Thursday, March 31, 2016


This time lapse was from my radio show........
Avery: Better news out of camp baby land. The Dude spoke with his first voice of excitement in 6,7 maybe 8 days now. He was allowed to be Grandpa and hold his GRANDSON!! Held the little guy up to the window so he could see the clouds out the window. Introduced him to the floor. Not by dropping him but SHOWED him another aspect of out vast world.

His eyes are tracking and he is an eaten sh*ttin' machine now. THATS GR8 NEWS!! I know when Shadow Boy is a little off because he doest eat with enthusiasm. He'll still eat, don't get me wrong.

Last word was that Avery gets to leave the hospital this Saturday. Thats Fantastic!!

Clients: Been focusing on lower legs lately. This is completely against Ortho-Bionomy Principals. Meaning, I am judging in a way but still working towards ease and allowing to honor what arises. Its just something I noticed within my practice the last few weeks.

My last client's session went extremely well. They are a performer on stage and generally stand a lot. So I found myself back to the ankles, malleolus, calcaneus, cuboid, and working with all those ligaments and attachments and the whole damn thing. Amazing results!!

They shared with me that they have had severe short pains when they "point" their toes. Its that after the fact syndrome. Happens all the time in Ortho. Massage- client tells you whats wrong from the get go. Ortho- " you know, that ( body part ) WAS bothering me the other day and right now it feels so light"

Super fun story that makes me happy is that I, in a round about sort of way, received a referral from a chiropractor. Can you believe that??? I'm pretty stoked about that. This client has a neck that is way jacked up and I almost went towards body metaphors but I stopped myself because it was out first session. I am already working with her nervous system and a ton of information was running throughout their body so I held off.

I did explain how I feel that Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, and other modalities DO work and totally have their place. She felt better, reading her body language, I mentioned to her that I think "part" of the issue is that her flight or fight responses might be why her Chiropractor had failed results. Meaning...... She Cant Relax, Be Claim, Be in a Parasympathetic State. How does one let go when one is guarded???

My Answer..... Easy..... Ortho-Bionomy

Training: Back in the gym and powering up. The one full week of all around weight lifting went much better than expected. Followed that up with a structured routine and lighter more reps exercises. The past few days have had the results of improvements. YES

Like today, read my chart wrong, used a 10 pound dumbbell for my one arm kick backs, 12 reps, felt strong, should have been the 7.5 pound weight. Didn't realize I blew it until after I was done but while I was using the heavier weight my mind was telling me I could power through 15 pounders. Shoulders today were nice and controlled. I felt stronger. Watched my body alinement closely.

I know my chest has gained huge strides and I am ALMOST at that point of one max rep. Back when I was 17, max rep was yesterdays news. But these days, I need healthy shoulders!! I use my chest and arms A LOT. 40 pound dumbbells are almost too light for my one arm rows. I like that full contraction feeling before lowering the weight back to the floor so I passed on adding another 5 pounds this week.

This might all sound weird but not hurting myself is the focus and becoming stronger is the goal. Call me a wussy but I am adding mass, losing weight, & noticing positive strides with my own silly little methods.

The super clean commuter bike rolled with ease today. Its way quite and I totally recommend cleaning your bike often with yearly tune ups. Unless your a bicycle collector and never ride, then pass on tune ups.

Got The Boy Dog out for about an hour before Mother Nature moved in. We hit the single track off Little Park Road and made some solid time. Again, the gym is paying off!!! We kept the pace at 11 min per mile and went for just over an hour. Shadow Boy didn't see that elusive bugs bunny but he did sniff out piles of sh*t. I need to carry more wag bags and pass on the pace because dog owners are giving him & I a real bad name.

Tomorrow is the first day of the month and a practical jokers dream. My intentions are fairly simple this month. Safety First at the Gym, Adding Some Saddle Time on both Mt and Road bikes, Prep the OM Garden, Finish the Touch Up Painting, Helping Avery Adjust to His New Surroundings, Finish Reading Know Peace Book, Focus on Calls for Volunteers for Mays Ironman, & Secure Headspace for the Rumble at 18 Road. These are all achievable.

Look at what showed up!!! More Information Coming Soon!! I Am Stoked!!!

Huge Thank You to Michael Hodges at VFuel!!!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Doing The Dance

 On Saturday at 1:20am, THIS little guy showed up. Poor little dude has a tough road ahead. My mind has swirled around and I almost didn't post anything.

Then, I felt compelled to share the Ortho story. I have been working with him everyday because my first touch with him was life changing.

He RECOGNIZED my hands from working on his mother. His little body came to LIFE when I rested my hand on his tiny little soul. Left hand on his chest and right hand on his head.

I was told on Sunday that he had YET to have a bowl movement. I began to work with his large/small intestine, liver, and sang the ABC's song over and over again.

He had his first DUMP that night!! This morning, when I arrived, HIM by himself, his heart beat was at 147 and dropped to 88 within about 4 minutes from the simple act of touch. I used the morning to work with his legs, hands, and sang twinkle twinkle little star with an ABC thrown in there a few more times.

His eyes are becoming like tractor beams, when he returns to life. I had a small patch of yellow in the center of my mostly blue shirt. Those baby blues followed that yellow patch intensely. That makes me feel good. REALLY GOOD

Shadow Boy Excavated A Last Seasons Carrot 
TRAINING: Felt surprisingly strong last week after a little vacation ( HERE ). Due to working back in the office, only able to workout Mon-Wed-Friday. Those were full body workouts. I dropped about 5-10 pounds off each exercise and slowly controlled each rep. The bench was just the bar and I lowered it to my chest as slow as I could possibly stall it. I performed controlled lunges between biceps and triceps. Great shock to the muscles in general.

Jumped right back to walking Shadow Boy twice a day and he hasn't missed a meal!!! Late night walks have been tempo based and staying focused on a quicker turn over. Noticing a slight burn up and down the peroneus longus and brevis. Hope thats only a sign from being used and nothing more. Morning walks are what they are. Legs have improved to were I am finally noticing it in the stride. Not by looks.

Easter Sunday I gave the commuter bike an overhaul. I actually felt bad for allowing the winter grind to stay on it as long as I had. Its quiet, fast, and a little more energy efficient. Speaking of efficiency, its so empowering to jump on the Midnight Racer after saddle time on that commuter.

CLIENTS: Scored a new client!! This client grabbed my card from the gym because his wife was having some back issues. We worked together for only about 25 minutes and she was stoked. She sat up and touched her feet right away. The only real work I did was releasing her psoas and lumbar points. I mention the 25 minutes because I felt present within myself. I knew where I was going and I knew what release was coming next. I felt like a damn champion but I am YEARS away from the title "good" let alone GREAT.

I was also able to help a client finish in the Top Ten at the Grand Traverse last weekend!!! That Kicks A$$!!! Marshall Thomson And Rob Krar took second. Thats a powerful duo.

GOALS: Stuff my own issues and work with that baby.
Add power to my riding and burn those damn legs and lungs!!
Hit the next spin class Wed and lift throughout the week.
Grout the master shower.
Fire up the mower.
Weed Eater for sure.
Ride Little Park Road.
Stretching and Core Releases.
Meet with John about the Rumble @ 18 Road.
And a person goal of one new client per week in April.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

33,297 Steps on St Patties Day

Grandpa's Last Day with the Cone of Shame

Speaks For Itself
As the sun's rays were about an hour from being seen, The Boy Dog and I flopped out of bed. I went for the little boys room and Shadow Boy quickly identified his bowl as being empty.

Everything was packed and sitting by the door. Grandpa couldn't believe that the house was full of life. He says he could eat earlier than usual. In Fact, He never knew that this was an option.

Out the door and headed for The Dude's place I went. Super spooky fog had blanketed the little valley and nobody was out and about.

The Dude was up and made packing the rest of the car a breeze. He had a backpack, clothes on a hanger, & about 4 canvas bags containing snacks, bananas, and mango juice. You know, what everyone brings to Sin City. We had an ice chest full of food and the other housing our sacred supplies.

Utah allows 80mph now and someone is always going balls out. I am happy to see that person fly on by and I quietly fall in behind as stealth as I possibly can. And as always, without fail, we watch the leader get busted. This trip was no different. The Dude and I made it to Vegas in just over 6 and half hours unnoticed and feeling casual.

We drove striaght to Chinatown, west of the strip. This Chinatown is a weeee bit lame for pedestrians but epic in diversity. Huge tanks of fish, crabs, and lobster were all quite common. The Dude scored us some amazingly fresh seaweed salad. He did a bunch of shopping and I "listened" to all the foreign dialect of dialogs.

Short drive down Flamingo and there the Tuscany waited our arrival for the night. We cracked a Ranger IPA from Colorado, only to find out that the Broncos were well represented already. Full belly of food, cold beer in a cup, & sunshine blanketed the day with pure righteousness. 

We strolled through the casino, grabbed a few cocktails from our room, laid by the pool, & made a stop over at the sports book. 

For PerthDailyPhoto
While The Dude and I were standing in the sports book area watching the bubble games, a guy from Rocklin IL started talking. I didn't think much about it but the more he talked the more I realized he watches a lot of basketball. Then, he pulled out his notebook that had one sheet dedicated to each game of the opening round. He had is own formula and was adding numbers for every question we asked him.

I wasn't going to buy in because I was still on my own strategy of betting on the over/under action. But I over heard him say that Michigan was a lock to win their bubble game. I didn't plan on betting any bubble games but I felt compelled to bet on the Wolverines. Plus, Michigan only had to be leading at the half BY ONE BUCKET.

So here is my ticket. Bet $11 dollars to make $10 by halftime. Sure wish I would have bet it all that night because them Wolverines blew it up. Did I bet $55 to win $50, $88 to win $80, NOOOOooo. However, I had a little more pep in my step that night.

The night before St. Patricks Day was spent walking the South Strip of Vegas were everyone was dressed up, partying like rock stars, and watching the street performers do there thing in between Bellagio's fountain shows.

St. Patties Day was another animal. Our hotel was on Fremont Street and to the Golden Nugget we drove. Easy parking, room was ready early, and bets were placed for the start of March Madness.

We hit the pool, ate like big dogs, and arranged our verity of outfits for the night. Our game plan was to change costumes ( Johnny Manziel Style ) with every new room made beverage. And then back to Fremont were we found ourselves mixed in with a number of photo taking - green wearing - sloshed - happy - go - lucky - dancing - freaks. Perfect Atmosphere!!

Every sports team has a green jersey now, I had my 1996 San Diego St Patricks Parade shirt on, and groups of uniformed outfits began to emerge. Four stages had live music and weird street "entertainers" popped out asking for money because they want you to take a photo with them. And I mean weirdoes. Like a short fat guy wearing a thong and a guitar over his shoulder but never played a riff?!?!?! But asked us to take a photo with him?!?!?!

These are some of my phone photos because they are all I have. I recorded a band with the GoPro but the damn thing froze up and I didn't know it. So the zip line, performers, & crazy cool t-shirts and groups were lost in the digital world. Like one shirt read..... I Dyed My Pubes For This

Its Wednesday already and I have been working with clients and lifting at the gym. Still feeling strong as I was worried that 5 days off would take its toll. I have a new client coming into to the office tomorrow. This person smacked a tree while skiing last weekend and has come from a referral.

Back on the two-a-day walks with the Boy Dog. Our early walks have been nice weather wise but damn have we ever had some wind. I was having this visions while in Vegas of riding stronger, hiking trails with the Boy Dog, and adding miles in a safe and healthy way. I did have a blast with The Dude and I so dig Vegas during round 1 of March Madness but my mind drifted back towards racing, stretching, & dog time.

Here is a video from Vegas...... Thanx for watching.... Thanx for stopping by.... Stay Strong.... Dream Big

Here is another guys video that we are in.... We show up briefly at 2:07 and then a long run from 2:30 - 2:47. The Dude has his horns on and I am right next to him watching the Fremont Light Show.... Check It Out

AND THATS ME!!!! There is a guy on the right, red-haired lady in the center, and THATS ME ON THE LEFT!!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Thankful For Today

Daylight Savings - Love It Because All Excesses Go Out The Window - I Can Work Until 5 or So And Still Have Daylight To Ride In - Neighbors Finally Begin Raking Last Falls Leaves - The Earth Is Tilting Again And Pressure Gradients Begin Moving So New Air Is A Breath Of Fresh Air During Burn Season - Only A Few Days Away From Vegas And March Madness - No Excesses

Anyone Running Pi Tomorrow??

 Clients - Well, I am a pretty optimistic person & I am pretty good about posting the positives but damn I had a tough week. Yes, the lack of sleep played its role but this is different. I went to a Study Group & was completely blown away by the instructors lack of etiquette & miss use of the Ortho-Bionomy principles.

Having said that, life in the office has been fantastic!! A huge break through with a new client that I have targeted since Labor Day Weekend. She is a Figure Model & I have known her for 15+ years now. The Dude & I went to support her during her Body Building Competitions last September & I knew that her & I could build a working relationship because of the amount of people she knows. That day FINALLY came & she came to the office last Tuesday. WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE

Training - Completed my lifting goals for the week & pretty damn pleased about it.
Mon- Spin and Chest
Tues- Back and Bi
Wed- Spin
Thurs-Shoulders and Tri
Fri- Chest and Legs
Sat -Arms Only

Felt comfortable with adding weights to my routine. Focused on controlling & holding form with each rep. I am going to stand on the scale Tuesday night before Vegas & then after I return to see how my body holds the booze, snacks, & what nots.

Las Vegas - The Dude & I always travel with a full ice chest of food. We never buy any food while in Vegas & we wouldn't think of going into a restaurant while there. Yes, we are a bit of food snobs. The quote here goes as follows: Life is too short to drink cheap beer and eat proceed crap.

My plan is to work the over/under during the Denver hosted games. I might even take the leap of faith & bet a 6 game parlay ticket with this logic of mine. Plus, I must make my yearly Padres pick that I make every year. I mean I am going to root for the Padres so I always take the over. Not always, I won taking the under last year. I bet the under because of how much I hate Matt Kemp!!

I just might bet on this years Masters, might be able to bet on Formula 1's 2016 season, place 10 bucks on the top 15 NFL teams for Super Bowl 2017, & will be able to bet on this years World Series winner. Thats all dictated by my Madness Performance payouts.

We scored a dirt cheap priced room at the Tuscany & we do like this hotel & their pool. St. Patties Day will be spent on Fremont Street as we scored a room at the Golden Nugget & AGAIN, BECAUSE OF THEIR POOL. Ever been to the Golden Nugget?? Ever Swam With The Sharks?? Its beyond awesome!!! Plus, Vegas shuts down all the side streets & builds stages for Irish Bands, Cover Bands, & A Possible Magician Or Two.

And the best part of Vegas, St. Patties Day, & March Madness are the walks of life. Folks that wear Northern Iowa shirts, Wisconsin is always well represented, & the other unknowns of Vegas life. A fews years back, this same weekend, a tattoo convention took place & another year was a Custom Build Harley Bike Fest. One of our favorite bonus weekends was an incredible body painting convention at our hotel & we would have never seen that one had we not stayed at the MGM that year. Bring On March Madness!!!

P.S. I am taking the Johnny Manziel approach, wigs, glasses without the lenses, make up, & a masquerade mask to top it off.

Our Grand Valley

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Week of Headwinds


I had to stop driving my car for a while... the tires got dizzy.

Steven Wright  
This Is Beautiful 

I added this quote by Steven because my road wheels understood. I had a gr8 ride the other day. My watts were kinda low but I felt so strong. All of the spin classes, weight lifting, and nution has improved my overall well being. At any given moment, I powered up the quads and worked the cardiovascular system. I began to talk myself into continuing on to the town of Palisade Colorado and then turn around. Wish I had a VFeul but nooooo. I pulled over and searched out a Gu and a banana and thats when reality hit me like mom's fresh apple pie. The wind was coming from the west and aiding my whole ride. It wasn't me, it wasn't the gym time this winter, it was the damn wind. NOAA posted gust at 47 mph at 1pm!!! I was so bumped but so thankful I turned around when I did. The headwind back was brutal. Thats when I realized that nobody else was riding, couple of dust devils popping up, and absolute NO SIDE WIND. I powered home, bitched a majority of the way back, but I think its just what I needed. 
Art at the Auction Saturday Night at KAFM

There has been NO sleeping the past few days. A few naps BUT no sound sleep. Poor old man Grandpa Smokey sported a new growth around the holidays. That growth started to worry me in January while brushing him but he didn't care too much about it. By February, that growth had its own zip code. Doc at Footprints scheduled a day and the roller coaster started.
I was up by 4:44am for a 6am radio show, I took Shadow Boy because Grandpa couldn't eat before going under, and I made it to the Vet by 9:30am to witness the procedure. Doc is good about that and the surgery was fascinating for sure. The growth was bigger than Docs hand but it was mainly just fluid rather than mass. But the problem was found in Grandpas mouth. Doc found it when he was inserting the airway tube and I couldn't believe my eyes. Doc used the cauterizer and I blew all the blue smoke away while Doc worked his magic. Doc explained how surgeries would remove teeth, jar bone, and chemo when this is present. We agreed to pass because of his age and already being under anesthesia for as long as he has been already.

Head's Up, this is cute but the next photo is GRAPHIC!!!
Poor Old Grandpa Smokey was a train wreck. I knew he was sore but I never anticipated the restlessness he experienced. He is used to two walks a day and eating twice a day. He is a dog of routine and I stick with what works. Poor guy was up all night wearing that cone of shame and absolutely NO coordination. And he kept losing himself in the bathroom???? Normally never goes in there. He can't get turned around. Crazy weird. So Shadow Boy and I were awake ALL WEEKEND with these new turn of events. I am proud of my self for finding patience but even more proud of Shadow Boy finding his nurturing abilities. Shadow Boy really seemed concerned by Grandpa Smokey's behavior and probably smelled the pain, wound, or whatever dogs understand that we humans are oblivious too. 
So I really became torn here because Smokey has only been around for about 2 years now and might only be around for another 2. Maybe?!?!?! Smokey was a failed foster care program. He was basically left for dead and Roice Hurst Humane Society picked him up. His right back leg was weak and he only weighed in at 44 pounds. A black lap at 44 pounds???? He didn't sleep, severally confused, and completely miserable. I started performing Ortho, changed his diet to homemade like Shadow Boy, & talked to Grandpa to reinsure him ( 77 pounds now ) that all is well. I also explained how difficult this situation for me was because I DID NOT KNOW HIS NAME. I also fooled myself by telling him that I was NOT going to build a deep bond with him because I am only rehabilitating him for a proper adoption. Hints, the failed foster program. 
And now, I am faced with this.............

Grandpa was so happy to be home that he took a nap
     The white catheter comes out today, I have a radio show at 1pm, and the gym is calling my name. One foot in front of the other