper technique for a handstand pike position with an exercise ball under your shins/feet.

I couldn't do this!! If my head was inline with my arms, my knees were bent. If my hips were in perfect position above my torso, couldn't pull my head through my arms. Then, fatigue set in and I couldn't control the ball with my feet. I was all over the place but someday will execute this simple maneuver. Someday
Doc - 67 and enjoying himself
Again, my coordination just isn't the best. We stood in the squat rack and performed basic lunges. The concept was stepping back with one leg while keeping the bar ( no added weights for me ) directly over the bent knee and back to a standing position. My hips responded as if they were drunk. Like No Balance. The good news was my last few reps of 6 per leg were a wheeeeee bit better and controlled. Sort Of
Marking The CX Course With Klishy 
A very odd situation played out yesterday. Not just one but all of my clients on this particular day wanted to share the drama from Michael Cohen's testimony. For me, I don't believe he had anything to say that we the public weren't already aware of. But what was weird for me was just how obsessed these folks were and really were unable to let it go. Of course I allowed them to discharge out the mouth. Regardless of my own personal views or opinions, sort of bothered me.

Lonely Uncovered Red Flag 

Year To Date - 919.6
Activities To Date - 81
Run - 32.6
Bike - 406
PR's - 1
Corrected Hours - 34
Activities - 38
Three Days Of Zero Activities

Numerically Sound?? - Boy Dog 2016 Dress Up Day

Cycling Legs:
My old body feels better damn good these days. I have notices the lateral side of me knees are a bit stiff after 30+ mile rides. They quickly loosen up during morning calisthenics which tells me that I am in need of a proper bike fit. Sh*T, a new road bike would be ideal.

Friday Nights Snowshoe Race Was During The Night
My River Trail rides have been sponsored by Bald Eagles baby. I am mesmerized by all the birds of prey here in the valley but nothing like watching Bald Eagles in flight. The Falcons are cool, the Red Tail Hawks are hunky-dory, but Bald Eagles are in a class of their own. Can you tell that I live in my own world of make believe

1) Obviously A Pike Handstand Using The Ball
2) Way Busy This Month With Two 50 Milers
3) Tilling Up The Garden Beds At The OM House
4) With Our Heat Wave, Tackle Two New Trails
5) Possibly Flirting With A Break From Coffee

I Do Appreciate All Of Your Comments And Thanx To All 89 of YOU For Streaming My Radio Show,