Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Mid Month & A Swift Kick

Small-A In The Cellar - Righteousness 

                                These photos pretty much sum up the first few weeks of April.

            Yes, been in the gym everyday and I am on day 106 of a mile a day & 100 push ups.

                           Enjoyed an amazing trip to Steamboat for the Cody's Cup Challenge.

Spring Clean Up around here has taken up my time as well. GJ has this beautiful program every spring were the city comes by and picks up trash, green waste, and old debris for free. Its the Boy Dogs favorite time of year!!!

I hosted the Superstitious Garage on Friday the 13th and opened the show with the trailer from 1980's The Shinning. Played title tracks from The Omen, Psycho, X-Files, while mixing in So Lonely by The Police, Sirens by The Cheese, and Witchy Woman off the Eagles LP and many more choice cuts. I received a number of phone calls and text messages throughout this two hour show. Here is the link:
This link is only good for two weeks. Starts with the entertainment calendar and then on to The Shinning. Its A Damn Good Show!!!

Be Brilliant, Think Of Others, & Keep That Body Moving,

Sunday, April 1, 2018

March Numbers And Photos

Cycling Numbers Were Still Solid BUT Running Miles Took A Digger This Past Month. However, lifting at the gym has produced some real results finally. Couldn't be happier with that outcome!!

Strava recorded 37 activities, 286 miles on the bike, ONE personal record, and only 49.1 miles on the feet. As for a reference here, March 2107 logged 20 hours, 158 miles on the bike, and No Running Miles.

A Mile A Day & 100 Push Ups totaled up 9,000 push ups on day 090 and that includes the double up 200 push ups in Vegas when I spaced the first day after traveling. I am pleased with my awareness of form and how quickly I am able to recognize my body alinement and adjust accordingly. Proprioception My Friends!!

Now the good news from the gym and bragging rights really. Sometime back in the early 90's I tore my corocord brachialis muscle and bench pressing is beyond uncomfortable. That means I have only lifted dumbbells for the past year and decided to try the bench press this week.

I laid down on the bench after completing my chest routine and felt pretty comfortably with just the bar. The 20 reps twice went rather well so I put 25 pound plates on the bar and easily performed a pain-free 12 rep set. Replaced the 25's with 35's and another 10 reps with ease. Shocked

The testosterone took over and I threw on the 45 plates. Told myself that I would ONLY try one rep and see where that lands me. Eight solid reps later, no spotter, I called that GREAT!! Then my endorphins got the best of me and I added 10's to the 45's and psyched myself up for one rep.

Just after laying down and finding my grip, thankfully came to my senses, " What the hell am I thinking?!?!?!?!" I quickly asked myself. I immediately took ALL the weight off the bar and cooled down with two sets of 20 with JUST the bar. Happily stayed PAIN-Free, Injury-Free, & hit the pool with the biggest smile ever.

RADIO SHOW: I am hosting ' Enjoy The Ride ' this Monday April the 2nd at 1pm Mountain Time Zone. My idea is Classic B-Side Rock and Classic Animated Movie Soundtracks during the 3 hour block. I will turn on the Web Cam when I arrive at the station.

I will be recapping Vegas Odd Sheets from Baseball, Hockey Pro/College, NCAA Final Four, World Cup 2018, The FUNd Drive, Weather, And My Usual Observations From Around The Valley. Totally looking forward to the show

Above is the Map of what I am thinking about this Sept or Oct. Started my research a few weeks ago after day dreaming about for awhile now. Crossed paths with a guy that has ridden this BOTH ways and nonchalantly painted a simple picture. That guy is a stud and I am so not in his caliber. I failed to mention to him that I enjoy pushing my bike. HA

And I was blown away by how many hits this blog recorded!! Seriously!! I am still reeling that 60 folks landed on the Vegas March Madness entry. The Wordless Wednesday went down in flames, end of the month numbers sees traffic, but Vegas takes the cake. Pretty Damn Cool

1) Love On The Boy Dog
2) Revisit My Exercise Log Card At The Gym & Update
3) Land Two New Clients This Month
4) Focus On Legs In April
5) Love On THAT Boy Dog

Have A Wonderful April & Be Amazing Out There!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

March Madness In Vegas

The Dude And I Made Our Annual Migration Down To Vegas For Opening Weekend Of March Madness. We figured that this was his 17th trip, so we might know what we are doing by know. First Stop, Chinatown!! The tropical fruits are dirt cheap, we stock up on hard to find items, but you have to read all the ingredients to avoid MSG's.

Next Stop, the pool at the Tuscany Suites. This is our 5th year at the Tuscany because every room has a kitchen, dinning area, lounge area, and two queen beds. We drove down with two ice chests full of prep meals for the crockpot so the kitchen is a must.

And the Tuscany's Sports Book never has anyone in line and happily pays out often. Vegas now offers Buy In Games which is ideal. For instance, the betting line opens at say 15 1/2. The favored team hits their first two 3 pointers and that line now shifts to 20 1/2. So you can buy in on the under dog at 20 1/2 spread rather than the original 15 1/2 spread. The under dog team claws its way back into the game loses by 16. That means that the favored team covered the original spread but I win the buy in spread!! The Buy In addition flipping takes the cake. 

We tritty trotted on over to Baileys and watched the afternoon games on Day 2 and scored Dr Millers seats when they went back up to the room. Score!!! An associate of Dr Miller's told us to keep their seat warm while they are gone. All of a sudden, I really like Baileys Sports Book.

The evening of Day 2 was spent roaming around mid strip with a backpack full of spirits. The casinos were packed with Spring Breakers and Basketball Enthusiast. Extremely Enjoyable!! We ducked into the Flamingo and hung out with the African Penguins, took snap shots from around the Bellagio, and sat near the Thailand's Buddha Temple. What doesn't Vegas offer??

We shifted on up to Fremont Street for St Patties Day and checked into the Las Vegas Grand for our third adventure there. It just happened to be the cheaper of the rooms on Fremont. The pool is located on the 3rd floor which is actually the 5th floor. Way Cool

My first outfit was the Red Devil and what a hit. I totally stood out in the sea of green & I was in a number of photos with that outfit. It was kinda funny how women would act super hesitant/polite and ask/say," Love your horns. My I have a photo with you??" I Love So That!!

The Kenny Brothers made their way up from Henderson and the younger brother immediately joined in and tried out a few of our accessories. You see, the deal is, every time we walk back to the room for a new cocktail, costumes are changed.

Having a new disguises frees you up to roam with a new projection and it makes for easy photo opportunities. Its a classic to see a group dressed up at 3pm and full of piss and vinegar, you can see the dehydration kicking in for that group by 5pm, and then the look of a complete shithouse by 7pm and you just know that half the group won't make it till 10pm. Changing outfits keeps it fresh and helps to avoid rookie status.

Speaking of veteran moves, I went with layers because of the breeze that night and I wore comfortable shoes. I figured that there were so many people milling about that I could pass on all my dress shoes and stay comfortable and warm. Yes, that worked for me & my lower back.

We danced with 5,000 of our closest friends to an amazing 70's/80's cover band to end the night. Overall, there were about 10 different acts on 4 stages throughout the night but the last cover band was awesome and totally worked the crowd. They had both a male & female vocalist for different covers like Billy Idol and Paula Abdul.

My only blow it was on Day #1, I completely spaced my 100 push ups for the day. I mean I didn't even think about it. SO on day 073, that put me at 1,459 push ups for the year. I pounded out 200 the next day after I realized it and have easily stuck with 100 since.

AND WE WERE PART OF HISTORY!!! A 16th seed has NEVER upset a #1 seed and Vegas paid us for being a part of that history. The Books keep the winning tix, otherwise I would put this under glass or frame that sucker. Right?? "they" brought out a flat bed semi trailer right in front of the Brooklyn Bowl with a massive TV for the games. The Dude & I were watching this Va/MDBC with only about a hundred folks until about 7 minutes left in the second half.

The crowd grew, the atmosphere became buzzy, and the crowd size doubled by the 2 minute mark left in the game. Well over 1,000 of us watched history being made during the final seconds. The cheering after every bucket was epic and loud. It wasn't an upset were everyone was dumbfounded by it. In fact, it was pure unity really.

That Is Why We Head To Vegas For Opening Rounds Of March Madness. Its Electrifying To Be Around So Many People With The Same Common Denominator. Its Magical To Be Standing Next To Some Stranger Who Is About To Win A Four Game Parlay.

Thanx Again Vegas!! As The Dude & I Always Say," What Happens In Vegas Is Talked About All Year Long!"


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Scored On The Addition & Some String Cheese For Perth

Added weight to all my exercises - focusing on ROM - exaggerate, squeeze, and hold 

100 push ups a day

 A mile a day

March Madness 2018 

Surfing The Waves Of Chaos

Umphrey's McGee in Salt Lake City

I used the old iPhone4 and An Old Dinosaur GoPro3 Silver 

And Created This 2:33 Video,


Friday, March 2, 2018

Short Month & Tall Numbers From February 2018

I hit the gym today, but I just drove away since I don't have car insurance .... HA

February's numbers were pretty damn impressive considering my current state of mind. I say that because death landed in my lap a couple of times in February.

February 2017 posted a total of 32 hours and 267 miles. Thats when I was just doing my thing and not really grasping the fact that I would go over 3,000 miles on the commuter bike for the 2107 calendar year.

February 2018 recorded 331.6 miles on the bike and another 71.7 miles in my shoes. Strava always captured 42 hours and 4 new personal records. That simply blows my mind. And to think what those numbers would have been if my MAC trackpad hadn't gone out in Crested Butte. Thats another 4 days of missed numbers, including the demo day on the Fat Bikes riding the ski slopes of CB.

But without getting lost in numbers and BS, what a month. Ideal conditions weather wise, I have seriously enjoyed riding my bike, and its hard to wrap my mind around the fact that its Phuc-N March!! On the flip side, I leave for Vegas in about a week, Oh Baby

I am currently still participating in the Mile A Day & 100 Push Ups and added pretty much all new weights in the gym. Back on Monday, hadn't looked in awhile, pulled out my "chart card" and updated my weights. Tooting My Own Horn Here: 50 pound dumbbell one arm rows and thats up 10 pounds, 40 pound DB military press up from 27.5 pounds, and 45 pound DB incline chest press up from 30 pounds.

  **** Only Watch This Time Lapse If You Like The String Cheese Incident *****

I still focus on full ROM and concentrate on slow and controlled movements. And thats kinds difficult for me sometimes. Like some days I want to rush through or while I am in mid rep I will start to drift off about work or something. But I seem to be managing well and STILL injury free after  2,831 push ups, workouts at the gym almost 6 days a week, and playing in the snow with the Boy Dog.

Speak Your Truth, Consider Ours Feelings Before Be Reactionary, & Pound That H20,

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Remembering The Good Side of Life

Gramps showed up here on a failed foster program four years ago. He was in bad shape both physically and mentally. His poor guts were tore up from stress, his little back right leg really had no function, and he was beyond exhausted from all the new barking dogs entering the facility. When he arrived here, knocking on deaths door, he slept for 3 straight days on his new bed. He only weighted in at 44 pounds and would barely eat a cup of dog food. He would sort of shake when you would put your hand on him to pet or comfort him. I can clearly remember telling him that "it's ok now" and I will help you pass on. "You are safe here" but I knew not to get too close or attached if you will. Well Gramps provided me wrong. I completely feel in love with him and he is the first dog that didn't know his name. I tried all kinds of names but he never responded to any of them. So I labeled him Smokey. Well, that morphed into Grandpa Smokey. After receiving a lot of Ortho-Bionomy and an extremely healthy diet twice a day, Smoked weighed in at 77 pounds one year later. Even the Vet couldn't believe the progress he made. And the brushing, Gramps got brushed about once a week because his coat became so thick and lush. Four Happy Years Later, Gramps gave me that look. His back legs hurt, poor old guy was confused, he often fell down or fell into place he would say, and I would seriously worry about him every time he was on his own. I just never knew what I was going to walk into. His last day here on Mother Earth, he ate very well and often!! He enjoyed extra treats. Somewhere around the noon hour he simply laid down on his bed for the last time. He would look up at me with just an eye but his body was done. He got brushed and slipped another treat but you could just tell. Grandpa Smokey passed away on Thursday ( 2018/02/15 ) evening and I know he began enjoying his new legs immediately. I just know that Sadie-Girl was waiting for him and together they are enjoying themselves immensely. Gramps, You enlightened my life. You proved me wrong often. You enjoyed hitting the lottery here and I could tell that you appreciated every meal. You owned the backyard and truly grew to love Shadow Boy. You knew just how much I loved to love on you and you know that you will never be forgotten about. You So Deserve Peace!!! Rest In Peace Gramps. We Shall Play Again Together. You can count on that. I Really Miss You Gramps, Run On

Rock On!! Gramps Goes Heavy Metal 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Olympic Fever 2018

The Dude and I started this tradition of changing out the flags back in 2000 during the Sydney Games. The Dude has hung the Brazilian flag for the past couple of days and now we welcome the Olympic Flag for the Winter Games of 2018.

Thanx FJ for documenting this honor. The Dude was pretty consumed with emotions as he spent his 50th in Brazil for the Summer Games. Deep Down, I know he wishes that he was in Korea right now.

And Avery Charles between puppy kisses. Too Funny!! Everyone showed up with Korean dishes for the Opening Ceremonies and its great to see the "regulars" show up every two years now. We allow cultural dishes from the previous host city, current, or the upcoming country for the closing ceremony. But for now, lets stay in the present. 

Go Athletes!! Represent And Do Your Best!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What I Noticed In January

Didn't really struggle to accomplish the one mile a day and 100 push ups goal. I had a few days were I damn near spaced the push ups. Walking with the Boy Dog everyday is way easy. Also, I can feel the moment when my stiff "whatever" loosens up. Way Cool

Running 65.4 miles
On The Bike 235.91 miles
Push Ups 100 x 31 days = 3,100

The foam rolling helped a tremendous amount for sure. I experienced a few aches and ( not really ) pains but the roller melted them away. I have focus like crazy on my position while doing push ups. Some sets were in 10's, most sets are grouped in 25's & banged out two sets of 50 when the body feels really strong.

I have been amazed by how strong the shoulders feel and how "easy" the first set has become. I'm still focusing on a really well defined plank position before I start. Sometimes, like during the Grammys, I would do a set during commercials and that seemed to work for me.

The only time I really track my time is when I am at stoker stadium but then it was pointed out in my last video that running in lucky lane 7 adds extra distance. So I Got That Going For Me

THE RADIO ROOM!!! Its AWESOME!!!! Tony Furatdo performed TWO shows on Super Bowl Sunday. The 5 o'clock show sold out as Bronco fans mentioned how the NFL so sucks right now. The 8 o'clock show only had 10 available seats left. So Stoked!!!

Tony has an incredible way of story telling in-between songs and is currently traveling with the 3 time fiddle champion Luke ??Price?? I think. Luke makes it look so damn easy.

ORTHO-BIONOMY!!! Yes!!! Its ALSO Awesome!!! A new client that came on a referral and he just happens to be hearing impaired. His history includes making the deaf olympic team and finished in the top 10 last year in Turkey. It just happened to be the first time he ever left the country.

He has a goal of a solid Boston Marathon finish but wants to break 3 hours during the Chi-Town Marathon this Fall. He came to see me because he has had some kind of an issue with his right calf. He explained how he tried different drops size shoes and saw a massage therapist but still has this issue.

So we started with his hips while in the supine position and released his left psoas and from there, life is good. His body had little micro releases throughout the session and he was stoked. He gave me brilliant feed back as if I had seen him at least a dozen times.

Very In Tune With His Body!! That helps so much and I continue to enjoy working with kids and athletes based on that factor. The Nervous System, Phuc-N Epic

RADIO SHOWS!! Pretty Damn Awesome!!! I will be a guest on air at noon today and will be addressing Stress, Ortho, Love, And Surfing The Waves Of Chaos. Then, this Sunday Night at 9pm I am covering a show. That particular show will be heavy on the Jam Band front, few GD tunes, and some tasty little stand up comedians mixed in.

Thats It For Now As I Gotta Get The Boy Dog Out. He Is Currently Staring At Me As If To Let Me Know That Another Dog Could Be Marking HIS Tree Right Now. They Are ALL His Trees.


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Challenging For Sure

30x2 & 20x2 push ups and chest day
6.5 on the commuter bike
2.1 miles for a mile a day at Stoker Stadium
Basically, a real half a$$ chest day and my legs were sand bags. BUT, after walking at Stoker, felt much better overall. Could Be Mental?? Maybe

4x25 push ups and arms only
2.6 miles on the commuter bike
1.5 miles ( mile a day & 100 push ups ) before the Garmin battery died at Stoker Stadium
The body felt much better today and no soreness

2x50 push ups
8.0 miles on the commuter
24.2 miles on the Spin Bike
1.9 miles for the mile and a day & 100 push ups
Little tender this morning

One Set of 100!! No Gym
8.7 miles on the commuter
1.3 miles for the mile a day
Feeling Really Good

3x20 & a 40 for 100 push ups and chest day
8.3 miles on the commuter
2.7 for the mile a day

5x20 push ups
2.7 miles on the commuter bike as I didn't take the Garmin with me downtown while filming the Women's March. ooooops
3.31 miles for the mile a day & 100 push ups
Incredible turn out for the Art Auction Meet & Greet at KAFM. I didn't think that I drank too much but felt rough Sunday morning!!

2x50 push ups
2.9 miles for the mile a day
Shoveled ( all the neighbors do think I'm crazy ) out the neighbors, sidewalks around the block, and gutters out front. The snow melted so damn fast and we will be facing 11F, 14F, and 16F by Wednesday. Its important around here to clear the curbs and gutters before the hard freeze.

My time-lapse videos usually produce between 10 and 60 views. This Women's March time-lapse post 549 views so far, 20 likes, 4 comments, and my very first ever DISLIKE. Pretty stoked with 500+ views!!!

This week will fly by as its a packing up for the Fat Bike Worlds in Crested Butte. Not sure about wifi and timing so I might not be posting a Wordless Wednesday Photo.

Feeling Good & Staying Hydrated,

Monday, January 15, 2018

When You Miss Someone

So The Dude traveled around the US while he was raising his two daughters. Airfare was just out of the question so driving was the only option. They did take a few train rides but driving was the main means of transportation.

Photo For Perth!! Its The Twins From Melbourne 

Fast forwarding, as the girls became independent, The Dude says," I will never travel in the States again." He flew over to Australia, Brazil for the Olympics, Jordan "see some old sh*t", Cambodian, and now Thailand. He always finds amazing prices on overseas flights when flying on or around Christmas Day.

The shrine in Krabi 

We keep in daily touch through the WhatsAPP but for some reason I really missed having him around during this trip. Really not sure what thats all about?? Am I Getting Old??

Close up of Garuda on the four corners of the prang

4x25 push ups and chest day
4.5 miles for one mile a day
3.7 miles on the commuter

4x25 push ups and back/bi day
9.7 miles on the commuter
1.2 miles for one mile a day

2x25 and one 50 set for 100 push ups
25.5 miles spin class
1.2 miles for one mile a day
36.1 miles on the Midnight Racer

4x25 push ups and shoulder/tri day
4.08 miles on the treadmill for the mile a day
5 miles on the commuter

5x20 push ups and chest day
22.7 spin class
4.7 miles on the commuter

2x30 and 2x20 push ups
1.9 miles for the mile a day
0 miles on the bike, drove to the desert

2x25 and a set of 50 push ups
1.2 mile a day
26.6 miles on the bike Video below

Next event that I am looking into. All of them are a beast but damn that Powderhorn 100K


Monday, January 8, 2018

Training Week 1/1 - 1/6

4x25 at stoker
one mile
21.6 on the bike

4x25 and chest day
3.2 miles on the Bliss-Mill
6 miles on the commuter bike
1.2 walk for the mile a day No Excuse Loop

4x25 late night
26.7 Miles Spin Class
1.2 walk for the mile a day No Excuse
11.1 miles on the commuter bike

Will start posting a photo/time lapse here on the blog for Wordless Wednesday.

5x20 and shoulder/tri day
1.2 no excuse loop
6.3 miles on the commuter

4x25 push ups
4.08 miles on the Bliss-Mill
6.8 miles on the commuter
1.2 no excuse loop

1.2 no excuse loop
15.1 on the commuter bike

Snowed Last Night!!
4x25 push ups
Walked The Boy Dog To The Radio Station

Stoked with the injury-free miles so far. Will be easier to add mile this week.
18.3 miles running for the week
55.4 commuter miles for the week
Last nights radio show was a disaster really. I featured Star Trek from 1966-1969 but my music selection was terrible. I had some serious train wreck transitions. If you would like to be the judge, click on this link.
http://www.radiofreeamerica.com/show/brokedown-palace-kafm-community-radio - starts with a trumpet as JT went over into my show.

Happy Monday, Stay Strong, & Think of Others,

Guess Who Found The FREE RABBITS Ad On Craigslist