Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Jabberwoky Again 2023

You're The Only One I Care Enough To Hurt About     Maybe I'm Crazy    But I Just Can'y Live With Out Your Lovin' & Affection      Given' Me Direction     Like A Guiding Light To Help Me Through My Darkest Hour    Used To Be My Life Was Just Emotions Passing By     Then You Came Along And Made Me Laugh And Made Me Cry      You Taught Me Why 


Baby, Im-a want you 1972 

All week, the carrot dangling out there on a string in front of me was Friday Night Baby 


The theme for Friday Night Bike Night was 70's !! Silk shirts, white disco pants, and The Dude and I stayed in character all night. Smoothly we offered lines of coke , responded at times with "See You On The Dance Floor " , and I camped out on " Outrageous " most of the evening. We obviously don't have any drugs but the shock value was priceless. I shouted out to some old folks riding with us," What are you doing next Summer for our independence celebration?? Happy 1976 Baby!!" Non Stop Shenanigans 

The Dude shows up with this huge disco ball and asked for some assistance about an hour before rolling time. We quickly fabricated this hang man style frame out of wood and strapped it as tight as we could to his bike. Still can't believe we pulled it off. We laughed and shared ideas the majority of the time. We also made a disco club dance freestyle video that's a total classic.  And with our best 1970's party get up with yahoo afro wigs , rolled our right on schedule. Talk About Dynamite 

We were involved in so many photos and videos and everyone was speechless at first. One of my favorites would be this setting  ==== Relaxing locals are sitting on their porches after a weeks worth of work while enjoying the evenings sunset. A few , like 158 bikes , come riding on down their street. Oh that's cute, oh that's fun for the first 100 riders, and THEN check out that mirror ball!!!!!!!! Oh My Lord, Look At That Disco Ball!! Quick, come check out these two characters. Blew peoples minds throughout the little sleepy neighborhoods of GJ. Left An Impression 

Of course I deliberately showcased my best Burt Reynolds pose on Main Street. However, I was kinda disappointed because the flowers were what inspired my photogenic desires. Oh Please 

See those vivid flowers over my right shoulder?? That's what I wanted in the shot. Oh Well 

But damn did we ever laugh the night away. We giggled at the reactions of others all night long. We stayed so groovy all night. At one point, I ride up to our group sprinkled with random friends and I say ," Almost forgot to tell you guys!! Two more fifty dollar payments and the GMC Cruising Vans is all mine." And promptly broke out the John Travolta pose for sure. Totally Righteous 


I Love My Profession - Love The New Office Space - Love To Love 


It is with great sadness that yet another long time volunteer is hanging it up because of staff. The Wolfman will never admit this publicly but the Program Director crushed his feelings when she sent out the email stating how she "hates hearing DJ's talk over music" I have chatted with him these last few months and he is so disgusted with the Executive Director that it breaks my heart. He stands today were I was three years ago. Phuc N SuckS 

So The Wolfman decided to take the professional approach and will be hanging up his headphones after his 900th show Saturday June 24th. Thats right , Nine Hundredth Show!!! A number of us got the ball rolling for a proper send off because Staff wouldn't be able to find their ass with both hands. Turns out, as we invited/informed others about the event at Edgewater Brewery, across the board they made mention that they really hope The ED or PD don't show up. I reply with," I want them to show up to learn something and possibly grasp the fact that NOBODY wants this event a the toxic KAFM Station." Before the current representation of an ED , we would always open up the Radio Room and make a fund raiser out of it. Now we are meeting off property because nobody feels comfortable at the Community Radio Station that I and so many dearly love. Speaks Volumes 

After working with the professionals at The Trophy Case, I placed an order for this plaque below and made sure the owner knew that I refused to use the "new" KAFM logo. The above logo from when we gained 284 new watts of airwave power would be the logo I submitted to the designer. I am also having them etch on a vintage style microphone with a scripture highlighting his 900th show rather than we are going to miss you sappy sap sap Sh*t. Plus, none of us want him to leave the station. The Wolfman has been a main staple of KAFM Saturday afternoons for 24 years now. Think About That 

Every Saturday The Wolfman plays a themed radio show with outstandingly relevant tunes. Examples; He hosted a Planes, Trains, And Transportation show last Saturday. 3 hours of River songs. 3 hours of songs with Sandcastles worked in there somehow. 3 hours of Dreams and every song klicks A$$ !! Summertime songs in the title or lyrics for 3 hours. Every Saturday 


A Superlative Fathers Day !! The tribe was unable or unwilling to gather their Sh*t together so The Dude and I went solo. We ended up spontaneously deciding that Corn Lake was our best in point and we floated that 10.6 miles of river water in 1 hour and 52 minutes. A peacefully effortless 2 hours on the water together. Most Excellent 

The Mighty Colorado River is producing some of the most interesting hydrodynamics / hydraulics and all the usual class 1 and 2 rapids are completely engulfed by the high water levels. Steering the boats is mainly with ones hips with the body mechanics similar to slowly skiing downhill. Use That Butt 

Loads of Father's Day enthusiasts took to the water and waving hello was a standard acknowledgment. We did a fair amount of back paddling because we were floating faster than walking speed. And we turn off into little channels that we normally wouldn't run because of low flows. Something remarkable when navigating a tributary during high water. You never see the birds or critters but the bushes are full of life with bird calls and scurrying about in the under brush. Never Feels Like GJ 

After a few snacks, a casual float of waterfalls soundtracks, jumping hungry mosquito eating trouts, and tropical like conditions were presented around every tight bend. Then mashing up with the main current of the river doubled ones speed without a paddle touching the water's surface. Little slot racing cars if you remember AFX Tracks in the 70's. Yes, back in the nineteen hundreds I tell you. Remember 

Dorthy is the last member of the scene and still awaits her detailed fate. Don't you just love the scarecrow's mouth there?? After shuttle vehicles were released of their duties on River Road Parkway, the BBQ quickly sparked to life. It Was A Happy Fathers Day For The Dude 

So I sent quite a few river photos to appropriate friends and family members. The Dude and I sent a specific video to Mr Jim and then a general well wishing video from a random current , eddy , or channel while on the Mighty Colorado River. I then sent this photo below to family and close friend that responded regarding our videos or photos from the day on the river.

My Text Reads 

The Dude just informed me that he is moving to Smell A California. Apparently Loki has a job interview in Hollywood auctioning for the dead dog after a car accident in the up coming motion picture King Kong vs Dad. Coming Out September 2024. It will be a killer gig if Loki gets it !! 


Wasn't planning on attended for one reason and one reason only. COVID ! Call me crazy but C19 still freaks me out. So I receive a text from J & S asking me if The Blue Z and I were really going to "watch" Keller Williams from the parking lot Saturday Night. They offered us their extra vendor ticket but unfortunately The Blue Z had to bow out. So I scored a vendor pass, could have walked in with a bottle of Whiskey, could have causally strolled in with any and all of it, but I just didn't realize the royalty that accompanies one with such a rich wristband. Thanx So Much

Stoked crossing paths, chatting, and catching up with folks that I hadn't seen since before covid. The KAFM booth was a complete Sh*THouse and Guy in the Sky was the only one there for a solid two hours. Snob Production still massacres the sound and it's always way too loud. Hints, I always stand on this grassy hill way back in the boondocks. But for free , Totally Righteous 


Nate and I went up on stage for our second go at it. And damn did we have a blast together. Opened with Simple Man , Jumped into a Nate Man Original Tune , Slowly played through Dead Flowers ,  then the cutest little interaction happens ,  and then we wrap up with Country Hero. Thank you all so much for your positive affirmations regarding the first Copper Club Open Mic Night. Sincerely ,  Thank You !! And I welcome you new 7 YT Subscribes from my 10 year post. Again , Thank You All !!

Another disclaimer here """"" The Audio Isn't Top Shelf """"" But Solid For What It Is """" The Camera Was Unmanned And Auto Shut Off At The 15 Min Mark """ The End Of This Video Credits Explains The Whole Shake Down 

Smile With Your Heart ,


Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Solstice Is Lurking There Loki

I Found Her Diary Underneath A Tree     And Started Reading About Me    The Words She'd Written Took Me By Surprise    You'd Never Ream Them In Her Eyes    They Said That She Had Found The Love She'd Waited For     When She Confronted With The Writing There    Simply Pretended Not To Care    I Passed It Off As Just In Keeping With Her Total Disconcerting Air 


Baby I Want You 1972


I was fortunate enough to have a whole two days off in May. That's right, two damn days off. And I am pretty sure that I finished chores over the course of those two days because I simply never left the valley in May. 

Days are clicking off so flipping fast and the first week of June is HISTORY. At a blurry pace would be the under statement of the year !! And of course I was sharing a story from the other day and The Dude pipes in with , " Man, that was three weeks ago." 

Yes , I will keep this post was short and full of enriched story telling photographs. 

Yes, cycling still 

Yes, hiking 

Yes, bodywork in the office

Yes, house and dog sitting weekly

Yes, Friday Night Bike Nights Soothes The Soul 

Yes, the theme above was origami and the photo below theme was bubbles and I fabricated a toga out of bubble wrap 

Yes, was in attendance for Michael Franti 

Yes, throwing plastic extremely well these days

Yes, sat in during a City Hall Council Meeting 

Yes, the desert is blooming and hauntingly gorgeous 

Yes, this pace finally caught up with me. So I boogied June 5th 

Yes, the sleepy little town of Marble Colorado summons my name. So I Answered

Yes, I love the long exposure feature

Yes, evergreen trees in the Spring turns me on  

Yes, the new growth was rejuvenating 

Yes, I am playing in front of fellow humans !!  I met a talented singer song writer back in March of this year. We hit it off exceptionally well and finally hit the open mic scene here in the valley. We are playing Nate's original tunes and throughly enjoying ourselves immensely. I happily camp out on whole notes mostly and Nate fills the venue with his booming man voice. Our first time on stage blew my mind as I had never heard Nate on a mic because we practice acoustically in a barn. 

Anyway, I am really enjoying myself and bending my mind daily. Nate appreciates me because I am dependable and I speak with the least amount of friction. Our collaborations are a hoot and he giggles at my obscure ideas rather frequently these days. So I shall leave you with this video from us playing together. Yes, the audio isn't the best. Yes, the HD clarity is fabulously clear. Yes, we actually inspired folks to start dancing by the end of the three song set. Yes, hopefully you enjoy the "show"

Be Nice , Play Nice , And Smile