Wednesday, March 23, 2016

33,297 Steps on St Patties Day

Grandpa's Last Day with the Cone of Shame

Speaks For Itself
As the sun's rays were about an hour from being seen, The Boy Dog and I flopped out of bed. I went for the little boys room and Shadow Boy quickly identified his bowl as being empty.

Everything was packed and sitting by the door. Grandpa couldn't believe that the house was full of life. He says he could eat earlier than usual. In Fact, He never knew that this was an option.

Out the door and headed for The Dude's place I went. Super spooky fog had blanketed the little valley and nobody was out and about.

The Dude was up and made packing the rest of the car a breeze. He had a backpack, clothes on a hanger, & about 4 canvas bags containing snacks, bananas, and mango juice. You know, what everyone brings to Sin City. We had an ice chest full of food and the other housing our sacred supplies.

Utah allows 80mph now and someone is always going balls out. I am happy to see that person fly on by and I quietly fall in behind as stealth as I possibly can. And as always, without fail, we watch the leader get busted. This trip was no different. The Dude and I made it to Vegas in just over 6 and half hours unnoticed and feeling casual.

We drove striaght to Chinatown, west of the strip. This Chinatown is a weeee bit lame for pedestrians but epic in diversity. Huge tanks of fish, crabs, and lobster were all quite common. The Dude scored us some amazingly fresh seaweed salad. He did a bunch of shopping and I "listened" to all the foreign dialect of dialogs.

Short drive down Flamingo and there the Tuscany waited our arrival for the night. We cracked a Ranger IPA from Colorado, only to find out that the Broncos were well represented already. Full belly of food, cold beer in a cup, & sunshine blanketed the day with pure righteousness. 

We strolled through the casino, grabbed a few cocktails from our room, laid by the pool, & made a stop over at the sports book. 

For PerthDailyPhoto
While The Dude and I were standing in the sports book area watching the bubble games, a guy from Rocklin IL started talking. I didn't think much about it but the more he talked the more I realized he watches a lot of basketball. Then, he pulled out his notebook that had one sheet dedicated to each game of the opening round. He had is own formula and was adding numbers for every question we asked him.

I wasn't going to buy in because I was still on my own strategy of betting on the over/under action. But I over heard him say that Michigan was a lock to win their bubble game. I didn't plan on betting any bubble games but I felt compelled to bet on the Wolverines. Plus, Michigan only had to be leading at the half BY ONE BUCKET.

So here is my ticket. Bet $11 dollars to make $10 by halftime. Sure wish I would have bet it all that night because them Wolverines blew it up. Did I bet $55 to win $50, $88 to win $80, NOOOOooo. However, I had a little more pep in my step that night.

The night before St. Patricks Day was spent walking the South Strip of Vegas were everyone was dressed up, partying like rock stars, and watching the street performers do there thing in between Bellagio's fountain shows.

St. Patties Day was another animal. Our hotel was on Fremont Street and to the Golden Nugget we drove. Easy parking, room was ready early, and bets were placed for the start of March Madness.

We hit the pool, ate like big dogs, and arranged our verity of outfits for the night. Our game plan was to change costumes ( Johnny Manziel Style ) with every new room made beverage. And then back to Fremont were we found ourselves mixed in with a number of photo taking - green wearing - sloshed - happy - go - lucky - dancing - freaks. Perfect Atmosphere!!

Every sports team has a green jersey now, I had my 1996 San Diego St Patricks Parade shirt on, and groups of uniformed outfits began to emerge. Four stages had live music and weird street "entertainers" popped out asking for money because they want you to take a photo with them. And I mean weirdoes. Like a short fat guy wearing a thong and a guitar over his shoulder but never played a riff?!?!?! But asked us to take a photo with him?!?!?!

These are some of my phone photos because they are all I have. I recorded a band with the GoPro but the damn thing froze up and I didn't know it. So the zip line, performers, & crazy cool t-shirts and groups were lost in the digital world. Like one shirt read..... I Dyed My Pubes For This

Its Wednesday already and I have been working with clients and lifting at the gym. Still feeling strong as I was worried that 5 days off would take its toll. I have a new client coming into to the office tomorrow. This person smacked a tree while skiing last weekend and has come from a referral.

Back on the two-a-day walks with the Boy Dog. Our early walks have been nice weather wise but damn have we ever had some wind. I was having this visions while in Vegas of riding stronger, hiking trails with the Boy Dog, and adding miles in a safe and healthy way. I did have a blast with The Dude and I so dig Vegas during round 1 of March Madness but my mind drifted back towards racing, stretching, & dog time.

Here is a video from Vegas...... Thanx for watching.... Thanx for stopping by.... Stay Strong.... Dream Big

Here is another guys video that we are in.... We show up briefly at 2:07 and then a long run from 2:30 - 2:47. The Dude has his horns on and I am right next to him watching the Fremont Light Show.... Check It Out

AND THATS ME!!!! There is a guy on the right, red-haired lady in the center, and THATS ME ON THE LEFT!!


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