Monday, September 24, 2018

First Weekend Of The Fall

I was working up in Rifle this past weekend and I received a call on Friday that Shadow Boy wouldn't come in. He was laying comfortably in his own backyard. I wasn't too concerned because he would often project this behavior.

He passed on eating for 8 full days back at the beginning of September. Again, I wasn't really worried that he didn't want any food on that Friday afternoon. I checked back in as I laying in my hotel room and he was still out back. It was easy for me to chalk this up as simply being lazy.

I obviously didn't sleep worth a SH*T and was up and waiting for the call of duty. Our crew departed the hotel by 5:30am and my mind was focused on the task at hand. Somewhere around sunrise my phone rang again with an update.

I was informed that my Vet wanted to see The Boy Dog and my mind raced out of control. The Dude came over to the house and he said that The Boy Dog was standing in the breeze way and he gave one quick wag of his trail when he recognized him.

The Dude called me from the Vet's and I asked him if Shadow was limp when he carried him to the car or was he kind of alert. The Dude told me that Shadow was comfortable but weak in the car. He explained that the Vet could see that The Boy Dog was dehydrated so an IV was set and Shadow received an O2 mask.

My co-work Doc and I raced back to GJ as fast as we could and to the Vet's we went. I walked into the office and the gal's face behind the deck said it all. I went to the back room where Shadow was on the table covered in a blanket. We locked eyes!! Shadow was waiting for me. That Boy Dog held on and waited for his human. Unbelievably Loyal At All Times!! Under Any Phuc-N Condition.

I immediately put my hands below his ears and my forehead to his and asked," What do you want me to do Boy?" Slowly everyone left the room and the Vet gave me my options. The Vet offered me an IV bag with antibiotics and a syringe in case he became uncomfortable. The Vet said that he would follow me and we could lay him to rest in the backyard. The Vet also said he would come over on Sunday as well if needed.

Shadow Boy & I originally thought that this would be a good idea but then The Boy Dog dropped a paw off the side table and eventually hung the full weight of his head off the table in my hands. Thats when I knew that we wouldn't be leaving together.

I made the choice and TheVet unhooked his IV from his port. I began talking to Shadow through his skull between his ears and the fluid of orange death was administered. The Boy Dog began his new journey so quickly and peacefully.

So Cheers To The Chinese Year Of The Dog!!
Old Gramps Passed Away Earlier This Year And I Let Shadow Boy Go On The First Day Of Fall.

2005 - 2018 Best Boy Ever 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Pressure Gradients In Motion In The Wrong Direction

Where has September gone?? I mean, its been great. BUT DAMN IT

When I am complaining, explaining, or retelling my headwind BOTH directions to someone, I can immediately read them as a cyclist or not. Not that I am looking for validation or anything. Its more of a conversational piece at the gym or office or something. Like JJJ so eloquently said," We all need validation every now and again."

The wind was clearly out of the south all morning. I talked myself into a road ride with the "treat" of sailing back. So I hammered all the way out to Palisade, via farm lands, payed dearly on my return trip along the river.

I cracked 300 miles for the month and that accomplishment keeps me on the 300+ every month for 2018 goal. So I got that going for me. I'm also at 25 hours and 25 personal records??? Must be from exploring new trails options. These numbers are based on 20 activities. Obviously the activities are way down without the No Excuse Loop with the Boy Dog added to the equation. We walk too slow for the Garmin to track us these days.

Then, for a real attitude ajuster, I left the office and went for a "quick" spin. No more than 5 miles into it, BAM!! Damn Near Launched Off My Bike. Mother Nature Is Pissed. Two Hours of 40+ MPH Blasts!!

Stay Strong, Keep Yourself Hydrated, & Look Sharp

Friday, September 14, 2018

Miles & Miles Of River Trail

The Harp Twins Came To Town!! This was their first show in Colorado. Unfortunately, they played at the Mesa Theater and that place still so blows. The employees are just complete jack A$$ even with the new owners. The 12oz plastic cup of brew is $6. I just walked away from the bar in disgust. If they sold beer at $5 then I would have happily spent Ten Dollars.

Now, The Harp Twins are flipping talented and they have fantastic stage awareness. They finish each others sentences and play multiple harps. They stayed ALL night after the show to sign, take photos, and interact with their fans. They travel with their mother and all three of them smiled and giggled throughout the night. Very personable group of ladies

Here is their Youtube video of them covering METALLICA's ONE with 10 million views!!!

The 575 is treating me well. Been enjoying the single track again!! Somewhere I have a cardiovascular system but it never quite shows up while I am climbing.

My road ride the other day brought me to this moment in time. I do love trains. Big mile long coal trains, Amtrak, or working train crews, Dig Trains For Sure. And the sounds from the switch yard at night are rather comforting.

Just as a storm was a brewing, trails were prime, I skirted behind this front and rode with the wind. The temperature was ideal as Mr Sun hind behind those clouds. The wind kept the black flys at bay and the 575 rolled fast and controlled.

Dead center of this photo, a female MTB flew on down the ridge. She made that stretch look effortless as she gracefully descended towards the parking lot. Very impressive and humbling as well.

I am so stoked to see this creation finally completed!! We now have a river "trail" from THE WORLD CLASS/FAMOUS Kokopelli Trail Head to Copper Mountain and beyond. You can ride from Vail Colorado to Moab Utah if you wanted. You have the option to ride from Fruita to Palisade. You have the option to ride from Rifle to Leadville. Free Your Mind And Your Bike Will Follow

There were moms pushing strollers, a guy on a high end wheel chair was cranking out the miles, older folks causally riding along, road bikes seeking a Strava best, and kids learning the ways of trail etiquette. So Yes, its already well used and the new west end just opened on Friday of Labor Day Weekend.

You can see the concrete path in white there on the left. This road drops down to the Loma Boat Ramp. Behind me is the Kokopelli Trail System. Again, I am so damn stoked!!!

The Grand Valley is incredibly beautiful. This entire River Trail offers righteous locations for photos, wildlife viewing, and easy flat pedaling. CHOICE

The three hours is a little off because of my photo ops and listening to the canals merge with the not so Mighty Colorado River. But from downtown to Loma and back is an easy 40.5 miles or 65.178km. Added the Kilometers just for Perth and Andrew.

Boy Dog Update:
He is still slow but full of determination. He loves sleeping in the closet during the day and then at night he has been crashing out in the breeze way. I wake up every night and go outside to find him. Some nights he is curled up in a content little ball. He sleeps so soundly that I kinda freak out when it looks like he is no longer breathing.

I leave him be and I stumble back to my room. I am bringing this up because our roles have reversed. As a puppy, he used to hear me coming in and would be at the garage door pouring out enthusiasm. Then, he would greet me at the kitchen door with pure joy. Now, I find him in the closet sound asleep when I arrive. Breaks my Phuc-N heart but he always brings a smile to my face when he opens those droopy sleepy eyes when he smells me laying on the floor in front of him.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Power of Chicken Noodle Soup

August 2018:
Bike Miles - 709.4
Run Miles  - 27.8
I Hit 50 Hours for the Month of August ( 54 hours in MAY )
77 Activities in August
16 Personal Records
And After A Summer of Heavy Drinking - 183.7 pounds of gut - oops

Year To Date:
100 Personal Records
3,957.1 Total Miles
439 Activities 

I almost instantly regretted my last post. I only wanted to document the "progression" of the Boy Dogs health. Last Saturday, we actually had rain, the Boy Dog did his best to shuffle off this mortal coil. But by the powers of Chicken Noodle Soup, He is alive today.

For the past 6 or so years I have been hiking and/or trail running with him. So my cycling was put on the back shelf. I am totally ok with that choice. I still ride the commuter bike everywhere and have NEVER driven to the office. But I haven't road cycled in ages, very limited of the 575, and my cardiovascular system wasn't up for cyclocross racing ether. Plus, I have so many excuses.

But now that Shadow sleeps about 18 hours a day, I mean crashes out, my cycling legs are coming around. Its a double edge sword because I have been throughly enjoying the 575 but I miss having the Boy Dog next to me on the single track. However, I am beyond stoked that Shadow made it through his Birthday Month!!!

1) Take It Day By Day
2) Pull Off The Xterra Triathlon next weekend.
3) Add Another New Client in the Ortho World
4) The 22nd is the Roan Cliff Adventure Race
5) The 29th is the Moab Gran Fondo Road Race
6) Put In A Few Hours At The OM House

Enjoy Your Labor Day Weekend, Soak Up The Sunshine, Ski Those Slopes, And Keep Yourself Hydrated


Friday, August 24, 2018

Surfing Those Waves of Chaos

Just happened to have looked up a new subscriber's data in the "Strava World" and notice my own 2018 numbers. Strava conveniently offers a column with comparisons, So Let Me Toot My Own Horn Here

286 ----------- Rides
90,574ft  ---- Elevation Gained
3,074 -------- Miles


514 miles as of August 1st


18.8 miles running on the Blissful Mill after posting a goose egg in July


**** You Might Wanna Stop Reading From Here On Down ****

***** This Is Just For My Records *****

Still Have My Fingers Crossed That I Will Be On Air This Sunday. Hosting A Show With Sound Bites From The Big Bang Theory And Righteous B-Side Classics. We Shall See

This will be the first timed that I have opened up on any kind of Social Media. There are my close friends that I have been regularly updating and I told a few friends just this Summer. And I only really shared with those folks because they could tell that I wasn't my positive upbeat self. Even still, I have told people that I just didn't sleep well or some other excuse as a way of deflecting.

I hope this approach doesn't make me a dickhead for not sharing but thats just the way that I have chosen to allow it all to play out. Other times, its too Phuc-N painful to discuss.

This past winter was rather difficult as Old Grandpa Smokey shuffled off into happy puppy land. During that time, rough times, I noticed that The Boy Dog was frequently constipated during our morning walks.

I would quickly chalk up this behavior as his processing of Ol Gramps, even though I knew better. His appetite was excellent and he was always ready to boogie off in the car. A few weeks after the passing of Grandpa Smokey nothing had improved.

The Vet explained how male dogs have been testing positive for Prostate Cancer and I just figured that would be The Boy Dog's case. I will never forget the look on the Vet's face as he described to me what he could feel. His prostate was just fine but there is a tumor inside the Boy Dog's pelvis that is basically collapsing his colon. That damn mass is attached to his spine.

They gave the option for exploratory surgery over in Colorado Springs and then cycles of chemo. This choice was obviously ruled out within about 2 seconds. At 12 years old, cutting through his abdomen, removing lymph nodes, chemo, and all for an extra 9 months of life?? Quality of Life??

Well, Shadow Boy is now 13 years old this month. He really started slowing down near the end of July and turned up with a Heart Murmur as well. Medication is helping that but earlier this week he started showing me signs that he is impacted again by barfing up his dinner. The rotor rooter trick hasn't helped this time around. Meaning, he hasn't dropped a duce in over three days.

This means that his breakfast bell doesn't go off anymore, his hips are quite loose, the rear legs fail every now and then, he only walks about 10 driveways now before those droopy eyes tell the story, and earlier this week he stumbled off the curb. I sort of caught him we his leash the way it is attach to his backpack but still. He didn't care but I sure broke down during the rest of our walk.

I know if I could just flush out his innards, he has strength in his eyes, he would bounce back for a few more months, and I know he really wants to.He lights up every time I walk in or when we wake up together in the morning.

He has been aging these past few months and the atrophy in his muscles clearly worried me. But he was enjoying his Summer and every recommendation that I received, we tried. I so believed that they were all beneficial this past June/July. Well, I was just fooling myself and doing my best to convince myself that the tumor was shrinking in size.

Been making him comfortable his whole life and I'm not stopping now.

Please Do Not Take It Personally If I Do Not Respond Right Away To Your Comments Like I Normally Do. Thank You. Thank You In Advance.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

August Update

The Smoke Filled Valley Has Become So Damn Depressing.

I mean the smoke offers up some brilliant sunrises but come on. It Sucks

Right Ear - Normal 
 And check out this lovely ear hole. Minding my own business, I was attacked my a number of WASP and one tagged me right in the ear.

Left Ear - On Fire

These photos are from the second day after the bite. The weird observations are that my stung ear feels completely clogged as if I was under water but unable to clear them and how I can feel my ear but its damn near numb. I am going to use this word one more time - SUCKS

Went and pre rode the Triathlon course the other day and popped into the State Park Office. Their display table was rather interesting and a picture really IS worth a 1,000 words.

The Birthday Boy Dog Is Always Ready. He says he couldn't give a rats A$$ about all the smoke. Or he thinks he could eat. Not sure but ether way he is game.

Finally!! Some Good News Here:
1) I performed an Ortho session on an advanced practitioner for a feed back documented session - All went well and exceeded my expectation - Opportunities were discussed and I am thankful for the constructive suggestions - Ortho-Bionomy, we do nothing better
2) Crossroads Gym offered an August special of $49 unlimited with a personal trainer - So I jumped on that deal - Focusing on Gluts, Hamstrings, & Core - Been sore through the side oblique & ALL medial quad muscles - Righteousness
3) 14.3 miles of Blissful Mill - Remember, smokey out - 307.9 miles on the bike - Remember, smokey
4) Hosting a radio show on Sunday the 26th of August - The three hours will include Vibe Street, Manic Focus, Sunsquabi, Big Wild, Terravita, The Glitch Mob, and audio clips from The Big Bang Theory

And Here You Are!! The String Cheese Incident For 22 Minutes. This Was The Saturday Night Birdland > Fearless > Freight Train Boogie > Wheel N Hoss > Birdland

If you listen really closely, thats me losing my mind in the crowd,

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Summer Tour & July Numbers

What a magical run!! This week has been in the making for 15 years now and damn did it live up to its expectations!! Friday the 13th offered a Flash Flood Advisory and all of us campers were excited to party down in the rain. 

Side Note - Due to drought conditions, designated areas were assigned to cigarette smokers. Brilliant idea for a number of reasons!! Non of us are turned on when someone sets up their camp next to ya and starts puffing away. Plus, the smokers enjoyed each others company in these designated areas. Last But Not Least, No Butts Everywhere 

Love This Guy
Saturdays line up was just OK until each performer/band took the stage. Tyler Childers was incredible with companied stories along the way. Larkin Poe sounded much better from a far and thats on the house sound and not the act. Big Something was epic!! Mike Campbell from Petty was righteous and all. Sheryl Crow opened with her happy song and proceed to belt out all of her hits. Then, during The Cheese, the sky opened with with rain and the band blew the valley of Telluride apart. I Mean YES
Corn Fields Galore 

Sunday was an early outing to the ONLY bar that opened at 8:30am for the World Cup Final. A couple other establishments, we heard later, opened at 9:05am. Bastards!! Our watering hole was split down the middle which really made the match even more exciting. I couldn't care ether way and I was stoked with the 6 total goals. 

The music was a little less muddy on Sunday but was piss poor overall. New Respects opened up the venue with a number of decent covers. Quaker City will be a headliner soon. Dhani Harrison ( son to the late George ) went electronic and vibrated the valley floor. Chris Robinson looked so shockingly old. Couldn't believe it was him at first, told myself it isn't him, and lucky for him his voice is still stronger than ever. Grace Potter and Joe Russo's Almost Dead sets were totally robbed by weather, lack of ticket holds, and a horrible muddy PA. 

My M*A*S*H Tribute Radio Show
Again, the sound for The String Cheese Incident wasn't great but damn that light show was unreal. The drummers opened up their set and the full band proceed to jam and improv until the very LAST second before curfew. The members are clearly enjoying each other and jam sessions were perfectly laid out for ALL to enjoy.

GJ Rockies Rookie League - 17 to 19 year olds

The following weekend offer The Cheese at the ever so world famous Red Rocks Amphitheater for a three night run. Friday's show topped Tellurides weekend and there is no way that they will be able to impress me Saturday. Guess What?? Saturdays Opener, Miss Browns Teahouse, 1st song The Cheese played at my first show. From there, WoW. Amazing. Mind Melting. A Grateful Dead cover into a Led Zeppelin cover, and back into a Dead cover. They went deep, they mixed up the tempos, and they haven't played this tight in about 12 -15 years. Haven't Seen A Bad Cheese Show Yet

I took the opportunity to thank and cross pollinate with some of the original rail riders throughout the weekend shows. I expressed my gratitude and/or explained how they influenced me over the years. Or how they taught me the protocol of the Cheese family. Or shared an experience when that certain person that was in attendance during that particular show. Or for inviting me to witness their wedding vows. And to my surprise, all the folks that I really wanted to see were there at Red Rocks. I am telling you, it was an unforgettable week.

Highest I Have Seen The River in Three Months


My goal for July was to top the 500 mile mark. Ready for this kick in the  ....... gut?

492 miles on the bike
42 hours
ZERO running
15 Personal Records
Cracked the top 50 on two Strava Segments

Now, I am keeping this in mind. I missed my mark by 8.1 miles BUT with my travels I missed the opportunity to log miles and shatter the elusive 500 miles club. Reflecting for a moment, the rest/recovery was ideal.

Not Sure Why But I Really Like This Photo 

August Goals:
1) I would love to shoot for 609 miles. BUT The Weather Channel just listed all 118 wild fires out west that have consumed 700,000 acres. Our air quality so sucks!!! But Killer Sunsets
2) 100 Running Miles as these legs feel fresh
3) Celebrating The Month With This Birthday ( Beth wished him a happy BARKday Month ) Boy!! He Enjoyed Another Year of Me Cuddling Him, Lifting Him, & Hiding Treats Around The House. Sarcasm There, He Is A BOY Dog After All.

Stay Strong, Keep Yourself Hydrated, & Think Of Others

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Quick Update Before Telluride Colorado Adventure

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of this time lapse. Thanx So Much For Watching!!! Cheers 

Cribbage w/The Dude at the Copper Club Brewery 

Their Deck Showcased Breweries From Around The States 

Moments Before A Mountain Lion Scared The SH*T Out Of Me

When Pigs Fly 

4th Day In A Row of 100F+ YIKES

Me & The Boy Dog Taking In That Sunset - Oh Baby

The Dude Handed Out The Yeti Stickers In Thailand - He Received This Text From A Local Merchant 

My First Top 25 on Strava!! Completely Unexpected!! 

Whats Missing In This Photo?!?!?!?